Excessive suction ozone,People will produce symptoms such as headache and ventilator,Severe people can also cause heart shock。

The most important point is,Oxygen can become ozone by electric shock。
If you havelevel 5when,When she is discharged, it is just simple.‘Manufacturing current’if,Then now Mechanic is already aware of awareness and controlling some of the current manufactured.‘By-product’,Ozone is one of them。
“asshole!”垣 根 帝 督 角 角 抽,Face of white feathers rapid change,Form a mask covering the mouthny nose,“This thing”His words haven’t finished,The mind is awkward,Running rapidly pushing,Kahain kicked away。
Although the concentration of ozone manufactured by Meiqin is not allowed to stop the 垣 根 帝 帝 心 心,However, it is annealed in this concentration of ozone.,It’s still a broken heart,Calculation formula is instantly chaos a plug。
Powerful person has no calculation,I am afraid that only the original stone can use the ability.,This looks more fatal when the opponent is facing the same level.。
“Do you think that the distance is there??”Look at the end of the governor,Meiqin disdainful smile,“Do you think you have run over a speed??”
Like electro-optical rock,There is no number of purple lightnings suddenly out of the hands of the Meccun.,next moment,The 垣 根 帝 督 被 被 无 道 电 电,Along with a delayed gas
“what!Born!”The Episode of the Episode is crazy.,So do you want to be killed by this disgusting girl in front of him?
However, it has already generated in the unmolved substance.,Yingen Emperor defeated the God,Flash in the eyes,The wings behind it reflects sharp radiance again.,Rapid fly in the direction of Meiqin。
Meiqin snort,Hold the sword of the iron sand in your hand again。
At the same time in the United States and the Governor,Another head of the battlefield,One party and Qing Palace are also opposite each other。
“What are you going to do??”The Qing Palace wrinkled with the side of the face,“We don’t fight the reason.?”
“Just want to fight with you.,Where is the hard work?。”One party is a bit impatient,“In one way,I also want to see it.,How much is it better than before?!”
“Just for this purpose,Then you have not been too boring.。”The Qing Dynasty snorted,“and,In this case, it is not just your me.。”
“Said so much nonsense,Are you afraid??”One party is arrogant,Looking up at a hurricane, go to the Qing Palace.。
“afraid?”Qing Dynasty snort,“I can defeat you at the beginning.,Now I can!”
Orange golden rays are aggregated from the palace,Finally, for a table tennis size light ball,I was smashed by the Qing Palace.,Rapid expansion of light ball,Finally, it is a huge light ball that has a diameter of more than ten meters.,Hurricane collided with the hurricane。
A sharp explosion ring,The dark clouds of the sky have been directly torn out of a huge mouth.,A ray of sunshine is illuminated by the cloud.,Let this picture look extra spectacular。
After a hit,The two did not stop this,Instead, he does not hesitate to turn over,The collision of the collision again。
The fire wing behind the Qing Dynasty suddenly expands,The flame of the bears will burn the clouds in the sky.,But one party is uncomfortable,Vector controlled anti-day capabilities make him almost immunize all physical and energy attacks,Although the Qing Dynasty is close to the calculation formula,But because the two people are almost the same,So who is rare, who is, why?。
“Attempt。”One party is not bad,Although he is still very pleasing to the Qing Palace,But he is also clear,The ability of the Qing Palace is as difficult as him,Put down this way,Can be different from what he imagined。
Slightly raising hands,One looks in the blood,next moment,The wind around the wind is again violent.,Different from before,This time the wind covers the exception,Big arrival in the sky of the seventh school district,Interestingly,The part of the ground is not affected,Even the original wind is weak。
Qing Palace,‘Absolute field’Expand again,Soon, it is also covered throughout the battlefield.,But the dramatic wind makes it difficult to maintain the stability in the air.,The two people who are not far from the end of the normonal, and the two people can’t help but be suddenly hidden.,Yinhe Emperor is good,Meiqin is shocked。Take this opportunity,The Emperor of the Emperor Governor,Behind the wings crazy spread,The big piece of big piece of feathers go to the metano。
The eyes of the Qing Dynasty flashed a golden mood,Fighting,next moment,There are no violent dramatically fluctuated from the hurricane.,Routing a blurred trace in the air,着 帝 帝 帝 帝。
‘Heat sword’,This is the Qing Palace just promoted tolevel 5Time to invent the skill,From the beginning of the six way to the handful dozens,With the gradual improvement of his ability,This skill is also used in the Qing Dynasty.,But once used it,The http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn number that can now be released is horrible。One time,The heated high-air air flows whistling,It seems that countless branch arrows out,And every airflow has a precise to find a feather.,Dizzy。
“Very good,”I saw this scene,Can’t help but laugh,“Then try again.!”
“Trough!”Qing Palace looking back,Farm eye,I can’t help but take a picture of Mandarin,“are you crazy?”
I saw it gently on the ground.,A cross-street bridge that was warned by several people was standing up.,One party is like playing toys,Handle,Strongly smashed from a few people in the Qing Palace!
One time,In the mind of the Qing Dynasty, there was a sudden drop in front of the first day, often on the barrage.:
You waved in the building,It is my belief in my life.???
Chapter 573 Fair to be unknown
Huge sky bridge,Like a huge flaw,Crossing http://www.honghaibo.cn all people,With unparalleled quality,I smashed a few people.。
Qing Palace,His instinctive feels that this bridge is somewhat wrong,But but I can’t say it.,He is behind the fire,Quick flash to the side,And Meiqin is escaped when he is elaborated in a bridge.,in this regard,Her lightning is not good at responding。
“ridiculous!”Two people who have been avoided,垣 root emperor disdainful smile,White wings instantaneously become huge blunt,The squat is on the surface of the bridge.,Be next moment,His face suddenly turned。
White wings are in touch with the bridge surface,Direction has changed,As you have collided, what is the very elastic object,Baiyi is bounced,But what is strong in the bridge,In the case of such a strike,All the power returned by the instant,Heavy bounces back the owner of the white wing——The body of the governor。
“puff!”The Epis Emperor Yudong spurted a blood again.,The spirit is even more slight.,But his eyes flicked with unbelievable look.,“How can this be!”
“why!Why is my unmail substance will be controlled by your vector??”垣 根 帝 猛 头 头 头,Looking forward to flashing a strong anger in the eyes of one party,The sound is hoarse,“yours‘reflection’But it is a filter mechanism.,Why can react to substances that do not exist in the world?!”
“Normal people should care about why a bridge will reflex.。”Looking at the 垣 垣 帝 帝 帝 帝,One side, I took my ear,I still said with the kind of faint ridiculous voice.,“but,Like your guy,I am afraid I can’t understand this kind of thing.。”
“You think you‘Unmolved substance’This is the world‘foreign body’,I don’t know what to do??”One side of vicious smile,“dross,You are really narrow in the world’s definition.,Is there only a few meters from your square??”

Gao Yang said。When you http://www.ruixingsoft.cn talk,Li Da is full of red light, a tall and strong man.。Although this person is fluffy,But angry,Face type is also similar to the high ocean。

It seems that this is high.。
“Seven brothers,Your brothers meet late in this river late night.,Do you still plan to go to the Yingling ancestor??”
Gao Yang leather meat does not laugh,I don’t see my high angry eye.,There is a lot of privileges on your face.。
“Cheng Wang defeated,Lose,Naturally, you can say。”
Gao Yu duck dead mouth,Or even if he is now,Niworthiness,The sorry is not as good as simply,At least you can keep the surface on the surface。
“Gao Wei, high,From the little you are an impulsive。
I ask you.。Even if you have successful this time,Is it a turn to sit on the throne??
Ha ha,Think more。Either it is high,Either Gao Zhan,anyway,Will n’t turn around you?。On the eye,You even have a high-spirited mixed ball.。
Although I am eating, I don’t want to eat.,But he knows yourself than you.。
Gao Zhan means killing me,After the event,You will be sold by him,Then push all the sins to you。He passes you through your own,Come to win the favor of people who are loyal to me,Why do you always have a good release?。”
Gao Yang said,Gao Bao is silent in your heart.。It seems that this emperor’s vigilance is,I didn’t relax at all.。Gao Cheng is so mortown,It is so humble,How can a high ocean have no prevention??
Gao Boyi believes that even if there is no appearance,Gao Zhan and Gao Wei will not have any opportunity to become。
“Seven brothers,Say,How did you follow Gao Zhan?。I don’t believe that you have the ability to use people around me.,My whereabouts,Nor isn’t the power in your hand, you can master it.。
Don’t say the choice of launching time!
Say,How does Gao Zhan mean make you??”
Gao Ying followed the good asked。
The high side is moving.,I don’t look at the eyes of the Gao Yang.。
In fact, how do he choose very simple?,That is, there is no choice.。If he does not supply it to Gao Zhan,Maybe a life can be left。But if he sells Gao Zhan,Can a high ocean play him??
I want to know that it is high.!And his mother is still a high love of Han!
How much is the son of Gao Huan?“favorite”,It is also conceivable.。
Gao Rong even helped someone who speaks,But Gao Zhan,Zhao Zhaojun will kill death will also protect。At that time,Can kill high。
In this way,Not as good as nothing,Gao Yang in order to top and want to 高湛,It is bound to stay with him a life.,on the contrary,Looking forward to high death,Instead, the same man!
I want to understand these things,Gao Biyi feels meaningless.,Because of the results of the trial,Can be changed to any desired look according to political needs。
Truth is not important,What http://www.mosashop.cn is important is how to use this thing?。game of Thrones,Nothing to do,Only success。
“Nine,Let people go to my seven brothers.,Good life。”
Gorge,Li Da will take it on。
“Nine,Take high in the evening.,Then sent people to follow him。I want to see who he will contact him.。”
Gao Yang’s face。
Gao Bao couldn’t help but hit a cold.:“His Majesty,Don’t do this step。High-rise appeared in front of Gaoshan,Will definitely be killed by Gao Zhan!”
“Yes,So, I won’t bear the name of the brother. Isn’t it??
Or he will also be sent to you by his lady’s housekeeping.。Let him taste the taste of being sold by the relatives,Not very good,Just like it,It’s so cheap.!”
Hig smile,Wan Ruo!
Gay sword:Look after seeking collection(),Then look more convenient。
NS385chapter Sad man in the world

End of picture,Fang Yu is leaving,Still stopped by Xue Lian。

“Doctor http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cn Fang,You really don’t think about it?After all, you are not too young……There are not many opportunities to be famous!If you become the spokesperson of the People’s Hospital,Maybe you can get fame and fortune later!”
Xue Lian looked at Fang Yu,A serious way。http://www.dingchengsm.cn
“Interview time is over,This is also the content of the interview?”
Fang Yu asked。
“That’s not……Just i think,Doctor Fang, you can cooperate with us to publicize……”Xue Lian muttered。
This is the task of the newspaper,And as long as it becomes,The TV station will http://www.join-hands.cn follow up on TV interviews。This is a good thing that many people can’t envy!
Fang Yu refused?
She is really all kinds of question marks!
“Doctor Fang,Something happened in the ward!”
When Fang Yu wanted to explain,Phone rings。
On the phone,Ruan Wu said anxiously。
“it is good,I’ll come over now!”
Fang Yu said deeply。
Then leave directly!
right now,Fang Yu doesn’t have time to listen to Xue Lian’s interview。
Came to the ward。
Fang Yu saw the patient,Already immobile。
“What is the problem?”
Fang Yu asked,Then check the pulse。


Fang Yu said categorically。
Without the slightest hesitation!
“it is good……Then give me tangerine peel!They match tangerine peel,I do not like!”Jiang Wan’er pouted and said。
Obviously,Is http://www.granitemedicalsystems.cn angry。
“This one,The orange peels are all the same……Will not make much difference!”
Fang Yu explained。
“Do not……I want the tangerine peel you gave me。or,I won’t take medicine!”Jiang Wan’er snorted coldly。
Hu Yili encountered this situation http://www.pngd-sewing.cn for the first time。
It seems,Fang Yu offended Wan’er。
Hu Yili winked at Fang Yu,Tell Fang Yu not to care about this。
“it is good……”
Fang Yu nodded。
If Jiang Wan’er refuses to take medicine,,Fang Yu still http://www.ctigaojie.cn has to come here!

“But if this is the case,Why did the big brother have to promise their challenges at the beginning,Obviously in his strength,Do you know that you will win??”

Lucia is also,Since it is afraid of a protects they lose their fighting,Why should I promise this confrontation?。
deliver888Cash red envelope pay attention tovxPublic number to watch the popular god,smoke888Cash red envelope!
“Probably in order to grind the corner of their arrogance,After all, it is seen as a dead god.,A few of the deputy team leader of Afadi is indeed excellent。
Just a few hundred years old, I realized the understanding.,And a protective or even a dead time is only less than two years.。”
“Night, accept the reason for challenge invitation,Probably I want to tell them,The understanding does not mean everything,Let them be proud,So yourself in the battle。”
This time I answered the problem of Lucia in the night.,And her words also make the winter boiler like thinking.。
To say that genius and the most qualified person,Herein,Should be a Japanese Facial Valley。
Not enough old age,Mastering can be comparable to the head leader“The corpse soul of the ice is the strongest sugar knife”,And it is the youngest captain in the 13th team of the guard.。
Various aura is added,Let the dayglass winter boiler“The first day of the corpse”s position。
So the night invites him to watch the battle,Is there any intention??
“Night big brother is very powerful.,Obviously it is just a few more than us.,Why do I think he is more like a human life?。”
Lucia listened to the explanation of Pudao Hall and night,I sincerely demonstrate the night.。
“Probably the education of the flower captain is related to the way of education,After all, the personality of the captain……”
Pudao helps feel this set of nights,It should be the poison of the captain of the flower captain.,After all, the captain of the Buddha is the first generation of swords.,Will hammered the night and the nature is also normal.。
But I http://www.npeople.cn have to say,The flower captain of Hui Zi will be quite well in the night.。
Whether it is strength,Still in character,Al or other aspect,Both are outstanding。
On the other side,I don’t know if I have already helped them to help them make a perfect existence.。
He will accept their challenges,Just because of the reason for the system task.,And Winter Slow will watch here,It is also his own will.……
“Since 之 花 夜 哉 话 话,Why don’t you serve as the captain’s job??
Nowadays, the captain of the 13th team of the court is a lot.,His current strength,It should be easily eloquent.。”
Supan Valley Winter Lang curiously asked,He is shallower than the loud qualifications.,But even he can serve as the responsibility of the death of the dead.,Why don’t you have a night??
Is it because he won’t understand?But even the wood sword http://www.smjtjs.cn is not,Even the connection is not。
“In fact, the captain invited him.,Unfortunately, he refused.,Although I don’t know why?,But he should have his own ideas.。
He has always been famous for a name.,Probably because of the reason why it has been low-key。
At first we thought he intended to hide,Should be scheduled,But under the confirmation of the flower captain of,The team leader and others also believe that he is in the character.,According to the present,That is, the so-called salted fish。”
Night as an intelligence,It seems that all know the general。
Finally said“Salty fish”when,I still don’t forget to help Pudao.,It is very powerful,But like low marking fish,It’s very similar to someone.。
Chapter 575 Ten blade hits,Current crisis
Self-playing,The quotation of the team stationed in the world is time to calm.。

His huge advantage,Do not sleep,Only three hundred fire。

And here, I gathered thousands。
More strange is,This ban……What is it from where??
http://www.leimingmianzhichang.cn “what is that?”
Standland,Summer eyes,Pupil shrinkage。
He is in thousands of fire,I saw an extremely unique fire。
This fireful flame……Do not,Can not be a flame。
It is a flame with a high flame of one person.!And is purple,Rich to the extreme,Nervous。
Not only that,This group of people high flames gently beat every time,All fire,Just like a general,Take the initiative to get out of fire,Mad。
“Bamboo”Suddenly,The purple flame is divided into a hire,Casual,Will a bit of blue fire swallowed。
And slowly refining。
And this purple flame is more pure。
Summer side ear listening,Flaming,Some people are talking about。
“Fire king?”
Summer eyes have gradually become bright。
He can feel it,Dan Tian’s dark magic dragon actually feels a bit,Just like smelling the taste of food。
“This energy http://www.galoptech.cn purity,It is not weak than the original fire.。”
Summer is dark,Pad outside the valley,Show your eyes!。
Watch on the surface,Just like a red light hood。
In fact,This is an extremely powerful ban。
Former,It is not that simple symbol。
to be exact,This kind of natural formation in heaven and earth,It has been equivalent to the narration of the array。
Summer sacrifice begins。
The same is the same as the same martial author。
These people have not been in the summer.,The eyes are hooked at the most central people with a high purple flame。
Summer extraction,Gently tap。
He finally knows,Why is so many people get together?。
NS3635chapter Dead
This powerful ban,Connecting to the vein。
Want to break the ban,First of all, you need to destroy the landlift。
if not,Any attack falls http://www.shulekai.cn above,Energy of the entire fire area,Both will continue to add。
but,He still feels some strange。
The ban is indeed very powerful,But not human。
It is naturally formed things,Just under investigation,It is found that internal nodes are extremely rough。
As long as the surgeon is slightly studying,A little crack,Can still be done。
So many military,A thousand people,It is said that he did not understand the road.……Summer is not believed。
Slightly,He is hidden。
So many people tiger,Who can crack the road into the valley?,I am afraid that I will also trigger the hostility of everyone.。
Interrogate,Summer brow。

Han Jiang is still silent,But the heartbeat is not consciously accelerated.。

http://www.ihumor.cn “Baffle,You have a look?”Ji’s eyes suddenly awake some,Sly asked。
Han Jiang snorted,“You are nonsense.,Normal man heard this kind,Especially in a young girl, can you hear this kind of words??”
“Then why don’t you pick me??”Ji smiled:“can not tell,You are still a gentleman?”
“Unfortunately,I have already given you the opportunity.。”Ji ruthlessly announced the score of Hanjiang answer,failed。
Although I haven’t planned to let Han Jiang and Ge。
Chapter 252 A-872
Han Jiang is sitting on the bar under the railing,Shake the easy pull can,Into my own beer。
Ji did it again,Laugh in the road:“What’s wrong,Is it sad?,Then the next chance”
“There is no chance to!”Ji is immediately added。
“Not thinking about this,I think,You said that you are not good today.?”Han Rong looked at Ji to say seriously:“If you http://www.shuandi.cn can,Talk to me?”
On the side of Ji put the bottle in front of you,Double-eyed staring at the pattern and words above the tank,Two people have fallen into short silences。
“You are ninety years old this year.?”Han Jiang asked。
Ji was hit by his shoulders and hit Hijiang.:“what the hell,Not talking about talking,You still have to think about what you just?”
“Tease you?。”Ji smiled and explained Hanjiang。
“I want to call it.,See if you still have a consciousness。”
then,The two will start a chat with a chat again.。
“Sometimes I am always thinking,I am not very useful.。”Ji was suddenly cold and said。
Han Jiang blinked and did not pick up,I want to make comfort,But as a person who just met three days,Han Jiang’s comfort will not have any effect?。
Some things http://www.yygezi.cn can’t be said,Have something, I am equal to saying that,Only silence is the best way。
“do you know,I am fifteen, I can test the genius girl in California.。”There is a touch on the face of Ji。
Han Jiang cooperated with praise,Laugh:“Even if you don’t do anything.,Then I am simply don’t live in this world.。”
Generally,Some people are drunk,The desire to complain is still full。
Not a long-awaited woman,The young and lively gods still keep the habit of doing something to say.。
“In the room,You said your mood is not very good.,Want to drink some wine,why?”Han Jiang asked inappropriate。
Ji was overbearing Hanjiang,“You don’t say a sentence,Do you look like a type of reading??”
“Wow,I can’t see it on weekdays.,Miss Ji is not like which kind of person who will read it.。”Han Jiang exaggerated a sentence。
Ji shed two laps on the shoulders of Hanjiang,I am smiling myself.:“You are too unhappy like this.,A good time!”
“Because ah,Sister’s life,Let me think of my own certain things。”
The sound of Ji,“I haven’t been much better before.,So I don’t want to see a child like me.,And do our own efforts to help them,without return。”
“You are the fate of the captain.?”

The small machine is the first time being hugged by a man.,If another man hold her she must have been a runaway,Since Qi is sharp but she was flattered enjoy this feeling。

“Mother-in-law,You are so fragrant.,Come,Let a pro ah!”Rui Rui said that he deliberately exaggerated the mouth of the mouth to the cheek of Rouge,
Blue rouge this time to know their own Qi Rui long been seen coming,Hurry up with a small hand to block the mouth:“Smelly Qi Rui!You saw it long is not?”
Qi sharp drop boast the blue rouge:“Really good,This is nothing more I,For the other people do not see it,Probably because you have been like a little old lady now!”
“Beat you!You just do like a little old man!”Blue rouge that did not get mad,But took Qi Rui said.:“Good to see snow and shadow sister dressed up as what the。”
Into the pharmacy,Rui Qi saw a handsome young man,Fu Yingxue probably about one meter tall sixty-eight,Although thin shoulders,But her dress, her eyebrows with a blue,Micro-expressions with good,Cosmetic surgery is also used in place,If a change is difficult to see what people really。
Chen Jia also shadow makeup,Because before she had learned a little,This time she is posing bit mediocre looks a very ordinary middle-aged woman,She is really like the dress, and she reads the eyes.。
So this time Chen Jia shadow of the best scores,Fu Yingxue and flunked blue rouge,Because their makeup is very good though,But still we have overlooked a very important issue。
Blue is the voice of rouge,Her voice hoarse nor refillable,Especially the cough, the two sound stuffing,Try not to do any meaningless action and sound after making makeup,Especially the age is so big.。
Fu Yingxue ignored the question is that the man of her dress is too handsome.,This way, even the man will also see her eyes.,This is a big taboo,Since you want makeup,If you do not specify a target person,Just simply masking the original identity,That is best to make makeup, it is not easy to pay attention to the image.,It’s too easy to expose it too much.。
“Continue practice,Makeup does not only change your identity and appearance,It is also really controlling the limbs and languages of this person.,Control can not try not to dress up,For example, Xiaoxue, you are pretending to be a man,Many of the stones will be searched now.,You will have a man with a man.,What should you do when you arrive??”
NS111chapter It turns out that you are nine brothers.!
Fu Yingxue this dress just to let Qi Rui know their makeup level,That means telling Qi Rui to have the ability to act together.,So don’t consider these details that are rumored。
“Ritual,Is it simple from makeup surgery??”Fu Ying Xue asked,
“Can,You can get a full range of rouge,Indeed,Pay attention to details later。”Said that Qi Rui, the eyes, the eye, the chest is obvious than the man.。
I also learned that Fu Ying Xue, who has managed the micro-expression management, I saw the rush of the eyes and the face.:“You just said to test makeup,So this time I have passed。”
“it is good,Count your cross the border,How is the unlocking technology??”
Next, we have taken three people unlocking,Micro-chaotics identification and force,Three beautiful results so he is very satisfied。
Next,Qi Rui taught them three groups of micro-expressions argot,Because you have learned micro-face management and identification,Let them learn how to use micro-expressions and body movements to convey the message,
When leaving the Blue Qi Rui Rouge took place to no one asked:“Why teach these two Japanese spy skills?”
Qi Rui smiled and explained:“You little Dodger Did I forget now, but TOKKO day spy,Light teach you not to teach them not that outrageous!If you follow the two perspectives, I should ask me why you teach you.,So you followed them good school。”
“Ritual,Why do I have a very strong feeling?”
“What feeling?”
“Why do I think they are nothing like the bad guys ah,If you know in advance that they are not Japanese spy,I really think they are my sisters do!”
“rouge,You must remember,Do not believe that at all times the eye can see,You have to learn to see your heart.,Because in this day and age a lot of people are http://www.sun-keninc.cn wearing mask,And now you are not also wearing a mask。”
“Ritual,I understand this truth,I hope that I will not wear this way.。”
“rouge,I will teach you some things alone。”
“This so I have a good time will teach you,You are now in good shape microexpression argot,This is very useful in the future。”
Qi Rui let them continue to practice micro-expressions argot,He drives a small building in the legal concession.,ZHUANG Xiao Man at home,Rui Qi saw a car coming,She was wearing pajamas welcome out。
Get off,See Zhuang Xiaoman wearing slippers to show a pair of wins and snow,Look at the upper body again,It should be because of the reason for the heavens,There seems to be nothing in the pajamas.,With her fast step, the mountain sound animation is introduced into the eye.。
Hurish smiles and smiled open http://www.daogd.cn arms,Zhuang Xiaoman actually rushed into his arms.,The arms said with his arms.:“It turns out that you are nine brothers!”
“The boss tells you?”Listening to it, I knew that Dai boss told her their identity.,I didn’t expect to wear such trust she.。
“Nine brother,The boss is confident, I will obey your command.,Shanghai Station and Hurricane Team will also fully cooperate with your task,They will help you contact you later.,There is any action, I can notify me.,The boss will try to take action in the future.,Every action is handed over to Shanghai Station and the hurricane team。”Zhuang Xiaoman is excited to tear tears,
Because she didn’t expect rush, she was very mysterious nine brother.,Previously, many people said that this is just the legend.,There is no nine brother.。
“That is not so happy.?”Rui Rui felt that http://www.aist-bj.cn Zhuang Xiaoman’s tears asked,
“Nine brother,You know, you can get rid of the garbage behind you.!”
See Zhuang Xiaoman so disgusting expression,Rui Rui probably guessed that it should be the boss of Zhuang Xiaoman,Asked:“Who?”
“For my safe boss, turn away,In addition, Shanghai, in addition to you, no one knows that I am real identity.。”

Yang Haoyu is still not released.。

The whole Yang family is still investigated by the relevant departments.。
Many people are in secret use of means to confirm the authenticity of things。
There are also many people to call Feng Tianpeng.。
But just this morning,A message is spread throughout the capital at the speed of terror.。
Ancient morning appeared。
Really appeared。
Someone saw him with her own eyes.。
More than this,Those families that http://www.bjhyjr.cn have been intertwined with the ancient family,I received an invitation.。
Tonight,Ancient morning ginseng guest。
Connected news,For many people,Be undoubtedly sensitive。
Many people are talking about this matter.。
Guess the true purpose of this ancient morning active appearance。
As for the small and small family who have taken the old family,It is the battle of war.,Fearless。
……At the same time。
The city is quite famous in the city.。
Dry cloud is relative to a man。
The man looks like a five0 years old.,A gray hair,It seems like an ordinary person,But his eyes are deep as the sea.,Not angry。
Dry clouds,Distant,“I want to know what I ask for you.……Your youni brother is so dead.。”
The man’s face is a gloomy。
He didn’t imagine anger,A deep breath,“You come to me,Is it to tell me this??”
What happened last night,Far in Jinling Zikinshan。
But for those of the big people in the top circle,Not secret at all。
http://www.qkwng.cn Although the summer has killed a lot of people,But there is still a part to escape.。
More and the most critical characters,Ancient morning。
Or that sentence,The water in this is too deep.。
Deep even if it is dry cloud,Don’t want to in-depth investigation。
Not afraid,Don’t want。
He is afraid of finding things,Will make the two sides really torn face。

Ability to match the enemy’s opponent,That is the circumstance of can’t meet.。

He is also immersed in the understanding of the hands of the http://www.woniuchao.cn upper hand.。
Although he only realized a form,Can change thousands。
The brilliance of the snow and the punch is constantly pungeting the void,Like a river, the river, the river, usually ravage in the air。
Lin Feng also worse。
The sword inherited in the sword of the sword was sent out by him.。
But after the evolution of Lei Po,His sword is no longer limited to the martial arts itself,Already over this category。
He walked out of his sword road。
Swordsman,Cold light,Ten thousand waves continue to bloom,Gorgeous and magnificent,Terrible and horrible。
Every sword is swept out,It contains the greatness of heaven and earth,Lei Chi’s range,Everything is all of his swords。
Raw all blocked,Crush all power。
The fierce war continues,璀璨 光 中,Ravaged energy,Two people have hundreds of rounds,Unable to share the winning。
Extremely enemies!
The two are bloody。
Hour,In addition to rolling the rushing rumors and swords、Fist,Their evolution law is totem,It also suffers from huge pressure。
External force collies with each other,The two-person capillaries are broken.。
Continuous collision,How much blood is not known in the mouth。
http://www.guang618.cn only,Both people are tenacies,No one is shaking,All have been thrown out,Imposed real fire。
Fist,Lin Feng’s evasive long sword broken,The palm bone of the two came simultaneously。
“Everything is sword!”
Lin Feng is drinking,“Heaven and earth,Grass a wooden,Energy elements,Even if the dust can be my sword。”
He has a stunning waves at the endless Leihai in his feet.,Roll up。
Follow,Lei Hai formed a handle of the sword。
These long swords have tens of millions of handles,No style is the same,Differential shape,It seems to come from the ancient plane。
NS4048chapter Not totem is true
NS4048chapter Not totem is true