They never dreamed,A casual chat on the train,I would meet a strange man like Brother Lu。

Could this be the legendary value that starts from the face,Are you loyal to your character??Wang Xiaomei couldn’t help thinking about it。
She is smart,Knowing that Brother Lu won’t stay here,He belongs to a wider place。
however,She is sad again,Just like from《Datang Shuanglong Biography》In the poem I saw,“Since I saw the peach blossom,No doubt even now。”
She has already met such an excellent and perfect boy as Big Brother Lu,How can I pretend other people in my heart。
Different knowledge,Vision opened,I am afraid it will be difficult to accept ordinary men in the future!
if we assume,When Lu Menglin revealed his extraordinary identity,Deng Jiajia has only awe and caution on her face,Then Xiaomei Wang is unwilling,She is not reconciled to her best years,I met a boy who couldn’t even dream of。
When Lu Menglin turned around inadvertently,When meeting with Wang Xiaomei’s hot eyes,But can’t help but come to mind“Seeing Yang’s mistake for life!”This sentence。
Just like《Condor Heroes》Like those girls in,They shouldn’t have met Yang Guo, a handsome boy who came here in light,Make them love each other,Unhappy for a lifetime,Can’t ask for it。
Lu Menglin sighed lightly in his heart,Can’t help but smile at Little Sister Wang:“What plans do you have in the future?”
Wang Xiaomei glanced at Deng Jiajia,Take the initiative to say:“Good grades,Can go to university in the future,Leaving Xinhuang,Go to work in a big city。I’m miserable!Poor study,Can’t get out,Can only stay in the county,Either work,Either marry,Bitter。”
Wang Xiaomei said pitifully,While quietly watching Lu Menglin,I want to see some clues from his expression。
Deng Jiajia nodded,Like a good wife and mother,Timid:“You have to get married when you enter university,All,Almost the same。”
“I will greet the county,Let Teacher Deng be the principal,An upright person like him,Should have a better life。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Teacher Deng shook his head quickly,Desperately waving hands:“No way,No way!I am not good enough,Can’t be the principal。And it’s not fair to make appointments like this,Unfair to other teachers。”
He is still this persistent character,But because of this,He is especially respected。
After all in this world,Be willing to speak principles,There are not many people who speak fairness,And would rather be poor,There are even fewer people who need to be principled and fair。