Saw Qin Feng coming,Shangwu took the initiative to stand up and say hello。

Qin Feng took out the jade bottle from his arms,Take out two refining pills:“Xiao Liu,These two are refining blood pills,Can let ordinary people directly enter the cultivator,Can you help me join the auction。”
I heard that this turned out to be the legendary pill,And there is such a magical effect,Shang Wu’s eyes widened suddenly。
but,When you smell the unique fragrance of blood refining pills,Shangwu suddenly felt refreshed,The exhaustion of the last month is wiped out,He reacted,What Qin Feng said is true。
Took a deep breath,Shangwu smelled:“Take the liberty to ask,Mr. Qin,Are you auctioning these two pills?”
To this,Qin Feng did not hide。
“I’m not afraid of you laughing,I don’t have much money,At the price of Tianshan Snow Lotus, I’m afraid I can’t afford it,I can only sell this pill。”
Hearing Qin Feng was only to make money,Shang Wu felt happy,Immediately:“Mr. Qin,In that case,How about you sell one of them directly to me,I bid a billion。”
See Shangwu wanting,Qin Feng was a little surprised,But I’m relieved when I think about it,He nodded。
“can,But you helped me a lot during this time,I’ll give you another one。”
Talking,Qin Feng took out another one,Packed the three in two wooden boxes and took them to Shangwu。
The result of Shangwu’s excitement,Quickly put one of them in your arms like a baby,Immediately after saying hello,Ran to help Qin Feng deal with another blood refining pill。
About ten minutes passed,The auction begins,Shangwu is also back,He whispered in Qin Feng’s ear:“Mr. Qin,I’ve done it for you。”
“But in order to auction the best price,I asked the auctioneer to treat the blood refining pills as the finale,Of course if Mr. Qin doesn’t have enough money,I will provide you with first。”
“I’ll trouble you。”
Qin Feng didn’t care about it either,After nodding,Start to close my eyes and get up。
Today’s auction merchandise,Shangwu had already made a list for him in advance,Among them, except Tianshan Saussurea,He doesn’t like anything else,So for this auction,He doesn’t have much interest。

Sedum voice falls,Went offline,The next thing is whether he can improve his strength,So he must act cautiously,The main thing is,Devildom is not stable,He has to be careful,Otherwise, if he hadn’t seen his eldest brother, he would be killed by a creature in the demon world.,Sedum would be too embarrassing。

“This Sedum group member is very concerned about the improvement of his own strength.。”
“In that case,Then I will start to refine the demon,Nezha group members,After I advance to Level 4,I cover you。”
After Sun Wukong saw Jingtian offline,Call up the chat group panel,I received the red envelope I sent to Jingtian,Then look at the demon stored in the chat group space,Said with a smile。
The voice falls,Monkey King takes out the demon,Directly into oneself,Then Sun Wukong leaned on the chair,Efforts to refine the demon。
This time,For Monkey King,Is an opportunity,unsuccessful,Ben Chengren,Either refine the demon,Then advanced to the fourth level,Either refining the demons failed,Prepare directly for reincarnation。
“You two were so happy talking just now,When it comes to business,One is more urgent,It really opened my eyes。”
“Nothing,In a while,Wait for me to rest for a while,Then send another avatar to travel around the world where the members of the Sanqi group are.。”
Nezha looked at Sun Wukong and Jingtian who were more anxious when talking about business,Said helplessly,then,Nezha glanced at the chat group hall where he was alone,Eyes closed,Not offline,Leaning on the chair。
He promised Monkey King before,If Sun Wukong fails to refine the demon,Then he shot directly to suppress Monkey King,Since he agreed to Monkey King,Will not break his promise,therefore,He just slept for a while in the chat group hall。
If any accident happens to Monkey King,He also acted decisively,Rare friends in life,Nezha also cherishes his friendship with Monkey King。
Plane of Yellow Spring,Eight Baili Yellow Spring,Yellow sand,No creatures live,Only Meng Po’s lineage has been guarding this eight hundred miles of Huangquan。
Meng Po Zhuang,After the young Sanqi wakes up, he looks at the familiar Mengpo Village in front of him,I rubbed my eyes in confusion,She really came back?She really made three friends just now?
“That big brother seems to be talking about the chat group panel?”
After ten breaths,Sanqi recalled that the seemingly small friend told her,Gave her delicious,Think of something delicious,Sanqi wakes up immediately,Doubtful self-talk。
The voice falls,Sanqi saw that there was something I had never seen before,Will shine,There are three red things on this thing,These three things should be the red envelopes her friend said,There is delicious in it?
Sanqi got up from the ground,I reached out my finger and clicked quickly on the three red things in front of me,Then he looked forward expectantly,A gift from a friend,Still delicious,This is the first time Sanqi received a gift from a friend。
therefore,Sanqi is looking forward to,What kind of delicious food the new friend gave her?Although she is Po Meng,Like evil spirits,But since a friend gave it delicious,Sanqi will definitely eat all this delicious。
Next second,I saw three rays of light flashing one after another,A demon gas appeared around the eyes of Sanqi and flew directly into Sanqi’s body,Then a jade charm appeared suddenly,Fell directly to the ground,And Sanqi ignored the jade charms that fell on the ground,She is waiting for something delicious,Delicious from a friend。

Just just and Xiao Lei

After a fight,Qin Feng found something wrong。
Kang Dang——
The moment Qin Feng made his sword,Xiao Lei shot the flying knife directly with a single finger。
have to say,This person’s responsiveness is quite comprehensive。
“If you don’t come, then I’ll pass!”Xiao Lei smiled and rushed towards Qin Feng,Maybe in his eyes,Qin Feng is just a little pawn。
What makes Qin Feng more at ease,This muscular man named Xiao Lei is the same as Nikaido Harunobu,There is no weapon in hand,Just fight with fists。
of course,Qin Feng is also afraid that the other party has mastered some body-building techniques,Then the body is harder than Nikaido Harunobu, that’s terrible。After all, Qin Feng is just enough to break Nikaitang’s defenses。
When Xiao Lei struck, Qin Feng took advantage of the situation and cut。
Qin Feng originally wanted to see how strong Xiao Lei’s defenses are。I never thought that the opponent’s attack was just a false move,When he saw that he was about to reach Qin Feng, he shrank back,Then it turned out to be another vigorous attack。
Fortunately, Qin Feng changed his tricks fast enough,A roundabout protects the vital position with a short sword。
unfortunately,Qin Feng made a mistake this time,Xiao Lei’s energy actually didn’t go towards his fate,Just attack Qin Feng’s arm。
Qin Feng’s shoulder was directly penetrated。
“Haha,Victory is mine!”See my own attack hit,Xiao Lei rushed again with a smile on his face,It’s just not a false move this time,It’s a real charge attack。

Soon,I got to the backstage of the auction and got the roof,Qin Feng,Seeing that Xu Mosheng has not left yet,I used the acupoint disguise method in the Big Dipper Thirteen Needles to change the appearance,Turned into a middle-aged person。

Qin Feng is not afraid of doing this,But don’t want to trouble Jiang Yan。
I saw a footwork teleport in a wind movement technique,And I got behind Xu Mosheng,Grab the blood jade bracelet,Planning to kick Xu Mosheng,did not expect,This kid must not force himself down,It just kicked back a few steps。
“who is it,Dare to beat people and steal things in Wanbao Merchant,Several middle-aged people appeared around Qin Feng,only,These people are in the internal income stage,I am not afraid at all,If this is for ordinary cultivators,Enough。”
It’s a pity that today I met Qin Feng who was about to enter the realm of cultivation,These people Qin
The wind can tell,The technique used is extremely low。
One of them shouted:“Kid,You can’t leave today。”Talking about these people all punched Qin Feng。
“Just right,This me next。”Talking,Qin Feng kicked several people into the air with a roundabout kick。
“Hahaha,You can’t keep me like you。”Saying that the figure flashes and disappears in everyone’s eyes。
Qin Feng hasn’t had time to be happy,I found that there was a strong breath behind。
Already a samurai,Full force is a popular technique,Walk away quickly,The old man behind said in surprise:“This kid is not easy,A piece of blood jade is not that important,Just treat it as a personal love today。”Said it changed back。
“Do not worry,Uncle Xu has been chased,He can’t run,Seniors don’t need to bother you。”Xu Mosheng said to an old man。
“since,Master Xu said so,The old man doesn’t care,The loss of this treasure has nothing to do with our bank。”The old man said。
“of course,Lost or not has nothing to do with Wanbao Commercial Bank。”Xu Mosheng said。
“Silently,Forget this thing,This person has great potential,Don’t mess with him,Otherwise it will be your trouble in the future。”Uncle Xu said。
“since,Uncle said so,Never mind,This thing is not too important,I originally planned to give it to my fiancee as a gift,I can only choose other。”Qin Feng said calmly。
“It was too dangerous just now,The person behind doesn’t know who it is,It seems that I don’t plan to care anymore,Even if she cares about me, I’m not afraid,Feng Xing technique is an unparalleled speed technique。
“Although it comes from talent massage,But after the Big Dipper and 13 needles are blessed,It’s already a top speed technique。”Qin Feng just overworked,Said breathlessly。
Qin Feng looked at this jade,Can’t be happy,Things are not,:“Junior sister,Where are you。”Qin Feng said with murderous eyes。

Qin Fengzhen sweats Jiang Yan,Usually a scrambled egg with tomatoes,All turned upside down by her,You don’t need to help yourself if you want to save face,Qin Feng wants to see,How will she close this scene later。

Think of tomato scrambled eggs,Qin Feng still felt that his throat was smoking,That time for Jiang Yan not to be compared to others,I almost died of salt,This time Qin Feng secretly swears in his heart,If you have tomato scrambled eggs again this time,I won’t eat anymore。
“dinner’s ready!”After Jiang Yan came back.Less than half an hour into the kitchen,Just shouted for dinner。
Without waiting for Qin Feng to react,Jiang Yan has opened the kitchen door,Five dishes on the table,No matter from the color and fragrance, it is impeccable。
This made Qin Feng wonder,Jiang Yan can cook?Why don’t you know,Did she make the rice like that on purpose last time??This idea just surfaced,Was dismissed by Qin Feng。
Jiang Yan is a face-loving person,Last time a few women fought for dominance in the kitchen,If she cooks so well,She will never hide。
“Wow!This looks delicious,I must try first。”Said the grasshopper picked up the chopsticks and took a bite,Put in the mouth。
Seeing such a big chopstick dish,Qin Feng really sweated the grasshopper。
But Qin Feng didn’t sympathize with him,Looks like waiting for a good show。
“I go,Boss, why is your life so good,Sister-in-law is good,And generous and gentle,The dishes are also good,You are so blessed,Have such delicious meals every day。”The grasshopper is full of praise while eating。
Does this grasshopper have no sense of taste?,Is it so delicious??
“Uh uh,good to eat,Delicious。”The eagle sees the grasshopper eating so delicious,I wanted to wait for Qin Feng and Jiang Yan,But couldn’t hold back,Also tasted,Really don’t know,Startled,Even he didn’t expect Jiang Yan to cook so delicious。
“Time is too hasty,I just burned a few,Don’t dislike it。”Jiang Yan glanced triumphantly,Qin Feng who hasn’t moved his chopsticks,And said with a smile。
“sister in law,Stop making trouble,Let’s eat together!”The grasshopper said while eating。
“You eat first,I have another dish to make,Ready soon。”Speaking of Jiang Yan, he went to the kitchen and got busy again。
“Boss,I really didn’t expect,Sister-in-law’s cooking can be so delicious。”The grasshopper almost took a bite of praise
Beautiful sentence。

Qiao Anan gave Xiao Fan a white look,So he consciously sat on the reception sofa,Said:“how,Cross the river and demolish the bridge,Can’t I come to your security department if there is nothing wrong??”

Xiao Fan shook his head helplessly,This Joe Anan,Was it a hedgehog in the last life??
Qiao Anan looked at Xiao Fan helplessly,I put away my joking thoughts,Said:“Forget it,I’m not kidding you。I just came to tell you,I have completed the entry procedures for those people,Stop by and see how these people are doing。”
“Oh!”Xiao Fan said lightly。
“But then again,These people are really good,And it feels very professional to see how you train them,Not bad you!”Qiao Anan’s words did not hide his praise for Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan glanced at the people in the lounge,Said:“This is nothing,I have been in the army before,So it depends on people’s vision and the means of training them.。”
Qiao Anan’s eyes widened,Asked in surprise:“You actually stayed in the army?But you look very young!”
Xiao Fan was taken aback,Turning back to his expression:“Yes,Just stayed for a while,The soldiers I have taken are also very good,So don’t worry about these people from the security department!”
Qiao Anan“cut”With a,Said indifferently:“What can I worry about,Don’t worry, it’s your wife,Lin is hers,It’s not mine。”
Stood up after speaking,Said:“Forget it,I said what I should say,I also watched,I’ll go back,Ugh!I’m busy for you this day,Remember to invite me to dinner!”
Don’t give Xiao Fan a chance to speak,Step on high heels of ten centimeters“Stunned”Left the security department。
Xiao Fan is also quite helpless about Qiao An’an’s complaints,But since the guests are gone,Xiao Fan also got up and walked into the lounge,Oh no,It should be called the training room now,Shouted:“Time to rest,Continue training!”
One afternoon passed quickly,It’s off work time,Xiao Fan went to Lin Yuner’s office as usual to pick her up from get off work。
Lin Yoona had already packed up early,When just going out,I saw Xiao Fan who was about to knock on the door。

He held the belt in his hand,I made up my mind to teach Shen Han a lesson,Let him know what he can do and don’t think about what he doesn’t want。

Huo Rongxuan’s first move is practical,When the belt is pulled down, it even brings wind,Hit Shen Hanchi`The pain on her naked ass made Shen Han slap her whole body。
Huo Rongxuan asked him condescendingly from above:“Can’t run?”
Shen Han bit her lip without speaking,Huo Rongxuan held the belt and drew it again。
Shen Han has been reluctant to beg for mercy,Huo Rongxuan finally got red eyes,For a while in the room, there were only the sound of the belt whipping the skin and Shen Han’s suppressed gasping。
When Huo Rongxuan came back to his senses, Shen Han’s ass was already red and swollen,There is even slight bleeding in some places。
Huo Rongxuan feels distressed,But he still slapped Shen Han’s red butt with his hand,Ask sternly:“Know what’s wrong?”
Shen Han kept biting his lip to endure,Heartache,I feel humiliated and sad and wronged,At this time, tears finally came out unbearably,Shouting loudly:“fake!All fake!”
Huo Rongxuan didn’t understand,“what did you say?”
He turned Shen Han’s face buried on the mattress,See the tears on his face,Scolded him with red eyes:“You bastard!Son of a bitch!”
Huo Rongxuan saw him cry like this,No matter how great the anger is,But still warned him coldly:“Remember what i said,I won’t be so tolerant next time。”
Shen Han closed his eyes and stopped looking at him,Huo Rongxuan sighed and untied the person,Then call the family doctor。
Shen Han lying in bed with eyes closed,Huo Rongxuan just took the belt and looked at him coldly, still lingering before his eyes。That night this man watched his gentle look in the light of birthday candles,Now I want to come far away like an illusion。
13 Shen Han’s brother
The next few days,Huo Rongxuan also did this with Shen Han several times。
Although Shen Han still feels uncomfortable,But the body will react every time。This body developed by Huo Rongxuan now seems to have completely adapted to this kind of thing,This makes Shen Han a little depressed,Every time Huo Rongxuan did something like that with him,The body doesn’t seem to belong to me anymore。
Shen Han’s holiday is not over yet,Huo Rongxuan had to go to the company every day。Then at noon on this day,Huo Rongxuan met Shen Ze in his company。
It’s lunch time,Huo Rongxuan took the elevator downstairs,Halfway up the elevator,It happened that Shen Han’s brother, Shen Ze, walked in。
Shen Ze is currently competing for a project under the Huo family,This is what Huo Rongxuan knew,I’m not surprised to see Shen Ze here。

“It’s incredible……”

Listening to the heated discussion between reporters and car owners,The corners of Chen Geng’s mouth couldn’t help but turn up。
Back to Detroit from Washington,Chen Geng plunged inAMC。
According to the plan made before,First batch“Swordfish”GT-RWill be on the first day of the new year、That is1982year1month1Delivered to the first batch of users,But whether it’s Chen Geng or Jack·Welch,Or the wholeAMCHigh-level,Didn’t see this as a simple delivery ceremony,Chen Geng and Jack·Welch has great ambitions:The two are going to plan this delivery ceremony into a hugeAMCBrand promotionparty。
For this brand promotion plan,AMCTotal the first batch200The famous car owner invited Detroit with all-inclusive board and lodging,And invited many media across the United States——Because of Chen Geng’s big show at the White House New Year’s Dinner,Also becauseAMCAlmost becomes“Weather vane of public opinion”、Anything aboutAMCThe reports are not short of sales,The media is very face-saving,All the invited media are here without exception。
Invited by these car owners and reporters,Of course it’s not over if you eat and drink,Besides eating and drinking,AMCAlso arranged a series of activities,One of them is to visit“Swordfish”GT-RAll production links,AMCTell the media and car owners implicitly in this way:our“Swordfish”GT-RWhy so awesomeX、Why can we win the title of the fastest mass-produced civilian sports car in the world at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany?
The reason is here!
At this moment,The exclamation of car owners and reporters also confirmed that this approach is correct,Especially those car owners,All blushing、Full of pride:It turns out that our engine is produced in this way.,Uh uh,Ok, Ok……
Just when Chen Geng was holding his chin while observing the reactions of everyone,FromCNBC’S reporter suddenly walked towards him,Asked:“Mr. Fernandez,Can i ask you a question?”
“of course,”Chen Geng nodded:“You said。”
“I have visited the engine production lines of General Motors and Chrysler,Their production lines are very advanced,So i’m curious,What are your considerations,Just decided to let‘Swordfish’GT-ROnboardVR38DETTThe engine uses this backward、Manual production?”CNBCThe beautiful female reporter asked Chen Geng with a smile,Don’t forget to give Chen Gengfei a wink——A billionaire like Chen Geng who is young and has no girlfriend,Which woman doesn’t like?
Good question,No money was spent!

Firmino has no original combat power,But he has money and he can smash the team over,the most important is,Qin Feng believes that the Grain Group must have its own direct line,It’s just that they don’t show up in front of ordinary people.。

However, Qin Feng did not have the confidence to persuade Firmino to let him bring the team to help。After all, the relationship between the two of them was just a cooperative relationship。Finally the cooperation ends,Their relationship should end here。
Qin Feng really doesn’t want to owe others!It might be horrible!
So in the end he didn’t find Firmino but chose to go alone.。
“Forget it,Please not come!”
After speaking,Qin Feng changed the subject,“You guys are ready to look around,No one can guarantee that an army will not rush out at this position on the national highway at this time。So be careful!”
just,The car went for ten minutes,The feeling of being watched still exists。
“No way,Are there so many sentinels??Or?”
Qin Feng raised his head and looked to the sky!It’s a drone!Has Myanmar started to use this method of investigation??But think about it!After all, in some rural areas of China, people use drones for video aerial photography.,Isn’t it normal for Burma to use drones for surveillance??
“really,The poison generals’ team is so advanced in detection methods。It is very different from the local private armed forces!”
Qin Feng shook his head helplessly。Then draw a gun,Solve the problem directly。
“Wow,Qin Feng boss,I just thought it was at least a thousand meters high,You hit with a shot。How much is your range?”
“Didn’t I tell you?The world records on the bright side today may not be far from me!Mi Jun’s record is2461Meter,I should be able to exceed2500!”
Listening to Qin Feng’s face calmly saying these words,Everyone doesn’t know whether to believe it or not!After all, Qin Feng seems to have some chemical reaction now,I like to brag and beep!
“Ugh,Don’t believe it!”
I saw the eyes of a few people,Qin Feng didn’t bother to explain,But still reminded,“Pay attention to your surroundings,Since we snipe the other’s drone,This will definitely alarm the owner of the drone。I guess this is the report team of the poison general,I don’t know what they will do

And Xin Zhao took pictures again,Until the phone’s memory is insufficient,Xin Zhao put down his phone,Feel a little satisfied。

Today is really a happy day。
Seeing Xin Zhao finished taking photos,The four directly changed clothes again,Xin Zhao glanced at the table,Then some doubts,Where’s the clothes?
“What do you think,Of course the clothes were put away by us,If I stay with you,In case you take these clothes and do something unexplainable,We are here to stop you from embarking on an irreversible path!”
Seeing Xin Zhao’s little puzzled eyes,I don’t have to say anything about Lena,Qiangwei gave him a word directly。
And Xin Zhao was a little embarrassed when he heard this,You know that he let go of a beautiful girl sitting next to him today,Mingming Lianfeng is already sitting there and letting him do things,As a gentleman, he,Give up this beautiful thing。(The above is pure Xin Zhao imagination,The actual situation is that Lianfeng doesn’t care about him at all!)
“All right,Since the bet, we practiced,Then there is one more thing to tell you today,I decided to let you promote it,Stabilize people’s hearts,what do you think?”
Use super soldiers to stabilize people’s hearts,This is a good idea。
“Who will pass this time?,How many people to choose?”Xin Zhao said,His eyes floated directly to Lena,Then shifted the target。
First of all, Lena is excellent in every aspect,And she is not earthly,So the above will not choose her,Rui Mengmeng looks simpler,Won’t choose her。
Then there are only Qiangwei and Qilin, right?。
“Let’s talk about the male side,except me,Chuangzi shouldn’t consider,He was a bit ugly before,And ordinary people have a natural sense of hostility towards punks。
Then it is me, Ge Xiaolun and Cheng Yaowen,Is it all over?”
“What do you think!This time the man goes to both,Women go to two。Qilin and Qiangwei are going over here,As for the man,What you just said was right,Liu Chuang was ruled out,Which of the three of you decides to pass,I won this opportunity for you,how about it?”
Kindness to Lena,Xin Zhao is here。
If it was before,He would definitely go to such a place。Superhero,I don’t know how many people will watch,Can gain great fame all at once,I can even meet many beautiful young ladies。
Just for Xin Zhao today,How to improve your strength,Is what he has to do。
After all, his genetic model has an upper limit,Before I went to improve my genetic potential,The only thing he can do is to further develop his brain。
I still remember in a memory segment of the previous life,One is to turn on the brain and become a god,And the starring is a very beautiful big beauty。
Now Xin Zhao is on the way to open his mind,He believes that after hard work,Will be successful。