Muay Thai King TonyThe front end,Motioned his disciple Xu Xiaohu to come forward。

Xu Xiaohu walked to the big desk carelessly,Finger,Learn like Master Ye,I’m going to press my mudra。
His move,The audience was suddenly passionate,Many people shouted。
“Why does he fight Master Ye??”
“Correct!Give it to
NiCome up by yourself!”
“Shameless,Master Ye is sixty-nine,Could it be that their masters and apprentices still want the wheel to fight?”
“What’s Xu Xiaohu’s identity??Is he also worthy to fight Master Ye Tian??Roll down!”
I saw Xu Xiaohu going to fight,Although the audience scolded everywhere,But the strange thing is,The martial arts masters were relieved,Have a look of sadness。
Even Zhang Tianqiao, the big disciple of Wing Chun Gym,,Also showed a relieved expression。
As the saying goes,Insider,Layman watching the excitement。
Don’t look at the surrounding audience yelling fiercely,They are true people in the martial arts circle, but see it really,Tony sitting over thereFront,Although I only shot once,But that time, he directly killed the head of Cai Li Fuquan.,Unfathomable strength,And its unstoppable。
Although his disciple Xu Xiaohu won five games in a row,But after all,This person is just relying on his strength,It’s only been two years since I changed into Muay Thai,With the strength of Ye Tian,I can handle it。
And as long as Master Ye Tian wins one game first,Then it means that the entire martial arts world has earned face,Even if you lose it later,It’s better than the entire army collapsed,Dull face。


Shuanzi clapped his hands,Obviously I am very happy that I have just come here,It seems they are going to make a blockbuster this time!
“Long brother,Easily solved,I……Bang!”
Shuanzi was just halfway through,The whole person flies directly to one side,Hit the tree hard,I can’t help but squirt out blood in my mouth。
The sudden appearance of the line makes others at a loss,what happened,Their captain actually did something on Chuanzi,And look at this power,Definitely a killer。
Yes,Xia Chenglong shot,He didn’t mean to keep his hands on this foot。
“Aaron,what are you doing?”
Dazhu yelled in surprise,Ready to go and help Shuanzi。
But Xia Chenglong appeared in front of the opponent instantly,The same kick,Dazhu’s body is like a kite with a broken string,An arc appears in the air,Then it fell heavily to the ground。
Just this one directly caused the opponent to be seriously injured,I’m afraid I don’t even have the ability to fight。
“for,why?”Dazhu asked in a weak voice。
But Xia Chenglong kicked the opponent away and didn’t look at it again,But walking towards the dead rhinoceros。

“Little bell,This is your own problem!You bring emotions to work,Seriously hurt the interests of guests,Our shop is not responsible。If the customer insists on being held accountable,I suggest you call the police!Anyway, she also works part-time。”The shop manager said coldly。

As soon as I hear the word alarm,No matter that couple,Still Zhong Liying,All shocked。
The tall girl’s face flushed immediately,She would obviously be wrong,Think this is the store manager’s threatening them,Rage on the spot:“Call the police!Obviously your waiter broke my book,You still have reason?Call the police!I’m not afraid!”
She yelled,Zhong Liying’s face became more panic,She secretly left school to work part-time,If the school knows about the police,,Things are big。
at this time,A soft but firm voice came from behind Zhong Liying。
“Isn’t it just a magazine??I’ll pay you for her!Trouble the police officer with such a small matter,Don’t you think you’re wasting police force??”
Everyone turned their heads in surprise,I saw white
The boy in clothing stood at the table with a smile,Calmly。
Of course the speaker is Lu Menglin。
When Zhong Liying saw that nasty guy was speaking for herself,I was so surprised that I stopped feeling hurt。
“What do you know?This is the first issue of out of print!I can’t buy it at all!”The tall girl yells not to be outdone。
It’s probably the good-looking boy in front of me who is standing up for the beautiful waitress,Which nerve in her was stimulated again。
“I understand!is not it《Game time》First issue??I happen to have a copy here,And there is also an autograph by the editor Aliang!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“Aliang?I know!he is《Game time》Editor-in-chief and writer,Except that write《Fight against the King of Fighters》author,My favorite is Boss Aliang。”
The man in glasses heard that Lu Menglin had the inaugural issue autographed by A Liang,I stood up with excitement,Muttered。
Lu Menglin really took out a copy from his schoolbag《Game time》first issue,Bacheng new magazine,There is also Alliang’s handsome signature like a dragon and snake on the cover。
“Do you want?”Lu Menglin shook the magazine in his hand at the man with glasses。
The other party nodded without any promise,Can’t help but stretch out his hands,Like a baby waiting to be fed。

The youth who has been nagging non-stop also trot in,He just ran out to smoke a cigarette,Was preempted?Just think about it。

“Oh my God!Third Uncle again,Smoke from his ancestral tomb recently?”
“Banana leaves are still white!”
“Weird,I also watched here yesterday,Ugh!”
Find good material,Is a middle-aged and elderly person close to fifty,Hair is a bit white,Eyes are full of crow’s feet,Wearing a vest,With a towel on his shoulders。
In this village,He ranks third in their big family,So everyone called him Sanshu。
at this time,He wiped the sweat off his face,Put down the hammer in your hand。
Quarrying is always a hard job,Is Duanyan famous or not,The most basic condition is the quality of inkstone,Therefore, the process of quarrying is extremely important,Don’t put the cart before the horse。
Duanxi Mingkeng,Hand-mined since ancient times,Labor intensive,High quarrying technology,So there is“A pound of stone,Worth a thousand gold”Said。Because most of Duanxi Rocks are not earthquake resistant,Inkstone mining is still mainly manual mining,Cannot be replaced by machinery。
Uncle San is in a great mood,Quarrying for decades,Most of my life,I never mined banana leaf white material continuously。
This piece,Although the white area of banana leaves is not as large as the previous two days,But you can still sell around 200,000。
“Let let!Everyone let!Let my friend see。”Brother Song squeezed out and shouted。
Someone turned his head and looked,I saw two strangers,A little alert in his eyes。Follow the young man who came in to explain,To relieve everyone。
Three uncle,People have a desire to buy,The whole person becomes enthusiastic。

The previous warmth really tastes this set,Because she wants the care of her relatives。

But is it a relative in front of you??
“Warm,be good,Listen to mother?”
Where everyone can’t see,Wen Yunyun pinched her warm arm tightly with her nails,Very threatening。
Slammed Wen Yunyun’s arm away fiercely。
Obviously I didn’t push her hard at all,Wen Yunyun actually lay down。
A pear blossom with rain。
“Warm,Even if you don’t want mother’s care,Don’t make it difficult for your mother to do it in person。”
Pitiful look,Yu Shan’s heart hurts seeing this。
Wen Yunyun, who is busy helping her down,Yelled at the warm and warm gap:“Dead bitch!Don’t shame you!I told you you can’t go, you can’t go!”
It’s my freedom to go or not!
Ignore the clamor of the people behind,Warm and leave without looking back。
But for the person who claims to be his father,Even more disappointed。
From beginning to end,He just sits on the sidelines,I don’t want to help。
“father,do not worry,I will definitely look at sister,Not let her offend that person!”
Like in contrast,Wen Yunyun is so sweet。

Once the fund’s use period expires,He Qiao Renfu and Fuxing Society will recover the funds lent to them that year,Transfer the funds to the successors of each family。

So the four big families want to seize this final plan to make a comeback,We must do everything possible to make full use of this fund to develop various businesses,Make more profits。
Wait until the fund usage period expires,After the funds were transferred to the successors,The four big families can at least keep the profits made by this fund,So as not to fail。
First0485chapter The last trump card in the hand
This is similar to the fact that the Fuxing Society was created by the four major families concentrating all the industries.,Later, after development, the four major family industries were returned to the four major families with interest and interest.,The Fuxing Club left profits1Trillion dollars,There are similarities!
so,The old patriarch Qiao Renfu signed with the four major families“Successor system”,It is actually the sword of Damocles that Qiao Renfu hangs above the heads of the four major families。
Qiao Renfu originally wanted to use this measure to encourage the heads of the four major families to use the funds to lead their families on the road of revitalization.,However, I did not expect the successor system to make the heads of the four major families nervous all day.,Pin felt。
Short-sighted and not enterprising, they failed Qiao Renfu’s kindness,In order to keep the start-up capital from being recovered,They took the risk to abolish“Successor system”Crooked road!
As for the coveting of the tiger stone box by the four major families,Because of the share hidden in the tiger stone box“Fund Escrow Agreement”。
As long as who has mastered the tiger stone box,Who can get the tiger stone box“Fund Escrow Agreement”,That is equivalent to owning the Gundam of Fuxingshe1Trillions of dollars in huge transaction funds!
1Trillion dollars,This is an irresistible temptation for any secular forces,It’s no wonder that the four big families treat tiger stone boxes like this“Tireless”To pursue。
at the same time,Qiao Tianyu finally understood,Why did Wu Minghao go with Jian Ying to calculate his uncles in one go??
It turns out that the huge transaction funds in the hands of Wu’s uncle and nephew were not originally Wu Wenjie’s money,And has nothing to do with Wu Minghao,And Wu Minghao doesn’t have the patriotic heart of his uncle,So Wu Minghao naturally tried every means to get a piece of it!
And after answering all four questions from GEODIS,Qiao Tianyu also understood why Qiao Daye had to rescue Mr. Wu Wenjie before。
After all, Mr. Wu Wenjie’s funds are all from the Fuxing Society,It is the sweat and blood of four sages including Qiao Yuanshan,Condensed the ardent Yanyan heart of the sages,It is the most important reliance for protecting China’s financial security at present and for a long time to come!
Now this huge sum of money is in danger,Qiao Daye and Qiao Tianyu who are also descendants of Qiao,Have the responsibility and obligation to protect the safety of this huge amount of money!
But then again,It is not easy to protect the safety of this huge amount of money!
Has been analyzed before,Now Wu Minghao and Jianying Organization are in the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”There are many traps,And Yamaki Kobayashi also laid down layers of conspiracy in the British Virgin Islands,Just wait for Qiao Tianyu to drill。
If Qiao Tianyu acts rashly, he will fall into the opponent’s trap,At that time, not only can’t save the huge transaction funds of Fuxingshe,I’m afraid even those allies of Qiao Tianyu will be buried with him,It would be more than worth the loss。

They know,My life will be meaningful,My youth will be vigorous,Memorable。No regrets in one’s life,Maybe the best life。

If your life is full of regrets,So no matter how safe your life is,How easy and wonderful,Such life may be boring。
Xiao Fan feels that everyone’s efforts should be rewarded,In fact, after many years, everyone’s efforts have received their own results。
Chapter Four Hundred and Ninety Two Get ready
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona have both moved out recently,It’s been a long time since the two of them returned to the neighboring Lin’s house,Mainly Xiao Fan has been busy with Shen Lin,I’ve been staying at the villa recently,Did not go home。
Lin Yoona basically stayed with Bai Chen,Or just take care of my work,Two people don’t meet often。
But now this time,Xiao Fan feels it’s really not suitable for romance,Because he has to deal with a lot,Fortunately, Lin Yoona is also a considerate person。
I never asked Xiao Fan for this or that,She will let Xiao Fan do what she should do,Two people understand each other,This is why the two of them have never quarreled since they realized。
Xiao Fan left for three years,Lin Yoona forgave him easily。Xiao Fan plans to take Yiming to get rid of those people completely,Or to convince those people。
No longer thinking about necklaces,Xiao Fan didn’t want them to know,Even if they got the necklace,Does not help their force,Unless Xiao Fan will manipulate the necklace to help them。
Otherwise, even if Xiao Fan is killed,They have nothing to do,Xiao Fan feels that there are some things to let them know,You have to pay for it。
They have done so many detrimental things,It’s time for them to be punished,Xiao Fan never did it before,It’s because Xiao Fan feels that many things are not within his jurisdiction。
Even if he wants to manage, he doesn’t think he can,But now these people’s hands are reaching him,He has no choice。
Xiao Fan didn’t offend me before,I am not a criminal,If anyone commits me,I must be a criminal,To protect some people over the years,He also handled a lot of people。
But now these people have not converged,Instead it gets worse,I always felt that Xiao Fan was tolerant and indulgent towards them。
This made Xiao Fan feel that it was time to attack them,Because Xiao Fan is not a good-tempered person,Life is relatively easy these years,So the whole person looks much gentler。
But the character in a person’s bones cannot be changed,What is his temperament,What kind of temper,Can’t be changed。
So those people think Xiao Fan doesn’t care about them all these years,Indulge them to do something,They can get overwhelmed,I even think that as long as I grab Xiao Fan’s necklace, I can become the strongest。

He knows that this company is his father’s lifetime effort,Even if the old man eccentrically did not leave the company to him。

but,He feels that he is also obligated to maintain the company。
Xiao Fan silently took all these things in his heart。
Wu Shaohua really has no choice,He just called Xiao Fan in front of the directors and Wu Guodong.。
When the phone said that Wu Guodong should abdicate immediately,When the company’s chairman was given to Wu Shaohua。
The office is very lively。
Some agree,Some don’t worry。
Wu Guodong is very angry,His expressions on the directors are not so good。
He feels that he really has no way to recover the loss of the company。
He really couldn’t think of any good way。
He feels that if he doesn’t agree,The financial crisis facing the company this time,He really can’t figure it out。
and,If the company has a problem。He really can’t stay in the company。
The old directors of the company won’t spare him,Even his grandfather can’t keep him。
then,He completely hated Xiao Fan in his heart。
but,He can’t express these emotions now。
He told himself silently in his heart。
Bear with me for now,Promised Xiao Fan’s request。
then,He will slowly calculate the new and old accounts with Xiao Fan。

But Xiao Fan immediately retorted:“I already have a family,My wife doesn’t want me to contact other women,And i love my wife very much,I hope everyone can understand my kindness。”

The others looked at each other,There are very few people who are in high positions and have wealth,Can continue to clean up,Really rare。
For a while, those women looked like Xiao Fan with an appreciation,Makes Xiao Fan feel very uncomfortable,He doesn’t like others to look at him easily,Or look at him like a prey。
The boss said with a smile after reacting:“no problem, no problem,I didn’t understand clearly and made a joke for a while,Then let’s continue eating,Just eat and drink and have fun。”
Xiao Fan also smiled and nodded,After all, he can’t get angry easily,I didn’t make it clear at the beginning,Now I can blame others for being very unfriendly。
But some women will go up when she sees a good man,So when I found Xiao Fan for the first time, my eyes were shining,I can’t help but want Xiao Fan to notice her。
People like them just want to climb the flames,But Xiao Fan wouldn’t take a second look at all,But they couldn’t help but want to toast Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan directly blocked it。
Then Yiming and Chu Yao also looked at those women angrily,Scared those people so much that they dared not keep talking,Or is there any behavior beyond the rules,Eat a meal so peacefully。
But during the meal,Some people still look at Xiao Fan from time to time,But Xiao Fan ignored it,I didn’t even look at it。
After finally being able to go back to rest,Xiao Fan didn’t do anything else,After all these days are really exhausted,So many things happened,He also needs to take some relief。
Sometimes Xiao Fan seems to be invincible,Even nothing can knock him down,But in fact, sometimes some inner emotions can only be handled by yourself,Fatigue can only be eliminated by yourself。
What he hopes more is that one day he can get rid of this hectic life,Then I can calm down and really feel some daily life,I didn’t hurry up every day like now。
Then I can’t get a good improvement in my life,Xiao Fan couldn’t help sighing when he thought of this person,I hope I can grow my own family better with Yoona Lin in the future。
Return to the family,After Xiao Fan took a rest, he received a call from Lin Yuner,Tell him everything is fine at home,Then let him handle his work as soon as possible。
Able to handle their affairs after returning home,Someone from Lin Yuna hasn’t talked to Liu Chunlan for a few days.,There seems to be sulking between the two,Then I won’t say what’s in my mind。

“Then start——Everybody,Please don’t blink,Because you will have a deep understanding,Risk of betting!Furthermore,The next performance will only be once。”Chen Wenjin picked two songs from memory,A sense of rhythm can achieve a good connection,It won’t be impossible to keep up with the rhythm。

Xiao Xiao sees Chen Wenjin being serious,Can’t help but be a little surprised,But saw the smile in his eyes,Obviously so that she doesn’t have to worry,Just watch。
So Xiao Xiao just watched intently,She doesn’t care about winning or losing in the end,I think Chen Wenjin thinks it’s okay to be happy,It’s not a matter of principle anyway。
The dance begins,Chen Wenjin didn’t have a smile on his face either,Attentively watching the directions flashing on the screens on both sides,Move back and forth with coordinated body shape and footsteps,In the eyes of the crowd,None of the arrow keys on the screen missed,Not one step on the wrong!
More human eyes,I gradually stopped looking at the screen,Just watching that figure move away and whirl,Occasionally splitting and stepping on both sides,Step on the hand,And whirled and leaped in idle time,Then continue to face a faster and more urgent rhythm。
The crowd was silent,Just watching,Waiting for him to be wrong from the beginning,Later, I was shocked and didn’t believe he would be wrong,In the end, I hope not to step on it wrong。
Chen Wenjin’s head and face are sweaty,But he didn’t care about it,Just watching Xiao Xiao,Say:“Just jump this time,For your beloved,I hope you like this little surprise。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Two Chikusa
Cheers、When the excitement shouts,Chen Wenjin walked to Xiao Xiao,Hold her,Whisper:“Wanted to kiss you,But I thought that the memorable moment shouldn’t happen at this time、here。”
“Ok……I like it very much。”Xiao Xiao involuntarily answered,She felt her heartbeat was about to jump out,Held by him at this moment,Can’t wait forever not to be apart,Even the sweat on his neck and face,She can’t smell it anymore,Only the sweetness and joy left in my mind。
“nice! You love it。”Chen Wenjin’s childhood memories,Skip this once,For another woman,Is between love and not love;This time,He wants to give it to Xiao Xiao,When in love。