Zhejiang Meida (002677): Zhejiang Meida maintains steady growth

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Zhejiang Meida maintains steady growth

Event: The company released a semi-annual report with revenue of 700 million US dollars and net profit1.

800 million yuan, an increase of 25%.

Promote high-end product positioning and expand product series The company has developed a variety of cutting-edge high-end, humanized and intelligent integrated stoves, strengthened the high-end of product positioning with product innovation, and promoted coordinated sales 淡水桑拿网 with other kitchen accessory products.

This development strategy is worthy of recognition in the context of the industry’s overall intensified competition. It can pinpoint the company’s position, achieve dislocated competition, and no longer directly compete with new entrants in the low-end volume.

Promote channel diversification, expand distribution network companies. Promote channel sinking and terminal outlet expansion. In the first half of the year, we added 70 first-tier dealers and 300 terminal stores. We opened up to 100 stores in KA channels such as Red Star Macalline.Business team to increase the construction of flagship stores on e-commerce platforms.

These measures lay the foundation for future marketing efforts. The next step is to look forward to the company’s layout in e-commerce channels and KA channels.

苏州夜网论坛 Strengthening brand building in intensified industry competition According to the data from Aowei Cloud, offline hood sales in July fell by 10%.

5%, large-scale manufacturers enter the field of integrated stoves, Martians, YUKIDA, Haier, Senge and other brands have made efforts, the industry competition has intensified, in order to maintain the advantages of the industry, the company continued to CCTV and high-speed rail, new media, large professional exhibitions, etc.Increase investment in brand promotion and advertising to ensure the choice of leading brands in the industry.

The increase in sales expenses is obvious, and the R & D investment is obvious. In the first half of the project, the company ‘s sales expenses increased by 81% and the R & D expenses increased by 58%, which are higher than usual. This reflects the company ‘s huge investment in advertising and product R & D this year;1.1 million sets of kitchen electric production bases are about to be put into production, which will also lay the foundation for future growth.

Based on the company’s operating conditions in the first half of the year, we predict that the company’s annual revenue will increase by 25%, profit will increase by 20%, and EPS0.

7 yuan, 18 times the dynamic estimate, initially recommended rating.

Risks prompt real estate real estate dragging down industry competition