How much degree is the frequency of the intercourse?

How much “degree” is the frequency of the intercourse?

In the marriage life, maintaining the emotional bond between the husband and the wife is naturally love and sex.
However, in the ancient Chinese room health, the danger of abstinence to health was raised, and the sorrow and indulgence were detrimental to the day.
  How to determine the best frequency of the house?
“Summer Women” said: “People have strengths and weaknesses, and they are old and strong, each with their strength.
“Specificly pointed out: the 20th year of the people, the venting on the 4th; the 30th year, the 8th vent; the 40th, the 16th vent; the 50th, the 21st vent;Sixty, that is, closed, not to quit more.
If the physical strength is still strong, it will be vented in January.
  The data now show that the best frequency of healthy middle-aged and elderly people’s sexual activity, 35 to 45 years old, 1 or 2 times a week, 46 to 65 years old, once every 1 to 2 weeks; 66 to 75 years old, every 21 week of the house; 76 to 80 years old, once every 3 to 4 weeks.
Usually, we should focus on communicating emotions, hugging, kissing, and touching.
  Although the frequency of ancient and modern times is different, it basically meets the requirements of the frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual health of most middle-aged and elderly couples.
However, specific to each person’s sexual desire requirements, but the difference is very different.
In fact, it should be “If you have the motive of love, you can take action of love”, that is, the frequency of your desire for sexual intercourse should be your best number of sexes. The key is whether the couple feel comfortable and comfortable.Got it.
  In the factors affecting the couple’s sex, in addition to physiological factors such as age, health status and sex hormone secretion level, psychological factors can not be ignored.
Many wives believe that emotional love should be initiated by the man, and they are only supporting roles. They always wait for the husband’s active intimacy.
If we consider the combination of the two sexes as mutual needs, and pursue a more perfect experience, it will make the sexual life charm new.
So don’t be stubborn, force the other party to obey their wishes, or deliberately refuse the other person’s request for sex.
If one of the spouses feels exhausted or does not intend to complete the sexual intercourse, they should stop, otherwise it will affect their health.
  In real life, due to various internal and external factors, one side often has sexual dysfunction and one party is still at a normal level or strong.
It’s not uncommon for couples to get along with each other in the past.
On the one hand, you have to go to the hospital to check for organic lesions, but also to fully apply the art of communication and honesty, and straightforward, so that you can eliminate misunderstandings and grievances, relax your spirit, and push your sexual life to lofty and beautiful.realm.
  Can men and women be healthy and independent, without having to have sex?
The answer is yes.
The priests, nuns, monks, and monks have long been abstinent, and they have not greatly harmed their health.
It should be remembered that there is no absolute standard for the success of sexual life in marriage, and the frequency of sexual intercourse cannot be accurately measured with a stopwatch as in the 100-meter race.
Whether sex life can be a source of happiness or whether the decision is made by the parties themselves is more realistic.