How to get a sense of security from work?

How to get a sense of security from work?

After we have met the basic needs of survival, the most concerned about the workplace is the mentality of work.

A sample survey of the workplace shows that about 10% of people feel happy at work.

Many people who gradually experience happy emotions at work will explode at this time, which should cause high vigilance among the workplace.

  How to get happiness in your work and avoid the minefield of depression?

To solve this problem fundamentally, we must bear the following two points.

  First, the choice of interested professional interest is the psychological tendency of the workplace manpower to know something or engage in an activity.

It is expressed as a selective attitude and positive emotional response of a workplace person to something or engaging in certain activities.

Interest is a great driving force for people in the workplace to understand and engage in military activities. It is a psychological factor that promotes people in the workplace to seek knowledge and engage in military activities.

Any activity that suits your personal interests can increase the enthusiasm of the people in the workplace and enable people to actively engage in certain activities.

  Different professions require different characteristics of interest.

An excellent long-skilled person is handy in the field of skill operation. If he transfers his interest to the book theory, he will feel useless. It is this difference in interest that constitutes a career choice for the workplace.Important reference.
  If a professional person is interested in a certain profession, he will show a positive attitude to that kind of professional activity. In the work, he will mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole psychological activity, forge ahead, work hard, and contribute to the success of the cause.

On the contrary, forcing a job that you are not willing to do is a waste of interest and talent.

  There are many personal interests and hobbies. Generally speaking, people with a wide range of hobbies have greater freedom to choose a career and are more able to adapt to different positions.

A wide range of interests can rebuild the attention of the workplace and contact with many aspects, creating more favorable conditions for choosing a career.

  Second, the ability to improve professional ability refers to the personality psychological characteristics that a workplace person must have to successfully complete an activity.

In career choices, pay special attention to the matching of ability and occupation, because too many people often misinterpret interest as ability, this must be made clear, otherwise, you will enter a misunderstanding, the cause is difficult to succeed.

Therefore, in order to succeed in your career, you must also pay attention to discovering your abilities and transforming your abilities into careers.

  To achieve the above two important points, you will not be depressed in the winter because of the lack of happiness in your work.

How much degree is the frequency of the intercourse?

How much “degree” is the frequency of the intercourse?

In the marriage life, maintaining the emotional bond between the husband and the wife is naturally love and sex.
However, in the ancient Chinese room health, the danger of abstinence to health was raised, and the sorrow and indulgence were detrimental to the day.
  How to determine the best frequency of the house?
“Summer Women” said: “People have strengths and weaknesses, and they are old and strong, each with their strength.
“Specificly pointed out: the 20th year of the people, the venting on the 4th; the 30th year, the 8th vent; the 40th, the 16th vent; the 50th, the 21st vent;Sixty, that is, closed, not to quit more.
If the physical strength is still strong, it will be vented in January.
  The data now show that the best frequency of healthy middle-aged and elderly people’s sexual activity, 35 to 45 years old, 1 or 2 times a week, 46 to 65 years old, once every 1 to 2 weeks; 66 to 75 years old, every 21 week of the house; 76 to 80 years old, once every 3 to 4 weeks.
Usually, we should focus on communicating emotions, hugging, kissing, and touching.
  Although the frequency of ancient and modern times is different, it basically meets the requirements of the frequency of sexual intercourse and sexual health of most middle-aged and elderly couples.
However, specific to each person’s sexual desire requirements, but the difference is very different.
In fact, it should be “If you have the motive of love, you can take action of love”, that is, the frequency of your desire for sexual intercourse should be your best number of sexes. The key is whether the couple feel comfortable and comfortable.Got it.
  In the factors affecting the couple’s sex, in addition to physiological factors such as age, health status and sex hormone secretion level, psychological factors can not be ignored.
Many wives believe that emotional love should be initiated by the man, and they are only supporting roles. They always wait for the husband’s active intimacy.
If we consider the combination of the two sexes as mutual needs, and pursue a more perfect experience, it will make the sexual life charm new.
So don’t be stubborn, force the other party to obey their wishes, or deliberately refuse the other person’s request for sex.
If one of the spouses feels exhausted or does not intend to complete the sexual intercourse, they should stop, otherwise it will affect their health.
  In real life, due to various internal and external factors, one side often has sexual dysfunction and one party is still at a normal level or strong.
It’s not uncommon for couples to get along with each other in the past.
On the one hand, you have to go to the hospital to check for organic lesions, but also to fully apply the art of communication and honesty, and straightforward, so that you can eliminate misunderstandings and grievances, relax your spirit, and push your sexual life to lofty and beautiful.realm.
  Can men and women be healthy and independent, without having to have sex?
The answer is yes.
The priests, nuns, monks, and monks have long been abstinent, and they have not greatly harmed their health.
It should be remembered that there is no absolute standard for the success of sexual life in marriage, and the frequency of sexual intercourse cannot be accurately measured with a stopwatch as in the 100-meter race.
Whether sex life can be a source of happiness or whether the decision is made by the parties themselves is more realistic.

Spaghetti with red wine

Spaghetti with red wine

Ingredients: red wine, olive oil, flour, salt, pepper, seasoning materials: meat, pasta, fresh tomatoes, onions, the key to making delicious pasta, I think red wine, shells and fresh tomatoes.

1, the meat is marinated with salt and red wine, the red wine does not need a lot, so that the meat is just absorbed into it; 2, boil water, put some salt, put in pasta to cook; (spaghetti cooking time, depending on packagingThe requirements written on the instructions come.

3, olive oil or other cream into the pan, open a small fire can be; (personal paste, the paste is more fragrant, alternating higher) 4.

The tomato is boiled with hot water, it is easy to peel, cut into pieces, and diced with onions.


Pour in onion and minced meat and saute.

Leave the remaining oil, pour in the tomato, then add salt and pour out the juice and boil.


Add the onion diced meat that has just been fried and stir-fry, season, and add some pepper and seasonings to turn off the heat.

Individuals prefer tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes, which is slightly acidic.

Of course, supermarkets can also buy canned tomato juice. Personally, they don’t like it very much, and they feel sweeter.

If you are too lazy to fry the tomato, you can use the canned tomato instead.

The noodles are cooked and served, and the boiled bolognese is poured.

Mix well, nutritious appetizer, full of mouth and fragrance!

Falling lungs and hurting the pneumonia!

Eight kinds of Qingfei Runfei food should eat more

Falling lungs and hurting the pneumonia!
Eight kinds of Qingfei Runfei food should eat more

Rouge powder with cucumber ingredients: pea starch 100g, cucumber 200g, sesame oil, salt amount, vinegar amount, garlic amount, sugar amount, water amount: 1) fire dragon fruit peel into juice and water 600g boil in the pot 2) pea starch100g plus a little hydration open 3) Pour into the boiled pot and mix well 4) Stir until the starch is cooked 5) Pour into the crisper to cool 6) Add the jelly and cucumber to the cube and add sugar, salt 7)Add vinegar, sesame oil, garlic 8) Mix well 9) Put in the dish to radish stewed mutton foodstuffs: mutton 500g, white radish 100g, oil amount, salt amount, chicken essence, soy sauce, moderate amount of practice: 1) cut into petals 2) ginger and end 3) from the oil pan, fried garlic, ginger 4) put radish, lamb 5) put onion, aniseed, put water, no material 6) put the amount of soy sauce 7)Put a proper amount of chicken essence, salt 8) cover the lid, and bring the juice to the pot.

Red wine stewed Sydney ingredients: Sydney 2, red wine 300ml, rock sugar 1 practice: 1) Take 300ml wine, pour into a small saucepan 2) Add a piece of rock sugar according to your taste, boil over medium heat.

3) Peel the pear with the time of boiling the red wine, and cut it to the core after half-cutting.

4) Put the red wine into the treated Sydney after cooking. 5) Continue to use the spoon to pour the red wine on the Sydney instead of soaking the soup to help color.

6) Cover with a small fire for 20 minutes, during which the pear is turned over every 5 minutes and converted into a uniform taste.

7) After stewing, leave the fire and cool it.

Cucumber pig blood soup ingredients: pig blood 180g, oil amount, salt amount, cucumber amount, onion amount, ginger amount, garlic amount, dry red pepper amount, parsley amount, sesame oil amount, pepper amount, broth essence amount: 1)Prepare ingredients.

2) Cut the pig’s blood into thin strips. 3) Cut the onion, ginger, and red pepper.

4) Cucumber sliced 5) Heat the oil in the pan, add the onion, ginger, garlic and saute.

6) Add the cucumber slices to the translucent 7) Add the appropriate amount of water.

8) After the water is boiled, add pig blood.

9) Cook until pig blood is discolored, add appropriate amount of salt to turn off the fire.

10) Add higher broth.

11) Some sesame oil 12) Proper amount of parsley.

130, mix the appropriate amount of pepper and mix well.

Cucumber fungus fried lily ingredients: cucumber 150g, bubble hair fungus 50g, bubble hair lily 30g, oil amount, salt amount, white sugar amount, pepper amount, pepper amount, garlic amount: 1) prepare to clean the ingredients cucumber, garlic,Bubble hair fungus and lily.

2) Cucumber slices, garlic shot, fungus cut a few knives.

3) The pot is hot and a small amount of oil, cucumber, fungus and lily are all oil-free ingredients.

4) Oil heat first use garlic fry pan.

5) Next, cucumber, fungus and lily.

6) Stir fry twice and season with salt.

7) Put some sugar on the fresh, add some pepper, add some pepper before the pot.

Radish silk squid soup ingredients: 1 squid, half radish, 1 green onion, 3 slices of ginger, coriander practice: 1) Prepare raw materials.

2) Wash the squid with kitchen paper, dry onion, ginger and shredded.

3) Put the oil in the pan and fry the squid and serve it.

4) The remaining oil is fried with green onion and ginger is fragrant.

5) Drain the water and put the squid into it.

6) Stew into milky white, add salt, white pepper.

7) Add the radish and boil.

Autumn pear moisturizing cream ingredients: Sydney 2, dried red dates 40g, ginger 10g, rock sugar 50g, honey 30ml practices: 1) Sydney washed, peeled off the skin 2) wipe the plate on the casserole 3) wipe with a wipePear and pear juice 4) Washed and cut into the core, red ginger peeled and shredded, rock sugar into small pieces. 5) Put red dates, ginger and rock sugar into the casserole of pear and pear juice. 6) Cook with high heat.Open, turn to a small fire and slowly simmer for about 25 minutes. 7) Take a bowl, put a steamer cloth (or gauze cloth) on it, pour the pear and juice on the steamer cloth. 8) Lift the steamer cloth around the corners. 9) ManualSqueeze out all the pear juice 10) Pour the extruded pear juice into the casserole, boil over low heat and simmer until the pear juice becomes very viscous and condensed. Turn off the fire. 11) Pour the pear juice into the bowl.Cool in the middle 12) Add honey and mix evenly 13) Put it in a sealed bottle that has been sterilized with hot water and put it in the refrigerator.

When known, take 1-2 scoops and mix with warm water.

Kumquat Tremella Water Ingredients: 10 kumquats, 1 dry white fungus, 5 red dates, 20 g of rock sugar: 1) Prepare all the ingredients.

2) Kumquat and red dates are washed with light salt water for 10 minutes.

3) Dry white fungus is soaked in warm water.

4) Wash the kumquat with 5 knives on it, don’t draw it to the end.

5) Then pressurize the kumquat and remove the kumquat kernel.6) All the kumquats are done well, and the white fungus is washed and shredded.

7) Kumquat and white fungus, red dates are added to the voltage pot liner.

8) Add an appropriate amount of water.

9) Add the inner tank to the voltage cooker to add rock sugar.

10) Click on the nutritious rice-gluten soup.

11) After lifting the prompt, you can open the lid and eat it.

Gu Yu, adjust the biological clock to go to bed early and get up early

Gu Yu, adjust the biological clock to go to bed early and get up early

Health experts said that because the weather is still relatively short before and after the rain, the people who are wet should pay attention to both diet and exercise to improve their physical fitness.

  Adjusting the biological clock to go to bed early and get up early, the rain is the end of the spring solar terms, the transition temperature rises, and the climate gradually warms.

At this time, the human skin is slack, the pores are enlarged, and the blood supply to the peripheral blood vessels is increased, resulting in sedation and hypnosis of the nervous system, which makes the body sleepy.

From the point of view of health, sleep should be adjusted.

  But the turn of spring and summer in Guangdong is often the struggle period for some people to sleep.

Due to the early morning dawn time, some people who are used to sleeping late in the winter, the biological clock began to be a bit messy.

“When winter, I usually sleep at 12 o’clock in the evening, get up at 8 o’clock in the morning, then rush to dress and rush to go to work, but now it is different, there is no sleepy at 12 o’clock in the evening, wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, sleep less time.I was old and sleepy when I was at work.

Recently, Tingting, who worked in a bank in the city, was difficult to adapt to the biological clock in the adjustment period. She had acne in front and had symptoms of “panda” in her eyes.

“I said that it is effective to drink milk before going to bed. I have been drinking for nearly half a month and I have no effect.

“Ting Ting is the front desk staff of the bank, plus a newcomer just graduated, she even said that the daily work pressure is great.

Plus sleep is not good, facing reporters, she has a lot of repetition.

  Therefore, health experts believe that the sleep clock in the spring and summer does have a process of adjustment, but varies from person to person, some people will not affect sleep for this small change, and some people are more sensitive, may cause trouble.
He suggested that health care should be done before going to bed. The key point is to adjust the mind, that is, mental adjustment – first sleep, then sleep.

Half an hour before going to bed should make the emotions stable and quiet, and replace all distractions.

In addition, it is best to cleanse your face before going to bed, wash your feet, and massage your feet. This will promote blood circulation, warm up the organs, calm your nerves, eliminate the fatigue of the day, and help you fall asleep.

In other words, insomnia suffers from the state of bedtime and psychological changes.

“If you are worried that you can’t sleep before going to bed, you can’t sleep at night.”

Therefore, it is important to relax your mind.

  At the same time, at the turn of the spring and summer, Dr. Chen suggested that the public should go to bed early and get up early, not excessive sweating, to regulate the dirty air.

In the spring and summer, by receiving the sun from the early morning, “absorbing yang”, let the body’s cold and humid air accumulated in the winter spread through the spring and summer sunshine and transmission, which helps the bones to be strong.

If you are enough to sleep for 7 hours, the normal morning time should be 4 to 6 in the morning; if you need to sleep for 8 hours, the normal morning time should be 5 to 7 o’clock. At this time, you can start some outdoor sports early.Help the body work.

  Eat more bean sprouts to prevent “rotten mouth” in the south, the rain is relatively opposite during the rainy season, and the weather in Qingyuan this year is a bit abnormal, just pouring rain, even the sweltering weather, and most of them.

Despite the hot weather, health experts said that the weather is still shortening at this time, resulting in the body’s moisture can not be discharged, the body’s heat and moisture combined together, it will form heat and humidity, and easy to produce impetuous emotions.

  how to solve this problem?


In the city hospital, after entering the third and fourth months, many elderly people who received the treatment had joint pain, low back pain or painful episodes, most of which were caused by weak body and cold air combined with body moisture.

Recently, children with colds have a growing trend. Most of the symptoms are tonsil enlargement, inflammation, bronchitis, cough, etc., which are related to heat and humidity.

  ”At this time, according to the principle of health care of the four seasons of Chinese medicine, the health care of the five internal organs should be based on raising the liver.

At this time, the main points of the diet are to nourish the liver and nourish the eyesight.

Among the many vegetables, the most suitable for raising liver is spinach.

It is reported that spinach is sweet and cool, enters the intestines, stomach, has blood and hemostasis, and benefits the five internal organs, blood circulation, thirst and intestines, nourishing Yin and liver, helping digestion, clearing the effect of gastrointestinal heat, assisting liver qi and stomachTreatment often has a good effect.

For the spring, because of liver yin deficiency caused by high blood pressure, headache, dizziness and anemia have a better therapeutic effect.

  Experts believe that the rainy season is affected by the climate and is prone to illness. Therefore, special attention should be paid to life, and diet is the key.

Since the most important thing in this season is to strengthen the spleen and dampness, in the daily life, you can eat more foods that are damp and damp.

Including red beans, black beans, coix seed, yam, winter melon, medlar, kelp, squid, bean sprouts, etc., for example, when cooking porridge in the morning, you can add some coix seed, red bean and so on.

  At the same time, eat less acidic foods and spicy foods.

It can be mixed with green bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat build-up in the body.

It is not advisable to eat mutton, dog meat, spicy hot pot and pepper, pepper, pepper and other big heat, to prevent evil heat, and induce skin bloated and other diseases.  In addition, in this season, people are prone to lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Some people will have lip erosion and the consequences of inflammation of the mouth, commonly known as “rotten mouth”.

For this symptom, it is advisable to eat more bean sprouts.

  Before and after the rain, it is suitable to eat some cereals that can relieve mental stress and regulate mood.

Potential B vitamins in cereals have a significant effect on improving depression.

Wheat germ, standard flour, buckwheat flour, soba noodles, millet, barley, soybeans and other beans, black sesame is also rich in B vitamins.

Rapid fattening too hurts

Rapid fattening too hurts

According to Hong Kong media reports, TVB actor Hu Xing’er in order to make a TV series “Fei Tian Xi Shi”, in just over a month, to increase the amount of rice, eat and sleep, etc., quickly increase fat about 18KG.

Dedicating myself to the film industry I love, the spirit is commendable, but her behavior is not worth imitating, such as the rapid fattening caused by obesity in a short period of time, which is very harmful to the health of the body.

  Fertilization, especially rapid fattening, maximizes the intensity of cardiac ejection through the affiliated tissue.

  The heart works with more than normal strength, causing blood pressure to rise.

In severely obese people, due to the increase of blood vessels in the slight tissue, the burden on the heart is aggravated, and in severe cases, left heart enlargement and left heart failure occur.

Obesity prevents the body from using insulin effectively, resulting in resistance to resistance, resulting in impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 diabetes.

The main joint burden of obese people is increased, wear is increased, and it is easy to cause common joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

At the same time obesity can also cause gout, gallstones, cholecystitis, sleep apnea syndrome, amenorrhea and gonadal dysfunction.

  Rapid fattening and cause the above metabolic disorders and diseases, but also due to excessive consumption in a short period of time, resulting in a small amount of micro-cellular storage increased, but the micro-cells do not increase, a small amount of accumulation in the center of the body (ie the trunk), also known as the central typeObesity, the consequences are more serious than those who are obese since childhood.

  Through the following checks, you can understand the extent of physical damage to fast fatteners.

  Abdominal B-ultrasound examination of the liver and gallbladder sac, to understand whether there are abnormal liver, gallstones and chronic cholecystitis.

  Blood biochemical monitoring of blood glucose, including fasting and 2 hours postprandial blood glucose, to observe the presence of abnormal glucose tolerance; blood insulin determination, clear insulin abnormalities; blood lipids, commonly known as triglycerol cholesterol (triglyceride), plasma, low density lipidThe protein is elevated, and the serum is milky white in severe cases; the blood uric acid test is elevated in most patients.

Sex hormones, including estrogen, retinal ketone, etc., can be measured if necessary.

  Cardioscopic examination fundus examination to determine whether there is small blood vessel volume, electrocardiogram, cardiac function, eyelid microcirculation and nail fold microcirculation examination, to determine systemic circulation and cardiac function.

There are actually better ways to gain weight. There are many thin people who are trying to find ways to increase their weight quickly. Many of them blindly advertise and use advertising drugs to increase their fat.

In fact, in general, the degree of fatness and thinness is related to heredity.

If you find that your weight is too light and your body is too thin, you should first go to the hospital to check for the effects of potential diseases such as diabetes and digestive diseases.

After the disease is eliminated, the following fattening plan can be implemented.

  How many thin men in the diet should have picky eaters and partial eclipses in the diet, so increase the intake and type of intake.

In the case of adequate protein intake, it is advisable to eat more foods containing trace amounts of glucose (ie starch, sugar, etc.).

In this way, the excess energy can be converted into unfortunate storage under the skin, so that the thin person is healthy.

  In addition to ensuring adequate sleep and balanced diet, rest is also very important, and should maintain adequate and good sleep.

If the person’s sleep is adequate, the appetite is good, which is also conducive to the digestion and absorption of food.

  Feeling comfortable and optimistic, but also pay attention to personal mental health, to maintain a happy body.

The tension and pressure in the work, the inability to open some small things in life, the crazy study or work beyond the human body load, will make people lose weight.

  Strengthen physical exercise Those who are sitting in the office for a long time should take a certain amount of time to exercise every day. This will not only improve the appetite, but also strengthen the muscles and build body.

The muscles of the human body are “used in and out.” If you don’t get exercise for a long time, the muscle fibers will shrink relatively, become weak and weak, and people will seize the thinness.

Jogging is a good choice in terms of exercise style, because when people are jogging, the number of gastrointestinal motility increases significantly, which can both consume energy and enhance appetite.

  After rapid fattening, how to lose weight for Hu Xinger, the film is facing the problem of weight loss.

Weight loss mainly includes two aspects: reducing intake and increasing consumption.

Weight loss should be gradual, persevere, and diet control should be combined with regular exercise, otherwise it will not achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Generally lose weight by 0 per week.


0 kg is appropriate, if you are too hasty, to achieve the purpose of fast weight loss by dieting or even hunger strike, so that excessive weight can damage the function of multiple organs including the heart, and can be life-threatening in severe cases.

  In order to reduce weight, reasonable eating habits should be established, including: avoid overeating, change the habit of eating rich and eating supper.

  It is also impossible to insist on exercising.

Exercise should be based on aerobic exercise. Jogging and brisk walking are very good sports. If you feel boring, you can choose swimming and other sports.
In short, a reasonable diet, adhere to exercise, such a way to lose weight not only works well, but also effectively prevent rebound and promote good health.
  For thin people, fattening not only needs to be fast, but also requires scientific health.

No need to wash your teeth to teach you 5 minutes to eliminate tartar

No need to wash your teeth to teach you 5 minutes to eliminate tartar

It is sour and uncomfortable to wash your teeth. It is very painful. It also has an expenditure. It is a great way to tell your teeth to turn white quickly. It is simple and easy to save money, and you are satisfied.

  Sometimes brushing your teeth doesn’t really make your teeth white. The yellowing or blackening of your teeth may be replaced by friends in your life communication. Here are a few ways to make your teeth clean and thorough.


Strawberry material: one strawberry, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.

  Method: The strawberry was ground into a paste, thoroughly mixed with the baking powder, and evenly applied to the surface of the tooth with a soft toothbrush. After 5 minutes, the mixture was brushed off with a toothpaste, and then rinsed.

  The malic acid contained in the strawberry can be used as a retracting agent to remove stains from the surface of the tooth.

When mixed with baking powder, it becomes a natural tooth cleaner that removes the stains left by coffee, red wine and cola on the tooth surface, quickly and cheaply illuminating your smile.

It is only possible that strawberry seeds remain in the gaps in the teeth, but they can be removed with floss.

To remind everyone, don’t use this method too much, otherwise the malic acid in the strawberry will damage the enamel of the teeth, which is more suitable once a week.


Orange material: Dry the orange peel and grind it into powder.

  Method: Mix your teeth with toothpaste and brush your teeth quickly.


Vinegar material: vinegar at home (vinegar, white vinegar can be, but not vinegar).

  Method: In the mouth for 1 minute to 3 minutes, then spit it out and brush your teeth.

  The effect is very good, but the teeth will feel very sour and it will last for about 2 minutes.

Do not do it continuously, do it once in about 2 months, otherwise it will be bad for the teeth.

It is an emergency method when there is an emergency. If you find that your teeth are yellow before going out to date, you can also remove bad breath.


Lemon material: lemon juice.

  Method: Lemon peeled and squeezed into juice.

After brushing your teeth at night, wipe our teeth with a small amount of lemon juice with a cotton swab. Be careful not to worry, all of them should be rubbed a little bit, or the color of the teeth will be uneven on the next day.

Whitening, if the color is not the same, it will be very obvious, so be careful, and don’t lick too much juice. You can lick 4 or 5 drops at a time, and wipe it all back and forth 6 times.

  You can also use a toothpaste to brush your teeth with a small amount of lemon juice. For yellowing, uneven color has a good effect.

It should be noted that the lemon has a certain acidity, and we rely on this to whiten, but it is necessary to not wipe it every day, otherwise it will hurt the teeth.

The remaining lemon juice can be kept in the refrigerator for about a week.


Yeast powder material: yeast powder.

  Method: When brushing your teeth, apply a small amount of yeast powder to the toothpaste, so that brushing your teeth will have the effect of whitening teeth (models are commonly used).

If there is no yeast powder, use baking soda to have the same tooth whitening effect.


Peanut material: Chew raw peanuts, do not grind too much, can be granular.

  Method: After crushing the peanuts, use the broken peanut crumbs as a toothpaste and brush the teeth with a toothbrush.

Granulated peanut crumbs can remove tartar and whiten teeth.


Inkfish material: The bones of the inkfish (ie cuttlefish, squid) are ground into powder.

  Method: It has a large bone in the body. It is white. It can be scraped with a nail and can produce a lot of white powder. Using these powders as toothpaste can make the teeth white and stand up.