Building a Ping An Homeland Minhang District commends 14 "civilian heroes"

On March 9, 2020, Ding Guoping (the villagers of Puxi Street, Puxi), Zhang Chao (Pu Jin Street, Lixingpu Village Supermarket Private Industry), Dongbo (Shanghai Xiongtu Construction Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.) Three ordinary hero face The drowning woman in danger did not choose back, but the water rescued in a fake thinking.

Practice the people’s homes in the people’s home, safeguarding the peace of peace.

On October 21, 2019, Liu Yanfei (Shanghai Changming Security Service Co., Ltd. Security), Yan Xingming (Shanghai Changming Security Service Co., Ltd. Security), Zhang Lizhen (Shenzhen OCT Property Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Employee), Xu Shaoliang (Pu Jin Social Security Team Social Security Players) Liu Yanfei hurts the suspect when stopping crimes and causes the back knife to the ribs, neck, and the knife in the face is only a centimeter, and the throat of the throat is hurt. Drake the suspect’s knives, seized, and transferred to the public security organ.

Liu Yanfei, Yan Xingming has also been rated as an advanced molecule in Shanghai.

At the commendation meeting, Liu Yanfei made a statement as a representative of the advanced molecules. He said that as a community security, in addition to violent, seeing the righteousness is his duties, I believe that anyone encounters a critical moment without argument. Therefore, this honor should also belong to those who have a sense of justice. (Editor: 邬 迪, Xuan Shuangqiang).