At present, the overall situation is controllable

Original title: At present, the overall situation of the epidemic can be controlled to report Beijing August 5 (Reporter Wang Meihua) At the Press Conference held on the 5th of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, the National Health Department spokesperson, deputy director of the Ministry of Publicity Introduction, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism has sent 20 working groups to supervise the key port cities to investigate loopholes, strengthen external defense inputs and sudden epidemic disposal.

  "From the current situation, the overall situation of the epidemic is controllable.

Due to the large fluctuations in the fluctuations, the people ‘s face is wide, and the various different sources of input cases have increased the arduous and complexity of the entire epidemic prevention and control.

However, as long as the various prevention and control measures are strictly implemented, the epidemic can be basically controlled within two to three incubation.

He Qinghua, the first-class inspector of the National Health and Control Bureau, He Qinghua, said that in terms of the national level, there may be a new epidemic in other regions. All localities should strengthen monitoring, continue to adhere to the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound" prevention and control strategy And normalized prevention and control measures. "Delta variability in different scientific research and epidemic prevention and control shows that Delta variabrant has no subversion, infectious sources, transmission pathways, existing epidemic Control measures are still valid for Delta variants.

"He Qinghua said that existing vaccines still have good prevention and protection, can reduce the risk of viruses in the population, reduce the communication power of infected people, effectively reduce the incidence of severe incidence and mortality after infection.

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