It’s as stupid as a pig!

I wasted my kindness!
If not to help him,Why should I put on this old face to beg?Yes,His design skills at Fernandez are very good.,But he is also recognized as the world’s top car design master,BGe is taller than Chen Geng,In the eyes of outsiders, he came to visit Chen Geng regardless of his identity,Do you really want to see Fernandez’s grasp of the car design language??
Thought of this,Giugiaro was tired。
Giugiaro is so depressed inside,I don’t even have much thought to look at the Victoria Crown designed by Chen Geng for Ford.1:1Full-size sludge model and full-size wooden cockpit model,After a hasty visit, he left immediately。
“Giugiaro doesn’t seem very happy。”Sending away Giugiaro,Rosemary is strange。
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded:“If a liar,Come to lie to you happily,But found that it failed,You won’t be happy if it’s you。”
“You mean Giugiaro is here to lie to you?”Rosemary feels incredible,I can’t even accept it,Georgia Roco is a world-renowned master of top car design,How could he lie?
Chen Geng silently looked at Rosemary like a little girl:“If you feel unacceptable,Then think he came to me for investment with an unreliable project。”
Rosemary looked speechless:Isn’t it all the same!
But everyone is gone,It’s no use talking about it,Rosemary quickly adjusted her mood,Asked:“The Gun Association has an event on the weekend,They called to ask you,Do you want to participate??”
“Gun Association?”Chen Geng didn’t take it seriously,Casually asked:“what activity?Shooting competition or what?if so,forget about it。”
Shooting is one of Chen Geng’s favorite hobbies,Now have money,Don’t have too many worries,Chen Geng built a gun collection room in his own home,The guns in it are all active firearms in various countries,There are hundreds of firearms,natural,naturally,Chen Geng, this rich man、At the same time, firearms and shooting enthusiasts with good shooting skills have become the target of several local firearms and shooting associations in Detroit.。
“They organized a small-scale shooting competition,And invited a retired sniper from Delta,The top three in the competition can get the guidance of this sniper,bossAre you interested?”
One can get U.S. special forces“delta”Of retired snipers provide technical guidance opportunities?
Of course Chen Geng is interested,Although his shooting skills are not bad,But in the words of the ace sniper in the military district,his“Gun sense”general,Although you can become a gunner with a good shooting level after hard training,But it’s impossible to become a sniper。
Chen Geng also knows that his time is limited to exercise,Your shooting level can only be regarded as above average within the association,But there is such an opportunity to receive personal guidance from a master,Chen Geng is still very excited,but,Retired sniper of the Delta Force,It was so nice?Chen Geng expressed deep doubts。
“Delta’s retired snipers are not so good,Since these guys have invested such a large capital,Sure the picture is not small,Speak,What do they want?”
“Great!The boss is really the boss,”Rosemary thumbs up,Smiled road:“After the event,There is a fundraiser for the presidential candidate,Ok,Our Mr. Mayor will also go there。”