Cut out with one blow,The speed of the sword,Like a breeze,The sword and the waterfall are connected as one,I can’t tell where is the sword,There is a waterfall,Only hit the waterfall and flow backwards。

“My Promise Slash incorporates the natural laws of wind,It’s not the original Promise Slash,A sword blows the breeze,I saw the breeze but no sword。Correct,From now on, I will give Qingfengzhan this trick!”
The more Chen Xiu thinks, the more joyful,Cut out more than ten swords in one breath,The speed of the sword,Like a breeze,It even reached the sword,The realm of sword like wind,Every sword hits the waterfall and flows backwards,Splashing water。
988 Mysterious Broken Head
Chen Xiu realized Qingfeng Slash,Practicing to the fullest,Suddenly I felt dark above my head,The wind is different,There was an unknown object falling from a waterfall tens of meters high,Hit him in the head。
Chen Xiu was shocked,A show of Zhenwu sword in hand,A note“Breeze”Cut straight to the unknown object。
At this time, Chen Xiu has gained the essence of wind attributes,When the show comes,A sword shot at this time,Although it was a hurried sword,But the power is not small,Only hear“when”Loud noise,The unidentified object that fell from the air was instantly smashed by Chen Xiu’s sword and flew tens of meters.,Fell heavily to the shore。
“I cut it out with a sword,Even the rock that is as hard as iron has to be divided into two,Now this thing is completely fine!”
Chen Xiu was surprised,Ran to the shore with a sword,Ran to that unknown object。
Take a look,Chen Xiu was taken aback,The so-called unknown object turned out to be a person!
“This guy’s body is so hard!I was bluntly hit by a sword, Qingfengzhan was not split in half!”
Chen Xiu approached cautiously,I saw the guy who was slashed by him,But a forty-something,Middle-aged man with bruises everywhere,But seeing his eyes closed tightly,The chest is even less ups and downs。

“All right,Actually now,Other things,For the time being, don’t worry about so much。”

“Anyway these things,This is already the case,As for how to solve it,In fact, everyone should already know!”
When Wei Yunquan saw this,obviously,What does this represent,It’s actually obvious。
And seeing these,Now,Wei Yunquan is very calm。
“well,Actually, at this rhythm,It looks like,These things,It’s not that bad at all!”
When Wei Yunquan said these words,The people around see here,Nodded again and again。
Anyway now,Things are such things。
Even now,Continue to struggle with these,Actually it’s completely useless。
As for the next,What should I do,Wei Yunquan thinks,Just follow what these people said.。
“Next thing,You all figure it out。”
“But I believe,You will have a good solution!”
When Wei Yunquan’s words are finished,Those around,Nodded again and again。
Anyway now,This is indeed the case。

so long?No wonder it feels like dead,Li Tianchou remembered the dream he had just now,Did he really exchange his body for himself?What’s the difference?Ha ha,Solving the mystery is so important?

“what happened to you?”Xiao Song saw Li Tianchou suddenly in a daze,Can’t help but worry。
“It’s nothing。Ok everyone?”
“all good,Broad bean and shemale are back。Uncle’s spirit is worse。”Xiao Song’s answer is as short as possible,No mention of Hai Bald。
Li Tianchou nodded,But Xiao Song Yue didn’t mention it,But the more feeling in his heart,I remembered the scene of Bald Hai staring at his eyes that night,His heart aches suddenly,Can’t help but cough loudly。So scared that Xiao Song was busy,I had to call Doctor Gu outside the door。
Old Gu is full of energy,Interspersed left and right,Up and down,Finally stopped Li Tianchou’s cough,Not at ease,I checked it carefully and left with sweating profusely。
“Sorry,I just remembered Uncle Hai,he……Where is buried?”Although Li Tianchou is sorry,But I still can’t help what I think。
“you……Don’t think of anything else now,It’s important to take care of the injury。Uncle Hai……Uncle Hai, we are thinking of sending him back to Cai’s home。”Xiao Song is not good at lying,Stuttering,I’m very worried。
Li Tianchou saw the clue,So I didn’t ask any more,Xiao Song must have her problems,Learn more slowly afterwards。Whether to solve the mystery or not,Zhang Zhiqiang’s fate is about to be fixed,Account can be calculated slowly,But it must not be written off。
“correct,How did the broad beans come back??”Li Tianchou changed the topic。
“Came back by myself,Just yesterday。If it wasn’t for you and Uncle injured,We moved early,He can’t even find a place by then。”
“yesterday?”Li Tianchou’s heart moved,“Did Zhu Lei discuss moving with you again??”
“No。I’ve been busy with you and my uncle these two days,Can’t take care of it。”Xiao Song shook his head,“correct,Doctor Gu also came back by himself,Thanks to his timely return,Otherwise your injury will be really troublesome。”

Secondary big buckle under trigger,Be born,Fully change your hand,The front of the trigger,Thunder attached,Spiral warhead shot。

Will you first,Drake to Liao Gate’s two meters,Sudden direction,Change to his chest and abdomen。
Gun ringing over,Breeze roll pass pool surface,Blowing into the water is cool,Heart is cool。
“horrible,Almost didn’t catch。”
Liao Jie Zhang started,The palm is two encounters serious impacts,Surgele leading to the deformation。He grinned,Thumb to buckle one,Playing the quasi。
Bullet,Blow up the front air,Blowing。
opposite,Submitting a big name,Touch your body up and down,All in,No hole,so
No way,Obviously。
A big tree outside twentieth meter,Bullet hole through traces,Silent complaint。
“good,Be playing very agile,This is all flashed by you.,Sure enough is a master。”Liao Jie is serious,Throw it in the hand into the water。
“Uh,I don’t flash”
“Without further ado,What is the gun method quickly made out?,Waiting for me to play,You have no chance.。”Liao Jie is stepping,The most hateful guy who grinds,Not a little meaning。
Subden Day is not talking,How is it understanding?,Silently give the revolver。
At this time,Shikawa five must do a step forward,Blocking in front of the Yuan Dagu:“Change me,He is much better than the bullet.,And with his body strength,Even if you can’t hurt him in shooting。”
Liao Jie is interested:“Oh,Listen to your meaning,The broken copper refining iron in your hand is faster than the bullet.?”
“Iron sword is not worthless,You can try it sharp。”
Shikawa Five Sanitary Door,Excited rays in your eyes cool,Restore the indifference of the aua。
“interesting,In fact, my fist is general.,It is also the sword,Because of lonely cold,I haven’t played some time.。”
Speaking of which,Liao Jie four,Pick up the knife on the ground,Put it in front of it:“Stainless steel knife,Dining table,Saw,Cut good meat,Half of the blade,Net weight bike。”
Chapter 418 No weakness
“Dining knife……”
Shichuan five right guards eyebrows micropled,But soon calm down,There is no expression in front of the iron sword.,Liao Wenjie first two meters。
No Lu Bang III, the shredded skin,He will only serve people,And deeply understand a truth,Dear face is not someone else,It is earned by yourself.。
Handle,Shichuan five right guards closed,calm at heart,Ways in a five senses such as sealing eye nose,Intensive super sense,Put all the attention from the real world to the inner world。
In the heart of Shikawa 5th,Heaven and earth,Linear‘Kird’Established on the pool,With each breath,Every fine action,The surrounding air is conducting the right law,Water surface also dissevoes the weak ripple of ordinary people can’t catch。
All this is seen by Shichuan Five Warmen.。

“what’s up?”

“I……I think……”
Huang Zhiming is also the fourth master of Qingfeng Village anyway,Asking people to do things naturally understands the principle of giving first and asking for later,Hurry up:“I want to invite you two to have a meal!”
“eat?Not interested in。”
Chen Xiu keeps going,Even pretending to say casually with the torture head on the side:“Brother Xing,This is my first time in Qingfeng Town,Is there a place for evening entertainment?”
1191 Flower wine
The torturer hasn’t spoken yet,Huang Zhiming catches up again,Said with a smile:“Expert,I know that there are some new girls in Meiyuan recently。give me a chance,Let me call you two。”
“It doesn’t matter whether it is new,Anyway, be the groom every night。Mainly this girl is not pretty,”
“Yes……Yes……Guarantee is……What fish……What geese……”
Huang Zhiming has limited education,After stuttering for a long time, I only came up with the adjectives of a fish and a goose,On the side of the torturer’s head, he couldn’t help but say:“Shen Yuluoyan!”
“Correct……Correct,Shen Yuluoyan!”
Chen Xiu rubs his hands together,Said in a hurry:“What are you waiting for,hurry up,Walk up the plum garden!”
“go,this way please!”
Huang Zhiming led Chen Xiu over,Thought in mind:“I’m not afraid that you are good for moneyicolor,Hello to you,Can learn your gambling skills,I’ll pay back how much I spend!”

At this time, the Chu Deirers are also staring.“Seamless”Look up,It’s really not seen when I’m really can’t.,But this white golden sedan,More like a raising rack,Plus four white gold yarn,Shadow can see the portrait inside,It seems to be light shake paper fan……

“Paper fan”that is“Son”,“Son”that is“Paper fan”,“Paper fan”Is the key!
In fact, the prior to Chu Deirers have some speculation.,Just let the waist is awkward、Japanese jars,What happens?,It is too cumbersome,Destruction,It is also easy to dip salty fish on the fan.……
Different seamless son,Chu Dee people also don’t learn,Also specially called four women wearing white,Come to carry the chair?
Chu Dee people look at the four women’s face carefully.,How is it, the more you think, you feel awkward?——One is not expressive,Even your eyes are not?
Third observation,Chu Dee’s face……
If you have nothing wrong,These four should not be living,But the agency!
Move when you move,Floral bouncing,Obviously relevant corners,Exposed fingers are not natural,Just on the face, this person’s skinned mask is well-made,Cell to the craft of A Zhu。
It’s a lot of night to get such a cavity? This is the meaning of this“Son”Woolen cloth?
What is the power of this styling??Taohua Island’s larger guys,Good, Chu deer, understand? Is the tidal energy as a power……
“Go back? This son came to visit Ouyang Feng again.。”Children are obviously reluctant to have a lot of money with these small people.。
This snake slave fled and fled.,No trace group and Chu Tai years? This is a fairy fight,They are not lucky.? I have no way to lose the snake array.? It’s not bad to keep it.!
“I don’t know if Chu is too old.? How is the Ben Chie and Chu Chu??”No trace, open again,This time I really rushed to the Chu Deirers.。
“This is not better than,Second, the second strength,The twelfth and the shortcoming of the twelfth!”Chu Deirers are very modest and rich。
Snake slave? Running faster。
“Hehehe? Chu is sure……readily!Then the son has to fight,Use me,Big quantity!”How many anger does not see,But it’s much more annoyed.。
Said that I saw it from the sedan? A white shadow drifts,Only this method is fast? It is still on the Chu Deirers.!
This no margin,Dressed mad cool fried,However, the face has been able to see lack of lack of protein slightly.,It seems that there is a forty-year-old,Just playing“Tender”,I will combine a white hair on the hairstyle.,As a long Liu Haier 耷 on the side。
“Chu Tai,Be careful about your bird!”No trace, this,Chu Deiren two shares。
But immediately,Chu Deeng reacted,Here“Recipe”Strength,It should not be aimed at the three-way dart.,That is to say……
His goal is a flamingo?
Seeing no trace masters from high and low,Waving golden light,As if the flower rain-like hidden,I have to go to the flamingo housing,Chu Dee people dark——good chance!
Why do Chu Dee dares to be in front of a son??
More than a dozen people in the sky,Holding for so many years,Even if it is close to the relationship between the rival mountain,It is also clear!
I really have to fight against it.,Chu Deiren Donaping is not an opponent,Even just get it《No trace》when,Chu Deirers are still“fear”This no trace——After all, the hidden master,The method is always difficult to deal with some。
But now more changes,Plus Chu Deirers《No trace》After more understanding,Gradually become very“fear”This no margin。
No shade、Be seen in the body,Want to use the body and entangle,That is to think about it.,It’s harder to be close to you.……
But there is still a hidden macro——Gather!
Although there is no trace, this level is equal,It is the iron stone and can be used through the hidden.,Before 20,Wear the bone of the snake slave with a silver needle、After that, it will take it.,Hang on the tree,It can be seen,but……If you encounter the imitation of your own strength,Againing is more than the hard work of the body,That is difficult to accept。
But can put the body skills,Refining to this level,Less and less,I will see God’s death.、The ancient three-way is prisoned,No trace, no one, who is in the body, seeing the long and wreaks。
The original Chu Deirers’ body husband is also alive.,After all, the overall strength is much more than no trace.,until……After the golden fairy!
Tag,Chu Deman action is slow,Practical practicality is very low,But absolutely hard,The body of the body is more improved than before.。
No trace, make this hand“Rainy money”,The target is still not a Chu Deirers,This means obviously……

After the valley,When I returned to the wild store,Flower iron is also seen“Stay behind”man of——Emeisi’s destruction、The Wudang’s rushing road is in。

“What is MMH?,It’s so extracted to drive the head and hurry.……”Flower iron,I am busy welcome it.。
Destruction,Immediately said:“Flower heroes Where is this??South 4 奇 chasing blood knife dog thief,It is for our martial arts.,We have not been able to help,Is awkward……Lu Daxia……”She saw the water behind Di Yun,But I didn’t see Lu Tianzi.。
“Hey……The big brother has died in the hands of the blood knife,Water four brothers……and……Home unfortunate!”Flower iron dry in front of extinction,Slight lower,A pair is difficult to teeth。
But in fact, when you see the extinction,His heart has already platen a new idea!
Hua iron is coincidental,I heard a piece of extinction、About Emei“Big gossip”——Ji Xiaofu is likely not to die in Yang.,But it is dead under the extinction.!
Natural flower iron does not have no reason for no reason.,And the original flower iron dry,“Chaotic gossip”Not in line with him,So didn’t mention it with others。
But now the flower iron is thinking of this.,I feel that I can use it.,Just, it is said that the immortal is too,Not very happy to be too old!
“Where is the Chu Deiren??Flowers have to confront him with him!”After watching the flower iron, he said。
Extinction and,It’s a doubt——One is doubtful,Chu Deirers should not come together in Snow Valley and they,Two is doubts,Why is this flower iron?,It’s called the Chu Deirers.?
Even if you don’t say a question,At least Chu Deirers,This flower is not going to do.?
At this time, Jing Xuan and Yu Lianzhou,Also,The little and they explain the previous things.……
“Iron head,I think this is wrong.,Chu Xiaoyou has not come here.。”The opening of the opening is half a sentence。
Hua Tie is not listening to this, I feel unhappy.,Extinction is more indignant to clear the eyes——“Flower heroes”Already become“Float”,The Chu Deiren is still“Chu Xiaoyou”,Wudang fauna is very obvious,Completely do not usually!
Extinction nature,I feel that the Chu Deirers are pleased.,More intuitive,Still use your own ancestors to please Zhang Zhen people——Zhou Yu Ruo,It’s just when quietly sneaking,Extracted,Just no sound、It is used to use other crimes.,However, know what happened in the heart!
“Humph!If so,He wants to be a deficiency,Don’t dare to see people.?”People who are angry in the heart is not part、Brainstone,But I don’t realize,I have no brain in this time.。
“This……It also makes sense,Since the water niece does not want to complain about this,That flower left thinks and right,I don’t think so, let’s give it.!”The flower iron trunk specially made an angry。
At the same time, the flower iron dry also observed the extinction.——If that thing is true,This old nun will certainly“Look at the scenery”,Think of Ji Xiaofu。
Speak between words,It also deliberately pointing to the rain behind,Interested to cover up……
“Cannot!Currently gains the famous sound of the heroes、Even the reputation of Guantan 4、Currently related martial arts,Can you give this way??”Extinction,Studying many people pay attention。
Originally Murong, nine, want to take water to rest——Although this chicken is like a bit,But the encounter of the water,Murongjiu also pity in his heart。
And at this time,Extinction, suddenly,Light power falls in front of Murongjiu and Water Bridge,Asked:“You are the daughter of Shuaxia?”
Murong, who is ignored,Wen said that the face is sinking:“Water girl needs a rest,Give way。”
“If you still have a shameful heart,I think about you the horror of you.,Speed will come in real,I still don’t lose my life.,Otherwise it is……”Extinction continues to ignore Murongjiu,Question。
Use the words of the words,The people who make the watch understand that the extinction is completely believed to believe in flower iron.、And Iron my heart is going to punish。
I haven’t reacted it for a while.,extinct“That”,Is a specific one。
“Diki teacher is too slow!”Yu Lianzhou see,Before going up。
And Murongjiu is a black face,I didn’t want to be enemies with these big school.,But extinctional ignore,There is also a horizontal attitude towards,But I angered her.……
“Extinction!I respect you is the lake,I can’t think of you, this is right and wrong.,roll!”Murong Jiu Directs,Directly。
Even if there is a heaven,Extinction is not the opponent of Murongjiu,Not to mention this short distance,Diet is unable to pull the sword。

Chu Deiren helpless shook his head——Heroes have been working for a long time,Chu Deirers are hard to understand this honestone。

Two people keep up,Find……This is really doing“Solid a wife”,But it is not enough.“Charm”,This place is very familiar——Qunfuyuan!
He is not the teacher’s dried brother,Can you come to rent a horse??
“Damn!he、He actually dare……”Di Yun’s heart is going out,At this time。
Wan Gui this is a pretending father to find himself,After that, come out.?
“He for the sister,I have done so many things.,Now actually……”Di Yun is still indignant。
“Man!Are joyful,And what is the good thing in Wan Guo??Nothing, I feel that your teacher is ready to be happy.。”Chu Deiren fell by him。
After all, the revenge is the things of people.,I can’t get Di Yunxin gray.,Chu Deirers don’t have to help others?
“Chu Da Ge,US……Say quietly!If he really did something sorry……”Di Yun said。
He doesn’t know how to do it.——Just because I’m killing people?Di Yun is very thinking,After all, this and Di Yun can have a deep hatred.,Can be because,He condemned himself again,Is it deliberately find a killing?……
“They all arrived in Qunfuyuan,Also use quietly?”Chu Deirers said,Directly with Di Yun went in。
After the secret of Di Yun does not feel the secret,Chu Deirers and Di Yun were introduced to open the wall organ,Come to the secret room——However, this secret room is not over.,Instead, it is very beautiful.,More expensive。
Several Women’s Women’s Women,I am ready to blow up.,Order the outside is quite disappointed and wonderful,How to get a sick holiday today??
Chu Deirers also found recently,Qun Yizhen rises straight to his own treatment,Let’s listen to the news.。
Di Yun is amazed at Chu Da Ge’s big hand——Probably this is the hero.!
But it is still not used to coming this place.,Zighted and Chu Da Ge said,He just wants to go to Wan Gui,Only listening to Chu Big Brother, the woman who took the servant in the side:“Wan Gui……Do not,Two people,Have a record,All appeared。”
“Yes!”This self-proclaimed woman’s eyebrows have seen the Chu Deirers.,However, it should be very good in the mouth.。
This young man is the supervisor of the Sun and Moon God in Jade Academy of Jiangling Group,As for other Hua Kui……It’s really just a flower,I only know that I will send it today.,Identity is very simple。
Not long,So many big books,I have moved it.。
Don’t say Di Yun,Even Chu Deirers were shocked——This father is……And there are many business services in Qunfuyuan.!
It’s good to be good.……
Cyan,Small smile:“Two people,Long time is not in the rivers and lakes,And the general homesick,Do not add preparation to us this place,I have a lot of time to see the things that you can’t,Are it here,That Wan Zhen Mountain went to a little wife,All the families I have taught,His a million house,I am afraid that we have recorded it more than him.。”
Unless you live,Otherwise, Jade Academy is just collecting messages.,Can’t deliberately spying?——Otherwise, you can’t come.!
But……Be non-long-eyed,Let’s talk about hidden,What is the welcome??It is useless to use it.,I have given him down.。
This is not using it.?
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 669 Truth
Wan Zhen Mountain’s little,You are tuned from small?you……Exposure age?
“Oh?Then the pink……You haven’t given it back.?Let her come out to see people.!”Chu Deirers are afraid of the world.。
pink,Wan Zhen Mountain’s little,It is also a person who is framed by Diyun.!
certainly,This is not much in relation to pink——Her brain has a package,Talented to use this thing to arise。

Say,Dong Xiajian took out the report from his public bag.。

But Li Hui has not reached out,He didn’t think about how to treat this disease for each other.。
“Dong Director,I got so soon.?
Not afraid of being pitted?
You still have to look at it.,After all, I have to test for several hours.,How can it be so fast??”
“Hey-hey,Do not hide,I just spent a lot of money.,I originally wanted to call you.,But afraid to bother you,It’s not to come over, come over.。”
He really wants to say when Li Hui is in the hotel.,He has already remembered which hotel in Li Hui Jinjin.。
“Dong Director,As far as I know now, the hospital should not be working at work.?
And your problem cannot be so fast.,You are sure not being cheated?”
“Hey-hey,no,Because I have an acquaintance inside,But he said that some troubles have been treated this disease.,So the little brother must help me.,As long as the little brother can help me,How much I am willing to。”
When I said this, Dong Xiajian also means a deep and long looking at Qin Su Ya.,As a result, Qin Su Ya is just a piece of cucumber when it is shy.。
There is no meaning to take care of him.,This makes Dong Xiajian feel that Qin Su Ya is different from the beautiful women who have seen.。
Qin Su Ya again, his eyes are simpler than white paper.。
“Do you have a billion??”
Li Hui is not to let Dong Xiajian mean together,Directly opened a high price。
Dong Xiajian was also shocked by Li Hui Feng.。
“brother,I just joked with you.,How do you see 100,000??
You help me cure,I will give you 100,000。”
“Not interested in,You still go to the hospital is relatively secure。”
Li Hui Feng feels like a person in the car.,It’s just a cowhide plaster,I can’t get it.。
“brother,The hospital said that it is not good.,If you help me?,I will give you an advertisement for free.,Give you a propaganda film,Help you contact TV??
I know the TV station header of this county.,And I also recognized the president of the provincial TV station.,However, the advertising fee is probably some expensive。”
I heard the conditions that each other said,Li Hui is really somewhat.。
“Row,You go to the hospital first.,Cure and find me again,The condition is what you said.。”
I listened to Li Hui Feng.,Dong Xiajian immediately came to power。
“brother,The hospital said it is very troublesome.,And I have to go to another city.,You see you can give me a formula.,Then I took?”
“no,I have to eat with my nephew.,Just now the conditions,You go to the hospital first.,You are now looking for me to treat me too.,I still have a lot of things to be busy for a while.,If you are free tomorrow,Can go to our village tomorrow to find me,I can help you see it.,Prerequisites are ready for cash,Ready to print into a contract with those conditions you just said.,correct,There is also your ID card.。”
Dong Xiajian listened to Li Hui, and then stunned.。
He just said that he said.,I didn’t expect that Li Hui’s actually was really true.。
There are more than 100,000 yuan in his eyes.,Can Li with the wind is still not satisfied。
I don’t say much about him immediately.,Just smiling nod to promise,But people choose to leave quickly。
In his eyes, 100,000 yuan to go to the hospital is more than enough。
Nothing is not controlled.。
Looking at Dong Xiaojian’s back,Li Hui’s wind did not say anything。
Qin Su Ya is open.。
“breeze,You have to be too high.,I will definitely scare people away.。”
“Hey-hey,Little elegant,You can see this.?”
Eight of the deep scorpion with Li Hui Feng,Qin Su Ya is shy low。
“Um,I just saw that his face was very difficult.。”
Finish,She saw a chicken leg in front of the plate.。

Yang Tie said that it is some uncertainty when this is said.,After all, I didn’t see Qin Su Yaqiang for two or three days. He was also very wonderful.。

I want to know when Qin Su Youdang is on.,But every day is staring。
So disappeared,Instead, everyone is some uncomfortable.。
Especially Yang Tie,He personally went to the garden of the orchard to find,I found that it is empty。
Then I went to Qin Su Ya’s residence.,Remain。
Look at the whole Qi Qi bed,He feels that the other party should not be kidnapped.,But I disappeared.。
But this disappearance is not half a point notice.,Let him feel a little strange。
Li Huihe heard Yang Tie,It is also a shock。
“Yang Da Ge,Are you going to the yard??”
“Found,The room in the yard is dry and clean,No,The same is true at home.。”
One heard this,Li Hui Feng feels a little numb。
Qin Su Ya is always the final woman in his heart.,No one can be better than。
It can even say that his first love is to think with Qin Ya.,However, at that time, he only dared to think about it.。
“Yang Da Ge,You first help me to steadily,I will go back soon.。”
Whenever Yang Tie consent,Li Hui Hui didn’t have a phone call.,Give Qin Su Ya。
As a result, it is his mother.。
“son,What’s the matter?”
Hear my mother’s voice,Li Hui is first,It is an anxious asked:“mom,Little Yajie is by your side?”
She said this is a gift for you.,Let me save it first,Waiting for you to come back and give you,The girl seems to be a bit lost,Leave the second day of my mobile phone,I ask her to go.,She is not not to say,I want her to stay.,She said that I am sorry for me.,I am so sorry,What she sin is sinful。”
“If you see her mental state is very good?,I doubt that her spirit has a problem.?”
Be said with the mother,Li Hui’s heart feels broken.。
Why didn’t he think of,Everything is coming so suddenly。
Have the phone with the mother,He also bought a ticket.,The train is not done,Going directly to the city,Then I found a taxi back to the village.。
The first time back home,He is a mobile phone that picks up Qin Sui.。
Look at the screen saver or the selfie of both,That is very beautiful,But the shameful woman,But let Li Hui’s very bad thoughts。
Li Hui has never feels that you can’t get away.。
Even if Qin Xue does not contact him,Even if it is Sun Yaru’s silent,His heart has not hurtful,But Qin Su Ya’s disappearance,But let him finally know what is painful。
Thinking of the hand of the other party,The other party will be ashamed to dodge。
Think of your own impulsive confession,Even,For your convenience, you have to give yourself a small