Xia Jian is serious,Said in a very loud voice。

Jin Yimei thought for a while and said:“How about I go with Mr. Wang。Because i inquired,Mr. Wang has a friend who works in an important department”
“Then ask Mr. Wang to go!”Xia Jian said with a smile。
First2663chapter complex
Spring Festival is approaching,The streets and alleys of Bucheon are full of a strong flavor of the year。
Jin Yimei and Wang Lin ran together,I didn’t expect good results。Hongjian Group under the auspices of Wang Lin,Held a year-end summary report meeting。This means that the year is truly over,The new year is coming soon。For Xia Jian,He is facing a new challenge。
The evening of the twenty-seventh year,Lei’s Group’s Zhang Fenglan and Yue Xiajian met in the VIP room of Donghuang Hotel。This is a secret meeting,Zhang Fenglan on the phone repeatedly stressed,Let Xia Jian pay attention to whereabouts,Don’t be followed by someone with ulterior motives。
Xia Jian thought about it,So Heiwa bought him a mask,And a hat。He also took out a scarf he hadn’t used for many years。As soon as I saw this scarf,Xia Jian couldn’t help but think of Zhao Hong again。Because this scarf was woven for him by Zhao Hong。
Six o’clock in the evening,It’s dark。Xia Jian stayed in the room and deliberately dressed up。Wear a big mask,Wrap the scarf around,Then lower the long brim hat and put it on,I really can’t recognize who I am。Xia Jian standing in front of the mirror couldn’t help but laugh。
At seven o’clock,He walked out of the door。The security guard at the gate obviously couldn’t recognize who he was,Because they know the two security guards on duty,I didn’t even say hello to him today。
Out of Yijuyuan,Xia Jian walked more than a thousand meters toward the east road,He saw it was almost time,He stopped a car on the side of the road and went straight to the Donghuang Hotel。
He past tense,Zhang Fenglan seems to have arrived early。In a big room,Except for a dining table,There is also a sofa and coffee table for rest。When Xia Jian gently knocked on the door to enter,Zhang Fenglan is sitting on the sofa and drinking tea leisurely,She is reading a magazine in her hand。
“Oh!Is President Xia here on time?!You really don’t recognize your outfit,If I hadn’t dated you,I dare not talk to you”
Zhang Fenglan laughed and stood up。Xia Jian quickly took off his hat,Untied scarf long mask。
Xia Jian reached out,And she shook gently with Zhang Fenglan:“Mr. Zhang is doing well recently,Has the back pain recurred??”
“Thank you so much。It seems that this disease of mine was eradicated by you,But I keep exercising every day,Not bad for a day”
Zhang Fenglan laughed,Took Xia Jian and sat on the sofa,And quickly poured him a cup of tea。
Xia Jian took the tea and took a sip and said:“Exercise is a must,But not overdose,Persistence。If it doesn’t recur after two years,That means it really eradicated”

Even hundreds of millions of losses,Pressing in her body,Tao Mengyi felt that a humiliation spread。

Rao is she touched and rolling in the mall.,But I don’t dare to make this teenager genius in front of him.,His hands holding a lifeblood in the entire Jiangshi clothing industry,Even the ginger also rely on the monoman of his Rut Group。
Ou Jingli elegant handsome,I can’t help but I can’t help it.。
Blue Xin slightly lower,Convergence,I really want to laugh at my heart.,But I don’t dare to laugh.。
What can be smashed,Lu Hao achievement in front of her is such a person。
His sentence,Let her really experience what is called words, can also kill people’s feelings。
In her impression,Tao Mengyi never had such a shame,She is always like high。
When she is watching her,It is always as high as the chin.,Just like examining prisoners。
Now,She is in the eyes of Tao Mengyi,Be a prisoner。
a family of three,Thorough Lu Hao Cheng’s words thundered。
Jiang Zhiyuan went back to God,He swallowed a spit,Charming looked at Lu Hao Cheng。
“Continental,sorry,I apologize to you for my mother.,I am like Lu Guan,My mother will never say such a word.,Continental,Forgive my mother this time.?”Compliment tone,And he is proud of him,Two people。
Lu Hao became a slight lower,The corner of the mouth is like a smile smile.,Cool like a cold ice。
He didn’t see ginger,Instead, move your eyes to a pale and embarrassing Jiang Duty face,The sound line is ignored:“The person you apologize is the blue director.,not me。”
NS98chapter:You are a blood gap

NS98chapter:You are a blood gap
some people,People who see the business field,A little bit,I know how to see it.。
Who is Lu Haozheng??
Looking at his blue,Although he is still not sure that Lan Xin is blue,But in his heart, it has already been ten eight nine.。
I have been looking for so many years.,Blue Xin is one of him feels the strongest.。
His caress one person,How can he be bullying under his Lu Hao’s eyelids?。
Jiang Duty is like Lu Hao Cheng,Instantly understand Lu Hao Cheng,He wants to let her apologize to Lan Xin。
That stinky head,Is she affordable??
A dog is not as good as。
If she is not her good, she is not her heart.,Today, where she gets her in front of him.。
But she can’t help but admit that she is Jiang Yin Xin.,She has no way。
After all, she is to Jiang Yinxin,In addition to this face,I don’t know anything.。
correct,She is allergic to mango and pineapple。
Have the opportunity,She must try it?
Today,Escape this robbery first。
Her dreams have worried for many years.,Be able to stretch,Apology,There is a few billion in the head.。

However, she understands Ye Yao.,The other party should not do this。

She guess is not wrong,This is Li Hui to find people.。
As for the other party, can you find,He won’t matter。
How to explain how to explain in Bai Bilian,A court’s sumbrum was sent to her hand.,Two students next to her also received it.。
Just two days later,Ye Yuan also appeared in school。
There are two black people who follow her behind her.。
These two blacks are detained。
Today she came to school,It is completely listening to Li Hui’s suggestion.。
Some things have to be alone in the face.,No one will help her for a lifetime。
Come to school,She went straight to the dormitory again,This time someone follows,Suvate aunt has no block。
Bai Bilian saw Ye Yifu with the two blacks.,It is also some panic。
Originally she didn’t dare to go out these days.,Because the whole school is talking about。
Although everyone is not sure that the woman is her,But today’s two black arrivals,100% will give her a sold。
After all, they just have to play.,I have no feelings in the root。
“close the door,close the door,Don’t let her come in。”
The first time I thought about it was to hide the opponent.。
“However, Ye Yen has a person,And we have a court summons,If we don’t go,Not face,Will definitely we lose,At that time we will enter prison。”
“Yup,We have been graduated.,At this time,I can’t get a diploma.。”
Seeing two roommates don’t want to help themselves,Bai Bai Lian is also angry.。
Just when she wants to close the door,Ye Yao is directly gone。
She has no noise,Even the other party is lazy to see。
And everything is the police。
Several questions,Originally, Bai Lian also wants to argue,But two black presents,Her arms is so weak。
The final dormitory three people are gone。
On the same day,The school also gives a notification。
“Three people in Bai Bilian are known to knowHIVin the case of,Deliberately maliciously spread,School decision,At the same time, it began to investigate the relevant legal responsibility.。”
With the notification of the school,Bai Bilian three people were completely enabled。
Ye Yeno,It is directly using my father’s relationship.,Looking for the best lawyer team,Jealous,Let the other five years。
As for other two friends,Ye Yao did not go down,But even so,Two people are also the sentence of eight months with one year。
Do not leave during the period。
With the dust of this thing,Li Hui’s decoration is also starting.。
Originally, he wants to use the village to come over to help,But thinking that the road is too far away,Sorry, let Ye Tiancheng help find the decoration team.。
After this thing,Ye Yen is not in the school.,Directly choose to rent a house near the school。
Just Li Hui’s newly opened, there is a 50 million hotel, is not far from her school.。
So, she is basically running with Li Hui’s side.。
Somehow,Li Hui Feng saved her night, she always waited.。

This now leaves Allure proposed conditions,It is obviously the best conditions。

“Row,I agreed,That gives us a number。”
In the first row of people obviously very happy,And then in front of a few people are promised down。
Allure also leaves quickly let the waiter to prepare for number plates,After all, this kind of thing leaves Allure also thought of,Even she is ready to shake,But before she feels a lot of people are not,They have also not been implemented。
But I did not expect a few days of effort are more and more,Many are surprised her。
Soon already prepared exquisite cards will be issued down,After finished his,Ye Town heard the number of waiters said is also a glimpse.。
Because there are two hundred couples。
They normally is up to more than one hundred pairs of lovers pretty good here,She felt more than two hundred pairs of a busy day tomorrow enough。
“Small Zou,Hastened an announcement,Then posted here,Just say that tomorrow our store is full,Just entertain a couple,No number plates make them the day after tomorrow。”
As a result, said Ye Allure,The waiter called Xiao Zou was also quickly printed.。
Soon he put announcement posted on the above。
Regardless meal couple,Still not eating couples to see this announcement is different,They want to come here to eat after feeling,It may not necessarily spend money to eat。
Have this idea there are many people,After all, the theme of this restaurant is not that big,And the dishes are preparations every day.,As it is to maintain absolute freshness,Previously used up obviously very fresh vegetables will be sent directly to some of the surrounding sanitation workers。
This also leads to this theme restaurant reputation has been part of many people’s minds there is absolutely。
Jinming Wu saw this scene,The heart is also very surprised。
Especially I heard those couples say.,He suddenly understood why did the wind Lee said as long as he’s able to come back down and vegetables,Su cool and do not have any meaning expressed surprise with Valen,We are very confident accepted down。
He was wondering before,But when you see this scene, he still can’t believe it.。
“Allure,Give me prepare a tomato with potato silk,I want to taste。”
But he clearly remember,Lee wind so many kinds of vegetables,Just offered him these two,Those green onions garlic and the like did not provide,The reason is simple,Those little too。
But he was thinking of,If adding those vegetables,Will the business be more popular?
Even hot enough to open branches?
More,He feels really possible。
“boss,Have you just said it??
there is none left,Nothing fruits,Today we have been sold out。”
One is gone?”
Jinming Wu can not believe。
“Yup,One is gone,Some couples are fundamentally not a disk point,But directly on two tomatoes,Two potato silk comes out of this。”
I heard this,Jinming Wu also some silent,But he was more curious about how that vegetables have no magic,Just let a couple congregation so crazy。
“That line,You will prepare for me tomorrow.,I will taste it tomorrow.。”
See the doubts of Jin Mingwu,Ye Town laughed directly:“OK,That Tomorrow boss can come early.,Otherwise, the restaurant will have no seats.,And tomorrow boss, you need to prepare more tomatoes and potatoes.,Every time you make people, you are not enough.。”
“Um,I will call each other for a while.。”
Finish,Jin Mingwu has explained with Ye Town.,At the same time, drive directly to find Su Qing.。
He didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng actually had such a killer.。
And it is also a fatal。

Women’s Mandarin is not standard,But Xia Jian can understand。He smiled and said:“You are the boss here?How to call?”

“This yard is mine,So something happened in this yard,You can find me。My last name is Lin,Lin Xiaomei。You can call me old lin,You can also call me Boss Lin,You can also call sister Mei,Whatever you want,This is just a title”Woman talking,Haha laughed。
This old man is decent,But when she laughs,Xia Jian always feels something weird about her,Unspeakable taste。Xia Jian couldn’t help but look at this woman’s eyes。If an average woman finds a man looking at her,,Not evasive,Or bow your head,But this boss Lin is not,She greeted her with fiery eyes,This makes Xia Jian feel that this woman is not easy。
Boss Lin cleaned up Xia Jian’s room,Then he left with a smile,Before going out,She even turned her head and cast a wink at Xia Jian。This convinced Xia Jian,This little hotel must be weird,They have to be careful at night。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Han Juan and Xi Zhen are here,As soon as they enter the door,Xi Zhen looked inside the house and said:“This boss sees you as a handsome guy,The things on this bed are much better than ours”
“Don’t you just sleep all night?? Don’t be so picky。and also,You two listen to me,Can’t call me President Xia from now on,Just call me by name”Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。He has never been like this,Remember to go for the first timeSZ、One person go againGZ,Although I have encountered a lot of things,But he doesn’t care。
Westbound this time,He always feels an invisible pressure,Maybe I think too much!
“If you don’t call Mr. Xia, then we will call you Brother Xia,Maybe we will suffer,Because it’s hard to say who is big”Xi Zhen said,Ha ha smile。 Come out this time,She is the happiest of these three。
Xia Jian heard Xi Zhen say this,I can’t help but almost laughed。Want him to compare with Wang Lin and Guo Meili,He is a little smaller,But if you let him compare with Xi Zhen and Fang Fang,He should be a little older in age。
When Xia Jianzheng wanted to talk,Han Juan smiled and said:“Xia Ge!Don’t think too much,Let’s go out to eat!There are many stories in this small place anyway,We have a lot of thoughts at night”
Xia Jian nodded,He locked the door and walked out of the small hotel with the two women。Not far away,There is a small restaurant,Xia Jian thought,Come this way,I didn’t eat well at home,Can’t eat noodles all over,Even if he likes it best,But these two women?Maybe they are not happy anymore。
First0954chapter The proprietress of a small hotel
The cold wind started whizzing,Standing on the street,I feel like I have scratched my face with a knife。
“Xia Ge!I don’t want to eat anymore,Let’s go back!“Xi Zhen’s verbal change is so fast,She covered her face with her hands,Shouted at Xiajian。
Xia Jian looked around,Shook his head and said:“No way,Don’t be hungry,Let’s go eat big plate chicken。Didn’t you all bring scarves when you came??How to keep it?“
“Wasn’t it warm just now??How could the sky change in the blink of an eye“Xi Zhen said,Got into a restaurant in front,Large plate chicken。
Burning stove in the store,Doors and windows are closed,Although there is a warm feeling,But the air in the room is muddy,There is a strange smell。Xi Zhen and Han Juan couldn’t help but frowned。
“boss!What to eat“A young guy said,Handed over the menu in hand。Xia Jian randomly ordered a few,The young man responded,I took the menu and went to the back kitchen。
Xia Jian looked around,See more than ten tables,It looks like it’s full of seven or eight tables。Sitting diagonally across from them are four burly men,I knew it was a local at a glance。There is a plate of chicken in front of them,Four people eating,While drinking beer。

“You seem to have friends here again!”

When Fang Yu wondered what to do。
Not far away came a tall figure。
Fang Yu over 1.8 meters,Suddenly like a child。
The other party estimates it is about two meters。
“Christina……Who is he?”
The big guy looks at Fang Yu,Very unfriendly attitude。
“This is the friend I told you before!”
Christina finished。
Took Fang Yu aside,“Do a favor!”
“what’s going on?I feel you are not easy!”
Fang Yu feels that their eyes are not right。
“This is the person arranged for me at home……But I don’t like him at all。Moreover,Now advocate free love,How could I be bound by him。The main problem is……I like you better!”
Christina speaks very directly。
Not afraid of Fang Yu’s rejection!
Fang Yu ashamed,Christina is really much more refreshing than domestic girls。
“What are you talking about!”
The big guy is upset,Angrily grabbed Fang Yu’s shoulder。

He Ruoyu will close the door,Unlock,Then go to the table,Light of the oil lamp,The word read this letter。

“I saw me as seen.,There is a family agreement code in the letter,Look at it。”
See this sentence,Cong Ruo is put down,This writing and tone,Example with He Ruuntun。
“You see this letter,That illustrates that the father has died under the blade knife。In fact, I have already guess such an ending for my father.,But if it is dead,Yu Hao under the jealous,More than half of you are better。
Your father, two people are general,Inner,Mutual,No king will be unscrupulous。If this time I am lucky,So after returning,The same will also return hometown。”
See here,He Ruozhen has fully believed,This is definitely a handwritten handwritten。That kind of love,Fantastic penetration in the letter,Old people are unable to disguise,It is even more understandable.。
One time,He feels a little moist in his own eyes.。Fixed god,He Juko continues to look。
“Some words,I don’t know how to tell you for my father.。But since you saw it.,So, I am sure that my father is not there.,So people will die,Do you listen to a few words?,Impulsive。”
“Guanzhong is Yu’s Guanzhong,But the world is not the world of Yu’s world.。When writing this letter for the father,I think about it in my heart.,Zhou Guowei!”
“World’s big potential,Not in the hand,But in the Hande Hand。I know that you have private enmises with Gao Bao.,But for the convenience of He Ruojia,Suggest you for the father,Put down,Use your eyes to see the trend of this world,Don’t go against the sky。
Not looking for you for your father,But,You don’t have the life of the sky。There is no life,Don’t force it.。”
He Yulu is deep breath,I saw that the old man said that it was so big.,He feels that this letter is a master written by Gao Boyi.。
But very quickly,He excludes this statement.。how to say,Father and child,There is a feeling of improving between mobilization between mobilization between each other.,This is what the outsiders can’t learn anyway.。
For example, He Ruunun is traveled by a traveler.“Upper body”,Then appearing in front of He Ruo。Even this traveler talking,Acoustic, etc.,He also felt quite strong。
Only orphan will not have this ability。
This kind of tone is in the letter,He Ruozhen is really familiar.,Every time I argue it.,He Rukun talks to this adjustment。
“You have a pair of eyes and a head,So,Take a good observation,think,Going out a way for He Ruoji。
This is your responsibility,It is also your obligation。No one can replace you to do this。
Yu Yu is a powerful role,Travel and mind,All over you。In front of him,You don’t have to disguise what,What should I do?。Just come back to a calm,I want to think about it.,Do he use you?,Do you have to use him?。
Does your pay have a value?,You are under Yuxi,Can you achieve the purpose of revitalizing He Ruo。If you can’t,What should you go?。
these questions,No one can replace you。I believe you will get the answer for your father.。
it’s time to go,Don’t catch up with you.。I only hope for my father.,You will never see this letter.。You are between you,Always have no mustard,Junchen。
at last,If one day,You really feel that Zhou Guo can’t wait.,In fact, go with Gao Baoyi mixed,Nor lost one choice。Believe your components for your father,Also believe,Gao Boyi’s heart,Can you have to get those hatred。certainly,This is only a case。
I have never proud of you,I am arguing that when you,In fact, I am very comforting in my heart.,The anxiety and ruined is to show you.。”
Let me write here.,A number of words of writing,Both the overall writing,This is the secret of communication in the family,Old people can’t imitate。If imitated,Also just like it seems。
He Ruo rubbed the tears,Accept the letter,I saw the sealing of the letter again.,No traces。obviously,Gao Boyi should have never seen this letter.。
But He Wei felt,Smart talents with Gao Baoyi,It’s probably easy to guess this letter.。after all,He is really a very powerful person!
“Look,Father,Really dissatisfied!”
He said with himself。
Father teatches the son to remember,But still“People will die”,How to see how some is wrong。But He Juki knows,In fact, He Jindun has always been quite a micro word.,I think he is going,unrealistic。
on the contrary,He is more optimistic about Yu Xian,It’s close to Yu Xian in the weekdays.。
I think about the situation in Uyure,There are some things that rumors rumors in Chang’an City,He Ruoyu is in the heart,He has some understanding of why Yu Hao will take his old man.。

Internal recommendation,Just don’t need to participate in the competition, you can directly enter the iron and blood knife。

Just be a reserve member of the Iron-Blood Blade。
And it will inevitably be excluded by other members,But the recommended places are still rushed by everyone。
Really capable people will definitely participate in the competition,Get a spot。
Only some want to take shortcuts,Would choose to do this。
“It can only be the,”Fan Tianlei is a little angry,This Qin Hao is too heavy, right?。
“Don’t blame Qin Hao,If he didn’t keep his hand,It is estimated that He Chenguang will be hit hard。”
“Not bad,He can wrestle with me,It’s only slightly inferior to me on strength。”
Thor is qualified to say this,Because he fought Qin Hao。
“Inferior,Can’t help but,”Zhuang Yan can see clearly。
“This kid is pretty good,”Ye Cunxin suddenly pursed her mouth and smiled。
Then everyone stared at Ye Cunxin。
“Girl,You won’t like this Qin Hao, are you?”
Fan Tianlei suddenly said this。
Chapter Seventeen Ground ruffian hooligans make girls online
“how is this possible?How could i like him,”Ye Cunxin looked flustered。
“I just,Just a little curious,Aren’t you curious?”Ye Cunxin asked back。

“Xi Zhen!You go to Qingshan County now,Something went wrong in the Beicheng District project,You help me take a good look,If you can’t solve it,Just call me“Guo Meili said seriously。

Xi Zhen stood up immediately,Say hello to Xia Jian,Turned away。Xia Jian understands,Guo Meili, what do you want to tell him?,So I deliberately took Xi Zhen away。
as expected,Xi Zhen left。Guo Meili went to the office and locked the door from the inside,Then she went to sit next to Xia Jian,Just said in a low voice:“I heard about the Shangxiagou Village,Really unexpected,Fortunately you took the money to settle this matter,Otherwise, the matter will be exposed as soon as the legal process goes through“
“I’m just afraid of getting you involved,So I can only figure out a solution by myself”When Xia Jian said this,I couldn’t help but breathe out,He almost called the police。
Guo Meili looked at Xia Jian affectionately,Then he lowered his voice and said:“Unexpectedly, Zhao Hong and I have the same fate,But you can’t consume like this,End when it’s time,Your old Xia family is a two-generation single pass,You should be clear about this”Xia Jian did not speak,Just nodded silently。
First1398chapter trust
Xia Jian took a seat in Guo Meili’s office,I forgot what I did。Suddenly his phone rang,He took a look,The call was from Secretary Wang of the Pingyang Town Party Committee。
Xia Jian just remembered,He should go to work!Why did you come to Guo Meili to chat?。Xia Jian answered the phone with a sense of anxiety。Secretary Wang on the phone asked very coldly:“Mayor Xia!Where are you?A lot of petitioners came to your office,Niu Li can’t handle it”
“Secretary Wang!I went to the city hall just now,Rush back in a while。Isn’t there a discipline inspection committee in our town??Let these complainants go to Secretary Lu,Why are you looking for me?”Xia Jian said a little displeased。
Secretary Wang said with a smile on the phone:“I told them the same,But these people recognized you,Say what you have promised them,So I just stayed”
“Good good!You help me stabilize the situation,I’ll be there in a while”Xia Jian was talking,Walked out the door。Guo Mei wants to talk,But when the words came to my lips, I swallowed back。
Pingyang Town Government,Xia Jian’s office door,Surrounded by a lot of people,One of them is He Wang from Hejiaping Village,The old man saw Xia Jian,Rushed over,Blocked Xia Jian at the door of the office。

But I suddenly didn’t know why he coughed.,Probably what makes his nose allergies in the air?,Zhou Ye wrote a sneeze。

And this sneezing also wokes a lot of deer that is resting.。
Mu Deer and Zhou Ye we face each other,Look at Zhou Yewu is giving yourself blanket,She is big and her eyes:“what are you doing?”
Zhou Yewu lifted the blanket and waved:“What can I do?,I am afraid that you are cool.,Give you a blanket。”
“are you crazy,Big summer,You are afraid that I am cold?”
Zhou Niwu has some embarrassment that it seems to be true.。
Shu Lu grabbed the blanket,Jumpered,Fly, I’m from Ye Ye’s head.:“I am also afraid that your head is cool.,Give you a blanket。”
My day……
Zhou Ye is very powerful,But the helpless move is too fast.。
And it is really worth the food that is full of stomats every day.,Her strength is very large,I actually let Zuo Ye have some difficult to break free.。
Zhou Ye thinks some halo stepping,What can’t be made。
“I beg,I beg。”Zhou Yewu half a sofa,Unhaneous road。
Shu Lu was letting him.。
When Zhou Ye, I finally breathed the moment of fresh air.,He feels tears.。
This is his diviner.……
Zhou Jixu finally understood why he came to participate in Lu Min’s birthday party,Always have some bad premonitions,Think now,It is also Shu Lu who can make him ignorant.!
“Deer sister……How is Zhou Lan??”
“Her family is something,I haven’t come to work for a month.。”
“what?”Zhou Ye has a unbelievable,The blood of his eyes suddenly revealed out.:“What is in the house??”
Mu Lu originally talked and laughed,After being mentioned by Zhou Ye,It’s confused and complicated in an hour.。
Her face is a expression that can not be described.。
Confused、Not solve、Bleak and angry,And these emotions are facing Weekly。
Zhou Ye, I ask again,Somena can answer it is three words.“have no idea”。
Zhou Yu, I told Xu Dejia in a month.,Then ask for more than a month,Behind Shulang wants to contact Week,But why can’t I contact?。
And it is two days ago,Weighing“泸 上 人”The house in the community is sold for sale.。
Everything is too sudden,Weekly does not report,Let the deer feel very angry,She has been trying to contact Week antelope,But how can I contact?。
I heard the reception of Weekvel,There are still some sleepiness.,At this moment, I’m sleeping.。
“how so……”He muttered。
The graduate students who have been admitted to the First People’s Hospital of Tianfeng,Zhou Ye is busy because of work busy,I haven’t contacted Zhou Liang for a long time.,When I saw Shu De,Originally planning can understand the current situation of next week from her mouth,But I didn’t expect to actually appear like this.。
“Is it bankrupt??”Zhou Ye worriedly asked。
Shu De Road:“May not be large,Her house is sold normally sold,Not auction,If there is a court, there is a court to seize the mortgage.。”
“Is there a sick?,Hospitalized in the field,Do she go with??”
“Sick hospitalization,In order to accompany the family,The house is sold?I think this kind of probability is very small.。”
Zhou Yewu and Xu Lu are carefully thinking about the details of Zhou Liang disappeared。
Two people are not asked:“The director of the department must know!”
Can you please ask such a long holiday?,Then the leadership also agreed to batch.,It is definitely a full reason。
“Is it a homes to find a woman in the door?,Go back to get married?”Mu Lu frowned really can’t think of any possibility。
Zhou Ye went this idea。