Spaghetti with red wine

Spaghetti with red wine

Ingredients: red wine, olive oil, flour, salt, pepper, seasoning materials: meat, pasta, fresh tomatoes, onions, the key to making delicious pasta, I think red wine, shells and fresh tomatoes.

1, the meat is marinated with salt and red wine, the red wine does not need a lot, so that the meat is just absorbed into it; 2, boil water, put some salt, put in pasta to cook; (spaghetti cooking time, depending on packagingThe requirements written on the instructions come.

3, olive oil or other cream into the pan, open a small fire can be; (personal paste, the paste is more fragrant, alternating higher) 4.

The tomato is boiled with hot water, it is easy to peel, cut into pieces, and diced with onions.


Pour in onion and minced meat and saute.

Leave the remaining oil, pour in the tomato, then add salt and pour out the juice and boil.


Add the onion diced meat that has just been fried and stir-fry, season, and add some pepper and seasonings to turn off the heat.

Individuals prefer tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes, which is slightly acidic.

Of course, supermarkets can also buy canned tomato juice. Personally, they don’t like it very much, and they feel sweeter.

If you are too lazy to fry the tomato, you can use the canned tomato instead.

The noodles are cooked and served, and the boiled bolognese is poured.

Mix well, nutritious appetizer, full of mouth and fragrance!