Choosing chopsticks first for children is the safest and healthiest

Choosing chopsticks first for children is the safest and healthiest

Chopsticks were called 箸 in the ancient times, and the ancient book “Han Feizi?

“Yu Lao” contains: “The old man was a elephant, and the old man was terrified.”

King Wang was the monarch at the end of the Shang Dynasty. It can be seen that chopsticks made of ivory have gradually appeared as early as the 11th century BC.

China is the birthplace of chopsticks, and the customs of using chopsticks in North Korea, South Korea, and Vietnam are inherited by China.

  Nowadays, there are more than one billion people daily. Chopsticks do not leave their hands for three meals a day. Because chopsticks are used for meals and chopsticks are used by everyone, the Chinese people treat chopsticks as flawlessly.

However, how to eliminate potential health hazards in many aspects such as the material, usage, cleaning, and placement of chopsticks is a question asked by the university.

  Bamboo chopsticks are the first choice of a variety of materials, basically there are metal chopsticks, bamboo and wooden chopsticks, plastic chopsticks, ivory chopsticks, jade chopsticks and other varieties.

  Metal chopsticks are made of gold, silver, and stainless steel.

The content of chromium in stainless steel is generally above 13%, and the content of nickel is also about 10%. The reason for rust is that a solid, dense and stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) is formed on the surface, which can prevent the oxygen atom from continuing.Infiltration and continued oxidation.

However, if long-term exposure to acid, alkali, salt, the surface oxide film will be damaged.

Therefore, when using stainless steel chopsticks, including stainless steel tableware, you must try to avoid contact with acids, alkalis, and salt solutions, otherwise the heavy metals such as chromium and nickel will enter the body and endanger health.

Plastic chopsticks are brittle in texture and not ideal in hardness.

It is easy to deform after being heated, and produces harmful substances to the human body, so there are certain limitations in use.

Bone chopsticks have good texture, but they are easy to change color, and the price is relatively expensive.

  Why is chopsticks practical and healthy?

Professionals believe that chopsticks made of natural materials such as bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks are non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and most practical.

What needs to be outstanding is that the use of bright-colored painted chopsticks should be avoided, because heavy metals such as lead in paint and organic solvent benzene and other substances are carcinogenic, which will seriously endanger people’s health, and are especially unfavorable to the elderly and children with poor resistance.

However, bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks are more likely to carry pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, so they should be kept clean, often disinfected, and replaced regularly.

Under the ranking, bamboo chopsticks are cheap and easy to change regularly, so bamboo chopsticks are the first choice for daily diet.

  Dedicated chopsticks and advocating public chopsticks in real life. It is commonplace for several or a dozen pairs of chopsticks to be placed on a plate and eat vegetables at the same time. Many people ignore the danger to their health.

According to tests, an unclean pair of chopsticks may carry tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses.

Once people use such chopsticks, they are susceptible to related diseases such as hepatitis, ulcers, typhoid fever, and acute inflammation.

When many people at the table use chopsticks to clamp the same dish, these pathogenic microorganisms will spread through the chopsticks, causing cross infection.

Studies have shown that nearly half of people chronically have H. pylori that causes stomach problems and peptic ulcers.

Most of these bacteria are transmitted through the family, and chopsticks are one of the important transmission media.

Many people think that a family should eat lightly and casually without using the chopsticks.

But viruses and bacteria don’t cross-infect because they are a family.

On the contrary, most patients with infectious diseases have family clusters, which makes them more likely to be infected.

  The astonishing facts warn us that using public spoons and chopsticks, it is imperative to use special spoons!

Quite simply, everyone in the family can use chopsticks with different materials, colors, shapes, and lengths.

  Newly purchased chopsticks should be thoroughly cleaned. Newly purchased chopsticks need to remove the viruses and bacteria accumulated in the production and transportation of chopsticks, as well as certain chemicals.

You can wash it with tap water first, then use the dishwashing liquid for the second time, and finally put it in the pot and boil it in boiling water for half an hour.

  Note that the bamboo chopsticks must be carefully shaved off.

If the new chopsticks have a strange smell, you can soak them in vinegar for half an hour or use tea for half an hour.

The trademark adhesive on the newly purchased chopsticks is sometimes difficult to remove. You can use the hair dryer to blow the heat, and then you can slowly lift it down. You can also use a lighter to slightly bake the trademark glue, so that the glue can be easily melted off when heated.You can use medical alcohol (high spirits, wind spirits, etc.) can be applied to the adhesive with paper or cloth can be wiped off.

  What’s more important is to wash chopsticks thoroughly.

Many people wash chopsticks very “luxury”, put the whole chopsticks under the tap and knead it, and then insert it into the chopstick box to wash it.

As everyone knows, bacteria can easily grow on chopsticks and enter the body with food.The correct washing method should be: first rinse the surface of the chopsticks, then carefully wash the chopsticks with detergent, then put them in a disinfection cupboard to disinfect, dry them, or rinse and drain the water before putting them in the chopsticks box.

  Bacteria and viruses are very easy to remain on chopsticks, and they must be disinfected regularly.

Chopsticks are best stored in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mold contamination.

The chopsticks box should be hollowed out, without water at the bottom, and cleaned and disinfected frequently.

  It is best to change the chopsticks every 3 months.

Everyone knows that toothbrushes need to be changed regularly.

However, in many families, it is common for a pair of chopsticks to be used for two or three years.

Once the chopsticks have been used for a long time, the surface will no longer be smooth, and they are often used. Scrubbing will also easily make the chopsticks rough, and many small depressions and cracks will appear, which will easily cause pathogenic microorganisms to remain and breed.

Therefore, chopsticks are best replaced like toothbrushes every 3 to 6 months.

3 passwords for skin anti-aging


3 passwords for skin anti-aging

With the improvement of people’s living standards, anti-aging, keeping the skin smooth and beautiful, has become the goal pursued by more and more women.

In fact, skin aging and oxidation, stress and collagen saccharification are all very much related. Now let us crack the code of skin aging, so that you have firm, white skin.


Comprehensive anti-oxidation: Antioxidant is obviously a hot character in the beauty industry in recent years.

Why do we need antioxidants?

Because ultraviolet rays penetrate into the skin, they can generate harmful free radicals. These free radicals can damage the elastic fibers of the skin and stimulate the melanocytes to increase secretion, which leads to dry and relaxed skin and accelerated aging.

Therefore, supplementation of antioxidants is needed to help reduce the generation of free radicals. At present, the more common antioxidants are vitamin c, vitamin e, carotene and lycopene.


Supplementing collagen: “Glycosylation” is the key to skin aging, and “glycosylation” is the glycation of collagen.

Since human skin is mainly composed of collagen, the structure and quality of collagen affect the appearance of the skin.

As you age, the collagen in the dermis layer of the skin will cross-link with sugar molecules, and the original structure will be tight. The white collagen will deform after saccharification, and the color will become cloudy from the original white.

This condition makes the skin look saggy, dull, and younger skin is gone.


Learn to relieve stress: With the accumulation of time and life stress, the skin will lose the restored brightness and elasticity, dull complexion and dullness. These are all warning signs of aging signs.Prepare to lose youth!

So you need to take a hot bubble bath frequently to effectively relax the tight muscles and nerves; eat more light food at dinner; raise your legs before bed to effectively alleviate the poor blood circulation caused by long-term complications or sitting posture; try to stay at night 11Go to bed before going to bed, etc., so that the skin is fully soothed and relaxed, so that the skin emits a charming glow from the inside out.

Super Simple DIY Nasal Farewell Strawberry Nose


Super Simple DIY Nasal Farewell Strawberry Nose

Many MMs are hurt by blackheads. Although strawberry nose is a bit cute, if you repeat this, you will definitely not like it!

The secretion of oil around our noses is strong, and blackheads can easily climb up when we encounter pollution in the air. Here are a few DIY ways to make nasal membranes, which are economical, easy to operate, and most importantly, super effective.Let you say goodbye to strawberry nose!

  Method 1: Homemade brown sugar honey nasal membrane material: brown sugar (one spoon), honey (half spoon) Steps: Step1: Put brown sugar and honey in a small container and stir well until they are completely mixed; Step2: Lighten the prepared materialsApply lightly on the nose and nasal wing and other places with long black heads; 用 Step3: Gently massage on the nose with the index finger of both hands for 1 to 2 minutes, and finally wash it with water.

  Editing experience: Is it very simple?


Everyone pays attention to be gentle when massaging, too much brown sugar will damage the skin. Twice a week, persistence can eliminate blackheads!

  Method 2: Homemade white vinegar salt nasal membrane material: coarse salt (1 spoon), white vinegar (half spoon), boiled water (half cup) Steps: Step1: Put the crude salt and white vinegar into the boiled water, stir until all the coarse saltDissolve; Step2: Use a cotton swab dipped in salt and vinegar water to rub the black part of the head, wash until the water becomes cold, once a day.

  Editor’s comment: Vinegar has a cosmetic effect. The production of this nasal mask is super simple. It is best to do a little less each time, that is, use it immediately. It can effectively remove the blackheads and dead skin on the nose, and make the skin smooth and moist.

  Method 3: Homemade baking soda pure water nasal membrane material: baking soda powder (half spoon), warm pure water (3 spoons), cotton pad (1 piece) Step: Step1: take half a spoon of baking soda powder and put in wide mouthAdd 3 scoops of warm pure water to the glass and stir until the baking soda powder is dissolved; Step2: Soak the cotton pads in it and screw them to the dry parts such as the nose, chin, and forehead, and remove them after 15 minutes.

  Step3: Press and hold a piece of soft tissue paper, rub it back and forth on the nose, and you will find black and dirty things on the tissue paper, because the blackheads and grease particles are wiped out!

  Editor’s note: If you don’t want to buy expensive blackhead increase liquid in the store, DIY to make baking soda blackhead generation liquid is the best choice. Try it out and you will get unexpected results!

  Method 4: Homemade protein nasal membrane material: protein (one), cotton pad (one sheet) Steps: Step1: Put the protein in a clean small glass container, and then put the cotton pad into it; Step2: wait for the cotton pad a littleAfter draining, put it on the nose, and then carefully remove it after 10-15 minutes.

  Editing experience: This method is suitable for MMs with black heads that are too prominent. Remember to tear off the cotton pads, and the thinner the better!

Egg white can go to blackheads Everyone knows, once every two weeks, fight the strawberry nose to the end.

  Method 5: Homemade hot rice ball cleansing nasal membrane material: hot rice (one spoon) Steps: Step1: Take out the hot rice from the rice cooker and push the rice ball in the middle of the nose with a slow circular motion; Step2: Wait for theAfter all the sticky rice balls are pushed out, wash your nose with clean water and finally apply a lotion.

  Editor’s note: Take a spoonful of rice to make a nasal membrane every day when the rice is warm. It can’t be easier.

Although the rice is ugly on the nose, it works.

Fresh rice balls not only have strong adhesion, but also soft to the touch, and are inexpensive skin cleansers.

  Method 6: Homemade pearl powder nasal membrane material: pearl powder (1 spoon), water (appropriate amount) Steps: Step 1: Put an appropriate amount of pearl powder into a small container, add water, and make the pearl powder into a paste; Step2: putApply the creamy pearl powder on the nose and massage gently until the pearl powder dries, wash with water, twice a week.

  Editor’s experience: This method is suitable for MMs with black noses and lush heads. Remember that pearl powder should be selected from quality assurance. You can choose superior pearl powder for internal use in drug stores.

  Method 7: Homemade milk nasal membrane material: milk (five drops), salt (appropriate amount) Steps: Step1: Put the salt in a small container, drip the milk, and stir to dissolve the salt; Step 2: Gently massage the nose for half a minuteAfter washing with water, once a week.

  Editing experience: This method is suitable for MMs with dense black heads. In order to let the skin regain clean oil protection, do not apply anything on the nose after washing!

  Method 8: Homemade egg shell nasal membrane material: Egg shell Step: Step 1: Gently remove the inner shell of the egg shell and wash it with water; Step 2: Put the egg shell membrane on the nose and remove it after ten minutes.Obviously, the time can be appropriately extended twice a week.

  Editing experience: The egg shell membrane can effectively remove the blackheads on the nose, remove the dirt and impurities in the pores, and continue to replace the blackheads. Persistent blackheads will soon disappear.

Skin defense battle fights ultraviolet light to the end!

Skin defense battle fights ultraviolet light to the end!

Most skin cancers are preventable.

Just use the following tips to prevent skin damage from UV rays and prevent skin cancer.

In addition, anti-ultraviolet can also fight wrinkles.

  The best way to avoid sunburn is to avoid exposing yourself to the sun.

  Avoid going out during the sunniest days (usually 10am to 4pm).

If you want to go out, try to find a dark place to walk.

In addition, you can measure the intensity of the UV at that time by looking at the length of your shadow.

The shadow is longer than the body, indicating that the UV is relatively weak.

  In addition, you can avoid sun exposure by wearing sun protection clothing, such as: 1.

Wide-brimmed hat, preferably the length of the brim is enough to block the sun’s rays from reaching the alignment, ears, eyes and scalp; 2.

2. Sunglasses with UV protection; 3.

Loosely knitted long-sleeved clothes or trousers.

  Protect your child from the sun. After your child is born, you must prepare your child for sun protection.

This is because children play games outdoors for a long time.

According to statistics, most of the first 18 years of a child’s life were spent above.

  Before the child is 6 months old, it is best not to expose it to the sun.

If you want to apply sunscreen to your baby, you can only apply a small amount. In some cases, try the back of your hand to see if your child’s skin is allergic to these.

  Educate children ABC at three points A = leave (leave).

Try not to go out and play between 10am and 4pm.

  B = sun protection (blocking).

Use sunscreen with SPF 30 ° or higher to protect the baby’s very sensitive skin.

  S = speackout.

Use your own words and deeds to tell your child how to avoid the damage caused by the sun.

  Sun protection If you have to go out in the sun, you need to take protective measures: 1.

Use sunscreen with an SPF above 30 degrees.

Sun protection products marked “full sun protection” usually have the function of preventing UVA or UVB, which can provide more comprehensive protection for the skin.


Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.


Take care of all the areas where the sun can do its best: nose, ears, neck, lips.


Use according to the dosage guidelines for sunscreen products.

Many sunscreen products are less effective because you don’t apply too much.


Apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

Sunscreen should be taken after sweating or swimming.

This is because the water will wash away sunscreen products on the skin surface.

In addition, the effect of sun protection is affected by wind, penetration, and even altitude.
If you are at a higher latitude or in the tropics, you should apply more sun protection.

10 possibilities to watch out for everyday food

10 possibilities to watch out for everyday food

Apart from gaining weight, I rarely think that food may cause any other complications or complications.

Isn’t there only an anesthetic for medicine or medical treatment?

However, the foods we eat often affect our health.

And some of these anomalies can be serious, some can be disturbing, and some can be embarrassing to you.

  Here are 10 alternatives caused by common foods:.

hzh{display:none;}  1.Body Odor Research has found that red meat interferes with the body’s odor.


Acne (acne) hypersaturation abnormalities and trans-obesity increase slightly increase subcutaneously, which can stimulate an increase in skin ulcers.

Scientists point out that frequent drinking of milk can also cause high incidence of acne.


Allergies Allergies are the number one discomfort in food.

In theory, any food can cause allergies.

But in fact, the culprit for 90% of allergic reactions is the following 8 food types: milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts (including Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and walnuts), fish, shellfish, soybeans and wheat.


Candidiasis (yeast yeast infection) can cause yeast infections due to the excessive reproduction of normal yeast in the human body, and food achieves this by affecting yeast levels in the body (food provides nutrients to the yeast).

Typical foods that can cause yeast infections are: sugar, vinegar, refined yeast, baking powder, and selective yeast foods.


Heartburn and acid reflux can cause heartburn many foods, and some foods can cause weakness in the lower sphincter (a muscle that allows food from the esophagus to the stomach), which in some cases can cause stomach acid to be higher than usual.

The chance of acid reflux is greatly increased over normal conditions.

The most common foods that cause heartburn are citrus fruits, fried and with a small amount of food, vinegar, tomatoes, chocolate.


High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) animal foods have a relatively high cholesterol content. Absorption of these foods will cause the cholesterol content in human blood to rise, increasing the risk of disease.

Related foods include: brains of cattle, pigs and sheep, internal organs (liver, kidney, spleen), eggs.


Kidney stones High animal protein and low fiber can cause kidney stones.

Some studies have shown that you should increase the estimated calcium and reduce the intake of salt, animal protein, and reduce foods that re-oxalate, such as spinach, cocoa, nuts, peppers, tea, etc., the oxalic acid will be combined with calcium to be absorbed by the bodyCalcium oxalate precipitates and is excreted with feces.


Cognitive Impairment and Memory Loss Studies conducted by Rush University’s Medical Center in Chicago point out that, especially for some older people, if they put too much copper in their food, they have slow learning and thinking abilities and memoryFall quickly.


Edema High-salt, high-sugar, and high-sodium foods can cause edema.

The body needs a certain concentration of salt to maintain the balance of the internal environment, but too much salt to be added overlaps the body to increase the salt concentration in the body. If the body needs to replace the high salt concentration, it will retain a lot of water and cause edema.

(Migraine) headaches can only cause migraines, including tension-type headaches-it feels like wearing a “cuff spell” and the entire head hurts.

It causes pain in the head by chemicals that affect the brain or by changing the size of blood vessels through chemical action.

Some people have headaches because of the high levels of amino acids tyramine and aniline in their foods, which cause more blood in their bodies to flow to the brain.

Common foods that can cause headaches are: mature cheese, beer, red wine, chocolate, and foods containing nitrite (such as smoked or cured meat products).

Workplace gymnastics makes men smarter

Workplace gymnastics makes men smarter

Among the white-collar workers, some male staff members do not pay attention to exercise and eat too often, so their abdomen is hoarded day by day, which has caused a noticeable “beer belly”.

Some men are about to suffer from bodily hypertrophy and thick thighs.

Here is a prescription for men who have the above-mentioned bad body shape, and recommend a set of special aerobics that are popular abroad and are practiced in the office.

  As long as you spend 15 minutes a day doing it for about a month, the extra aunt who “stays” on the waist, abdomen, and buttocks will gradually disappear, and a body full of male charm will definitely be reflected in you.

  Arm flexing exercise: Put something with a certain weight, such as a phone book, into the handbag. Then, hold the handle of the bag, and repeat it in the form of arm flexion, starting from the waist to the shoulder position, and the left and right arms.Alternately, doing each back and forth 30 times.

This exercise can effectively stimulate the biceps of hypertension and develop strong transformation.

Arm flexing exercises can exercise your upper body, say goodbye to thin books, a thin upper body, and get a solid upper body and a thick chest.

  Push-up exercise A: Put your hands on two chairs that are about one fist apart apart, keep your body as straight as possible, and then do push-ups.

This exercise will exercise the triceps of the upper arm.

  Push-up exercise B: The preparation posture before exercise is the same as that of A, but to increase the intensity of the exercise, place your feet on the table.

Straighten your legs.

Do push-ups slowly, this can stimulate the muscle groups of the arm and gradually become tough.

  Squat exercise: Separate your legs, about the same width as your shoulders, slightly extend the tip of your legs, bend your legs slightly, and hold your hands around your back brain.

Then, squat forward slowly until your thighs are flat on the ground.

Then slowly recover, taking care not to straighten the knee joint.

  Knee-curving exercise: The hips touch the chair slightly, and hold the edge of the chair with both hands.

Let the ground bend easily, put your legs together, then slowly bring the alignment closer to the right, and then slowly recover.

  Sideways bending exercise: Hold a tote with the appropriate weight and the palm of the other hand against the back of your head.

Then the bag dangled naturally as if pulled to the ground, and the body bent sideways along with it.

The recovery action is: slowly lift the handbag, and slowly straighten your body.

Left and right alternate.

  Backward movement: With your feet apart and shoulder-width apart, hold the chair with one hand to keep your upper body fixed, and then straight forward and forward, while slowly leaning your waist toward the back. Keep this position until you are tired.

This exercise is feasible for the front muscles of the thighs that are strong and exhausting your aunt.

You must understand these thoughts of men

You must understand these thoughts of men

Men often spend their time thinking about women’s thoughts, but women spend more time on dressing up, shouldn’t they take a moment to understand men?

Therefore, today I will bring you to understand the psychological activities of men.

  A man’s breakup is sincere. A woman said that she broke up a hundred times. It may not be serious once.

  And women need to know that once a man breaks up, it is difficult to turn back. When reason is told that “we are really inappropriate”, everything is late, so men will not easily say break up.

  Wife and mother are not the same love “wife and mother fell into the water, who to save?

“This is an eternal problem.

But in the eyes of a man, he never thinks about it, and you should not compare yourself to his mother, because his love for you is different.

A woman should never want to take the place of his mother. Imagine if one day he was really not filial, would you love him?

I’m afraid you have no time to hide!

  Men don’t like women making too much noise and flirting, often making a lot of noise is unreasonable.

When men face such women, their first thought is to “escape.”

Life is not only love, but also affection, and the future. If the whole day is endlessly noisy, this day has passed?

  Men don’t like women who are too sticky. Men want to be taken care of, but if you follow him 24 hours a day, men will feel disgusted if you do n’t have private space.

Moreover, you should not only have him in your life, but also have your own personal space.

  Unwillingness to marry does not mean that you do not love you. Most men are afraid of marriage. When your love reaches a certain point, he also thought about getting married, but he is more afraid of losing freedom.

In addition, when he does not have the absolute ability to make you happy, he cannot marry you.

If you really want to marry him, you must make him fully understand that marriage will not become your shackles, and presumably men will let go of all their worries.

  Men cannot understand the romance that women demand. I believe that in this world, there are not many men who dare to admit that they are very romantic. In fact, therefore, men are not good at romance.

Men carry too many missions, too many responsibilities, and they have to support a lot of things.

  So romance has long been taken up by other things in their rankings.

Women like romance and desire romance, but at the same time, they must understand men. They don’t necessarily have a lot of time to be romantic with you. Do not use romance to determine whether a man loves you.

Six hidden dangers of bicycle disease prevention

Six hidden dangers of bicycle disease prevention

Men with Perineal Disorders Men who suffer from excessive bicycling will experience pain in the genitals, swollen anus, constipation, numbness of the penis, or urgency, frequent urination, and cramping discomfort.

The reason is that the genitals are squeezed during cycling, which causes the prostate to be congested and swollen.

  Some women patients commute to work by bicycle for a long time. If the seat is too high, too stiff or the handlebar is not high, the body weight will be concentrated on the seat too much. The inclined front end of the seat will react to the perineum and compress the upper part of the urethra.External sphincter, causing congestion of the urinary system, causing complications such as poor urination or frequent urination, urgency, or causing congestion, swelling and swelling of the vagina.

  When a rider with a waist problem leans forward (such as riding a sports car), in order to observe the front, he must lift his head and neck, which is a compulsive posture that can cause muscle tension.

The burden on the waist is the heaviest when riding a bicycle.

Therefore, long-term long-distance cycling may cause cervical and lumbar strain.

  People with too many hand disorders will feel numbness in their hands after cycling for a long time, soreness and weakness. Even holding a pen to write and eating with chopsticks will be affected. Doctors call this condition “carpal-ulnar tube syndrome”.

The ulnar side where the wrist joint meets the palm has a carpal ulnar tube, which consists of pea-sized pea bones and fibers. The ulnar nerve tip tube crosses and is distributed to the ulnar side of the hand.

If you hold the handlebar tightly with both hands during cycling, the ulnar side of the palm will contact the handlebar, and the pea bone will be stuck in the middle. When pedaling the bicycle uphill or advancing against the wind, the speed, and the body leaning forward, the wrist will inevitably overextend, making the rulerNerves are stretched; at the same time, the support force of the upper limbs increases, and the pressure in the ulnar canal also increases, causing the above symptoms.

  Fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Riding your bike on bumpy roads, bumps up and down, and collisions may cause fractures of your tailbone.

Rush roads with people and cars, run into the red light, run through red lights, ride a bicycle or encounter an emergency, the rider can lose balance due to tension, coupled with fast speed and inertia of the car, often can not stop the car, Leaning forward towards the ground, causing head injuries.

  The following measures should be taken to prevent “bicycle disease”: ① Observe the traffic rules and do not ride fast trains.

  ② The seat should not be too high, the seat should be soft, and the handlebar should not be lower than the seat.

  ③Do not ride on men’s and women’s cars to prevent inconveniences.

  ④ It is best not to ride a bike on snowy or snowy days to prevent slipping and injury.

  ⑤ It is best to get off the car and walk on a cart when bumpy roads are encountered.

  ⑥ Repeatedly educate children to strictly abide by traffic rules, don’t run red lights when riding, don’t grab roads, and don’t bend their heads.

  Those who are sick due to cycling should go to the hospital for treatment and stop cycling temporarily.

Those with swollen genital area or inflamed prostate can take appropriate physical exercise and take a 20-minute sitting bath with warm water at about 40 ° C every day.

Those with sore neck, waist, and wrists can self-massage the affected area, or soak in hot water, or apply safflower oil locally to reduce obesity and pain.

One orange a day helps car drivers detox

One orange a day helps car drivers detox

Oranges have almost no odor and aroma, and can also supplement cellulose and pectin substances, which can help promote resonance peristalsis, which is beneficial to clearing bowel and purging, and eliminating harmful substances in the body.

Normal people eat oranges or drink orange juice after meals, as well as degreasing, eliminate food, quench thirst, and sober up.

Oranges are also rich in vitamins C and P, which can increase the body’s resistance, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol. Therefore, it is also very suitable for people with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.


hzh {display: none; }  每天开车,不仅要饱受长期吸入尾气产生的毒素之苦,还要忍受车内混浊空气产生的难闻异味。Experts reminded that driving a family to eat an orange every day can not only purify the air in the compartment, but also help to expel toxins from the human body.

  Oranges have almost no odor and aroma, and can also supplement cellulose and pectin substances, which can help promote resonance peristalsis, which is beneficial to clearing bowel and purging, and eliminating harmful substances in the body.

  Normal people eat oranges or drink orange juice after meals, as well as degreasing, eliminate food, quench thirst, and sober up.

Oranges are also rich in vitamins C and P, which can increase the body’s resistance, increase the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce blood cholesterol. Therefore, it is also very suitable for people with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and arteriosclerosis.

  Drivers must have dietary knowledge1. Friends who drive must concentrate their eyes, keep their eyes wide open, and observe the situation in front of them. Therefore, it takes more eyes, especially when driving at night.In the eyes, the eyes can see the blood, and the long-term consumption of liver blood, so the driver should eat animal liver or blood, such as pig liver, sheep liver, chicken liver, duck liver, pig blood, etc.The method nourishes the liver and blood to achieve the purpose of nourishing the liver.

  2. Driving consumes less physical energy, and many people lack fitness. Most of their bodies are overweight. Therefore, drivers should reduce fat intake and avoid overeating, which can prevent dizziness, drowsiness, and more blood is distributed to the digestive system after a full meal.Affects the blood supply to the heart and brain. Mild contraction and hypoxia of the heart and brain often occur, and motorists are prone to unconsciousness and cause accidents.

  3, some people like to drink strong tea or coffee refreshing, however, often renew strong tea or coffee, the accumulation of conversion time, the human body transforms strong tea or coffee to produce tolerance, and the production of tolerance will inevitably cause strongIncreasing the amount of tea or coffee, the increase in the amount of strong tea or coffee will damage Yin and Tianjin due to excessive diuresis.

  Therefore, motorists should try to drink boiled water, accompanied by cool or boiled water according to the cold and warm weather and the state of the body at that time.

And the best way to refresh yourself is to force yourself to rest, even if it is a short rest, you will naturally have God after the rest.

  4. Car owners should try to reduce night activities and supper as much as possible. Sunrise and the biological rhythm of sunset are naturally formed in human history. If you randomly disturb this rhythm, the human body will have a lot of discomfort and the normal biological rhythm will be disrupted., Lack of sleep will also affect the safety of driving the next day.

 4 ways to freckle easily in hot season_1

 4 ways to easily remove spots in hot seasons

How to spot in the hot summer?

What are the ways to remove spots?

This hot summer is coming, but when changing into cool summer clothes, this season is also the best time for freckle effect.

At this time, the sun is soft and the air is fresh, which can make the effect of freckle better.

But how to freckle?

The so-called spots are basically melanin on the skin.

Everyone has melanin in their bodies, so theoretically everyone can have spots.

The principle of freckle removal is to make melanin lighter. It’s that simple.

Here’s what you need to know about your spots!

  The easiest way to remove spots is to use sunscreen. Everyone often uses sunscreen, sunscreen lotion, suntan lotion, etc. When buying these products, you must first know what type of skin you are. The alternative method is to use test paper on your own.Press on the nose, and if there is bright oil on the test strip, it means that your skin is oily and you should add lotion.

If there is no oil on the test strip, the selected range penetrates, and you can choose emulsion, cream or oil.

If it’s a little oily and not that serious, you can choose a cream.

  The second kind is a blackening agent. Many people come back after traveling, and the whole person will turn black. At this time, you can use a 3% -5% hydrogen radical cream. After two weeks, you can restore the skin to its original appearance, but do not rely on itIt is a chemical drug that does not fundamentally solve the problem of the skin. It can only remove the pigment from the epidermis, but it cannot help the pigment in the dermis.

  The third type is systemic vitamin C infusion. Intravenous injection of 3-5 grams can make melanin from deep to shallow.

It usually takes 20-30 drops to work on melasma.

  The first is laser, photon rejuvenation.

At present, the most hype in the country should be considered photon skin rejuvenation. This combination of light hits the skin, can break up the pigment mass, and the body tissues absorb or excrete it.

Although this method is convenient, it should not be used repeatedly, because the summer sunshine is long, the climate is hot, and the skin needs time to repair. It is recommended to do it once a month.

At the same time, it is necessary to identify the instruments from the manufacturer. Only standard instruments can guarantee the effect after use.

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