Tongcheng: Civilized Health Wow New Wind Heart Field

  Water water, chic village, beautiful people and Yuanshan Qingre blunt. Improve the rural people’s environment, accelerate the development of industrial development, promote townships, etc. Dominous mountain water, cultivate the civilized new township style is the corner of SME Village. Walking in Sherry Village, Tongmin Street, clean, forest surround, sky blue, water cleaning, mountain green, Jingmei, "Green Water Qingshan" becomes "Jinshan Yinshan", the villagers live in the pocket, spirit Also "rich". "’Little Flower’ does not work, rural tourism makes us have a good day, so that the village has a vitality and vitality, it is expected to increase more than 60,000 yuan this year.

"The village of the village Xu Zhong came to Xiaoyu. Seminar is only one of the villages in the Sheriffin Mountain. This good landscape is a high-quality resources of the development of tourism. Tongcheng City builds a special tourist line around the Cultural tourist attractions in the Rolvering in the Cultural Tourism, investment funds 190 Hundreds of yuan, re-repair stone, pavilion, new repair arch bridge, plan, deepen "travel +" integration development, develop boutique guests, introduce "Tongcheng small flower" tea, from simple sightseeing to Tongcheng Culture classics theme tourism, tourism Rich, there is more ways to drive the development of the village-level industry. All localities are also leading to the construction of beautiful rural construction, in-depth development of township civilization construction, enhance the civilized quality of the villagers, and the soil of rural civilization, and promote beautiful villages more "beautiful".

  Take a new platform, the condensed, the newcomers, the children learn the science knowledge in the rural "revival juvenile palace" in Jinpo Town.

  "Can you find China on the globe?" "Where is the Beijing in Beijing?" During the Science Activities of the Renaissance Juvenile Palace of Jinpo Town, volunteers are recognizing the Globe with the children of the town center elementary school.

  In the "Renaissance Juvenile Palace" school, the school is the main position of the school, and the school is in the new era civilization practice office, and the work mechanism jointly combined with the main places of the activities, the school juvenile palace and civilized practice positions, let the "Renaissance Joy Palace" becomes the children like activities. Parents are relieved to education. At present, Tongcheng built 12 rural school boy pavilions. At the same time in the construction pilot rural rejuvenation, the rural school "Renaissance Children’s Palace" upgraded version, use the "Children’s Home" "Parents School", and is equipped with volunteer teachers professional counseling. The team, free to open an activity project suitable for rural teenage development, etc. The ideological and moral construction of minors, striving to cultivate new people who serve as the ethnic rejuvenation. Courtesy, good people, cultivate Chongde good fashion maps for Tongcheng good people and moral models "保保". On November 27th, Tongcheng "Moral Model" "Tongcheng Good Man" received 131 "惠保" and 25 personal accident insurance, creating a strong atmosphere of caring moral model and learning "good people around". "

  Tongcheng rely on the new era civilization practice position, with moral model selection, "good people" selection as a carrier, continuously dig the good things around you, and promote the construction of rural spirit civilization.

Wang Xiuyun, integrity mother, substitute, payment, use strong to support difficult families; Li Chengzhou, critical moment, stand up, use life practice, do not forget the joy … More and more good people continue to emerge, take a small light convergence Pounds.

At the same time, Tongcheng City is carrying out the "Moral Model" selection of "Moral Model", and organizes "good people" to "moral lecture" and other publicity activities to carry out "good articles". Really made fine.

At present, Tongcheng has been continuously held 4 sessions of Tongcheng Moral Model Selection. It has chosen to produce 8 good people in China, 27 good people in Anhui, 205 people in Anqing, 207 good people, Tongcheng good people, 6 people in Anhui Province, Anqing Moral Model 15 People, Tongcheng Moral Model 82, 53 outstanding volunteers at all levels.

Through the government commendation, social recognition, institutional care, material incentives and living security, etc., the Germans have achieved learning, honor, love, and strive for good social trends.


Open the door, Anhui "self-trading": scrapped out the new road

Wuhu Square Integrated Service Center staff is operating self-service equipment.

Yang Lei, deputy director of the Wuhu Square Administration Committee of the Anhui Free Training Test District, said that in recent years, Wuhu has continued to deepen the "venting service" reform, and use the self-cultivation of the self-cultivation of the labor test area, in accordance with "domestic first-class, provincial "The goal, the construction of the integrated service center, providing convenient and efficient government services, implementing the" regional, regional office ", focusing on" four most "business environments with marketization, rule of law, and internationalization.

On January 11 this year, the comprehensive service center of Wuhu Film District, Anhui Free Training Test District.

The center is empowered all municipal approval authority, undertake some provincial approval authority, set 18 comprehensive accepted windows, implement "block chain + comprehensive window" "Listance acceptance + credit supervision" and other working modes, implementation " The window is running once, and the company can do closely, the department is not changed, "providing a 24-hour administrative approval service for the company. "Since the unveiling, the Hefei Flaw Area has a deep plowing reform ‘test field’ to release more system dividends.

The 144 reform pilot tasks of the construction implementation plan of Hefei Square Area has been fully planned. "Deputy Mayor Hefei Municipal Government, the director of the Hefei Fragment Region Administration Committee of the Anhui Free Training Test Area.

The Hefei block area has been reported to report 20 innovations, including the innovation of the bonded supervision model of the cooperative group, the construction of the UNITW and Hefei College, the public (Anhui) and Hefei College cooperates to explore the innovation point of the double-element higher education reform, which has already appeared Good economic benefits and social benefits, basically have a possible-to-extensive condition.

Hefei District High-tech Zone Focus Talent Service System, Innovation and Construction of "One Netcom" International Talent Service System. Through the integration of various types of talents such as the city, taxation, technology and other talents, "data is island", build "first-stop" "one-stop" service platform for all kinds of high-level talents. After opening the wind and voyage, after the establishment of the "new picture" Anhui Free Trade Test Area, Hefei, Wuhu, and 蚌埠 three districts continued to promote the construction of large-scale customs clearance of the opening of the large-channel platforms, and further expand the intensive experience of opening up the external opening. Hefei film area adheres to the first test, through the new model of the customs "outstanding processing" supervision, promoting the sales revenue of Lianbao Technology in 2020, exceeding 100 billion yuan, and became the first "100 million enterprises" in Hefei. The Group’s Bonded "regulatory model innovation helps the Group’s order response time from 3 days to short, and pay the company effectively saves time and cost.

TATIC attention: PLA Department of Panufacture

On October 12, according to Taiwan United News Network reported on October 10, a synthetic tour of the PLA’s 73rd Group Army recently conducted a practical drill in a sea area in Minnan, exploring the operational model of light boat far distance.

The drill uses unmanned equipment and laser battles, all-round hammering forces to take the landing capabilities.Reported to CCTV report said that the drill, the speed of charge is faster and can be equipped with more people.The drill also fuses the multi-type unmanned equipment, using a unmanned boat, drone investment explosives, and effectively breaks a variety of obstacles.In addition, the trip will be booted by different professionals such as boat, assault, and blasting hands, and rush to a multi-wave, perform different stage combat missions.

Qingdao Jiazhou: Country Night School helps farm business to get rich

  Xinhua News Agency, Qingdao (Shandong), September 1, 2021 Qingdao Jiaozhou: Country Night School helps farm business to get rich on August 31, Jiaozhou City, Shuangjing Village, Shuangjing Village, Jiaozhou City, Town, Gaoshui (right one) Come to the night school to learn ChineseThe face is made, she said: "I haven’t worried at home before, I’m going to watch TV at home. Now I have a good life, I hope to come over to do the skills skills.

Some teachers teach, everyone is doing together, and it feels full in hot heart.

"Beginning in 2021, Qingdao Jiaozhou City rely on existing village-level event places, and has supported 35 villages at 24 villages (communities). The night school curriculum is selected by the villagers, including the baby, the sideTeachers, electric soldiers, forklifts, traditional Yangge, legal knowledge lecture and other training shifts.

"What is the lack of learning, what to teach?" These "grounding" courses enrich the spiritual cultural life of the villagers, improve the skill level of entrepreneurship, effectively help the revitalization of rural resolution, and are welcomed by the local people.

  Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Ziheng photo.

Promote smart city construction Qing Xu taxi installed "monitor"

"In the future, I didn’t just the taxi driver, I also became a part-time air quality supervisor." On July 30th, the Qingxu County Taxi Driver Wang Master Wang looked at the newly installed mobile monitoring equipment, half-jokes and half seriously said . Like the master of the same king, all taxi in Qingxu County have recently been equipped with mobile monitoring equipment, which can monitor the air quality of various urban roads in real time.

If there is pollution, the video AI module in the car can be automatically delivered, and the real-time return data to the smart Qing Xu platform, the platform will depend on the vehicle position, and the air quality data formation trajectory of the vehicle transmission, the platform staff forms the corresponding analysis according to the vehicle feedback trajectory .

The car environmental protection application is only an application scenario in the construction of the city of Xu Zhihui.

Qingxu County uses new generation information technology such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc. Including wisdom housing construction, smart city management, wisdom, smart environmental protection, etc. In terms of smart urban management, the urban area implements grid management, collecting grids every day and promptly affects the incidents of illegal outdoor advertisements, chaos materials, etc.

Through the AI ??sharing analysis platform, intelligent analysis of the incident such as fire, smoke, and inverted garbage, timely and effectively, and improve the happiness of residents. It is understood that from December 2019, it is now, the wisdom Qingxu operatory platform reaches% to various events.

The platform also integrates video resources in the county, and has been accessed in various public video materials.

Next, Qing Xu will gradually go online, smart parking, wisdom, WIL, smart community, smart park, etc., form a public information service support platform that is highly fused with information resources. (Wu Xiaomin) (Editor: Li Meng Wen, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Strengthening responsibility awareness, active discovery, continuous improvement of risk prevention and control work

  From November 15th to 16th, the Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, and the governor Feng Fei participated in the seventh plenary session of the provincial party committee to review discussions. He pointed out that in-depth study and implementation of the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on preventing significant risks, in accordance with the provincial party committee deployment requirements, strengthening responsibility awareness, active discovery, and continuously improve risk prevention and control work level.

  All participants conducted in-depth discussions around the topics of the plenary, fully affirmed the achievements of Hainan’s economic and social development in the past year, and suggested comments around the risk prevention, tax reform, investment promotion. Feng Fei listened carefully and discussed with you.

He pointed out that the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee reported objective and pragmatic, enhanced confidence, and urged people. In the past year, under the joint efforts of the province, Hainan’s trade-out has frequent highlights and economic and social development expressway. To keep a clear understanding of the current situation, enhance your sense of mission, urgency, and maintain a good situation in the economic development.

Be courageous, dare to innovate, and to promote the development of the region in this area in the high quality construction of the trade port. It is necessary to adhere to the "king" and continue to increase the investment of investment promotion and build industrial clusters.

It is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the government, focus on the annual work goals, and actively plan to work next year. Feng Fei demanded that risk prevention and control work is a systematic project, and it is necessary to take the whole process of trade-off, and do the initiative to discover problems.

To supervise the service, combined with the construction of the grassroots social governance system, improve precision prevention and control.

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Thailand held the International Forum on International Chinese Education

People’s Network Bangkok August 16th (Reporter Sun Guangyong) The "International Chinese Education Standard Expert Forum" jointly organized by Thailand, Juraong University, Kongzi University Successfully ended on August 15.

This forum invited a well-known expert professor and discipline in China’s international Chinese education community, and organized a wonderful academic lecture for Thailand’s local Chinese teachers and Chinese learners.

The Forum is held in the way online meeting. Director, Confucius Institute (Classroom) Dean and Primary and Secondary School Chinese Teacher and Confucius Institute (Classroom) Zhongtai Chinese Teacher. Zhu Da Confucius Institute, senior adviser and the Chinese agent, Fu Zeng, first introduced the guests and experts participating in this forum; the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Feng Junying gave speeches, and expounded "International Chinese" Education Chinese Level Level "(Recent" "Level Standard" ") The importance of Thailand Chinese Education; President of Juolaong University, Vice President, President Barika, delivered speeches and announces the opening of the forum. In the lectures, many experts have published a wonderful speech and patiently answered questions from participants. Wu Yongyi, director of the Academic Committee of East China Normal University, revealed the characteristics of the four local words standards by comparing the four types of word standards between China, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe, revealing the characteristics of the four-way word standard, also give The Chinese teacher has brought reflection and revelation; Jiang Liping, deputy dean of the Chinese International Education Research Institute, interpreted and analyzed the program of international Chinese teachers, on this basis, refers to the US, EU and other teacher standards, literacy frames, Further clarifies the expertise, capacity composition and overall quality of international Chinese teachers.

Other experts also speech around the theme of the forum.

After three hours of expert speech and question, "International Chinese Education Standard Expert Forum" ended successfully.

Through this forum, teachers and students have an in-depth understanding of "new standards", which also laid a better basis for the development of Chinese education in Thailand and indicates the forward goals.

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Shandong: In 2020, the province’s ocean production is 131.87 billion yuan, accounting for 16.48% of the total national ocean product.

People’s Network Jinan November 2nd (Zhu Tong Zhen) On November 2nd, the Shandong Provincial People’s Government held a press conference to interpret the "2020 Shandong Ocean Economic Statistics Publication".

According to Zhang Jiandong, Director Shandong Provincial Bureau, 2020, the province’s ocean production is 1318.7 billion yuan, and it returns to the% of the previous year, accounting for% GDP, accounting for% of the national ocean product.

The growth specific gravity of the 2020 years is%,%,%, first industries, and the second industry has increased over the previous year, and the proportion of the tertiary industry has declined.

The main maritime industries in the province increased by 507.3 billion yuan, recovered to the% of the previous year.

In addition to the coastal tourism, marine oil and gas, marine saline, and other marine industries achieve gentle growth. In the face of the serious impact of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the provincial party committee, the provincial government adheres to the people’s first, life first, and insists on steady and advances the overall tone, adheres to the overseement of epidemic prevention and economic and social development, the province’s marine economy has steadily recovered, structure Continuous optimization. The relevant departments and the coastal city have introduced a series of policy measures that postpone the use of gold, improve water supply subsidies, and electricity discount, and increase fiscal rewards to help the marine industries rebounded.

Strengthen planning and leading role, formulating the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sea Water Dilution and Comprehensive Utilization Industries" "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Ocean Biomedical Industry" . The industries such as marine engineering construction industry, marine electricity, and seawater utilization industry have achieved steady development, with a year-on-year increase of%,%, and%.

The marine biomedical industry achieved an added value of 12.7 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. Shandong ports accelerate the world-class marine port as the total goal, speed up from the loading and unloading port to the hub, trade port, financial port. In 2020, 35 new container routes were added, including 18 foreign trade routes, number of routes and densities in the first place in North China.

Independent innovation breaks industry technology barriers, 10 techniques worldwide first, 7 times breaks world records, master core key technologies. In Qingdao Port, take the lead in achieving automation of unloading machines, the world’s first container intelligent air rail set of transport system is completed; in Rizhao Port, the world’s first shore open fully automated container terminal; in Dongying Port, the world’s first automation door Enabled.

In 2020, the marine transportation industry achieved an added value of 114 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate, and the industrial scale ranks first in the country.

The province’s coastal port throughput completes billion tons, a year-on-year growth rate; in which container throughput has completed 31.91 million tanks, a year-on-year growth rate; foreign trade throughput accumulated billion tons, year-on-year growth%.

The key technologies of the marine industry have continued to achieve new breakthroughs, and science and technology can promote the transformation and upgrading of marine economy.

Shandong New Old Dynamic Energy Conversion Ocean Biomedical Industry Investment Fund Phase I $ 100 million, providing strong support for marine drug research, in-depth implementation of China’s "Blue Pharmacco" development plan, national immune anti-tumor marine new drug BG136 is about to enter clinical trials stage.

Start the pilot demonstration project of sea wind power integration development. Formation of Shandong Sea Water Dilution and Comprehensive Utilization Industry Research Institute, to create a seawater desalination R & D chain and industrial chain, reverse osmosis seawater and high pressure pump technology research won the first prize of Shandong Ocean Science and Technology Innovation Award.

The world’s first 100,000-ton smart fisheries large breeding boat "Guoxin No. 1" started construction.

Yantai Wanhua Million Tons Ethylene, Dongying Wenlian Chemical 2 million tons of PX Project Phase I High quality development in the chemical industry. The 2020 marine science education management service industry increased year-on-year.

The ocean clean energy industry has developed rapidly and helped to achieve "double carbon" goals. In 2020, the province’s ocean wind power generated by 100 million kilowatts, a year-on-year increase.

39 seawater desalination projects, Nissan can reach 10,000 tons.

Qingdao has been approved in the country’s only country deep sea green farming test area, and builds a industrial chain that integrates deep-sea farming, breeding, processing, equipment manufacturing, and Weihai vigorously promotes the construction of marine pasture ecological complex. Ecological breeding area layout. Accelerate the resilience of marine ecology, and 29 implementation of the Bohai to attack the ocean ecological restoration project, which has been rectified by 4,675 hectares of coastal wetlands, shoreline kilometers,%,%, respectively,%,%, respectively.

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These allergies give to children these allergy knowledge can’t be

[] After the 1 year old baby licks the rice size of the milk, immediately the whole body is itchy, and the red sputum, and the swollen and swollen will continue to provoke.

Such milk is seriously allergic to such milk, so that the child is thrilling.

Medical experts reminded that milk is seriously allergic to endanger the child’s life, and it cannot be underestimated.

  "Milk allergies are the most common allergic diseases of children, especially infants, may occur in infants in various feeding methods, including pure breastfeeding, formula feeding and mixed feeding.

Li Hong, deputy chief physician, deputy director of Beijing Union Hospital, said that most of the milk allergies have gradually improved age growth, about 50% of milk allergies are tolerated at 5 to 6 years old, but milk allergies Severe people are not prone to tolerance, and a few people’s milk is seriously allergic and even continued to the adult stage.

  Li Hong introduced that children’s milk allergic symptoms are diverse, such as sudden or delayed skin itching, skin mucosa redness, oozing, plaque, severe people may be irritated after contacting or eating milk products, Dramatic vomiting, pale, tired, diarrhea water or blood, mucus, cough, sore throat, wheezing, meat ear, breathing, no province, unpaid personnel, blood pressure drop, shock Wait. Li Hong said that milk allergy has repeatability.

In most cases, the symptoms can be completely relieved after 2 to 4 weeks of milk foods, and then eating milk will then have allergic reactions.

Since the occurrence of severe allergic reactions in milk cannot be presented, the milk allergic patient should go to the specialist clinic as soon as possible, intervene in time; severe allergies should prepare the first aid drug, and the allergic reaction is timely medical treatment. "The medical history of the patient’s detailed observation record tend to contain valuable diagnosis and treatment clues.

"Li Hong said that milk allergies have been diagnosed, and patients should follow the doctor’s advice. According to the seriousness of the disease, they should guarantee nutrients that meet the normal growth and development needs of children, regularly review, and judgre as soon as possible Tolerated occurrence, restore normal diet in time.

  Experts remind that the main ingredients of milk allergies are proteins in milk, including casein, beta-lactobulin, alpha-whey protein, bovine serum protein and lactoferrin, milk allergic patients should strictly avoid edible milk proteins. In addition, there is a wide range of milk foods, such as some hot pot substrates, chewing gum, and even some skin care products, cosmetics, and drugs also contain milk. Therefore, children’s caregivers, educators should learn more about milk allergies as much as possible to better care for healthy growth of milk allergies.

The flower fair makes the city love more flowers.

At the flower fair, they all got an art, humanistic, ecological, and scientific flowers feast.

● Local Flower Flower Expo is a flower industry take-off opportunity to enter the Shanghai indoor exhibition area in the B area of ??Fuxing Hall. One fresh in freshness has emerged in the air. This is the unique streak of Chongming Fixed Delivery. In the source of aroma, it is a Chongming narcissus opened in anti-season.

Among them, a colorful narcissus is the most eye-catching, and its name is "Colorful Xiangyun Chinese Dream". Through the information of the flower, the reporter found their growers, the head of Chongming Xuehua Base, Schkeon, Shi Hao’s father. They said, "The name of this basin is the Chinese dream of Chongming Xuexian, which is accompanied by the colorful clouds.

"Shi Hao said. Shi family is a living by planting narcissus. Since the first generation of the first generation in 1920, she has sold the first narcissus, so far, it has been inherited for a hundred years, and the Chongming Xuexian Industry has experienced a voluntarily. In the view of Shi Hao, the flower blog is a dream moment of Chongming Xuexiao returning to the peak. The road to the development of Chongming Xuexian Industry is not a smooth sailing. In the 1950s, Chongming Xuexian once brilliant, the planting area exceeded 700 mu. However The childhood of Shihao is influenced by various reasons, Chongming Narcissus completely disappeared traces, and Zhangzhou Xuexiao exclusively broke the entire narcissus market.

In 2002, Shi Fisiar hugged to Chong Ming Xiu Xian’s "Termination", re-investment in Chongming Narcissus cultivation. From the beginning of the 3 acres of land, to today’s 500 acres of water Xianhua field, Shijia father and son all the way, and stepped into the country’s largest decline in daffodils. "This process relies on my strength to reach the power of my father. We have developed so fast, and it is inseparable from Chongming Ecological Island to the main environment.

"Shi Hao said. In the gardening village living in Schker Son, in addition to Chongming Narcissus, the villagers’ Huangyang, Cut flowers are also extremely doing.

Only Hui, 2020, brought millions of yuan in the garden village. In these flourished floral companies, the flower fair is an important opportunity for the flower industry.

● Island residents work in floral incense, what is the development of the flower fair in the green? Old plums working in the aroma of Chongming Navy, asked this question, the answer is much simpler than Schkes: work opportunities. The location of the old plum is the most concentrated place for the entire flower blog. Chongming Navy Garden, in the 760-square-meter garden, filled with streaks of daffodils.

After the opening of the flower fair, the old plum was arranged here and was responsible for guiding tourists civilization. For the old plum of love, there is nothing more than a good income than in such a beautiful environment, and people are more happy.

In the old plum, there are still many people who have got job opportunities like him. In order to welcome the passenger flow of the flower fair, Chongming Innovation launched a special tourist facility such as Huabo people, RFO.

In more than 2 years, the new 712 all kinds of accommodation units, a large number of local people like old plum, and the new Chong Ming people have received employment opportunities.

In the process of welcoming the flower fair, Chongming Island’s environment has also changed, and the rural pigment has been greatly improved.

These moisturites are silent, and one drop is a little bit of Chongming people’s lives. Work in floral incense, developing in green, the flower fair is a common man like an old man like an old plum. ● Love the flowers of the flowers in the gods in the gods at home, Hua Huahai, this day, the old man brought a SLR camera, from Yangpu District to the flower fair park.

Old 邬 is a person who loves flowers, and after retirement, it has species more than 20 pots in their own Nanya. For the convening of this flower fair, Laozhen is looking forward to for a long time. Before the multicolored narcissus of the Shanghai Indoor Exhibition Area, the old man was in a long time, and the SLR camera took another one. "The daffodils are not very strange, but this season is rare. This color has never seen it.

"Old 邬 said, he knew that the rare flowers at the flower fair, but did not expect that the most common daffodil can also species so many patterns. Similar to the" black technology "such as the anti-season colorful narcissus, Hua Fa There are still a lot. The same is the flowers of Hua Yulan, which is also a flowering period, which will be set up in March in early spring, left the flower bloom. In the indoor exhibition area, only There are 63 new varieties from the Shanghai area, from the national flower new varieties. From the application digital technology to create a virtual flower world of the virtual flower world, go to the light gorgeous light show in the night sky; From the "Shanghai’s longest viewing longchair" made from 10,000 milk boxes, the Fuxing Hall combined with the new technology of solar roofing ecological energy saving and Chinese classical slopes and columns, the flower exhibition is visible to science and technology, ecology The combination of humanities. Big full of eyes, all come to visit the same feelings together. Has been, Shanghai is a city of love, Shanghai citizens are a group of people who love flowers.

The flower fair in this door, gave the love flower of Shanghai residents, deeply sea, and experienced high quality life.

Because the flower fair, the Shanghai people who love flowers, knowing how to understand.

The child who is originally understood, and the seeds are also seeded. This is the fragrance in the entire park, will eventually become part of the city in the subtleties. (Editor: Chen Chen, Han Qing).