Not firm,May be persuaded to buy。

The key is whether the quality is as good as the beautician promotes?
Tian Lu is determined not to come again,Even if you can enjoy a free experience。If you don’t buy skin care products,Probably will be uncomfortable during the service,I feel ashamed to think about it,Leaving the store like running away after skin care。
Integrity management is the foundation of rapid development,in this way,It is estimated that the store will not last long。
anyway,It’s all the causes and consequences of applying for the job,Before applying,Have to do enough homework。
In addition to having a beautiful image,You have to understand the basic situation of the company。
There is not much information about Shenglan International Optoelectronics on the Internet,But found and localzheng fu News report on signing of investment agreement。
Isn’t this company under construction?,Started recruiting so early,But sign up first,I have to take a break and go directly to register。
Decided,Don’t worry about online registration anymore,Back to accommodation,Dress in the mirror,The gestures changed one set after another,I finally chose a refreshing long-sleeved dress。
Open the window,Feel the scenery outside。
The fragrance of vegetables from the vegetable garden is coming from nearby,Quiet pastoral,As if at home。
The light show on the high-rise building in the distance changes and the various patterns are dazzling,The skyscrapers all over the city proclaim the prosperity of the newly opened area。Standing like a giant in the newly opened area under the night,Ambilight and panoramic view,The buildings look very close,Driving past will mostly be half an hour’s drive。
Tian Lu downstairs,Search and locate Shenglan International Optoelectronics on the mobile map,Search for a itinerary with less walking and less time,Ready,Gladly go。
Arrived at Shenglan International Optoelectronics,From the appearance,The plant has been basically completed,Under renovation。All kinds of staff in the temporary recruitment site are there。
Four or five computers、several30Many years old、40What multi-year-old people are busy sitting in front of the computer。It’s too early,There is nothing to apply for。
Tian Lu picked up the colorful recruitment brochure after passing by,Combine the scene to understand the corresponding subjects more intuitively。Since it is related to the Internet,Then it must be related to your professional expertise,Seeing that one of the administrative subjects is corporate promotion。
Ok,Report this position temporarily。Tian Lu made up his mind。
Follow the staff’s tips,Submit the basic resume,On-site photo registration photo recording system,Rigorous process,The staff is very dedicated。
Standardized enterprises generally start from the bottom、The most details can be seen。
After Tian Lu sign up,I thought even if I went to work,About two months left。Not as good as,I’ll go to other places to do part-time job first,otherwise,With the money in hand。