The Supervision Committee of the White City Commission for Discipline Inspection is notified of 6 violations of the central eighth provisions.

  A few days ago, the Bai City Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee informed 6 violations of the central eight provisions.

  Gao Jianhua, former Director, White City Detention Center, violated benefits and subsidies.

Decided by Gao Jianhua, in April 2017 to April 2019, the white city detention center issued a total of 10,000 yuan for the "Night meal fee" for participation on duty; in February 2017, festival benefits for the police and the auxiliary police Subsidy, the total value is 10,000 yuan. In December 2019, Gao Jianhua was seriously warned by the party, and the Affairs Division was draded.

  Secretary of the Original Party Group of the Agricultural Machinery Management Terminal in the North District, and the stationmaster Cheng Yonghang violated the regulations.

From 2017 to 2019, Cheng Yongpo will receive 4 violations of the Chairman of Changli Rice Machinery Planting Professional Cooperative, North North District, 1,000 yuan, 1 box of Wuliangye, 1 box of Wuli River, 1 box, 1 box of Fitness bicycle The total value is 10,000 yuan. Due to other serious violations of laws and discipline, November 2019, Cheng Yonghang was transferred to the party, and the public office was expected to transfer the judicial organ treatment. Wang Zhengxiang, Chairman of Zhenyu County Writers Association, Vice President Qin Hui Public Fund Tourism Problem. On November 11, 2017, Wang Zhengxiang and Qin Hui were invited to Beijing to participate in the 14th Tianzhu Cup Chinese Poetry Competition Award Ceremony. After the meeting, the two changed the trip. On the 3rd, in Beijing, the accommodation fee of the individual should be verified in the unit account fee, and the gains for the regulations, a total of 2464 yuan.

Due to other violations, in November 2019, Wang Zhengxiang, Qin Hui received a serious warning in the party.

  The captain of the captain of the captain of the Water Conservancy Survey Center in the South City Water Conservancy Survey and issued overtime subsidies.

In 2014, after the study of the leadership team meeting of the Water Conservancy Survey Center of the Water Conservancy Survey, Yang Shuchun, deputy director of the Water Conservancy Bureau, asked the Water Conservancy Bureau, and issued a total of 12 working staff for the Water Conservancy Survey, a total of 10,000 yuan. In December 2019, Yang Shuchun, high-tech sea received the party’s warning.

  Jin Shaowu, Vice President, Vice President of Tongyu County Vocational and Technical School, is charged with gifts.

On September 14, 2019, Jin Shaowu held a wedding banquet for her daughter, and the 43 teachers of Tongyu County Vocational and Technical School were charged with a total of 8100 yuan. In September 2019, Jin Shaowu was seriously warned in the party.

  The head of the Red Cross of Da’an City is issued in Yueqiu. From December 2014 to December 2017, it was determined by Yan Qiu, and he had two times with the holidays of the year, and the violation was issued for employees to pay for the employee.

In March 2019, Yu Yanqiu was warned by the party within the party. Editor: Xu Wenhui’s personnel: Zhao Shile Editor: Huang Wei Prefers: Wang Jianmin.

The first digital finance summit forum held Tianjin Dongjiang to create a "one center" "one base"

People’s Network Tianjin May 21st, as the 5th World Intelligent Conference Parallel Forum, May 20, the first China (Tianjin) Digital Financial Summit was held in Jin.

More than 300 leaders, experts scholars and industry in the country around the "Practice Pu Wei Supported Entity – Double Cycling Pattern" Theme of Financial Science and Technology Regulations Development Road " Exploring the direction of digital financial development. In recent years, financial technology companies have continued to gather in Dongjiang.

On the one hand, Dongjiang’s innovative environment and specialty industries provide strong foundation and vast business scenes for financial technology companies.

On the other hand, Dongjiang is the leading area of ??reform and innovation, and the unique "Dongjiang Model" provides a good environment for financial technology enterprise business model development.

In this forum, the Director of the Party Committee of Dongjiang, Shen Lizu, Director of the Management Committee, revealed that Dongjiang is building the "Supply Chain Financial Service Center" and "Financial Science and Technology Incubation Base". It is understood that the "Supply Chain Financial Service Center" is aimed at the application scenarios of Dongjiang enterprises, from three aspects of customers, financing, wind control, will fully improve the company’s business docking efficiency, asset flow capacity, risk control level; "Financial Technology The initial corporate incubation base will provide a series of policy support such as financial technology to provide industrial setup, government affairs services, scene applications, and help enterprises grow.

At the same time, Dongjiang will build the supervision method of "The Establishment + Flexible Supervision", realizing the precision balance of supervision and innovation development, escorting financial innovation.

The promotion ceremony of Dongjiang Financial Innovation Supervision, "2020 Digital Finance" is held in the forum.

Dongjiang financial innovation supervision pilot, to create a domestic leading financial science and technology innovation base, will accelerate the process of promoting digital financial development, accelerating the high quality of driving regional economy.

Dongjiang will take this forum as an opportunity to give full play to financial science and technology to deepen digital financial reform and innovation, service entity economics explore and reproduce, promote the development model and path of the financial industry to promote high quality development of the financial industry. (Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao).

Through the tunnel is the Hokkaido, the left hand ticket right hand ticket, who do you choose?

Hokkaido New Dryer Data Line Trend: The main body of the high-speed railway line management main body of Qian City, Northeast Northeast China, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Hokkaido: Hokkaido Traveler Railway (JR Hokkaido) Time: May 22, 2005, start construction The road section between the station station with the North Seaway, the opening time: approximately 2031 Spring Intervals Time: Qian Sen County "Xin Yousen Station" and Hokkaido "New Hall Beidou Station" March 26, 2016: 260km / h Time-speed 140km / h with both cable shared intervals) Time (the fastest train): Tokyo to Xinhuo Hotel Beidou Station takes 4 hours 2 points, Sendai to New House Beidou Station takes 2 hours and 30 points, Xintansen to new Hakodate Beidou Station takes 1 hour 1 point of North Haijing new trunk line New technology Hokkaido new trunk shuttles in the winter, the northern seafater, must be used to manage the line with a special method. First, in order to prevent the routine of the line from being frozen, the North Seaway trunk line first uses the "Airjet" device that uses compressed air to blow away the ice snow.

Again, in order to improve the snow in addition to snow, it is also specially developed to develop a special truck specialties in Hokkaido.

Third, on the elevated bridge of 3% of the line, in order to prevent snow, the internet is used between the track and the track, and the snow is directly dropped below. Fourth, like other new trunk lines, it also imports "Early Seismic Detection System".

Fifth, "anti-line Guide" is set up using the full car group of the vehicle H5, and "track tip prevention devices" is set, and the vehicle movement can be reduced when the train is disengaged, and the minimum damage is minimized.

Struggle 100-year road to set sail new journey · National "two excellent one first" style | Zheng Yuliang: "I would rather be dirty, in exchange for thousands of families"

  Xinhua News Agency, August 3, August 3: Zheng Yuliang: "I would like to be dirty, in exchange for Wanjia Jie" Xinhua News Agency reporter Yu Xiao, Guo Weihong Temple, local unique domestic garbage bathroom, delivery, dirty and stinking. But there is a group of people, but all the year agers silently adheres to this, they believe that there is no dirty, how can I come to Wanjia? National Excellent Communist Party, Fuzhou Hongmiaring Waste Comprehensive Treatment Center, deputy science, heavy machinery operation, Zheng Yiliang, is the representative of this group.

  When you do one, you have to do a sample to come to the summer, and the heat wave is coming.

In a short while, Zheng Yiliang wets all the body. As the deputy science ministers of the production department, the heavy machinery operator, Zheng Yuliang has begun from the 1995 garbage-sanitary landfill, and he is responsible for the bulldozer, forklift in the landfill, landfill the life of Fuzhou City Rubbish. "Before doing mechanical operation, I am the farmers in Hongmiaoling Village.

At that time, I bid farewell to the face of the face of the face. I thought that the sanitation workers did not only have a salary, but also technical work, and they were quite beautiful.

"Zheng Liang said, but only for a few days, the work environment of the garbage dump gave him" lower Ma Wei ".

  "Two days of bulldozer have been opened, and the generous crawler is full of garbage, and it is necessary to get off the car to clean up.

"Zheng Yuliang said, even if wearing a thick mask, the smell of the garbage dump is still in the nose, and there is no happiness, it is smoked nausea and vomiting.

At that time, he often spit again, and his breath, can’t eat, no half a month, people will lose weight.

  The picture shows Zheng Yuliang in the demo operation excavator Xinhua News Agency, the reporter Guo Wei’s different eyes are embarrassed.

"The first thing I returned home is to get into the bathroom to take a shower. The clothes that changed it will be washed on the balcony. I won’t dare to wash the clothes with my family. Even if so, the home is still often Smell the smell of garbage.

"Zheng Yuliang said, once his mobile phone arrears, you will go to the business hall to pay for it.

Just entered in line, the customer and the salesperson have once used his hands and looked at the sources of odor.

Zheng Yiliang knows that he has influenced everyone, and he seized the feeding and fled.

  "At that time, I was very embarrassed, I thought of working in such an environment for a lifetime, I also played the drum.

Zheng Yiliang said.

  Zheng Yiliang’s father persuaded that his son did not waste halfway.

"Father told me that work must be serious, this is a little stinky, but always have someone to do it.

"Zheng Yuliang said that there is also a hard thing that is not convinced, so we will be determined: Since you do this, you have to do something! No one is dirty, how to come to Wan Jia Jie? Hongmiaole landfill is located at sea level On more than 400 meters of mountains, the summer is hot, the car is like steamer; the winter is cold, sitting in the carriage is stiff. The most uncomfortable, it is always filled in the air. "Temperature in the forklift It is often 40 ° C or more, but we don’t dare to turn off the window air conditioner.

"Zheng Yuliang said, because the air conditioner is opened for a long time, the vehicle will affect the power, and can only open the window. Before the implementation of garbage classification in Fuzhou, the Nissan waste can be nearly 4,000 tons.

Hongmiaring Waste Treatment Plant only landfilled a handling method, while the mechanical class of landfill garbage is only 10 people, 8 cars.

In order to complete the task, they must be in three classes every day, and they are greedy early.

  "Three in the morning will start from home. From the first garbage truck from four o’clock, I started working, I have been busy getting busy to eight or nine o’clock, waiting for the last garbage truck to go to get off work.

The working environment is quite hard and the workload is quite heavy. "Zheng Yiliang said with a smile.

  Many people don’t know, in a city, the biggest amount of waste in the year is often on New Year’s Eve. To this end, in 26 years, Zheng Yiang did not have a complete New Year’s Eve at home.

  "I remember that one year is 30, my daughter is sick, she is crying, I want to stay with her.

But I have no way to agree to my daughter, I have to spend her. I have to go to work at three o’clock in the afternoon. I hurriedly ate something, quietly got out of the home, I have been going to work until the first day of the first month of the first month.

Zheng Yiliang said.

  Due to the long-term super-load work, as well as the strong workplace, Zheng Yiliang suffers from allergic rhinitis, stomach disease and insomnia, and severe lumbar muscle strain.

But for Zheng Yuliang, working for so many years, the most embarrassing is too small to give a family. The burden of the family has left the mother and wife; after marriage, he still works with the workers; the daughter is born, he also works on the site.

  "I no longer shaken to this job.

"Zheng Yuliang said, there is no one person dirty, how can I come to Wanjiajie? With a lifetime to protect the beautiful ecology in 2017, Fuzhou City will upgrade Hongmiarings to circular economic ecological industrial park, kitchen wastewater, kitchen garbage factory and other waste classification The handling project was put into production. Standing in the second phase of Hongmiaringling, the workers were carrying soil, and they had seen the garbage dumps that had been "spectacular" in front of him. Zheng Yuliang said, after the Circular Economic Industry Park, Fuzhou Five The garbage classification of the city is delivered to various plants to carry out environmentally friendly and harmless treatment, realizing the "zero landfill" of domestic garbage. He and his forklift, the old man suddenly "closed business". Leaders deliberately re-arranged the office Work, but he is completely unable to sit. "The second line of Hongmiaringling is now in progress, and the land of the garbage farm I work is full of green.

"Zheng Yuliang said that last year completed the ecological restoration project, which has already repaired the garbage landing of the old stinky to a beautiful garden. Now he will personally participate in the second phase of landfill. Repair into a new back garden in Fuzhou. Zheng Yiliang said that this is a "big thing". He must check the progress carefully at the scene every morning and inspect the safety measures.

  Zheng Yuliang and the construction personnel checked the construction map Xinhua News Agency, Guo Wei, pointed to the green mountains of Hongmiaole, Zheng Yiliang said that from the smell of smoky, there is a shining business card in Fuzhou City, many local governments , Scientific research institutions, colleges and universities come here to learn research. He also often used an ecological environmental volunteer to use his personal experience, and publicize the party’s ecological civilization concept.

  Dressed in a green sunscreen, a pair of clean canvas shoes on the feet, although he has been half a hundred years old, Zheng Yiliang is still a beautiful person. "There is no condition before, now there are conditions, I have to do it well." Zheng Yuliang said, although the work environment changed, he "would rather a person dirty, exchanged a million fare" mission unchanged, he is willing to use a life Guard the beauty of the city.

Starting from the ridge of the three inch,

Original title: From the Sanxiang Kan, the General Secretary Xi Jinping, the general secretary of Xi Jinping, is always attached great importance to the general secretary of Xi Jinping. In recent years, he has repeatedly visited the research in colleges and universities, and many times have repeatedly discussed with young students, and many times will have an important speech of socialist builders and successors.

General Secretary and Youth Students Exchange, I’m telling the story, and I’ve been in the heart of the old field. "Take a well, from the three-inch ridge, in terms of the deepness" is one of the allusions he quoted, it is used to encourage young students from now on, start from ourselves, and buckle the first button of life. Make a solid pace of life.

  "Chisard, from the ridge of the three inch, with the deep" deep ", from the" Liu Zi · Chongxue "of the North and South Dynasties. It means that people who are chiseling wells from the very shallow earth pits, and finally dig the deep well. The metaphor is to do a thing, and make a life, it is necessary to start from the foundation. At the starting point, it is solidly advanced; only a bit of accumulation and perseverance can reach the goal wishes, realize life ideals. Contact this paragraph, "said the hometown of the countryside, can not be a step to it;

In the mountain, based on the soil, this kind of context is more clear. From the ridge of the three inch, the eyes and toughness of the longitude .

Among them, there are triple associations to reveal his struggle, perseverance and unremitting spirit. One is "starting" to "it", connects the beginning and reach, reflects as the target direction; the second is from "three inch" to "10,000 仞", the communication is easy and hard, reflecting the process of the process; three is " "To" deep ", connect the shallow layer and the bottom, reflecting the result vector.

Leads by clear goals, through the persistent effort process, the results of the expected results.

This is the case, this is the so, do anything else; learn this, work, this is also the same. In fact, open the general secretary of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, and can be seen in the high-hofed and vivid reference. Such as "the world is difficult" in the world, it will be easy; the world is very big, it will make a fine "" Wood, born in the end of the mid; the nine floors, the tired ", clarifying things must be from the foundation Start, from the easy place, place; In the "East Zhou Lie Guo Zhi", "the big sea is wide, non-first-class belongs"

It seems that it is very common, it is easy but hard. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The road of life is very long, on the way, there is a mountain, there is a slowage, there is still a dangerous beach, there is also a storm, there is also a sad.

There is sunshine in the heart, there is strength under the foot, for the ideal, can insist, can make the life of the times.

"From the ridge of the three-inch, it is the deep experience of the long, is the experience of the dried man. It is the follow-up of the business." Although the road is not good; Not not.

"Whether you know how to learn or work, you must think of your own progress, make some achievements, you must continue to improve, become the material of the pillars, be sure to prepare, make a good foundation, be sure to fight, don’t endure Pull, have an unfair, be sure to bite the goal, it is unswerving. Treat learning, young students should learn from hunger, tirelessly learn, like a sponge, and have a thick knowledge of roots.

According to General Secretary Xi Jinping, it has read more books, and reads a book, and reads the book. It is insisted on the knowledge of the best.

Treat life, youth students should go for practical, in-depth practice, stringer and pragmatic, hard work, encounter setbacks, the crucial moment, I have lived, and I have a hard battle.

In this way, the party can be unnecessary, and strive to become an ideal, learning, talented tricks, and strive to become a new era of national rejuvenation. Professor Shandong Normal University, Shandong Province Xi Jinping New Era Chinese Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center Researcher) (Editor: Wan Peng, Lephen).

Primary and secondary school students carry out a mental health assessment every year

Original title: Primary and secondary school students carry out a mental health assessment this newspaper (Reporter Leja) The Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Mental Health Management Work of Students" yesterday, and clarifying colleges and universities to open their mental health and public must repair lessons for this specialist. Two credits (32-36 hours) are set up, and primary and secondary schools should incorporate mental health education into school-based courses. The county-level education department took the lead, and a psychological health assessment was carried out in the high-grade, junior high school, and high schools each year. "Notice" requires the psychological health of each age group to strengthen source management, process management, results management and security management. To strengthen the construction of mental health courses, universities should open their mental health public requirements for this specialist. In principle, 2 credits (32-36 hours), primary and secondary schools should incorporate mental health education into school-based courses, pay attention to the form of arrangements Life education, setback education. Give full play to sports, beauty training, labor education, and the important role of campus culture, and promote students’ mental health development.

Early classification and giving various pressures, for students who may encounter psychological imbalances in learning, life, interpersonal relationships, and self-consciousness, take the initiative to avoid psychological crisis due to stress can’t mitigate.

  It is necessary to accelerate the development of the psychological measurement menu of Chinese students. Universities will carry out full coverage every year after new students enter the school, pay attention to the scientific analysis and rational application of the results of the evaluation, the county-level education sector takes the lead responsible for the organization area Primary school launched a mental health assessment work, and a mental health assessment was carried out in the high school, junior high school, and high schools.

Strengthening daily warning prevention and control, universities must improve the "school-institute-class-dormit / personal" four-level warning network, focus on whether students have suffered significant changes, significant setbacks and obvious abnormalities, counselors, class teacher monthly To visit all student bedrooms, primary and secondary school teachers should work closely with parents to strengthen their psychological counseling. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.

Tonggu County Taxation Bureau: Projectization Promotion in Village Country Revitalization

"Bathing the party’s good policy, we get rid of poor caps.

‘Green Silver Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan’, I have recently, in the new era civilization practice station in Qinkoke Village, a "consolidating the poverty" and the rural resolution effective connection "public opinion is lively, and the villagers participating in the event are active to the county. The Ministry of Cadres and the "Two Committees" Cadres in Village Cadres and Villages.

The villagers of Chokerage Village have always worried about the party committee of the county tax bureau in the village. After a multi-wheel research, repeatedly collect opinions, combined with the village of the gallbots, the "tax rural entity" by the county tax bureau, "Tax Running Rural Encutor, the revitalization opened the courage" two mountains "practice innovation demonstration secret key" The project was broken, and the project was included in the list of key supervision projects of the County Taxation Bureau "to the masses".

"In the new starting point, the tax party member cadres should not be reduced, continue to contribute wisdom and strength for the village of the gallbots, and the three-year rolling advancement, under the strong party construction, and do a good job of effective connection ‘solid results’, stable production Guaranta, the bottom line ‘, the rich people, the industry, "Rural construction’ US environment", rural development ‘Timing’, rural governance ‘promoting harmony " .

"Party Secretary, Director Liang Weidong said. Entering the office building of the village of Chokerage, a rural resonance" construction drawing "is extravagant. This is the" streamlined "boost production made by the county Taxation Bureau. The rolling scheme for the revitalization of the village of the gallbots.

"The tax authorities planned early, and established a contact dialogue mechanism with townships in the outside industry, the mobile Huimin service hall has established a mobile Huimin Service Hall in the village, providing accessible services, opening up the production, supply, sales link, plugging, string The sewing service ‘chain’, for more market entities to participate in the high quality development of cholester village to build a very attractive entrepreneurial stage, which can be expired in the future.

"Chen Min Chen Min, the first secretary of the village. In order to ensure the" practical thing to do ", the County Taxation Bureau Party Construction Work Share organized the mass satisfaction survey of tax residents, normalized dynamic performance evaluation, annual happiness index Mutual evaluation, collecting the real experience of villagers, entrepreneurs, and improve tax service work, the masses’ happiness, feelings, satisfaction further improve. (Wang Xiaoyan) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see .