Shake your hands to eliminate fatigue and stress

Shake your hands to eliminate fatigue and stress

Hand shake is a fitness method in which arms swing continuously back and forth.

The method of throwing is very simple: separate your feet with the shoulder width, the left and right shoulders are relaxed and natural, the hands hang down naturally, then stretch forward and shoulder height, and then throw back hard.

You can do it 20-50 times at first, then gradually increase the number of times, generally 100-200 times per round.

  The process of shaking hands can actively move the shoulder and neck joints, cause arm vibrations, move the bones and muscles, and correct the circulation and patency of the meridian qi and blood in the “hand taiyin lung meridian, hand shaoyin heart meridian, and hand juicing pericardium”, which is very beneficial to cardiopulmonary health.

This method also has a better effect on improving memory and eliminating mental stress.

According to experiments, shaking hands can enhance the production of endorphins in the human brain, thereby achieving sedative, soothing and emotional stability.

  Shake hands can be performed by anyone, especially for the elderly and sedentary deskers, and is not limited by time and space.

It is best to do it in an open air with fresh air.

If you do it every morning, you will feel energized throughout the day.

When you feel nervous or tired, immediately put down your hands to do a hand shake exercise, you can get the effect of eliminating stress and restoring strength.

Is corn more nutritious initially?

Is corn more nutritious initially?

In the corn harvest season, walking on the street often smells the smell of boiled corn at the corner.

Waxy corn, sweet corn, old corn; white, purple, yellow; is corn more nutritious?

How to eat the best?

  Nutritionists agree that in the staple food, the nutritional value and health function of corn are very prominent.

  The vitamin content in corn is very high, several times that of rice and flour.

In addition to glucose, protein, trace, and carotene, corn also contains a variety of nutrients such as minerals, vitamin E, riboflavin.

  Corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially the content of linoleic acid is as high as 60% or more. It works in synergy with vitamin E in corn germ to reduce the cholesterol concentration in the blood and prevent it from depositing on the walls of blood vessels.

These substances are great for preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  Corn also contains a longevity factor, glutathione, which, with the participation of selenium, produces glutathione oxidase, which has the function of delaying aging.

  Different colors of corn have slightly different health effects. Corns of the same color have slightly different health effects, mainly because they contain different pigment diversity.

  Compared with white corn, anthocyanins are added to purple corn, so it has antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

  Yellow corn contains carotene and zeaxanthin, which is good for maintaining vision health.

  Different tastes of corn have different nutritional values. Sweet corn is sweet and delicious, and is popular. Even a “fruit-type sweet corn” can be eaten raw like fruit.

  This kind of sweet corn has 1-2 times higher protein, trace and vitamin content than ordinary corn, and selenium content is 8-10 times higher. Among the 17 amino acids it contains, there are more than 13 ordinary corn.

But sweet corn has high sugar content, most of which are sucrose and glucose, which easily cause blood sugar to rise.

  Waxy corn has a high protein content, supplemented with vitamin A, vitamin B1, etc., among which amylopectin content is very high, not suitable for people with diabetes.

  The old corn has a high content of crude fiber and a low content of soluble sugar, which is a very good choice for people who lose weight.

  How to eat corn is the most nutritious?

  First of all, eat fresh, fresh corn, moisture, actives, vitamins and other nutrients are much higher than the mature corn.

Although corn will lose some vitamin C after treatment, it can release more nutrients, especially a phenolic compound, lysine, which has a certain effect on cancer and other diseases.

  When many people cook corn, they like to clean the corn whiskers and corn leaves, which is really a pity.

Corn must be able to choke, diuretic, lower blood sugar, and corn stems can also prevent sweat.

  Summer is the season when urinary tract infections are high, and boiled corn water has the effect of preventing infection.

It is best to eat the white germ part of the corn.

Corn germ is the essence of corn, it is very good for protecting the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and anti-aging.

  In addition, adding corn flour with soybean flour and mixing it at a ratio of 3: 1 is still a method recommended by the World Health Organization to eat coarse grains and improve nutritional value.

What causes stubbornness?


What causes stubbornness?

Many times, we will find some “sorrowful characters” around us.

  They have one thing in common, and although they don’t overlap stupidly, they often surround themselves with something that is absolutely unhelpful and cannot extricate themselves.

No matter how the relatives, friends, and onlookers persuaded them, they were always obsessed and even found many naive reasons to deceive themselves. Until one day, when he was tortured and finally relieved, he suddenly woke up and repentedand.

The popular science magazine Big Technology recently introduced this phenomenon that is commonplace in our daily lives.

  So why does this psychological problem exist and how does it affect people’s lives?

The author expected to interview several experts.

For some reason, obsessed and obsessed fans are obsessed with obsession. “Indulgedness means that people cannot distinguish objectively and subjectively, and reality and assumptions in the cognitive process.

If we control this kind of existing experience over reality and overly solidify it, we will have obsession.

Cao Fenyuan, a psychological counselor at Huaxia Psychological Network, said that people themselves have their own perception of things, and their attitude to events is determined by their own evaluation, and this evaluation depends on their own experience.

  In addition, American psychologist Leon-Festinger explained that this is caused by cognitive dissonance when explaining the psychology of obsession.

He believes that people will encounter situations where beliefs and reality conflict, which will lead to cognitive imbalance. At this time, people will feel uncomfortable and try to find ways to restore psychological balance.

There are two ways to restore balance. One is to acknowledge the facts and the other is to find a reason to maintain balance.

It is what we call cognitive dissonance-a psychological state experienced when you make a decision to take action or encounter a belief, emotion, or value that is different from what you originally expected.

  Li Ling of Beijing Huiyuan Psychology and Education Research Center believes that cognitive dissonance may lead to obsession, but obsession may not necessarily be caused by cognitive dissonance.

There are many reasons that lead to obsession. First, the mindset. The habit of knowing things in the past may affect the way in which things are recognized later, and will not change with time and events. This is manifested by people’s stubbornness.It is because of the protection of the heart that sometimes people may not be able to recognize the objectivity of things, but it is only because of the self-defense mechanism that they cause people to insist on their views.

This means that when we persuade others, the language must be appropriate. If it is not appropriate, the two will gradually evolve because of the words, not because of the matter itself. Furthermore, some are caused by cognitive dissonance, which means that a girl was deeply trapped.In a love scam, others can tell at a glance that she is lying to her, but the girl insists that the man loves her.

This is another type of stubbornness.

  Is obsessiveness common? Cao Fenyuan believes that everyone will have obsessive mentality, which is very common.

People rely on their own experience in cognition, subjective influence, and sometimes cognition changes objective facts.

It’s like saying “bystanders are clear,” because people who are bystanders don’t have the preconceived experience and emotions and can look at things more objectively, so they are “clear” to a certain extent.

  In real life, there are many such examples.

A lady said: Sometimes I ‘m too confident and I think I can do everything, so I feel like I can do everything in the future.

At the same time, I thought, “You can’t say no, I want to give it a try and prove to you that you are all wrong.”

Others said: I do n’t know why it ‘s like that, but I feel like I have n’t tried something, and I really want to try it.

Sometimes others have said it, and I feel that I may fail, but I have a faint hope of success, and I have a deep desire to try it.

  How to adjust the mentality of obsessed and obsessed Li Ling said that the influence of obsessed and obsessed on people depends on its subjective definition.

If you insist on being right, then its positive impact will be greater, sometimes success and stubbornness are only one step away.

However, if you gradually solidify your thinking, it will lead to stagnation and inability to innovate.

If it is stubbornness due to self-protection, then the greater self cannot become an objective recognition of things, but simply escapes with a taste.

She said that we should use an open mind to analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

For the impact that is considered, distinguish between the benefits and the disadvantages, and then the impact will be alleviated.

If you simply evade, inferiority or communicate with everyone else, the impact of such things will increase.

  Cao Fenyuan hopes that in the process of cognition, people must recognize reality and assumptions, and be subjective and objective.

She pointed out that encountering things may be rational, reminding herself that emotions cause deviations in her cognition; anything is wrong to others.

Don’t associate people with things, don’t take stereotypes to know.

  Because of cognitive disorientation, Li Ling said that there are three ways to adjust: one is to change or deny one factor of cognition, the second is to readjust two cognitive factors, and the third is to add another one to alleviate thisPainful factors.

If obsession is very serious, you should go to a counselor.

Which three bad women fascinate men?

Which three “bad women” fascinate men?

One of the “bad” women is daring to love and hate: Let men be enchanted and cry.
  Anna Karenina in Tolstoy is a typical “bad” woman.
She was called “bad” because she, as a married woman and child mother, fell in love with a young man, Wollensky, and became a woman who betrayed her family.
From a woman’s point of view, however, she is a real woman.
Because her husband did not love her as a real woman, she was a fake symbol of the marriage in the same love.
安娜之所 以令渥伦斯基神魂颠倒,就在于她敢爱敢恨,为了体现女人的爱的价值,她不顾一切,冲破当时种种宗法礼教的禁锢和樊篱,在渥伦斯基面前不断散发诱惑And sincerely and persistently realize this temptation into fearless love.
From a human perspective, despite Anna’s betrayal of the family, she essentially reflects the beauty of women: charming but not distorted, longing for elegance.
Although she brings you a lot of troubles, it gives you more unadorned love and devotion.
  In today’s 21st century, there are still women like Anna in real life.
Once they found the feeling of love, they went straight to the theme desperately, captured men with their temperament and body and mind, and sought the value of women from men.
Such women have love bones, strength, and excitement. Such soft and boney women can make men sacrifice their souls, even if it is only a process, men are willing to accompany them, because it is the “bad” of such women that men can understandWhat is a real woman.
At the same time, such women generally do not easily fall in love. They often rely on the sixth sense to perceive love. When they deal with most men and face men’s various temptation attacks, they will refuse love that is not love based on instinct.
However, once she encounters the love that she thinks is love, the love that is usually buried and accumulated in the heart is irresistibly erupting like underground magma. Which man can withstand the flow of love formed by tenderness and passion?
Because it is the “bad” of this rare and precious woman that makes a man truly a man.
  “坏”女人之二耍心计玩伎俩型:令男人愿打愿挨,难舍难分  曾经轰动一时的电视连续剧《过把瘾》中的女主角杜梅,就是这样一个在爱情上喜欢耍心计Woman playing tricks.
She invited her beloved boyfriend to dance in the ballroom. When her boyfriend was invited to dance on the dance floor by her ex-girlfriend, her love turned into jealousy, so she invited a strange man to dance and deliberately appeared intimateShe wanted to stimulate revenge on her boyfriend by this way. Unexpectedly, her boyfriend was not stimulated. Instead, she was stimulated and went away in a rage, scaring the boyfriend for a while.
As a “bad” woman, Du Mei has several intentions: First, she’s really jealous and very excited, because she loves so deeply that her boyfriend can’t tolerate a bit of heart; second, she wants to test her boyfriend after she leaves without saying goodbyeWill she chase her anxiously? If she chases her and proves that her boyfriend cares about her love, maybe she knew it was a small adventure when she left the ballroom, but she still wanted to try it. Third, she still wanted to tryHow patient is her boyfriend for her, even if I am angry, even if I close the door to prevent you from entering the house and approach me, how much patience do you have to persuade me and “spend” me across the door?
  Men who are generally a bit more agile are likely to see or pierce such lovely “tricks” of women.
She is cute because the woman is showing off thousands of charms and doing all kinds of tricks in front of you for one purpose: see if you really love her?
Going deeper into this purpose, the problem is clear: she loves you deeply.
It is from this that this kind of thoughtful “bad” woman will tirelessly use countless details of life, countless words, expressions, postures, etc. to provoke you to pay attention to her from time to time in order to achieveCommunicate with each other for the deepest purpose.
This process itself is often the slide that the man falls into the arms of the woman, the magnetic field that the woman attracts the man, and the moving lever of the “bad” woman.
Because such women know how to mobilize men’s “pursuit desire”.
  Three of the “bad” women pretending to be unhappy also make people follow the sad type: make men sympathize and caress, but also can’t love.
  There is a long-standing saying called “a woman’s name is the weak”.
Since the formation of society, men have appeared in front of women as strong men.
So there is such a “bad” woman who pushes her “weak” image to the extreme. Isn’t your man a strong man? I’m just a poor little bird. This is a way to win the comfort of the strong manAnd care.
Sister Lin in A Dream of Red Mansions is an example.
After she entered Jiafu, she secretly loved Baoyu in the heart, but always practiced herself in front of Baoyu, even self-harm. This caused her brother to hang on to her mind, especially when she talked about the sharp words that practiced herself.At the same time, it gave birth to a kind of “cold” beauty, which made Jia Baoyu unwilling to love and to leave.
In this way, Lin Daiyu also achieved the purpose of love, at least Jia Baoyu has been following her, holding her, and even admiring her.
  Around our lives, we often encounter women like Sister Lin.
When they meet a “handsome guy” or a favorite man, they say, “You have someone like me in your eyes!
Or said: “Who would invite me to a coffee or a bar like a humble girl like me?”
“Wait so, try to make yourself pitiful, so as to dress as a soft, weak, weak, and sad woman, in order to stimulate the natural curiosity, compassion, and” protection of men “The messenger’s vanity, this kind of stimulus will often make men “hook” easily.
For example, if you ask her for the first time out of curiosity, there will be a second and third time . and then you listen to her tenderness and tenderness, and then you sympathize again.Driven to help her, and then fell in love with her.

The benefits of hot yoga detoxification

The benefits of hot yoga detoxification

Hot yoga is also called hot yoga, which refers to the exercise of yoga in a high temperature environment of 38-40 degrees.

This kind of yoga is a gentle exercise that can improve the softness of the human spine and is very suitable for white-collar women in the office.

So what effect can high-temperature yoga bring to the human body?

Let’s take a look today.

  Benefits of high-temperature yoga1, detoxification and weight loss First of all, friends who often perform high-temperature yoga can achieve fat reduction and weight loss in the aligned time, so that female friends can get good body shape.

In fact, the training of high-temperature yoga can also effectively stimulate the lymphatic system of the human body, helping everyone to discharge harmful toxins in the body, so that the body of the trainer can be more healthy.

At the same time, often performing high-temperature yoga can make the muscles of the body stronger, can also exercise the body’s softness, preventing physical harm.

  2, exercise cardiopulmonary In addition, the practice of high-temperature yoga can enhance the body’s autonomic nervous system, cultivate people’s concentration, and increase their self-confidence.

In addition, performing high-temperature yoga can improve the cardiopulmonary function of the human body, speed up the blood circulation and metabolism in the body, and help the digestion of the stomach and the stomach, thereby improving one’s immunity.

In addition, patients with long-term insomnia, cervical spondylosis, and gastrointestinal diseases who have undergone high-temperature yoga training for a long time can exert the effect of treatment.

  3. Regulating stress and high-temperature yoga can regulate people’s stress, especially in today’s society, everyone has a lot of stress, and insomnia often occurs at night.

After undergoing high-temperature yoga training, you can release stress and promote your own sleep.

At the same time, high-temperature yoga can balance the trainer’s diet and effectively regulate endocrine.

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help friends who love yoga.

What makes an unfortunate marriage

What makes an unfortunate marriage

Happy families are similar.

Keywords: understanding, tolerance, thoughtfulness, trust, love, loyalty, recreation, harmonious sex . and unfortunate marriages have their own misfortunes.

Just think of the antonyms of the keywords above, and an unfortunate marriage history can reconstruct a dictionary.

Listening to the unfortunate teachings of a happy marriage, let’s look at it in reverse: what details and practices can lead to a bad marriage?

Contrast the witty analysis of American psychologists to see if you are following it unconsciously.

Without harmful “materials”, the healthy quality of marriage can be fully guaranteed.

  Wrong grounds for marriage: There are two ways to make marriage doomed.

One must have the wrong reason for marriage, and the other must choose the wrong spouse.

  Escaping a bad situation is a common cause of wrong marriages.

This includes the poor, avoiding school, and avoiding livelihoods.

Escape from family restraints is the most common, and it has resulted in 81% of poor marriages for couples under 21.

  If you still want to enjoy the pain, take pregnancy as the reason for marriage and some families.

  Choosing the wrong spouse: Choosing the wrong person only needs to meet two conditions: one is that the other party ‘s shortcomings are different from one another;

  Such examples abound.

The most classic is that the serious party falls in love with the free and easy party, and both sides try to change each other.

  Wrong marriage reasons and wrong people are the easiest way to make marriage unfortunate.

  Quarrel: If sexual pain means unexplainable misfortune, quarrels and hands-on are much faster.

Find some unresolved problems and prepare. There are two extreme ways to end the quarrel: one is to withdraw and sullen.

The second is to use violence, which can not only cause trouble and embarrassment, but also cannot solve any problems.

If quarrels and violence are not yet enjoyable, add alcohol, drugs, and other addictive drugs.

All these, including the dissonance of sexual life, cause painful transitions throughout the marriage process.

  The beginning of a new marriage: Just married couples seize the opportunity to let father-in-law and mother-in-law interfere with the marriage is a good way to attract trouble.

It is effective to argue who is going to the festival.

If parents help buy a house or sponsor a marriage, couples have an obligation not to leave their parents and bring the pressure of older family relationships into the marriage relationship.

It would be even better if employment factors were involved.

For example, at the request of his wife, the husband works at his father-in-law’s company.

This caused the father-in-law to intervene in the pluralistic quarrel of marriage.

Any confrontation between husband and work will be regarded as dissatisfied with his wife by his wife, and scorned: How would we live without my dad?

Isn’t my dad doing well for you?

  Children: With children providing the opportunity for retrofitting, husbands and wives will naturally be tied together for new responsibilities and share new pain: children?

Is there life?

Can be a transition to fierce conflict.

  During pregnancy, pain can be caused by this: First, the wife is fully absorbed in the fetus and ignores the emotional communication with the husband.

Or, on the contrary, the husband ignores the fact that his wife is pregnant and repeats that she did not fulfill her responsibilities.

Second, the wife often considers herself serious during pregnancy, not elegant enough and unattractive.

The husband took the opportunity to entertain and enjoy with other women, drink alcohol, and go high-flying when his wife needed him most, especially when he was away from his wife during delivery.

  After the child is born, there are more opportunities to cause pain.

Crying and crying all day long, can a serious illness and minor disaster be upset?What’s more, both husband and wife are busy teasing their children for fun, not only neglecting each other, but also constantly arguing about parenting issues.

Father-in-law and mother-in-law also came to add chaos. Each of the four elders expressed their opinions and put forward contradictory suggestions, and said that it was all for the sake of the children.

  Affair: The pyramid is so stable because of the triangular structure. If you want to gain stability, find a third party.

There are three types of affair that can hurt the spouse’s feelings: First, the mean.

Hook up with your spouse’s best friend, or else find a person similar to your spouse when he is young. Subordinates in the company can also not only lose their jobs, but also completely shake the economic foundation of the family.

Second, confused type.

For example, his wife is stylish and elegant, and her husband actually finds a vulgar and ignorant woman to fooling around. In addition, his wife is noble and rational, but he has become an 80-year-old man or his boyfriend.

This affair not only hurts feelings, but also causes the victim’s confusion: Should it be a mental doctor?

Third, catch the wind and catch the shadow.

Just convince one party that a third party does exist.

Specific methods include: abnormal when receiving a call, residual phone numbers in the kitchen sink, and occasionally not going home on time after work, etc.

Skilled people can also use smoke screens to guide their spouses to catch the wind to hide the actual derailment.

It was called two birds with one stone, and two misfortunes were obtained at the same time.

There is a man who is good at this. He has a mistress and has a child.

He eats two dinners a day, triggering the same thing with two women.

Newbie parents’ questions about infant formula

Newbie parents’ questions about infant formula

There are hundreds of infant formulas approved by the Ministry of Health, but it should be noted that this list is a mix of various categories, including general infant milk powder, crushed milk powder, lactose-free milk powder and premature infant milk powder; another large categoryThe publisher is fluorinated infant formula.

  I have questions about the baby’s pregnancy!

  What is infant formula?

  Infant formula refers to the basic composition of dairy cows or other animal milk, or other animal and plant extracts, and appropriate addition of nutrients, so that the total composition can supplement an artificial food that is needed for infant growth and development, also known as infantmilk powder.

The point is that it is considered as an alternative to breastfeeding, or used when breastfeeding is not possible, rather than a first-line option.

  What are the requirements for infant formula?

  Should comply with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, all ingredients in infant formula must be recognized as safe food ingredients (generallyrccognizedassafe-GRAS), or can be used as food additives (foodadditives) in the infant formula manufacturing process.
Before listing, the manufacturer must submit a declaration and certification of the quality and safety of each added nutrient, and health regulations must also confirm good manufacturing processes, safety management guarantees, and handling of related issues such as post-marketing use marketing.
Is the formula and use of infant formula in stages?

  Infant formula can be divided into the following three categories according to its application: Ⅰ.

Milk formula-based infant formula: suitable for general infants.


Infant formula with special formula: Some infants with special physiological conditions need to consume infant formula through special processing.

This kind of infant formula can only be consumed after being instructed by a physician or nutritionist, and it can be further broken down according to its composition characteristics:

Lactose-free infant formula: Suitable for infants who cannot tolerate lactose.

According to the source of raw materials, it can be divided into: milk-based lactose-free infant formula, and soy-based lactose-free infant formula.


Partial Plasma Milk Powder: Suitable for infants with mild diarrhea or allergies.


Completely crushed milk powder: suitable for infants with severe diarrhea, allergies or short bowel syndrome.


Elemental formula: suitable for infants with the most severe chronic diarrhea, allergies or short bowel syndrome.


Formula milk for premature infants: The main ingredients (such as lactose in place of glucose polymers and medium chain fatty acid oils in place of some long chain fatty acid oils) have been modified to be suitable for premature infants.

  What should I pay attention to when making infant formula?


Wash hands with soap and water before brewing.


Brewing bottles, pacifiers, and bottle caps should be boiled and disinfected.


The boiling water must be boiled completely. Do not use hot water from an electric thermos because it does not reach the boiling point or the boiling time is not enough.


The brewing water must be adjusted to the appropriate temperature (with 40?
60 ° C is suitable), put it in the water droplet and put it on the wrist, it feels almost the same as the body temperature.


Read the preparation instructions on the tank carefully.


The amount of milk powder and water must be brewed according to the instructions on the can. If the milk concentration is too strong or too thin, it will affect the baby’s health.

If you brew a large amount of milk at one time, you need to put the soaked milk in the refrigerator immediately and store it in one day. Never put the milk at room temperature.
  What should I pay attention to when feeding infant formula?


When your baby is full or does n’t want to eat anymore, you should respect the baby ‘s signs and do n’t force her to eat.


Do not let your baby sleep with a bottle, because the sugar in the milk will corrode the baby’s teeth and cause caries.

Growing healthy teeth from an early age3.

Incredible random additions and reductions should be fed as directed by the physician.


Develop good feeding habits at regular intervals and times.


Pay attention to the size of the pacifier opening and the force of the baby when sucking, so as not to cause excessive air inhalation.


The partial exhaust during feeding is better than the final exhaust, and the closeness of the pacifier should be noted.


How do I identify infant formula and permitted infant formula?

  Infant formulas and infant formulas approved by the Department of Health for inspection and registration shall be directly printed in accordance with Article 17, paragraph 6, of the Food Sanitation Management Law, with distinctive marks on the containers to facilitate consumer identification (The design of the identification mark is presented in a way that the breastfeeding pattern and its advocacy text appear at the same time.

The specifications are as follows: “The breastfeeding babies are the healthiest” and “The Health Department of the Executive Yuan cares about you” with a font size of at least 8.

Its size is determined by the user according to his needs, but it must not be less than 3 cm high x 3 cm wide).

  How do foreign health authorities manage infant formula?

  According to the Infant Formula Act, health authorities can require manufacturers to make milk powders in accordance with specified safety and quality requirements.

Manufacturers must analyze the nutritional content and safety of each ton of milk powder to ensure that the quality of milk powder is good and normal when it is marketed.

In addition, the batch number must be marked on the milk powder can to prepare for the inspection of health regulations and the follow-up role of reporting and management of adverse events after marketing.

  There are currently hundreds of infant formulas approved by the Ministry of Health, but it should be noted that this list is a mix of various categories, including general infant milk powder, crushed milk powder, lactose-free milk powder and premature infant milk powder;Another big category of announcers is resistance to infant formula.

Women eat more yellow food to promote hormone secretion

Women eat more yellow food to promote hormone secretion

Hormones are inextricably linked to women. Hormones can affect many parts of women’s bodies, and they are related to the happiness of a woman’s life. Food can supplement important factors of hormones, especially eating yellow foods more, which can promote the secretion of female hormones.s help.

  A hormone begins to reduce the body’s secretion of more than 75 hormones at the age of 25. They play their respective roles in the body.

Women with high hormonal concentrations look much younger than their peers with low hormonal concentrations.

  The age of 21-22 is the peak period of youth and the peak period of the function of the secretory system.

Since the age of 25, the secretion of hormones in the body has decreased year by year at a rate of 15% every 10 years. The organs and tissues of the human body have gradually deteriorated and shrunk, and the skin is obviously bleak and mentally ill.

At the age of 60, female hormone secretion is only about 1/5 of when young.

  B. Hormonal manifestations of insomnia and headache: insomnia, dreaminess, fatigue, headache.

I exhausted my methods of hypnosis at night and still can’t sleep.

Inattention during the day, sleepiness and drowsiness, seriously affect daily life.

  Irregular menstruation: Menstruation is either advanced or postponed, and the period is too long.

  Skin aging: The skin is slack and gradually rough, and the pores are also enlarged. Even the pigmentation spots jump out and make troubles. The standard “yellow face woman” appears in the mirror.

  Irritability and chest tightness: palpitations, shortness of breath, irritability and even mania, arguing with a colleague or family over a small matter, always posing as “unhappy”, and sometimes difficult to control their emotions.

When he sleeps at night, he will be awakened by chest tightness. In severe cases, blood pressure will rise and fall.

What are the symptoms of cirrhosis, how to detect it?

What are the symptoms of cirrhosis, how to detect it?

What are the symptoms of cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a common liver disease, but many liver friends are not very familiar with the symptoms and how to detect cirrhosis. Let’s take a look at the project to check for cirrhosis.

Early cirrhosis has some symptoms. 1. Chronic cholecystitis. The clinical manifestations of gallstones are right upper quadrant discomfort, repeated jaundice, indigestion, and low fever.

2, chronic bleeding such as repeated nosebleeds, bleeding gums, conjunctival congestion, subcutaneous hemorrhage.

3, the symptoms of increased estrogen are common, there are slight vasodilation and local redness, spider mites appear in the upper body, redness in the palms and large and small fish, melanin in the skin, male impotence and breast development, female irregular menstruationWait.
4, chronic diarrhea, especially after eating fecal foods, diarrhea is aggravated.

5, ascites after infusion, edema This is due to liver cell function and portal compensatory dysfunction, plasma albumin and decreased osmotic pressure.

Loss of appetite or obvious abdominal distension after infusion is often a precursor to early ascites.

6, upper gastrointestinal bleeding may be due to rough food stimulation or gastric acid and bile reflux corrosion caused by gastric mucosal erosion, leading to acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding.

It is more likely that cirrhosis causes obstruction of portal vein blood flow, increased pressure, esophageal and gastric varices, and rupture causing bleeding.

This manifestation of upper gastrointestinal bleeding is hematemesis and melena.

8 items to help you check whether liver cirrhosis 1, blood routine: cirrhosis decompensation can have varying degrees of anemia; when spleen hyperfunction, white blood cells and spots count can be reduced.

2, urine routine: decompensated period may have proteinuria and cast, hematuria; jaundice may occur when there is jaundice, and there is an increase in urobilinogen.

3, liver function test: liver function is very complicated, the test method is not enough, but it is difficult to fully reflect the full functional status. The commonly used examination contents are: serum enzymatic experiments (such as serum aminotransferase, adenosine deaminase, choline ester)Enzyme, prothrombin time), bilirubin metabolism, protein metabolism, micro-metabolism, serological detection of liver fibrosis, etc.

4, ascites examination: ascites is a pale yellow leakage, the appearance is transparent; ascites is bloody should be highly suspected of cancer, should be done cytological examination.

5, immune function test: cytological immunological examination about half of patients with T lymphocytes is lower than normal.

6, imaging examination: including X-ray examination, CT and MRI examination, B-mode ultrasound, color Doppler examination, radionuclide liver and spleen scan and so on.

7, endoscopy: fiber gastroscope can directly observe the extent and extent of esophageal and gastric varices, its accuracy is higher than the X-ray.

8, liver biopsy: visible liver cell deformation and necrosis, fibrous tissue hyperplasia, pseudolobular formation.

This test is completely diagnostic and understands the histological type of the disease, the extent of hepatocyte damage and connective tissue.

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This bathing quietly hurts you not to discuss

This bathing quietly hurts you not to discuss

Guide: Bathing, maybe you said this is a very naive question, who will not wash it?

However, you may not have noticed this and quietly hurt your body. Experts pointed out that women should pay attention to this situation when they take a bath, otherwise it will easily cause adverse reactions of the body. Why is this?

  First, it is not advisable to wash cold water bath for women due to their own physiological reasons, especially during menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, the stimulation of cold water can cause female endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, and many bacteria are also easy to enter the vagina and cause vaginitis, etc.Gynecological diseases, when severe, have a certain impact on women’s future pregnancy and physical health.

However, it can be used for long-term washing with cold water, which can promote blood circulation, improve the prevention of colds, rhinitis, and even make the skin become shiny and transparent.

  Second, it is best not to wash after sleeping, it is best to bathe 2 hours before going to bed.

Sleep often comes after the body temperature drops, and the hot water bath raises the body temperature, which causes the brain to release “sleep hormones.”

If you can only take a bath before going to bed, you can use a wet towel to cool your forehead for 5 minutes after bathing, so that your body temperature will fall back to normal level and fall asleep as soon as possible.

  Third, it is not suitable for menstrual period, menstrual period, menstrual period, endometrial replacement, uterine cavity left wound; cervical mucus is washed out by menstrual blood, the cervix is slightly open; there is blood in the vagina, it is a good medium for bacteria.

These will destroy the protective barrier function of the genital tract, and the resistance of the menstrual period will decrease. When the bath is used, the bacteria in the sewage and the vagina are more likely to cause infection through the cervical canal to the uterine cavity, so it should be banned.

Experts recommend that women should use a shower or a bath during the menstrual period.