Wang Youcai glanced at her,Still a bit unbearable,He glanced at everyone,Smiled slightly:“Can sit together tonight,All card friends,Play this card to this point,It’s also good cards,Play again,Just a bit big,How about you three kings leaving one family?“

“fart!How does this go?“Fatty is unhappy at first。
Zhang Meihua smiled and said:“Cards are dead,People are alive,Whoever feels that his hand is not dominant,Can throw five thousand yuan on the table,Then find a family to compare,Whoever has the lesser card will leave“
Wang Youcai hurriedly glanced at Chen Xiaoju,He is helping her,If this woman can’t even see this,Waiting to lose money!
Chen Xiaoju hesitated,Throw the remaining money on the table,Shout at the fat man:“We compare“
“Who compares with you?I am not better than“The fat man said,Turned his face aside。
Xia Jian never expected this situation,This fat man is such a person,Is his card really big??
“Let’s compare!“The strange man said,I pushed my card to Chen Xiaoju。
Chen Xiaoju gave him a grateful look,Gently flipped over the card the man pushed in front of her,She couldn’t help but breathe out:“I’m young“
This woman finished,The whole person is soft on the chair,Xia Jian still feels painful,I slept with him after all,Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect,Although Wang Youcai is a very jerk,But his heart is still long after all。
The fat man smiled and said:“Five thousand,I will follow“
The strange man also said:“I’ll go another five thousand“
Fat man touched his pocket,This is dumbfounded,He’s going to the people who came with him,Whispered a few words,A few people gave him 10,000 yuan。

“Mayor Xia!I will tell you the situation,We withdrew。It’s this time,Comrades didn’t even eat dinner“Wu Qiang smiled and said to Xia Jian who had just entered the office。

Xia Jian smiled awkwardly and said:“I forgot my belly in a hurry,I didn’t even know about eating。How about this!We go all the way,Go to Pingyang Town to eat Lao Yang’s fried noodles,I promise to make you happy“
“OK!I have long heard that Mayor Xia is an invisible rich man,Then you have this meal tonight?“Wu Qiang and Xia Jian are joking,The atmosphere in the house suddenly eased。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“The rich dare not say,But this meal is still affordable。your people,Plus Director Lei,Me please“
Which policemen in the yard heard that Xia Jian asked them to eat fried noodles,Started booing,It means Xia Jian is too stingy。
Xia Jian winked at Tong Jie and said:“Go out and close the door,By the way, call Lao Yang,Let him carry and reconcile what we people say,He will be in a hurry“
Tong Jie understood Xia Jian’s meaning,Just about to close,Zhao Delin squeezed。He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!Anyway, I am also the deputy mayor of Hejiaping Village,You must let me know the results of this survey!“
“Zhao Delin,You may be mistaken。You are the deputy mayor,But you are just an empty title in Pingyang Town, don’t you know?Moreover,The cadre in Hejiaping Village is Xiong Sanqiang,You are just assisting his work“Xia Jianyi is angry,So he called Zhao Delin’s name,This person makes him so angry。
Being scolded by Xia Jian in front of so many people,Who changed,Everyone has a temper。I saw Zhao Delin stood up fiercely,He patted the table and said:“Xia Jian,You are too much。Pingyang Town is not yours,You still want to cover the sky with one hand?This is endless,You wait“
Zhao Delin was furious,I slammed the door very loudly before leaving。
“What are you doing with such a bad temper?,My door didn’t mess with him,If you break it, you have to pay“He Yonggui is joking,Go over and close the door tightly。
Wu Qiang lowered his voice and said:“It really has nothing to do with this kid,Obviously someone framed him,And this bag of potatoes was put in his pigpen after we entered the village this afternoon。Director Lei was also there when I asked He Daniu just now,He and I agree on this matter“
“In this case,He Daniu should be put back?”Xia Jian quietly consulted Wu Qiang and Lei Yu。
Wu Qiang smiled and said:“This kind of case was originally in charge of Director Lei,We just came here to help,Director Lei should arrange this!”
“Release people first,Then we go back to eat and study”Thunderstorm said,Glanced outside。
First1605chapter Reasoning case
Xia Jian counts,I really invited the police officer who handled the case to a meal of fried noodles,Of course, adding a few dishes is indispensable。In principle,This is a violation of the rules and regulations。
But the police are also human,It’s people who have to eat,And the case is up to this point,Eating a meal is normal。Of course Xia Jian left early after paying the money,He is good for everyone,Avoid others gossiping。
Once he returned to the office in Pingyang Town,,Secretary Wang rushed in,He asked angrily:“What exactly is going on?Zhao Delin drove to town on a motorcycle before you,Say you cover the sky with one hand,Insult him in public,He also said he was going to the city to sue you”

Xia Jian never thought,Curator Niu will be so bold。Which male journalist was embarrassed,I didn’t say a word again。

Xia Jian’s hands are going to ring,Xia Jianyi,The call was from Zhang Yong。He said very anxiously on the phone:“President Xia!Ali hasn’t shown up until now,Will something happen?”
“Calm,She is smart,There shouldn’t be any problems。Can’t you call her,Ask where she is now?”Xia Jian lowered his voice,To Zhang Yong。
Zhang Yongyi listen,Stammered:“I just called her,But the phone is turned off”
What Zhang Yong said,Xia Jian’s face couldn’t help but change。Curator Niu can’t sit still,He asked very anxiously:“Mr. Xia!Couldn’t something happen to this baby halfway?!If it doesn’t work, call the police,Maybe if you do this, there is still room for return”
Curator Niu’s voice is not loud,But which reporters at the door heard all,They swarmed up。Start each camera,Then a female reporter asked:“Mr. Xia!May I ask the baby you donated,Was it taken away by someone?”
“stop!Stop taking pictures。If you do this again,When I have a press conference later,I will let Mr. Xia reject your questions”Curator Niu rushed over,In front of Xia Jian。
Even so,But someone asked:“Mr. Xia!You such a valuable baby,Why give it to others,Instead of bringing it yourself?”
“Guilt。Because someone is very interested in this baby,We do,I also want the baby to return to the museum safely。In addition,I believe in my own vision”Xia Jian avoids the most important,Making a simple answer。But his heart is extremely anxious at this time。
Infer from time,Even if Ali is running back and forth,This time should be enough。and also,Why she shut down?Is it really like everyone suspects,Ali will run away with this baby?
If this is the case,He Xia Jianke made an unforgivable mistake。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was answering questions from reporters who slightly criticized him,The door of the reception room was violently pushed open from outside。
I saw Zhang Yong and Ali ran in together。The reporters in the entire reception room were suddenly silent,Because what everyone has felt。
Xia Jian’s little heart is about to jump out right now。He stood up nervously,Look straight at Ali running towards him。
“Sorry Mr. Xia!Something went wrong on the road,The phone is dead,Sorry for the waitting”Ali said,Which red cloth baby did I take out of my pocket。
Xia Jian can’t be polite,He quickly took it from Ali’s hand,Did not see,Directly to the curator Niu。Curator Niu is also a little excited,He took it with trembling hands,Then opened layer by layer。A small copper lion was shown in front of everyone。
At this moment,The spotlight flashes non-stop。Curator Niu beckoned while watching,Immediately a few staff with tools came over。Xia Jian tasting,Whispered。
Xia Jian can see from the faces of these staff,He gave this little copper lion to the right place。


Chapter Nineteen Into the universe
The fifth day after the Lord of Longxing told Li Ming about the universe and sea。
Li Ming has arranged his own affairs properly。
World Tree clone sits in the Kingdom of God。
Human clone sits in the infinite palace。
Transformation of He Ling clone and Mosha clan clone,The genetic level of He Ling clone in Li Ming’s specialization,It has reached a level of about two thousand times after using many treasures.,Then rely on the clone of the Demon Killer to disguise the breath,On the surface, it looks like the master of the universe with 800 to 1,000 times the genetic level.。
A piece of top-level domain treasure、A top-tier flying palace treasure,A set of peak armor treasure,A pinnacle magic gun,All the belongings that Li Ming entered into the universe。
of course,Li Ming naturally has the pinnacle treasures of the domain class and flying palace class—However, the clone that entered the universe is weaker now–And these two avatars are soulless,Can’t blur the divine power。Unable to perform【Dreamland】,The overall strength is weak,It won’t be too distressed if you lose these treasures—probably。
quickly,Li Ming crossed a trillion light-year distance in one teleport,Came to the best place in the primitive universe to enter the universe—Toya black hole。
“This is the Toya black hole,The entrance to the universe?”Li Ming stared at the huge black hole in front of him,With his strength,Naturally can see the core of the black hole,That one is about three meters tall,Black sphere,The surface of the sphere has dark golden secret patterns,Countless secret patterns form a very strange pattern……This sphere with a dark gold pattern,Black hole body,Produces that endless terrible twisted swallowing force。。
Toya black hole,The largest black hole in the primitive universe,Of course it is also the most powerful。
Theoretically,Must have the strength of the threshold of the master of the universe,To forcibly resist the pressure of this black hole。
of course,The top universe overlord relies on the treasure,Barely able to exert this level of power。
Bator Black Hole,Is the best entrance to the universe。
Said it’s the best,Because after entering the cosmic sea through the Bator black hole,Will see enough9Natural wormhole,Natural wormhole,For the universe, it is the most convenient transportation road。
There are too many dangerous environments in the universe。Not to mention Qingfeng world、Space boat、Three Jedi including Liuzhong Mountain,It’s just that some inferior Jedi can persecute the Chaos City Lord.。

“Also in this kind of thing!?”

Liao Jie’s eyes,I looked disdainful in the cage.,Immediate cold:“Lu captain,Let everyone ask,Which neighbor is rigorous today?,Please come to the security room。”
“I rely on,So much!”
I can’t lie in Lyon.,Continuous tape climbing a dog cage,Point at Liao Jie Road:“Ager,I will wait for you to stay.,Today, I am very enemies.。Say,Is it 妒 I have to be more than you??”
“no kidding,Has been 11 o’clock,Mr. Li said to come,What countermeasures do you have?,Hurry and tell everyone。”
“What kind of countermeasure is to grasp the ghost?,Random strain is not good,What do you turn around??”
Lyon dialect,See Liao Jie throws the ghost props in the suitcase.,Suddenly dissatisfied。
“These threats to people,Far greater than the threat to the ghost”
Liao Jie said,Looking up at Lyon,Unhappy:“Hand your pistol in your arms,Then can’t kill the ghost,Killing is a sign。”
“Who said to kill a ghost?,You find a ghost and try it.,I guarantee that a shot of the dead head。”
“Do not be silly,In case someone is attached,Do you really plan to shoot??”
Liao Jie shook his head,Ask the rule:“Security room with safe,if nothing else,Which merchants in the community have,Hurry and move。”
“have,There is a security room in the security room.。”
Lu captain pushed the wallside cabinet,Spaceted wall center,A safe placed。
The type of password and the key are turned on simultaneously。
Liao Jie is lazy to ask why the security room will have such a safe,Waiting for the captain to open,Chaste、Chopper、Dangerous items such as pistols are full of brains。
Think about it,He also stuffed the sharp items in the security room.。
Lyon’s suitcase instantly clears half,Left fresh film、chocolate、slingshot,And some inbreak of people who can hurt people can’t hurt people。
For example, a wooden ax,Brush layer black lacquey attempts to fake true,Take no killing power in your hand,But it is possible to take the ghost to break the blood.。
Absolute overcast。
When the ruler closed the safe,Liao Jie pushed him open,It’s a foot.,Directly disconnect the safe key,Lock core blocks,Elief the possibility of opening it again。
“Ager,What are you doing??”
“just in case,Even if you have a ghost,Don’t want to open safe。”
“Safe safe,I have to pay”
“All right,Everyone comes,I still have a few words to say.。”
Replace,Security room people handybreakfast props,Liao Jie,Holding a chocolate beans in the mouth,Ignore Lu captain chatter,Straightforward:“Half hour away from 12 o’clock,I said a long time.,Speaking of me to see the experience of ghosts for many years。If you encounter the following,I don’t know if I don’t know.,White lost a small life。”
“No bar,Look at the experience of ghost pieces,Be unreliable?”
“There is always good。”
Liao Jie said:“First stop of the ghost film:Don’t waves more people,No matter what happens, you have to get together.,Never two groups,Or one person else。”
“Step 2:If you have a cold weapon or a weapon near you,Especially the chainsaw、ax、Dining knife,Must be destroyed in time,I can’t destroy and throw it into the safe,Because they will only hurt their own people,Can’t hurt ghosts。”
“Third article:Be chased by ghosts,Unless there is no way,Otherwise it is absolutely not to flee from the heights.,Don’t lock yourself in the room、car,Or other narrow space。”
“Snuff,It sounds a bit。”

If you think that the world you live is not worth it.,Please ask yourself in the heart,Do you really put down this world or very beautiful?,Take a look at this blue sky white cloud,Shanhe earth。

At a look at the house in front of this eye, there is a little bitter, and it will only smile.:“Isn’t really nothing?”
At this moment,Zhou Yewei station in the emergency door,Also thoughts。
Laozi saved the death and helping the injury is really a big good people.,I hope that I will make me a good next life.。
This doctor is really tired.。
Have good
Humanitarian in Zhou Ye,He made his decision。He gently opened a small seam through that opaque.
This makes the patient and the family see a slightly hopeful dawn.,Standing at home, even if you still hope,They are willing to pay for the hospital in front of them.。
The choice of family members and medical staff is unanimous to save patients,And Xie Tao only needs a simple choice.——Want to live well,If you want to live, there is hope.,Everything has a chance。
So fast work begins,Zhou Ye led the medical staff to start the blood of Xie Tao.,Take a few hours of consumption,The blood is finally over.,Xie Tao transferred into the intensive care room,At this time, Xie Tao has a little better.,People have gradually awake a little。Old mother and wife looking at him next to him,Xie Tao’s heart is doubled。
“At present, the blood loss has been done.,Whether it can restore normal to see your personalization,Hazardous72Hour,If there is no other disease,You can discharge。”Zhou Ye went to the ward to said to Xie Tao mother。
“Rest assured,Don’t worry about me,Originally, it is already a person who has entered the ghost door.,There is also hope is a good thing.。”Xie Tao comfortably,This is the only comfort of his mother.。
So many relatives in my family come to see Xie Tao,Are giving him a refueling,Take a lot of money later, you can make money.,Let him carefully,Earlier can restore normal life
At this time, Xie Tao really truly.,He is actually not lonely,In trouble,There will be someone to extend a helping hand.,What can I give up??At this moment, the desire to survive in the moment,He wants to live,Really want to live。Even if you don’t think about this family,If you can spend this crisis safely,He must live a good life-It turned out that this is a loved one.。
What is the new and old debt?,As long as people are still,Rely on hardworking hands,The general will finish,He seems to see the future of light,Xie Tao was slightly launched.,It’s hard to laugh in the happiness of his heart in this situation.。
This evening,Unambiguous,Death is quietly close to Xie Tao.,After all, I still don’t want to let this prey in front of you.。
Along with a sudden twitch,Xie Tao started toast。
“Come from,Oh no!!Come and save my son!!!”The fierce convulsions have caught the attention of Xie Tao mother.。
The situation is instantaneous, no wonderful duty nurses quickly notify all relevant medical staff,Try first aid right away。
Everyone’s mood suddenly screwed again。
Xie Tao’s mother and wife did not shout, let him stick,No matter,It is comforted to comfort them.,The door of the rescue room,Two people hanging a worrying heart to be in anxiously waiting。
“The test results came out.,Transdermissory is effective only that small toxins have affected brain nerves.,The current symptom is because。”
The situation is very urgent,At present, the dead sickle is on the neck of Xie Tao.,As long as time,It may be possible。
“Special rescue,Maintain a stable blood pressure and breathing of patients。”
“Opportunity is not particularly large,Everyone prayed a miracle.。”
“Death is not afraid,Xie Tao must support it.!!!We have not given up yet,You can’t give up。”
Medical staff is doing the final effort,If you can save it, you have to watch the miracle will happen.,They firmly believe that there will be a miracle that night seems to be very long than the past.
No one pays attention time,I only know that it is still at night.,What time is over?,They are not very clear,I know that the patient is stable or the patient is completely free.,At this time, all people are integrated into,Patients who only meet this in front of you-Xie Tao refueling

“Uh-huh!Mother,You’re back,I have to buy a gift for my mother a few days.,What is the mother wants??”

Blue and sorrow, listen to my mother to mention this,I am more excited at my heart.,This is the most proud of his best。
Blue Xin shakes the head:“Ran Ran,Mom is not missing,Don’t you like the piano??
Now moving,Your room should be large,Let your Dad take you in the next day.,correct,Don’t you still have a TV series in your holiday??
If it is too tired,Learn again later。”
Blue sneak smiled nodded,This moment,There is no previous sadness and grief on the face.,Smile is happy than any time,“Mother,The shooting of the TV series has been completed.,Later my role is very small,Can you take it for a long time?。
But this role is very bitter,Also let me learn a lot,It is a special trouble for the model in Dad’s company.,Now I am looking for a little girl and I shoot advertising.,Every time you go, it is one day.,Be tired。”
NS982chapter:How is you old and I can’t go?
Blue Jiqi can’t help but complain:“Help home shoot,I am not tired to help others.,Are you still a family??”
Blue sorrow glanced at her,Always not give him the steps,Do you want to be like,He is doubt not your own sister.。
“Ran Ran,Thanks a lot,Your brothers and sisters are very good,They are the pride of my mother。”
Blue Xin smiled and pulled Xiaojun in his arms,Looking at him soft laughing laugh,“Xiao Jun,Mother knows that you are very sad in your heart.,But my mother is really good now.,It can also stand up soon.,Mom has not been accompanied by your brothers for a long time.,This time,Mom will make yourself,Take more accompany you。”
Xiao Jun blinked,Winking the water in the light,“Mother,You must get better early.,Say,Mom has been very busy,There is no time to accompany us.。”
He will hear,Do a good job,Never let my mother worry。
“Will do,Mom’s little baby,I have worked hard this time.。”
Blue Xin smiled and watched their brothers and sisters.。
Close the last moment of your eyes,I feel that the most sorry is that they have three people.。
If you make their brothers and sisters, there is no mother.,She will not be eye-catching。
Xiao Jun smiled and shook his head:“Mother,As long as you wake up,It is our best comfort。
Mother,A few stars with me in the evening.,Here you can see the bright night sky,Star flashes,Really glare。”
I hope that one day,He will become the most dazzling light in your mother’s heart.。
Can become a mother’s pride,Is he always hoped,It is also the goal he has been working hard.,Benefits,He is very hard。
“it is good!After eating dinner,We went to the third floor.,Or go to the garden,Summer weather is sunny,Night sky is also clear,At the time, our family went to see the stars together.。”
“Ah, ah.”Blueness is excited to call a few times,“Mother,Have you,The baby laughs out。”
“Yes,I want to cry, cry,I miss my laugh.,Have you this drama in our home,Old scars will flow tears。”
Blue Qiqi is on a side。
Blue sister looks angry,“Blue Qiqi,I am born with you.,Eight characters are not crimp,It must be criticized,Why are you always going to be with me??”
Lan Qiqi, looked at him,Great eyes flash, special bright:“You are so embarrassed,I am sorry to let others say it??”
Blue and blue:“?”
Blue sneaky, unhappy, Blue Xin’s arm,“Mother,This time you are not at home,Kiki, she is always bullied.,Big brother does not manage,He only took himself,No matter my brother.。”
Blue Xin has a bit helplessly watching their brothers and sisters.,I like this from the little brothers and sisters.,She sometimes has no way。
There is also a long life road in the future.,This brother, two people walk on the road.。
Blue Yu Jun:“Do you speak like this??
When did I don’t care??
I am noisy, I can’t manage it.,If you don’t work two,I naturally take。”

Gu Xihong looked at the daughter so,Heart is soft into water,This is his blue blue,Subcommitte,Special cute,“Blue,what do you want,Although take,my daughter,I want anything.。”Gu Xihong’s voice, let the blue heart pass through the bottom of the warmth,This is happiness。

Mu Qing smiled:“Dream,Si Hong,Then let’s go shopping together.,Blue-blue now can’t go home,It is quite difficult to go shopping with you.,Have a chance today,Let’s go shopping together。”
Lin Dami listened to this,It is even more written,Her own daughter can’t live with her.,Separate for so many years,She also wants to live with her daughter.。
Her blue blue,How is it more than a child?。
She looked at Blue Xin,A distressed,“Mousse,Who said is not??Blue and blue can’t go home,I have been holding this heart.?”
Gu Xihong also got some,That’s true。
He feels grievances。
Blue Xin understands their second old thoughts,“Mother,So fine,Mom can call me at any time.,If you want to go shopping,We can go together on weekends。”
“Good,Blue,Let’s go to the supermarket first.。”Lin Deman laughed,As long as the daughter is happy,How can you。
“it is good!”Blue Xin smiled and nodded,“correct,Mother,I have a baby.。”
Blue Xin Shen, this opportunity,Told parents。
“Oh!”Lin Demon looked at Blue Xin,Pleasant,“Blue,Is it so fast??”
Gu Xihong is also very happy,Three kids of the blue are very smart,He wants to see Xiao Jun, the three people.。
She and A become,I finally came together.,He has been very satisfied with A Cheng。
I have always been his most satisfying a lot.。
Blue Xin face,Laughing nodded,“Um!”
“Oy,Blue,This is a good thing in the big big.。”Lin Dami is a surprise,“Mousse,This is really great.。”
She is intimate with her tone。
“Yes,Dream,very nice,Xiao Jun, their brothers and sisters are very happy.。”Mu Qing smiled,She is now a sister and grandchildren,Every day, I am very happy.。
“Mousse,Blue is a good care of you.。”Lin Demon pulled the hand of Mu Qing,This time,She can also accompany her daughter.。
Mu Qing looked at Blue Xin smiled,“Dream,Blue is also my daughter,I will take care of her.,Do not worry。”
Lin Dami smiled,“Who knows, but,But Mu Qingjie, I am trustworthy.。”
“Let it go。”Mu Qingdao,I am very grateful that she can trust themselves.。
“Uh-huh!”Mu Qing to the other side,Hands of Blue Xin,Laugh。
Blue Xin looked two moms,Happy smile。
I suddenly thought of Tao Mengyi.,Even if she is not good to himself,Can you finally have a big。
If there is no design,She is still her most respected mother。
Several people have visited in the supermarket for a long time,Lan Xin and Mu Qing have chosen a lot of life supplies.。
Supermarket,Blue Xin looked at Gu Xihong and Lin Demon,“dad,Mother,If you are not busy,Go to my house.,I will give you dumplings.。”Lan Xin, I don’t know what happened.,I miss them to accompany her tonight.。
Lin Dami and Gu Xihong heard this,The two nodded immediately.。
Mu Qingdao:“Dream,Si Hong,Then let’s go.,Blue bag dumplings are delicious,I will take some back to Peng Yu.,I remember that she also likes to eat dumplings.。”
“it is good,Mousse。”Lin Dami smiled。
Several people got go home。
Lu Hao Cheng Yuan,Just see Gu Xihong and Lin Deni are also,He greeted him,Looking at the daughter sitting on the sofa,I saw my daughter looking at myself.。
Lu Haocheng’s smile is slightly stiff,He knows that,Can only accompany your face,“Kiki,Dad will pay attention to the next time,Will not forget the signature。”
“Humph!”Blue 梓 琪 轻 地 地,“dad,I have reminded you.,Mathematical synchronization should sign,You nodded at the time.,Why didn’t you put a word sign??”
Lu Haozheng slightly lips,Don’t dare to see my daughter,He didn’t know what he was thinking.,Why didn’t I fill my name??
Gu Xihong smiled:“Ah Cheng,Now the children go to school,All are the parents supervise,You see news,Now the children are very pressing,It is also very pressure to do parents.。”
Lu Hao nodded,“Cang Father……”
“Ah Cheng,Should you call Dad??”Mu Qing came out of the kitchen looking at the son,Remind her,He and the blue are already married.,Must called Dad。

slowly,When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。

obviously,What will these things represent,Actually this,It’s beyond doubt。
And the more so,Actually looking at all this。
Xing Tianlei didn’t think anything。
“Leave first,This thing is tricky。”
and,If you don’t leave,Xing Tianlei worried,I’m afraid it will change later。
but,Not long after Xing Tianlei’s remarks were finished。
But not far away,There was a voice suddenly。
“what happened,What are you talking about?”
Actually for these,Xing Tianlei itself,On the contrary, I didn’t feel any problems at all。
And Ye Xuan,Is walking towards the distance。
Go forward,Ye Xuan didn’t forget to say。
“It looks like,Should I feel honored??”
“You guys so many,Have to deal with me!”
this moment,Following Ye Xuan’s remarks,。
For the moment,Actually these people,I didn’t expect this at all。