In the car,I hide under the car”Aduna’s vicissitudes of singing,Sing so heartbreaking,Sing so that people can’t help but want to cry。

Eight fingers twitched his nose sharply,Looked sadly outside the car window。
The front is the university campus,So beautiful!Especially those female college students who go together,And let Bazhige feel the long-lost youthful breath。
“Is your cousin not here yet?It’s been fucking half an hour!”Brother Eight Fingers frowned,I patted the back of the chair in front of me uncomfortably。
Sitting in the driving seat is a very energetic young man,Very lean,Wearing a red leather jacket,A black cobra tattooed on the back of the neck。
“Eight Fingers,Here comes,Here comes!How about I call again。”Cobra quickly turned his head and said。
“Faster!Otherwise, I’m going to be crazy!Neither come!Is Lao Tzu free??”My Eight Fingers flicked his fingers,Arrogant。
Just when Cobra took out his phone,When I plan to make another call,A student with long hair emerged from the green belt in front,With a cigarette in his mouth,Patted the dust on the body,Swaggering towards the car。
Cobra sees people arrive,Open the door and get off,Beckoned to the long-haired student。
“Faster!Brother Bazhi has been waiting for you for a long time!”Cobra stared。
Long-haired students run to the front in three steps and two steps,Bent over and laughed:“Eight Fingers,Snake brother,Hello!”
Eight fingers beckoned,Motion this kid to get into the car。
“It’s this kid named Lu Menglin,You called him here。”Eight fingers took out a photo,Point to the person above and say。
Long-haired student took a look,Seems a bit embarrassed,Smiled:“Eight Fingers,I do not know him,He doesn’t know me either,I guess it’s hard to call!”
“Then you find a way!Does it make me think?”Eight fingers are anxious,I want to do it when I stare,But think about it, still hold back。
“So?or,I write a love letter,Invite him here?”Long-haired students have a brainstorm,Smiled。
Eight fingers froze,I thought there was such an operation?But it sounds good,Only students understand student affairs,Maybe this method is reliable。
“Row,Then you go do it!”Eight commanded and waved,That he knows well。
“May take a while,Or Bazhi brother, you go ahead,I made an appointment until four o’clock in the afternoon,How about you coming back?”Long-haired students look very considerate,Said carefully。