Gu Yu, adjust the biological clock to go to bed early and get up early

Gu Yu, adjust the biological clock to go to bed early and get up early

Health experts said that because the weather is still relatively short before and after the rain, the people who are wet should pay attention to both diet and exercise to improve their physical fitness.

  Adjusting the biological clock to go to bed early and get up early, the rain is the end of the spring solar terms, the transition temperature rises, and the climate gradually warms.

At this time, the human skin is slack, the pores are enlarged, and the blood supply to the peripheral blood vessels is increased, resulting in sedation and hypnosis of the nervous system, which makes the body sleepy.

From the point of view of health, sleep should be adjusted.

  But the turn of spring and summer in Guangdong is often the struggle period for some people to sleep.

Due to the early morning dawn time, some people who are used to sleeping late in the winter, the biological clock began to be a bit messy.

“When winter, I usually sleep at 12 o’clock in the evening, get up at 8 o’clock in the morning, then rush to dress and rush to go to work, but now it is different, there is no sleepy at 12 o’clock in the evening, wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, sleep less time.I was old and sleepy when I was at work.

Recently, Tingting, who worked in a bank in the city, was difficult to adapt to the biological clock in the adjustment period. She had acne in front and had symptoms of “panda” in her eyes.

“I said that it is effective to drink milk before going to bed. I have been drinking for nearly half a month and I have no effect.

“Ting Ting is the front desk staff of the bank, plus a newcomer just graduated, she even said that the daily work pressure is great.

Plus sleep is not good, facing reporters, she has a lot of repetition.

  Therefore, health experts believe that the sleep clock in the spring and summer does have a process of adjustment, but varies from person to person, some people will not affect sleep for this small change, and some people are more sensitive, may cause trouble.
He suggested that health care should be done before going to bed. The key point is to adjust the mind, that is, mental adjustment – first sleep, then sleep.

Half an hour before going to bed should make the emotions stable and quiet, and replace all distractions.

In addition, it is best to cleanse your face before going to bed, wash your feet, and massage your feet. This will promote blood circulation, warm up the organs, calm your nerves, eliminate the fatigue of the day, and help you fall asleep.

In other words, insomnia suffers from the state of bedtime and psychological changes.

“If you are worried that you can’t sleep before going to bed, you can’t sleep at night.”

Therefore, it is important to relax your mind.

  At the same time, at the turn of the spring and summer, Dr. Chen suggested that the public should go to bed early and get up early, not excessive sweating, to regulate the dirty air.

In the spring and summer, by receiving the sun from the early morning, “absorbing yang”, let the body’s cold and humid air accumulated in the winter spread through the spring and summer sunshine and transmission, which helps the bones to be strong.

If you are enough to sleep for 7 hours, the normal morning time should be 4 to 6 in the morning; if you need to sleep for 8 hours, the normal morning time should be 5 to 7 o’clock. At this time, you can start some outdoor sports early.Help the body work.

  Eat more bean sprouts to prevent “rotten mouth” in the south, the rain is relatively opposite during the rainy season, and the weather in Qingyuan this year is a bit abnormal, just pouring rain, even the sweltering weather, and most of them.

Despite the hot weather, health experts said that the weather is still shortening at this time, resulting in the body’s moisture can not be discharged, the body’s heat and moisture combined together, it will form heat and humidity, and easy to produce impetuous emotions.

  how to solve this problem?


In the city hospital, after entering the third and fourth months, many elderly people who received the treatment had joint pain, low back pain or painful episodes, most of which were caused by weak body and cold air combined with body moisture.

Recently, children with colds have a growing trend. Most of the symptoms are tonsil enlargement, inflammation, bronchitis, cough, etc., which are related to heat and humidity.

  ”At this time, according to the principle of health care of the four seasons of Chinese medicine, the health care of the five internal organs should be based on raising the liver.

At this time, the main points of the diet are to nourish the liver and nourish the eyesight.

Among the many vegetables, the most suitable for raising liver is spinach.

It is reported that spinach is sweet and cool, enters the intestines, stomach, has blood and hemostasis, and benefits the five internal organs, blood circulation, thirst and intestines, nourishing Yin and liver, helping digestion, clearing the effect of gastrointestinal heat, assisting liver qi and stomachTreatment often has a good effect.

For the spring, because of liver yin deficiency caused by high blood pressure, headache, dizziness and anemia have a better therapeutic effect.

  Experts believe that the rainy season is affected by the climate and is prone to illness. Therefore, special attention should be paid to life, and diet is the key.

Since the most important thing in this season is to strengthen the spleen and dampness, in the daily life, you can eat more foods that are damp and damp.

Including red beans, black beans, coix seed, yam, winter melon, medlar, kelp, squid, bean sprouts, etc., for example, when cooking porridge in the morning, you can add some coix seed, red bean and so on.

  At the same time, eat less acidic foods and spicy foods.

It can be mixed with green bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat build-up in the body.

It is not advisable to eat mutton, dog meat, spicy hot pot and pepper, pepper, pepper and other big heat, to prevent evil heat, and induce skin bloated and other diseases.  In addition, in this season, people are prone to lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Some people will have lip erosion and the consequences of inflammation of the mouth, commonly known as “rotten mouth”.

For this symptom, it is advisable to eat more bean sprouts.

  Before and after the rain, it is suitable to eat some cereals that can relieve mental stress and regulate mood.

Potential B vitamins in cereals have a significant effect on improving depression.

Wheat germ, standard flour, buckwheat flour, soba noodles, millet, barley, soybeans and other beans, black sesame is also rich in B vitamins.