What makes an unfortunate marriage

What makes an unfortunate marriage

Happy families are similar.

Keywords: understanding, tolerance, thoughtfulness, trust, love, loyalty, recreation, harmonious sex . and unfortunate marriages have their own misfortunes.

Just think of the antonyms of the keywords above, and an unfortunate marriage history can reconstruct a dictionary.

Listening to the unfortunate teachings of a happy marriage, let’s look at it in reverse: what details and practices can lead to a bad marriage?

Contrast the witty analysis of American psychologists to see if you are following it unconsciously.

Without harmful “materials”, the healthy quality of marriage can be fully guaranteed.

  Wrong grounds for marriage: There are two ways to make marriage doomed.

One must have the wrong reason for marriage, and the other must choose the wrong spouse.

  Escaping a bad situation is a common cause of wrong marriages.

This includes the poor, avoiding school, and avoiding livelihoods.

Escape from family restraints is the most common, and it has resulted in 81% of poor marriages for couples under 21.

  If you still want to enjoy the pain, take pregnancy as the reason for marriage and some families.

  Choosing the wrong spouse: Choosing the wrong person only needs to meet two conditions: one is that the other party ‘s shortcomings are different from one another;

  Such examples abound.

The most classic is that the serious party falls in love with the free and easy party, and both sides try to change each other.

  Wrong marriage reasons and wrong people are the easiest way to make marriage unfortunate.

  Quarrel: If sexual pain means unexplainable misfortune, quarrels and hands-on are much faster.

Find some unresolved problems and prepare. There are two extreme ways to end the quarrel: one is to withdraw and sullen.

The second is to use violence, which can not only cause trouble and embarrassment, but also cannot solve any problems.

If quarrels and violence are not yet enjoyable, add alcohol, drugs, and other addictive drugs.

All these, including the dissonance of sexual life, cause painful transitions throughout the marriage process.

  The beginning of a new marriage: Just married couples seize the opportunity to let father-in-law and mother-in-law interfere with the marriage is a good way to attract trouble.

It is effective to argue who is going to the festival.

If parents help buy a house or sponsor a marriage, couples have an obligation not to leave their parents and bring the pressure of older family relationships into the marriage relationship.

It would be even better if employment factors were involved.

For example, at the request of his wife, the husband works at his father-in-law’s company.

This caused the father-in-law to intervene in the pluralistic quarrel of marriage.

Any confrontation between husband and work will be regarded as dissatisfied with his wife by his wife, and scorned: How would we live without my dad?

Isn’t my dad doing well for you?

  Children: With children providing the opportunity for retrofitting, husbands and wives will naturally be tied together for new responsibilities and share new pain: children?

Is there life?

Can be a transition to fierce conflict.

  During pregnancy, pain can be caused by this: First, the wife is fully absorbed in the fetus and ignores the emotional communication with the husband.

Or, on the contrary, the husband ignores the fact that his wife is pregnant and repeats that she did not fulfill her responsibilities.

Second, the wife often considers herself serious during pregnancy, not elegant enough and unattractive.

The husband took the opportunity to entertain and enjoy with other women, drink alcohol, and go high-flying when his wife needed him most, especially when he was away from his wife during delivery.

  After the child is born, there are more opportunities to cause pain.

Crying and crying all day long, can a serious illness and minor disaster be upset?What’s more, both husband and wife are busy teasing their children for fun, not only neglecting each other, but also constantly arguing about parenting issues.

Father-in-law and mother-in-law also came to add chaos. Each of the four elders expressed their opinions and put forward contradictory suggestions, and said that it was all for the sake of the children.

  Affair: The pyramid is so stable because of the triangular structure. If you want to gain stability, find a third party.

There are three types of affair that can hurt the spouse’s feelings: First, the mean.

Hook up with your spouse’s best friend, or else find a person similar to your spouse when he is young. Subordinates in the company can also not only lose their jobs, but also completely shake the economic foundation of the family.

Second, confused type.

For example, his wife is stylish and elegant, and her husband actually finds a vulgar and ignorant woman to fooling around. In addition, his wife is noble and rational, but he has become an 80-year-old man or his boyfriend.

This affair not only hurts feelings, but also causes the victim’s confusion: Should it be a mental doctor?

Third, catch the wind and catch the shadow.

Just convince one party that a third party does exist.

Specific methods include: abnormal when receiving a call, residual phone numbers in the kitchen sink, and occasionally not going home on time after work, etc.

Skilled people can also use smoke screens to guide their spouses to catch the wind to hide the actual derailment.

It was called two birds with one stone, and two misfortunes were obtained at the same time.

There is a man who is good at this. He has a mistress and has a child.

He eats two dinners a day, triggering the same thing with two women.