Compared with the king of the autumn,His words are really good,But compared with Ning Caichen,I can’t take my hand.。
Ning Caichen dinner,On the side, I’ve studied the four books and five times.,Let’s write a living fee while writing people,Single is this handwriting,You can hook up to the lady of rich people。
“Cui brother,Want to write a poem that is sent to?”
Open the drawing,Ning Caichen,And then asked。
“Roughly the same,I have poetry,You write。”Liao Wenjie Qing Dynasty,Thunder。
“Shili Pinghu cream full day,Inch of Qing silk China。Lookout,Just 鸯 鸯 仙 仙……”Ning Caichen repeated several times,The more I feel sad,I can’t help but I can’t help but tear.。
“Brother,A few dishes.,Be drunk?”
“no,I am touched by the true feelings of Cui brother and Xiaoqian girl.。”
You have to say this,Then your brain can be green enough!
“Ning old brother,I said that you think more.,I and Xiao Qian are the relationship between white and head.,And I haven’t yet been!”
“Um,What you said is right?。”
Ning Caichen,Know that Liao Wenjie’s heart is painful,Don’t want to continue in this topic,Be careful to hold the painting hole,Wash the pen alone。
Broadly, he has already seen it.,Nothing more than Fu Qingfeng and Xiaoqian are amazing similar,Liao Wenjie,Surgie in the deep heart,Sense, this poem。
Because all kinds of hardships are also difficult,I only look for him to help write poems.。
“One of the words of love is really harmful,Cui brother, such as the heroes who don’t change color of the demon ghosts.……”
Ning Caichen 嘀 嘀,So the problem is coming.,Since it is so rare,Why don’t you find Fu Qingfeng to solve the bitterness?,By the marriage, he will help him pull the bridge.?
Because the two women are not alone,Liao Wenjie is afraid that he is more,I am afraid to hurt another person.。
“Cui brother,It’s you,I am not as good as the high festival!”
This goods started to make brain.!
I heard that Ning Caichen in my ear,Liao Wenjie knows that he is gone,Brow,Know the autumn and one-leaved eyebrows。
“Qiu Xianji!”
Knowing the autumn leaves,Sitting hands,Headache:“Cui brother,Have something to say,Cool is not the secret,I listen to it.。”
“Is such that,I am watching the sage.,I want to ask one or two。”
Knowing the autumn and one leaves,Reface:“forget it,I am a fight,But that is to deal with demon ghosts,And Cui brother……It’s just a little meaning.,Be no longer,you win。”
“Not fight,It is sitting。”
Liao Wenjie:“I have a handful sword,Powerful,Fighting in the sky,The wind is very good,Handsome little life like yours。”
“嘿嘿 嘿,Cui brother has a vision,I don’t think I have been hidden so deep.。”
Knowing the autumn and one leaf,Mainly he didn’t have to wash your face in recent days.,I ran half a day again.,Just look gray face,Otherwise, the long eyes can see his appearance of handsome。
“I took the royal sword to explain it.,Yindi, you also said his spell,Everyone exchanges experience,Common progress,how?”
“This is afraid that it will not!”
Knowing the autumn leaves,Serious road:“Sensor,I can’t break the rule.,Otherwise, the ancestors are known,A thunder, I die,That is big.。”
Three feet of life with god,Liao Wenjie persuaded a few closed doors to make a trick,Knowing the autumn leaves,Don’t give a little longer。
Fix……Soil,Liao Wenjie, three feet,Know the autumn and one leaf,He will not give up,声 拍 酒。

Chen Feihu glanced over,Disdain。

These temporary,Ib is used to the office,I really want to meet wild wolves.,Tiger,That rushing,What is the use of more people??
It’s just a group of living targets.!
“太 太,We don’t want to go into the mountain.。”
Chen Feihu said seriously:“Unless you can call Shen Xuan together,otherwise,We don’t go to the mountain!”
“Correct,For if there is a piece of Shen Xuan,We can also consider。” Qi Lei said very much。
That bowl,They all saw Shen Xuan’s power,If there is that man,In one mountain,The danger is greatly reduced,No one wants to feed their own life。
Depend on……
It is that Shen Xuan!
Yang Shiqi is very impatient in my heart,Is this a person really a little bit??
No matter what thing to do,Don’t leave Shen Xuan?
Didn’t,I can’t live.?
“You don’t dare to go into the mountain.,Also have a Shenxuan?”
Yang Shiqi is not angry:“Today you go,most,Do not go,I will kill you now.!”
Finish,Pick up the electric baton next to,I have to work with Chen Feihu and others.。
“Come,Come,You have the ability to kill me.!”
Chen Feihu pointed to his head:“You will kill me.,I will not go into the mountain.!”
Yang Shige’s electric baton,I didn’t work。
He wants to scare,did not expect,This is really not afraid of it.。
It’s just a ghost.!
“太 太,If you really want to save those people,Just contact Xuan Ge together.,otherwise,Those people in the mountains,I still don’t know what will happen.!”
Qi Lei is so persuaded:“Early to save,The chance of survival is also bigger,late,Maybe only one corpse!”
This time,Yang Shiqi is shocked.。
real……Really so horror?
Yang Shich is very clear,If it is really like Qi Lei said,Only rescued a corpse,Then he is this county,Also do。
During the term,So big accident,I am afraid to have to dismiss it.,even,I have to sit in a secure!
Unspeakable,Really only to ask Shen Xuan??
But he thinks about Shen Xuan’s arrogant attitude,The whole person is a bit no pain。
“I found it.,He is not willing to go to the mountain。”
Yang Shiqi’s irritability,Tangible:“Is it difficult to still have to ask him this county??”
I heard this,Chen Feihu and others laughed。
“Then you must have a criminal brother.。”
Chen Feihu loudly,“Shen Xuan character,As long as you don’t have to defend him,Ask him to help,That is a small thing,Not everyone is as small as you!”
What the hell?
I am a small gas?
Yang Shixon is angry.,This guy in front of you,I am talking about him.,Is this educating him this county??