In the car,I hide under the car”Aduna’s vicissitudes of singing,Sing so heartbreaking,Sing so that people can’t help but want to cry。

Eight fingers twitched his nose sharply,Looked sadly outside the car window。
The front is the university campus,So beautiful!Especially those female college students who go together,And let Bazhige feel the long-lost youthful breath。
“Is your cousin not here yet?It’s been fucking half an hour!”Brother Eight Fingers frowned,I patted the back of the chair in front of me uncomfortably。
Sitting in the driving seat is a very energetic young man,Very lean,Wearing a red leather jacket,A black cobra tattooed on the back of the neck。
“Eight Fingers,Here comes,Here comes!How about I call again。”Cobra quickly turned his head and said。
“Faster!Otherwise, I’m going to be crazy!Neither come!Is Lao Tzu free??”My Eight Fingers flicked his fingers,Arrogant。
Just when Cobra took out his phone,When I plan to make another call,A student with long hair emerged from the green belt in front,With a cigarette in his mouth,Patted the dust on the body,Swaggering towards the car。
Cobra sees people arrive,Open the door and get off,Beckoned to the long-haired student。
“Faster!Brother Bazhi has been waiting for you for a long time!”Cobra stared。
Long-haired students run to the front in three steps and two steps,Bent over and laughed:“Eight Fingers,Snake brother,Hello!”
Eight fingers beckoned,Motion this kid to get into the car。
“It’s this kid named Lu Menglin,You called him here。”Eight fingers took out a photo,Point to the person above and say。
Long-haired student took a look,Seems a bit embarrassed,Smiled:“Eight Fingers,I do not know him,He doesn’t know me either,I guess it’s hard to call!”
“Then you find a way!Does it make me think?”Eight fingers are anxious,I want to do it when I stare,But think about it, still hold back。
“So?or,I write a love letter,Invite him here?”Long-haired students have a brainstorm,Smiled。
Eight fingers froze,I thought there was such an operation?But it sounds good,Only students understand student affairs,Maybe this method is reliable。
“Row,Then you go do it!”Eight commanded and waved,That he knows well。
“May take a while,Or Bazhi brother, you go ahead,I made an appointment until four o’clock in the afternoon,How about you coming back?”Long-haired students look very considerate,Said carefully。

They never dreamed,A casual chat on the train,I would meet a strange man like Brother Lu。

Could this be the legendary value that starts from the face,Are you loyal to your character??Wang Xiaomei couldn’t help thinking about it。
She is smart,Knowing that Brother Lu won’t stay here,He belongs to a wider place。
however,She is sad again,Just like from《Datang Shuanglong Biography》In the poem I saw,“Since I saw the peach blossom,No doubt even now。”
She has already met such an excellent and perfect boy as Big Brother Lu,How can I pretend other people in my heart。
Different knowledge,Vision opened,I am afraid it will be difficult to accept ordinary men in the future!
if we assume,When Lu Menglin revealed his extraordinary identity,Deng Jiajia has only awe and caution on her face,Then Xiaomei Wang is unwilling,She is not reconciled to her best years,I met a boy who couldn’t even dream of。
When Lu Menglin turned around inadvertently,When meeting with Wang Xiaomei’s hot eyes,But can’t help but come to mind“Seeing Yang’s mistake for life!”This sentence。
Just like《Condor Heroes》Like those girls in,They shouldn’t have met Yang Guo, a handsome boy who came here in light,Make them love each other,Unhappy for a lifetime,Can’t ask for it。
Lu Menglin sighed lightly in his heart,Can’t help but smile at Little Sister Wang:“What plans do you have in the future?”
Wang Xiaomei glanced at Deng Jiajia,Take the initiative to say:“Good grades,Can go to university in the future,Leaving Xinhuang,Go to work in a big city。I’m miserable!Poor study,Can’t get out,Can only stay in the county,Either work,Either marry,Bitter。”
Wang Xiaomei said pitifully,While quietly watching Lu Menglin,I want to see some clues from his expression。
Deng Jiajia nodded,Like a good wife and mother,Timid:“You have to get married when you enter university,All,Almost the same。”
“I will greet the county,Let Teacher Deng be the principal,An upright person like him,Should have a better life。”Lu Menglin said seriously。
Teacher Deng shook his head quickly,Desperately waving hands:“No way,No way!I am not good enough,Can’t be the principal。And it’s not fair to make appointments like this,Unfair to other teachers。”
He is still this persistent character,But because of this,He is especially respected。
After all in this world,Be willing to speak principles,There are not many people who speak fairness,And would rather be poor,There are even fewer people who need to be principled and fair。

Not firm,May be persuaded to buy。

The key is whether the quality is as good as the beautician promotes?
Tian Lu is determined not to come again,Even if you can enjoy a free experience。If you don’t buy skin care products,Probably will be uncomfortable during the service,I feel ashamed to think about it,Leaving the store like running away after skin care。
Integrity management is the foundation of rapid development,in this way,It is estimated that the store will not last long。
anyway,It’s all the causes and consequences of applying for the job,Before applying,Have to do enough homework。
In addition to having a beautiful image,You have to understand the basic situation of the company。
There is not much information about Shenglan International Optoelectronics on the Internet,But found and localzheng fu News report on signing of investment agreement。
Isn’t this company under construction?,Started recruiting so early,But sign up first,I have to take a break and go directly to register。
Decided,Don’t worry about online registration anymore,Back to accommodation,Dress in the mirror,The gestures changed one set after another,I finally chose a refreshing long-sleeved dress。
Open the window,Feel the scenery outside。
The fragrance of vegetables from the vegetable garden is coming from nearby,Quiet pastoral,As if at home。
The light show on the high-rise building in the distance changes and the various patterns are dazzling,The skyscrapers all over the city proclaim the prosperity of the newly opened area。Standing like a giant in the newly opened area under the night,Ambilight and panoramic view,The buildings look very close,Driving past will mostly be half an hour’s drive。
Tian Lu downstairs,Search and locate Shenglan International Optoelectronics on the mobile map,Search for a itinerary with less walking and less time,Ready,Gladly go。
Arrived at Shenglan International Optoelectronics,From the appearance,The plant has been basically completed,Under renovation。All kinds of staff in the temporary recruitment site are there。
Four or five computers、several30Many years old、40What multi-year-old people are busy sitting in front of the computer。It’s too early,There is nothing to apply for。
Tian Lu picked up the colorful recruitment brochure after passing by,Combine the scene to understand the corresponding subjects more intuitively。Since it is related to the Internet,Then it must be related to your professional expertise,Seeing that one of the administrative subjects is corporate promotion。
Ok,Report this position temporarily。Tian Lu made up his mind。
Follow the staff’s tips,Submit the basic resume,On-site photo registration photo recording system,Rigorous process,The staff is very dedicated。
Standardized enterprises generally start from the bottom、The most details can be seen。
After Tian Lu sign up,I thought even if I went to work,About two months left。Not as good as,I’ll go to other places to do part-time job first,otherwise,With the money in hand。

It’s as stupid as a pig!

I wasted my kindness!
If not to help him,Why should I put on this old face to beg?Yes,His design skills at Fernandez are very good.,But he is also recognized as the world’s top car design master,BGe is taller than Chen Geng,In the eyes of outsiders, he came to visit Chen Geng regardless of his identity,Do you really want to see Fernandez’s grasp of the car design language??
Thought of this,Giugiaro was tired。
Giugiaro is so depressed inside,I don’t even have much thought to look at the Victoria Crown designed by Chen Geng for Ford.1:1Full-size sludge model and full-size wooden cockpit model,After a hasty visit, he left immediately。
“Giugiaro doesn’t seem very happy。”Sending away Giugiaro,Rosemary is strange。
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded:“If a liar,Come to lie to you happily,But found that it failed,You won’t be happy if it’s you。”
“You mean Giugiaro is here to lie to you?”Rosemary feels incredible,I can’t even accept it,Georgia Roco is a world-renowned master of top car design,How could he lie?
Chen Geng silently looked at Rosemary like a little girl:“If you feel unacceptable,Then think he came to me for investment with an unreliable project。”
Rosemary looked speechless:Isn’t it all the same!
But everyone is gone,It’s no use talking about it,Rosemary quickly adjusted her mood,Asked:“The Gun Association has an event on the weekend,They called to ask you,Do you want to participate??”
“Gun Association?”Chen Geng didn’t take it seriously,Casually asked:“what activity?Shooting competition or what?if so,forget about it。”
Shooting is one of Chen Geng’s favorite hobbies,Now have money,Don’t have too many worries,Chen Geng built a gun collection room in his own home,The guns in it are all active firearms in various countries,There are hundreds of firearms,natural,naturally,Chen Geng, this rich man、At the same time, firearms and shooting enthusiasts with good shooting skills have become the target of several local firearms and shooting associations in Detroit.。
“They organized a small-scale shooting competition,And invited a retired sniper from Delta,The top three in the competition can get the guidance of this sniper,bossAre you interested?”
One can get U.S. special forces“delta”Of retired snipers provide technical guidance opportunities?
Of course Chen Geng is interested,Although his shooting skills are not bad,But in the words of the ace sniper in the military district,his“Gun sense”general,Although you can become a gunner with a good shooting level after hard training,But it’s impossible to become a sniper。
Chen Geng also knows that his time is limited to exercise,Your shooting level can only be regarded as above average within the association,But there is such an opportunity to receive personal guidance from a master,Chen Geng is still very excited,but,Retired sniper of the Delta Force,It was so nice?Chen Geng expressed deep doubts。
“Delta’s retired snipers are not so good,Since these guys have invested such a large capital,Sure the picture is not small,Speak,What do they want?”
“Great!The boss is really the boss,”Rosemary thumbs up,Smiled road:“After the event,There is a fundraiser for the presidential candidate,Ok,Our Mr. Mayor will also go there。”

“That one……”Qilin still wants to refute。

“That what,You are not capable now,Can only add chaos,do you know!”Qiangwei is now distracted,I want to call the armor to Xin Zhao soon,But seeing this Qilin,She is very angry。
If you have the strength to help,She must be welcome,But there is no strength to come up,That’s not pure chaos。
“Liu Chuang,Take them two away,You are a meat shield,Strong body resistance,Must protect them!”Qiangwei finished speaking,Rushed towards Xin Zhao’s position。
And Xin Zhao is also a little helpless at this time,The crocodile and the two remaining aliens,And him,Directly formed a short balance。
“Xin Zhao,Prepare to dress!”
Hear Qiangwei’s shout,Xin Zhao is really excited at the moment。
When he was not wearing black armor,That’s really not resistant,Let alone the crocodile of his physical strength,Even the alien armor can’t keep up。
After putting on a set of black armor directly,Xin Zhao feels that he has directly advanced to become Zhao(The mighty general)letter。
Black armor’s defense is stronger than his own body,Xin Zhao looked at the two shape aircraft,Directly opened the burst mode of Chidori。
The harsh bird calls directly shattered the surrounding glass,And hear this sound,Those two aliens were also a little dazed。
Xin Zhao Direct Electro-optical Body,Plus hand-held chidori,There was a direct raid on an alien。
“rose,That alien wants to retreat,You knock it down for me!”
“Roger that,Rest assured!”
The rose directly runs the wormhole,Under the blessing in the calculation of Deno 3,She appeared directly in front of the alien,Then kicked out,The alien fell directly to the ground。
‘Chidori Blade!’
Blue and white electric flashes,Xin Zhao seems to flash,Appeared directly in front of the alien,Then Chidori came again with a pair。

“Isn’t Principal Han also a foreigner?。”

Xiang Chen answered with a smile,Although I still don’t know what Han Zhili is referring to,But Xiang Chen never likes to lose。
Han Zhili looked at Xiang Chen,Then the smile on his face looked a little strange to Xiang Chen。
“Boyhood,Thirty-year-old smoke is scattered,As young and late in summer。But now,My hometown is my hometown,Uneven edges,Has lived up to the youth appearance。”
Han Zhili sighed with emotion,But it attracted Xiang Chen’s criticism。
“Principal Han,Can you say something that I don’t understand?headache!”
Xiang Chen scratched his head in pain,Talk to Han Zhili,Always need him to guess to understand。
“father!Let’s have dinner!”
Always pay attention to the changes in atmosphere between Han Zhili and Xiang Chen,A little bit wrong,Rushed out immediately,Even Xiangyang and Yuan Qing came out to help。
Xiangyang and Yuan Qing are two people,One took someone’s hand short,The softest one eats others,So there’s nothing to do with the waiter。
Didn’t use much time,The table is covered with various cuisines。
“Let’s have dinner!This is my first time cooking,If it doesn’t taste good, please bear with me。”
Korean Xiang smiled and said,Everyone present is naturally all in support。

Half an hour later,Lu Menglin walked out of the hotel lobby,A seven-seater black modern business car has been parked at the door,That’s the car Xiao Cai contacted,The target is Moyu Game Company located in the south of Seoul。

“This Moyu Game Company,It is a developer under the Daewoo Entertainment Group, the most powerful in the Korean game industry,They are currently developing a game called《Abyss World》,The main creator of this team is said to be a game genius,Nan Tianyu,A difficult person,I got it after a long time。”AhVTake out a stack of data,Introduction。
Lu Menglin open the data,The above details the previous works of Moyu Game Company,And the major awards they have won,And the popularity data of recent works,Really detailed。
There is also an introduction about Nan Tianyu,He is not old,Which is about thirty,In prime of life,He is a top student of Seoul National University in South Korea,Journalism background,But it shines in the game industry,Selected as one of the top ten outstanding figures by the Korean game industry,And award major contribution awards。
Lu Menglin finished reading the information,Thought for a while,Sighed:“South Korea’s game industry is indeed much better than us,After we go back,You can also engage in an award selection in the game industry,Best to review every year,Fixed as a habit,What do you think?”
AhVNod,Tao:“Yes!Advanced place,We can indeed learn。Actually, there is such a custom in China,All industries have,It’s just that the game industry is not very much appreciated,No one has thought of this one at the moment。But if we《Game time》If you come to host,Should still attract a lot of people,After all, we are now the most authoritative。”
The other two nodded repeatedly,Deeply agree。
Originally, they thought Boss Lu was too young,It always looks a little unsuccessful,Although the game is well played,May not have the strength to be a boss,But now it seems,Completely convinced。
I flipped through the information,Can look forward,Think of so many things,It really deserves to be behind the scenesBOSS,This big picture of the overall situation,And this business acumen,I can’t even think about it。
I arrived in southern Seoul before I knew it,This black modern business vehicle slowly drove into the parking lot of the Fifth Street Building where Moyu Company is located。
I heard the strange place of Fifth Street Building,Lu Menglin couldn’t help but ask casually,“Are Korean names so casual??”
AhVTurned his head,Replied with a smile:“Report boss,This whole street belongs to the Daewoo Group behind Moyu Company,This is the fifth street they own in Seoul,So this building was named Fifth Street Building。”
ListenVSuch an introduction,Xiao Cai and Ade are speechless。
“This company is so rich?”Xiao Cai shook his head and sighed。
AhVNod,Smiled:“exactly,The Daewoo Group behind it is too rich。This group occupies half of the Korean entertainment industry,Including star entertainment、game、Book publishing in various industries,Even TV stations have!”
“This kind of company is the legendary chaebol, right??Family monopoly。”Admired。

It can be seen that,This seal was carved by the Qing Dynasty,Objects belonging to the Qing Dynasty。

The old man really likes that seal,Otherwise I won’t watch that long before。
therefore,He hasn’t given up,Ask:“How much do you need to cut love?”
No matter the stall owner、Old man,Or the audience in the live room,Hold your breath,Waiting for Populus。
Populus is not too good at valuation,Pondered for a while,Just speak:“Is 50,000 acceptable??”
The stall owner’s eyes widened,I feel that this young man is really a lion’s mouth,It’s too ugly to eat。300 get it,You want fifty thousand?
The audience in the live broadcast room was also in an uproar,This is more than a hundred times!Fifty thousand who would want?Even worth the price,Others have no profit margins, right?
however,The old man’s reaction made them directly swear。
Old man listened,Smile and nod immediately:“50,000 can。”
Look at the old man’s cheerful expression,Everyone knows,The value of that seal is still more than fifty thousand。
This time it’s Hu Yang’s turn to be a little dumbfounded,Froze for a while,Not easy to change,After all, everyone is watching!This loss is settled。
“Oh my God!Can’t stand it,This is a daily income of over 10,000?”

‘I knew this,Why did I break his finger just now??’Chen Wenjin pulled out a short sword from his pale face,then,Pose,Forward thrust!

When the tip of the sword touches the skin of the pale face,It was like stabbing the alloy in an instant,Zhen’s short sword almost flew out!
‘Is there any mistake!What black technology is so powerful?Skin looks normal,Once attacked, it becomes so hard,No weapon stabbed!’Chen Wenjin glanced at the short sword,Found that the tip was broken!
Chen Wenjin just wanted to win the sword,Is to consider if the white face is an alien,The weapons used should also have mystery,result,This sword turned out to be only Fanpin。
‘I don’t believe it!’Chen Wenjin is very annoyed,Seeing that there is a fire extinguisher on the ground in front,Grab it,Smashed down on the white face!
‘Kang Dang——’The shock of the collision caused Chen Wenjin to let go,Look at the obvious dents on the fire extinguisher that flew away from the collision,And white face,The expression remains unchanged,I didn’t break my scalp a bit,The skin on the forehead is as fair as ever,Still maintains the backward state of retreat。
Chen Wenjin is unwilling,I saw a car repair shop,Went in and got a big wrench,hammer,Smash it with a white face。
moment,Chen Wenjin’s tired gasp,Look at the white face again——Don’t say hurt,No scratches on the skin!
‘This guy、simply、Simply not human!Facing the gap of black technology,I can’t help him if I stand still!’Chen Wenjin throws away the tools,Thinking about impropriety,Pick it up and put it back in the car repair shop,I glanced at the fire extinguisher that flew up when I came out,The traces on it are no way。
Chen Wenjin was forced to give up the idea of knocking down the white face,Now all he can count on is heat weapons,But there is no。
Chen Wenjinzhe back,When the reverse movement of matter stops suddenly,He dragged sister Huo and left。
“Someone is looking for us outside!”Sister Huo is unknown, so,End of the inverse state of matter,She also has no memory of being stabbed to death by the white face。
“Just follow me!”Chen Wenjin can’t explain。
Sister Huo was dragged through the streets,No more objections,It’s only occasionally to show you which way to go out may be more appropriate。She looked at Chen Wenjin’s back under the moonlight,I felt surprisingly at ease for a while,I seem to forget that I’m in a dangerous place right now。

High car skills,Quick response。

If I find a driver in the future,I’m definitely willing to find someone like this!
Speedy all the way,I wanted to give the driver a break。
But they bought a few bottles of Red Bull in one service area,Gave me two cans,The next step is full high energy!
Six and a half hours,It’s half past one in the afternoon,We came to Hohhot, Mongolia。
I paid him 500 yuan more,But the driver didn’t want,Hurried away after thanking!
I’m not in a hurry to go to the airport。
Normally,Brilliant security people over there,Should be able to get here today!
I just found a food city on the roadside,Had a meal!
I went to the Internet cafe to open the mailbox that I had agreed with Tang Long Zhou Zheng,There is a mobile number in the mailbox,People over there have already set off,Will arrive at 4pm!
It’s already past two o’clock in the afternoon,I immediately took a taxi to the airport!
It’s 3:30 when we arrive at the airport!
I wandered around outside the airport,No abnormality found,Before entering the pick-up hall。