Building Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, high-level talent highland

  The wind is from the South China Sea, and the Yangtong Pearl River.

Promoting the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau District, is a major national strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping based on the global and long-term, personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoted, and is also a major decision to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macau.

At the nearby Central Talent Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "accelerate the construction of the world’s important talent centers and innovation, need to carry out strategic layout.

Comprehensive consideration, you can build a high-level talent highland in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dashang District.

In the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Dawan District, the high-level talent highland, further enhanced international competitiveness in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, realizing the development of transformation, innovation and development system, and building a significant significance and profound impact on international first-class bay areas and world-class urban agglomeration . Jiji Domestic, is a big industry; the way of innovation, only in people. Today, there is no big change in the past 100 years to accelerate evolution, scientific and technological innovation and high level talents become the main battlefield for international strategic games.

The high-level talents in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, coincidentally. On the one hand, my country’s basic research and application basic research achieve significant breakthroughs, and the strategic high-tech research for national major needs has achieved important results. The application research leads the industry to move toward high-end and high-level talents in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau. condition.

On the other hand, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation continues to expand, the regional location is obvious, the economic strength is strong, the innovation element gathering, the internationalization level leads, with the broad prospects of the world’s first-class bay district and the good foundation for the high-level talent highland. The high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, is to make full use of the advantages of the Bay area, comprehensive collection of talents, and accelerate the establishment of talent resource competition advantages, in order to provide important talent guarantee and technology innovation support for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District. We speed up the construction of scientific and technological powers, and achieve high-level technology self-supporting power. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan is a good place to show your talents. Hong Kong, Macao actively integrates the national development overall situation, and the links between cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, capital, technology, talents, information, etc. are accelerating.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan Province fully exerts its own technology and industry advantages, look at the world "lead", uncharged "use talent", build platform "education", use heart to "stay", ushered in new talent gathered peak , Comprehensive competitiveness, international influence is sharply jumped.

Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau, the development of cross-border e-commerce industry has developed rapidly. The number of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test districts in Guangdong Province ranks first in the country; Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, China launches youth entrepreneurial funding plan, for nearly 200 young beginners and about 4,000 Funding in Hong Kong youth; as the first internationalized youth entrepreneurial community in China, the Qianhai Shenzhen Youth DreamWork has attracted more than 1,500 Hong Kong and Macao, international projects to exchange 446 incubation entrepreneurs … Three land integration trends Give Guangdong Hong Kong and Macau The development of Daxan District brings vitality and innovation. In September this year, the "2021 Global Innovation Index (GII) Report" released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou as a urban area, ranked second in the global "best technology cluster" rankings . Plant the phoenix tree, attracting the Jinfeng Phoenix.

Building a high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, to persist in the world, to build a high-rise and innovative highland of the global outstanding talents.

Centralized national high-quality resources focused on building a group of national laboratories and new R & D institutions, launched an international scientific plan, providing talents to provide international first-class innovative platforms, accelerating the formation of strategic fulcrums and geese pattern. Further explore policy initiatives facilitating talents, capital, information, technology, etc. Cross-border flow and regional fusion, and build Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macao Bay District Big Data Center and international innovation platforms.

Vigorously cultivate the use of strategic scientists, build a large number of first-class science and technology leaders and innovation teams, and create a large number of young scientific and technological talents, cultivate a large number of outstanding engineers.

Continuously strengthen the cooperation between innovation resources in the Daxous area, promote the harmonious development of talents, the production chain value chain is moving steadily, and the innovation and entrepreneurship is flourishing, regional development and talent development mutual support, mutual achievement.

  Step on the new journey, spread new Huazhang. time does not wait! Opportunities don’t wait! In front of the major opportunities of the high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Macau, there must be more and more high levels of talents enthusiastically involved in the development of fertile soil, innovative hot soil, people’s music, and realize their ideals.

On the high-quality hot soil in Guangdong, Macau, the party’s strategic painting is transforming the strategic advantage of high quality development, "a country, two systems" is glowing more powerful vitality.

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Cloud Tour Chengdu Unified Front Red Printing 2 | Trouble

  Chengdu is a city with a glorious revolutionary tradition and a deep battle history. It has been blessed by Yinghao blood, loyal to the heart, leaving a lot of brilliant performance.

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to celebrate the party’s 100th birthday, promote party history education into the mind, see the effect, ensure that the history of history, the history of history, learning history, the history of the History, the Church of the Communist Party Committee, the selection section of the United Front Department has been awarded or Named patriotic education base, unified front of China’s characteristic socialist education base, studying in the country education base, planning "Yunyun 丨 成 统 战 战 红 红 印 印", " Red education, leading the majority of United Front members and people from all walks of life to touch the cultural pulse of Chengdu, firmly, and inherit the red gene. In this issue, we will enter the dining together to understand the anti-Japanese national united front publicity position, open a "red conversation" across time and space, scan or identify the two-dimensional code under the lower QR code, start your "cloud tour" tour. Identify QR code, and try to eat.

Deskundige: tegen de verspilling van "eten", verantwoordelijkheid van het live platform

Mensen Network Beijing 24 september (Reporter Sun Bo Yang) In de afgelopen jaren is de LIVE-industrie "Eat" een speciale deurklasse geworden in de live-uitzendingsindustrie, maar met de industrie is heet, eet de "False Live Broadcast", "Big Een reeks "eten", zoals de maagkoning, is een "etende uitzending" van het voedselgedrag, dat ongepast is om te redden, en tegen afval van het afval.

Dien dit einde de uitnodiging van het ‘consumptie-inzicht’ van het Network Consumer Channel van de People en de Chinese Consumer Association gezamenlijk de relevante deskundigen te interpreteren.

Wanneer een expert een gastinterview is, wordt gezegd dat het afvalgedrag in "uitzending" is gestopt en het live-platform is verantwoordelijk. Chen Qian, de juridische afdeling van de Chinese Consumentenvereniging, zei in het interview, "eten" is oorspronkelijk een neutraal vocabulaire, bevorderende traditionele keuken, die de ontwikkeling van de horeca-industrie bevordert, waardoor het publiek een voorwaartse betekenis biedt De overdreven hoeveelheid voedsel, de grote maagkoning wordt gepromoveerd, zelfs in braken, nep-uitzending, enz., het brengen van een slechte ervaring met het publiek.

Chen Qian gelooft dat voor "eten", nodig is om het "eten" "eten" van de naleving en de verspreiding van de voedselcultuur aan te moedigen, die strikt moet toezicht houden op het "eten" van de verspilling van ongezond gedrag. Chen Yung zei dat, hoewel juridisch voor het afval van de uitzending geen duidelijke bepaling is, maar het anker is bezig met het platform, wanneer het begint te eten, wordt het anker ondertekend met het platform.

Met andere woorden, het anker moet verantwoordelijk zijn voor de inhoud van het publiek, of het overtreden van de inhoud van publicquence of het schenden van sociale moraliteit. Daarom moet het platform verantwoordelijk zijn, de inspecties van de inhoud versterken en ongepaste content-uitzending vermijden.

Qiu Baochang, een expert in China Consumer Association, en Qiu Baochang, een advocaat van het advocaat van Peking Huijia, is ook van mening dat het live-uitzendplatform moet voldoen aan de publiciteit van de relevante regelgeving en de publiciteit van de samenleving en de positieve waarde bevorderen, niet het tegenovergestelde. Het live-uitzendplatform mag geen gedrag van gedrag hebben vanwege de voordelen, sommige "nep-uitzending" "grote buikkoning" live-inhoud, het is gemakkelijk om emulatie te veroorzaken, een dergelijk gedrag doet het lichaam pijn, waardoor afval wordt Slechte ori?ntatie, platform voor dergelijke omroepen, ze moeten strikt beheren.

Qiu Baochang is van mening dat de inspanningen om het eten en drinken op te slaan, te stoppen met de verantwoordelijkheid "Platform", inclusief het live-uitzendplatform van "uitzending", inclusief voedsel- en drinkdienstverleners, zoals afhaalplatforms, cateringbedrijven, te leiden, Aanmoedigen, op deze manier zullen we samenwerken om een ??goed persoon te vormen om te redden, en de hele mensen hebben een verspillende sfeer.

Absence of national rejuvenation from the history of the 100-year party

  The Centennial History of the Party is a history that is always the revival of the nation.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "The Chinese Communist Party has been born, it will make happiness for the Chinese people, and establish an ethnic mission for the Chinese nation.

For more than a hundred years, the Communist Party of China will lead all the struggles to carry out the Chinese people, all sacrifices, everything creates, and it is a topic: realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.

"Reviewed the road to the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party leads the people to continue to struggle, unremittingly exploring, achieving the first hundred years of struggle, comprehensively built a well-off society in China, looking forward to the road, my country is building a strong modernization of socialism The second hundred years of struggle is moving. In the critical stage of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the party’s history must be well understood, summed up, and the successful experience of the party is good, carry forward, from the history of the 100-year party to achieve the Chinese nation The inexhaustible motivation of great rejuvenation. Basic Party history has given birth to the theory of the Chinese nation’s great revival, General Secretary, General Secretary, Stressed: "Our Party is highly attached great importance to the party of theoretical construction and theoretical guidance, emphasizing theory must be unified.

We insist on and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must attach great importance to the role of theory, enhance theory self-confidence and strategy. "The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must be guided by scientific theory.

The Chinese Communist Party combines the basic principles of Marxism and the specific actual practice of China, exploring a development path suitable for China’s national conditions, leading the Chinese people to achieve slamming, rich and strong. In the party’s hundred years of development, the party’s scientific theoretical system is gradually maturing, increasingly confident, and continuous innovation. In the process of promoting China’s China, the Chinese Communist Party has formed a series of theoretical results. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has answered the development of the era, from the development of the era, from the theory and practice, and how to adhere to the new era, how to persist, how to adhere to and develop Chinese characteristics Socialism this major era project founded the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking of Xi Jinping’s new era.

As a contemporary China Marxism, the 21st Century Marxism, Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thought is the Guide of the All-Party National People ‘s Action Struggling in realizing the great revival of the Chinese nation. Under the guidance of the party, under the guidance of the scientific theory system, the Chinese Communist Party grasps the development requirements of the times, promoting the development of the party and the people, and continuously grasping the world to prove this century-old party full of vitality and vitality. The History of the People’s Republic of China has given birth to the spirit of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the great cause of pregnant, the great spirit leads the great cause. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "A hundred years ago, the pioneers of the Communist Party of China have created the Chinese Communist Party, forming a truth, adheres to ideals, practicing the initial heart, acting a mission, not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle, loyalty to the party, no people The spirit of the great foundings, this is the spirit of the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party.

For more than a hundred years, the Chinese Communist Party has promoted the spirit of great Justice party. In the long-term struggle, we will build a spiritual spectrum of the Chinese Communists and temper the distinctive political character.

The Chinese Communists who have experienced suffering and brilliant, inheriting and promoting the Chinese Communist Party’s psychological system is of great significance for grasping an important strategic opportunity. In the journey of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, each progress requires the leadership of the spirit of the spirit. The spirit of the party has different connotation and imprints in the psychological line formed in a hundred years. New-democratic revolution, the courage to sacrifice, the courage to play and so on tone, formed a great spirit of Jinggangshan spirit, the Long March spirit, the spirit of the Zunyi Meeting, Yan’an Spirit and the spirit, the spirit of Red Rock and so on.

The socialist revolution and construction period, with self-reliance, hard struggle, etc. During the reform and opening up, it is the great spirit such as the spirit of the spirit of the SAR spirit in the reform and opening day.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era, with a struggle, unity and struggle, etc.

A generation of China’s Communist Party in the Centennial History of the Party in a distinctive "Time coordinate", building the psychological spectrum of the Chinese Communists, and internalization into the party’s genetic map, through time and space, brilliant era, excited Realize the greatness of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

  The History of the People’s Republic of China has faith in the heart of the soul of the great revival of the Chinese nation, and there is strength under the foot. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China: "Why is the Chinese Communist Party? Why is the socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is because of the Marxism! Belief, Marxism reveals the universal laws of nature, human society, human thinking development, providing a strong ideological weapon for understanding the world, transforming the world, is awarded direction for human social development, is the soul of the Chinese Communists’ ideal belief. In the party’s century, Marxism believes in a sparkling lighthouse, guiding the Chinese Communist Party to overcome various difficulties and intervention, resolve various contradictions, and promote China’s revolution, construction, and reform. Marxism constantly highlights vitality and creativity in practice. The Communist Party of China adheres to the fact that Marxism and use Marxist guidance practice in practice. From the date of its establishment, the Chinese Communist Party will write Marxism in his own banner. Generation generation excellent Communists use 铿铿 vows and practical actions to explain the firm belief in Marxism.

In the era of blood and fire, thousands of revolutionary martyrs use blood to water, and cultivate the monument of belief with life. "Blackhead is not tight, as long as theism is really." "The enemy can only cut our heads, and never shake our faith!" The revolution is in the eyes of death, and it is to adhere to faith and great ideals.

Under the conditions of the new era, we face a rare opportunity, facing severe challenges, realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, requires more arduous and more difficult efforts.

Future, unwavering the second hundred years of struggle for the new top exam, we need to firmly believe in the ideal beliefs, sneak struggle. Serving the beliefs, the most important thing is to firmly strengthen the socialist road socialism, theoretical self-confidence, system confidence, and cultural confidence. The party’s hundred years of struggle and great achievements are the most solid foundation of "four confidence". The history and reality have repeatedly proved that the Chinese Communist Party has never shaken the faith of Marxism. A political party has a great ideal and lofty faith, and it will be invincible and there is nothing. (Writer: Yan Ping Yin Detri).

At present, the overall situation is controllable

Original title: At present, the overall situation of the epidemic can be controlled to report Beijing August 5 (Reporter Wang Meihua) At the Press Conference held on the 5th of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, the National Health Department spokesperson, deputy director of the Ministry of Publicity Introduction, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism has sent 20 working groups to supervise the key port cities to investigate loopholes, strengthen external defense inputs and sudden epidemic disposal.

  "From the current situation, the overall situation of the epidemic is controllable.

Due to the large fluctuations in the fluctuations, the people ‘s face is wide, and the various different sources of input cases have increased the arduous and complexity of the entire epidemic prevention and control.

However, as long as the various prevention and control measures are strictly implemented, the epidemic can be basically controlled within two to three incubation.

He Qinghua, the first-class inspector of the National Health and Control Bureau, He Qinghua, said that in terms of the national level, there may be a new epidemic in other regions. All localities should strengthen monitoring, continue to adhere to the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound" prevention and control strategy And normalized prevention and control measures. "Delta variability in different scientific research and epidemic prevention and control shows that Delta variabrant has no subversion, infectious sources, transmission pathways, existing epidemic Control measures are still valid for Delta variants.

"He Qinghua said that existing vaccines still have good prevention and protection, can reduce the risk of viruses in the population, reduce the communication power of infected people, effectively reduce the incidence of severe incidence and mortality after infection.

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Building a Ping An Homeland Minhang District commends 14 "civilian heroes"

On March 9, 2020, Ding Guoping (the villagers of Puxi Street, Puxi), Zhang Chao (Pu Jin Street, Lixingpu Village Supermarket Private Industry), Dongbo (Shanghai Xiongtu Construction Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.) Three ordinary hero face The drowning woman in danger did not choose back, but the water rescued in a fake thinking.

Practice the people’s homes in the people’s home, safeguarding the peace of peace.

On October 21, 2019, Liu Yanfei (Shanghai Changming Security Service Co., Ltd. Security), Yan Xingming (Shanghai Changming Security Service Co., Ltd. Security), Zhang Lizhen (Shenzhen OCT Property Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Employee), Xu Shaoliang (Pu Jin Social Security Team Social Security Players) Liu Yanfei hurts the suspect when stopping crimes and causes the back knife to the ribs, neck, and the knife in the face is only a centimeter, and the throat of the throat is hurt. Drake the suspect’s knives, seized, and transferred to the public security organ.

Liu Yanfei, Yan Xingming has also been rated as an advanced molecule in Shanghai.

At the commendation meeting, Liu Yanfei made a statement as a representative of the advanced molecules. He said that as a community security, in addition to violent, seeing the righteousness is his duties, I believe that anyone encounters a critical moment without argument. Therefore, this honor should also belong to those who have a sense of justice. (Editor: 邬 迪, Xuan Shuangqiang).

Bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van de wereldhandel ijs en sneeuw (voor de Olympische Winterspelen)

Beijing Olympische Winterspelen is in volle gang. Op de rechtbank, sporters worstelde hard en zichzelf overstijgen. Bovendien is het enthousiasme van het publiek deelnemen aan het ijs en sneeuw beweging groeit. Internationaal wees erop dat een van de belangrijkste resultaten van de Olympische Winterspelen van Beijing is om China’s ijs en sneeuw bewegingen te bevorderen, het besturen van de sneeuw en ijs-industrie om te groeien.

China’s combinatie van ijs en sneeuw beweging en nationale fitness culturele activiteiten, het maken van grote bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van de wereldhandel ijs en sneeuw. Sinds de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing, heeft de Ice Sneeuw sporten Project een doorbraak in de geschiedenis van de Olympische Winterspelen bereikt in vele projecten, en cre?erde de "eerste" of "best" in de geschiedenis van veel ijs en sneeuw projecten.

De Chinese delegatie vormt de meest uitgebreide Olympische Winterspelen team in de geschiedenis van het onderwerp.

"De Chinese delegatie stuurde een sterke line-up, voor het eerst besefte 7 grote items, 15 sub-items, dit is een enorme vooruitgang." Tit McConnad, de directeur van het Internationaal Olympisch Comité Sports Director. Hij merkte ook op dat het aandeel van de Chinese vrouwelijke atleten bijna de helft, volledig rekening houden met gendergelijkheid, "Dit is heel zich niet kunnen veroorloven."

Ofale, de Noorse delegatie van de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing, is van mening dat China heeft een aantal ski-atleten hebben verbazingwekkende vooruitgang in enige tijd bereikt. "In de afgelopen jaren is het niveau van China’s ski atleten heeft grote vooruitgang geboekt. Zij hebben behoefte aan meer opleiding en meer kansen om deel te nemen in high-level wedstrijden.

"Zei de Italiaanse ski-coach Franz Joseph Gampel.

Burdal Malcoovich, voorzitter van het Olympisch Comité Servisch, zei dat in de afgelopen jaren, de Chinese atleten hebben vliegen in het ijs en sneeuw project, en enkele zwakke projecten hebben vele doorbraken.

Het succes van de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing zal zeker motiveren China’s ijs en sneeuw beweging snel. Servi? hoopt om de samenwerking in de Ice Snowports in China te versterken, leren van de succesvolle ervaring in China.

Volkswagen neemt deel aan het enthousiasme en hoge provincie Jilin Changchun Temple Xiangshan Ski Resort, een "sneeuw gordel" zwevend tussen de heuvels, het bereiken van 1000 dagelijks doorstroom van passagiers, het gebied sneeuw in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, provincie Hebei is populair.

Slechts één sneeuw seizoen, de Chongli District ontving 10.000 bezoekers, inkomen miljard, steeg met 83% en 87% jaar-op-jaar; Zhejiang Anji County ook ingebouwd "Cloud Grasland" Ski Resort … Vandaag de dag, ijs en sneeuw sporten zijn geworden een nieuwe trend, nieuwe stijl, te integreren in het Chinese volk het gewone leven. Uit de gegevens blijkt dat China de doelstelling van "300 miljoen mensen om deel te nemen in het ijs en sneeuw beweging" heeft bereikt, en de participatiegraad van de bewoners bereikte%.

In McConnell, zal de uitstekende prestaties van de Chinese atleten op de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing verder te stimuleren het enthousiasme van de Chinese bevolking om deel te nemen in het ijs en sneeuw beweging.

Hij is van mening dat de locatie van de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing neemt niet alleen de functie functie, maar ook wordt een Olympische erfenis, maar blijft China’s wintersport te promoten. "Net als de Olympische Spelen van 2008, het erfgoed van de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing zal ook gevolgen hebben voor het Chinese volk.

Juan Samaraite, voorzitter van het Internationaal Olympisch Comité, Olympische Winterspelen Beijing, zei dat het moeilijk is om dure, sommige Winterao Heritage is aanwezig voor de wedstrijd geweest. Eerst zal een groep van de uitstaande locaties openen voor het publiek in de toekomst, niet alleen in de Olympische Winterspelen, zal het een positieve rol spelen in de komende 60 jaar, ten tweede, door middel van de voorbereiding van de Olympische Winterspelen, de infrastructuur wordt verbeterd, high-speed rail, snelwegen, enz. zal meer gemak voor de levens van brengen de mensen. in september 2021, de Internationale Sneeuw Federatie werd opgericht in Beijing, dat is het eerste project van International Sneeuw Link.

John Elia, voorzitter van de Internationale Ski Federatie, zei dat in de afgelopen jaren, China’s enorme ijs en sneeuw beweging is zeer actief. De verschillende gebeurtenissen van de International sneeuw Federatie worden ook booming in China. De oprichting van het Bureau in Beijing weerspiegelt de International sneeuw. Ski sport hebben een goed vertrouwen in China bereikt. "Na jaren van hard werken, heeft China een groot wintersport land te worden." Thomas Bach, voorzitter van het Internationaal Olympisch Comité, zei dat met meer dan 300 miljoen mensen in China namen deel aan het ijs en sneeuw, de geschiedenis van het ijs van de wereld en sneeuw zal de Olympische Winterspelen in Beijing te nemen als een verdeelde lijn.

Olympische Winterspelen Peking zal een mijlpaal voor de ontwikkeling van de wereldhandel ijs en sneeuw worden. Rijden industrie?n en de ontwikkeling van ijs en sneeuw is ook Jinshan Yinshan. Olympische Winterspelen Wenchuang producten zijn populair, Olympische Winterspelen mascotte "ice pier" is populair, ijs trui schoenen, skipakken, met sneeuw energiebesparende apparatuur en sneeuw sportartikelen in online; Noordoost, Noordwest-ijs en sneeuw Reizen Scenic Area is populair … China het ijs en de sneeuw beweging wordt snel populair, en de mogelijkheden zijn gecre?erd voor verwante industri?le ontwikkeling. "The Ice and Snow Sports Industry in Europa en de Verenigde Staten is gebruikt voor 50 jaar, en China heeft in principe vormt een volledige industri?le ecosysteem binnen 5 jaar.

"Internationale Ski Federatie, secretaris, Sarah, zei:" 300 miljoen mensen om deel te nemen in het ijs en sneeuw beweging "doelen, laat meer Chinezen begrijpen en te genieten van het ijs en sneeuw beweging, het verstrekken van zakelijke kansen voor de Ice Sneeuw Sports Related service-industrie .

Woodk, voorzitter van de Chinese Europese Kamer van Koophandel, zei dat meer en meer Chinezen zijn begonnen om te genieten van wintersport, zoals ski?n.

Dit levert niet alleen de mensen met meer fitness keuzes, maar ook volledig swindled en cre?erde seizoensarbeid.

"We zijn erg optimistisch over de ontwikkeling vooruitzichten hier." Itali? Tianzhibo Group aanbiedingen wintersport locaties voor de Olympische Winterspelen Beijing. Michael Meore, het bedrijf de Aziatische regionale sales manager: "In een korte tijd, China is een veel sneeuw velden gebouwd, de vraag naar sneeuw apparatuur stijgt voortdurend. Op dit moment is China heeft onze grootste overzeese markt. Om Maak kennis met klanten We zetten ook vestigingen in Sanhe City en Zhangjiakou City, provincie Hebei. "(Deze krant Beijing, Brussel, Rome, Washington februari 12 TV reporter Wan Yu, Chen Shangwen, Yang Xun, Li Xinyi, Ren Yan, Xie Yahong , Li Zhiwei).

China @ 四 川 | Sichuan Pixabay 5 key industries highlighting system governance typical case

  Xinhua News Agency, September 1 (Reporter Wu Xiaoying) The Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission opened public exposure to accept bribery in project examination and approval activities, and received five key industries in the construction enterprise, five key industries, highlights, typical cases, Many people were seriously accountable. According to the notification, from 2007 to 2019, Zhang Bin, deputy director of the urban and rural planning bureau, Guangyuan City, served as the deputy director of the urban and rural planning department, and used the position to facilitate the planning and design project, and the construction design plan approval. For others, they will take advantage of the benefits, and they will receive a total of 23 people from 23 people.

At the same time, Zhang Bin still has other violations of laws and discipline. In June 2020, Zhang Bin was transferred to the procuratorial organs of the procuratorial organs by the expenses of public relations.

  Yang Quyi, member of the Standing Committee of the Original County Committee of Hongya County, the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Economic Development Zone, received bribery in the project approval. From 2007 to 2020, Yang Qu Bing served as the Director of the Finance Bureau of Hongya County, with the deputy director and other positions, using the position of the position, for the benefit of the project approval, the project, etc., and he accepts 16 people from the project contractor Chen. A total of 10,000 foods.

At the same time, Yang Qu Bing still has other violations of law.

In July 2020, Yang Qussen was expelled from the party, and the public office was expected to be transferred to the procuratorate according to law.

  The Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Health Bureau of Luding County, Director, received bribery in engineering contracting and project design activities. From 2014 to 2019, Ren Dynasty was served as the party group secretary of the Luding County Water Affairs Bureau, and the use of positions were convenient. In the project contract, project design, etc., the benefits were taken to others, and Huang and other 10 people sent RMB 620,000. Yuan, accepting Xie Mou worth 10,000 Cadillac sedan, totaling the property is 10,000 yuan. At the same time, there is still other violations of laws and disciplines.

In June 2020, Ren Zhili was expected to take prosecutation and prosecution in accordance with the observing procuratorate by the expenses of the party, and the suspected crime was transferred. In addition, two typical cases are: Yumin County Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau Construction Industry Authority, the former deputy shareholder Bai Xiaohong accepts bribery in the performance review of the construction enterprise; Jixian Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and the Original Party Group of the Urban Administration, Director Deng Shiyong received bribery in the project bidding. (over).

China Anti-Japanese Military Political University Memorial Hall

The Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military Political University is a school (referred to as "anti-big" in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission and Mao Zedong, etc.

During the War of Resistance Day, it was the highest military academic government under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Anti-large predecessor was founded in 1931, China Red Army School, which was found in Ruijin, Jiangxi, expanded to the Red Army University, 1934 with the Central Red Army Long Squiration, renamed "Cadre".

After the Red Army reached Northern Shaanxi, the red resumption was founded in the merger of the Red Army Cada and the Red Army School of Hongjun, the Red Army School of Northern Shaanxi Province, and formed a "China Workers and Agricultural Red Army School". In May 1936, in order to meet the upcoming anti-Japanese war, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish a Chinese people’s anti-Japanese Red Army University.

On June 1, 1936, the "Northwest Anti-Japanese Red Army University" (the school site is the security county) held the opening ceremony, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhang Wentian attended the speech. On January 20, 1937, the Red Large as the Central Committee of the Communist Party moved to Yan’an, renamed the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military Political University. In the past 10 years, I adhered to the education policy of "firmly correct political direction, hard and simple work style, flexible and mobile strategic tactics", with "unity, nervousness, serious, lively" as the school style, implement "less" The "Theoretical Contact Real" The principle of teaching principles such as "combining education and production labor" has created a variety of forms of teaching methods. The success of anti-big education practices, not only for the China Communist Party and its leadership, the New Fourth Army cultivated and created a large number of the anti-Japanese military cadres in the eumed Delica, but also for the development of the people’s army, in order to capture the War and the National War and the whole country The victory of the Liberation of War made a significant contribution. After the founding of New China, the cadres became the material of our party, the country and the army.

Anti-Memorial Exhibition Hall area is 1200 square meters, divided into 2 exhibitions, 6 units, exhibition exhibited more than 400 photos and more than 100 precious historical artifacts, the entire exhibition is half-view, scene recovery and other series of art The technique shows us a combat process and brilliant performance of anti-big songs.

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China Great Wall Wenxin Industry Summit will be held in Beijing on October 26

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