Falling lungs and hurting the pneumonia!

Eight kinds of Qingfei Runfei food should eat more

Falling lungs and hurting the pneumonia!
Eight kinds of Qingfei Runfei food should eat more

Rouge powder with cucumber ingredients: pea starch 100g, cucumber 200g, sesame oil, salt amount, vinegar amount, garlic amount, sugar amount, water amount: 1) fire dragon fruit peel into juice and water 600g boil in the pot 2) pea starch100g plus a little hydration open 3) Pour into the boiled pot and mix well 4) Stir until the starch is cooked 5) Pour into the crisper to cool 6) Add the jelly and cucumber to the cube and add sugar, salt 7)Add vinegar, sesame oil, garlic 8) Mix well 9) Put in the dish to radish stewed mutton foodstuffs: mutton 500g, white radish 100g, oil amount, salt amount, chicken essence, soy sauce, moderate amount of practice: 1) cut into petals 2) ginger and end 3) from the oil pan, fried garlic, ginger 4) put radish, lamb 5) put onion, aniseed, put water, no material 6) put the amount of soy sauce 7)Put a proper amount of chicken essence, salt 8) cover the lid, and bring the juice to the pot.

Red wine stewed Sydney ingredients: Sydney 2, red wine 300ml, rock sugar 1 practice: 1) Take 300ml wine, pour into a small saucepan 2) Add a piece of rock sugar according to your taste, boil over medium heat.

3) Peel the pear with the time of boiling the red wine, and cut it to the core after half-cutting.

4) Put the red wine into the treated Sydney after cooking. 5) Continue to use the spoon to pour the red wine on the Sydney instead of soaking the soup to help color.

6) Cover with a small fire for 20 minutes, during which the pear is turned over every 5 minutes and converted into a uniform taste.

7) After stewing, leave the fire and cool it.

Cucumber pig blood soup ingredients: pig blood 180g, oil amount, salt amount, cucumber amount, onion amount, ginger amount, garlic amount, dry red pepper amount, parsley amount, sesame oil amount, pepper amount, broth essence amount: 1)Prepare ingredients.

2) Cut the pig’s blood into thin strips. 3) Cut the onion, ginger, and red pepper.

4) Cucumber sliced 5) Heat the oil in the pan, add the onion, ginger, garlic and saute.

6) Add the cucumber slices to the translucent 7) Add the appropriate amount of water.

8) After the water is boiled, add pig blood.

9) Cook until pig blood is discolored, add appropriate amount of salt to turn off the fire.

10) Add higher broth.

11) Some sesame oil 12) Proper amount of parsley.

130, mix the appropriate amount of pepper and mix well.

Cucumber fungus fried lily ingredients: cucumber 150g, bubble hair fungus 50g, bubble hair lily 30g, oil amount, salt amount, white sugar amount, pepper amount, pepper amount, garlic amount: 1) prepare to clean the ingredients cucumber, garlic,Bubble hair fungus and lily.

2) Cucumber slices, garlic shot, fungus cut a few knives.

3) The pot is hot and a small amount of oil, cucumber, fungus and lily are all oil-free ingredients.

4) Oil heat first use garlic fry pan.

5) Next, cucumber, fungus and lily.

6) Stir fry twice and season with salt.

7) Put some sugar on the fresh, add some pepper, add some pepper before the pot.

Radish silk squid soup ingredients: 1 squid, half radish, 1 green onion, 3 slices of ginger, coriander practice: 1) Prepare raw materials.

2) Wash the squid with kitchen paper, dry onion, ginger and shredded.

3) Put the oil in the pan and fry the squid and serve it.

4) The remaining oil is fried with green onion and ginger is fragrant.

5) Drain the water and put the squid into it.

6) Stew into milky white, add salt, white pepper.

7) Add the radish and boil.

Autumn pear moisturizing cream ingredients: Sydney 2, dried red dates 40g, ginger 10g, rock sugar 50g, honey 30ml practices: 1) Sydney washed, peeled off the skin 2) wipe the plate on the casserole 3) wipe with a wipePear and pear juice 4) Washed and cut into the core, red ginger peeled and shredded, rock sugar into small pieces. 5) Put red dates, ginger and rock sugar into the casserole of pear and pear juice. 6) Cook with high heat.Open, turn to a small fire and slowly simmer for about 25 minutes. 7) Take a bowl, put a steamer cloth (or gauze cloth) on it, pour the pear and juice on the steamer cloth. 8) Lift the steamer cloth around the corners. 9) ManualSqueeze out all the pear juice 10) Pour the extruded pear juice into the casserole, boil over low heat and simmer until the pear juice becomes very viscous and condensed. Turn off the fire. 11) Pour the pear juice into the bowl.Cool in the middle 12) Add honey and mix evenly 13) Put it in a sealed bottle that has been sterilized with hot water and put it in the refrigerator.

When known, take 1-2 scoops and mix with warm water.

Kumquat Tremella Water Ingredients: 10 kumquats, 1 dry white fungus, 5 red dates, 20 g of rock sugar: 1) Prepare all the ingredients.

2) Kumquat and red dates are washed with light salt water for 10 minutes.

3) Dry white fungus is soaked in warm water.

4) Wash the kumquat with 5 knives on it, don’t draw it to the end.

5) Then pressurize the kumquat and remove the kumquat kernel.6) All the kumquats are done well, and the white fungus is washed and shredded.

7) Kumquat and white fungus, red dates are added to the voltage pot liner.

8) Add an appropriate amount of water.

9) Add the inner tank to the voltage cooker to add rock sugar.

10) Click on the nutritious rice-gluten soup.

11) After lifting the prompt, you can open the lid and eat it.