Photos: Yin Tao Xue’s atmosphere blockbuster releases the flowers and showering the sun and the sun is full of charm

Photos: Yin Taoxue’s atmosphere blockbuster releases the flowers and showering the sun. The sun is full of charm. /W690H460/20220312 //: /// n/ENT/4_ORI/UPLOAD/5A63EB82/350/W690H460/20220312 //, March 12, 17:34 Sina Entertainment News Tao’s photo: a bouquet of flowers, a ray of wind, white snow, sunlight falling, Yin Tao Jiugong lattice strikes, please check. In the photo, Yin Tao holds flowers in his hands and bathe the sun in the snow -capped snow.

3614058 Figure: Yin Tao Xue’s atmosphere of the atmosphere is released. 350/W690H460/20220312 //: /// n/ENT/4_ORI/UPLOAD/5A63EB82/350/W690H460/20220312 // In the photo at 17:34 on March 12th, Yin Tao held flowers and bathed in snow. The sun is full of charm. 3614059 Figure: Yin Taoxue’s atmosphere of the atmosphere is released. 124/W690H1034/20220312 //: /// n/ENT/4_ori/UPLOAD/5A63EB82/124/W690H1034/20220312 // March 12th at 17:34 Sina Entertainment News Yin Tao’s photo: a bouquet of flowers, a ray of wind, white snow, sunlight falling, Yin Tao Jiugong lattice strikes, please check.

In the photo, Yin Tao holds flowers in his hands and bathe the sun in the snow -capped snow. 3614060 group of pictures: Yin Tao Xue’s atmosphere of the atmosphere is released. 124/W690H1034/20220312 //: /// n/ENT/4_ori/UPLOAD/5A63EB82/124/W690H1034/20220312 // March 12th at 17:34 Sina Entertainment News Yin Tao’s photo: a bouquet of flowers, a ray of wind, white snow, sunlight falling, Yin Tao Jiugong lattice strikes, please check. In the photo, Yin Tao holds flowers in his hands and bathe the sun in the snow -capped snow. 3614061 Figure: Yin Taoxue’s atmosphere of the atmosphere is released. 124/W690H1034/20220312 //: /// n/ENT/4_ori/UPLOAD/5A63EB82/124/W690H1034/20220312 // March 12th at 17:34 Sina Entertainment News Yin Tao’s photo: a bouquet of flowers, a ray of wind, white snow, sunlight falling, Yin Tao Jiugong lattice strikes, please check. In the photo, Yin Tao holds flowers in his hands and bathe the sun in the snow -capped snow. 3614062 Figure: Yin Taoxue’s atmosphere of the atmosphere is released. 124/W690H1034/20220312 //: /// n/ENT/4_ori/UPLOAD/5A63EB82/124/W690H1034/20220312 // March 12th at 17:34 Sina Entertainment News Yin Tao’s photo: a bouquet of flowers, a ray of wind, white snow, sunlight falling, Yin Tao Jiugong lattice strikes, please check.

In the photo, Yin Tao holds flowers in his hands and bathe the sun in the snow -capped snow. 3614063.

However,next moment,Just when I still feel like this in Le Hongcheng’s heart.。

A sharp blade,Direct frame on his neck。
Look at Le Hongcheng whole person,It suddenly suddenly became the original place.。
“This,What is your situation??”
“Look clear,I am Le Hongcheng,Your owner!”
Le Hongcheng looked at everyone,More excited,I don’t forget it here.。
And in front of La Hongcheng,Shen Xuan,Stand up directly。
On the side of the eye,Shen Xuan is the path to this side.。
“Be right,You are indeed their owner,but now,They all have been put on me.。”
what’s situation?
this matter,From Shenxuan’s mouth。
For Le Hongcheng,It is even more than a meaningful。
Their family,Most of them have died in Shen Xuan?
How to listen to this,How to feel,Like a joke。
but now,Le Hongcheng’s side,A Lejia Guard,This is said to the eyes。
“Le Hongcheng,We have long been dissatisfied with you.。”
“so,We have already gotten back to Mr. Shen,Do you understand now??”
In front of the music, the defenders said to the front of their eyes.,The more like this,For the current thing。
no doubt,It’s quite shocking.。
but,Along with the guidelines,At this time, Le Hongcheng whole person is like a dead ash.。
Even now,In his heart,There is still a lucky luck。
“Do not,impossible,This should,Only part of it。”
“them,Can’t cover all!”
When Le Hongcheng looked at the eyes, In the heart, it is secretly pondering.。
But the next moment,Surroundings,It’s not forgotten here.。
“In fact,Don’t want to know if you don’t want to know,What is going on?。”
“Yes,Le Hongcheng,Advise you to die this heart.,your people,I have already been resolved by us.。”
“Say something wrong,From your intend to deal with Mr. Shen,Your end,I have been destined.。”
With these farewrities in front of them,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to speak on your eyes。
Le Hongcheng,At this time, it is fully understood,The words that Shen Xuan said before,what exactly is it。
After all, now,Waiting for Le Hongcheng’s lower,only one,That is to die.。
But Hongcheng,I don’t want to live directly.。
“Can you,give me one more chance?”

Joint efforts to build a "ground disaster" prevention and control of the "safe network" -The analysis of the situation of flood disaster prevention and control of Hubei this year

Hubei Daily All -Media reporter Zhu Hua Correspondent Tang Yan’s geological disaster has a strong concealment and great destruction. Geological disaster prevention and control is an important part of disaster prevention and mitigation.

There are many hills in Hubei mountains, and geological disasters are prone to more, with a wide range of points, difficult to control and heavy tasks. On March 9, the Provincial Government held a video conference on the prevention and control of geological disasters across the province to analyze and judge the situation of weather, climate and geological disaster prevention, and grasped them early, and made every effort to prevent geological disaster prevention.

Strengthen prevention, and some local concentrated geological disasters are highly related to the flood conditions during the flood season. Most of the disasters are caused by rainfall.

What is the rainy flood this year? "Since this year, the climate time in our province is obvious, and the low temperature rain and snow have a long time." The meteorological department predicts that the temperature in the spring of our province is high, and the northwest of the Hubei Hubei is 10 %. weather. During the flood season, Hubei Precipitation was more than east, northwest of Hubei, northern Hubei, and most of the precipitation of 350-500 mm in the Jianghan Plain, and 500-800 mm in southwestern Hubei and East Hubei.

The main flood season of the Yangtze River Basin is packed in the flood season. The precipitation may be "more upstream and less in the middle and lower reaches." Compared with the perennial year, the lower reaches of the Jinsha River, the Jialing River, the Chongqing to Yichang, and the upper and middle reaches of the Hanjiang River are 1-3 %. "Comprehensive analysis, the risk of ground disaster in the spring of this year is strong." Experts analyzed that due to the early precipitation, the province’s underground water level was high, the soil humidity was high, and the possibility of geological disasters occurred in the spring of the spring.

During the main flood period, there were many precipitation in the northwestern Hubei, southwestern Hubei, and northern Hubei. In particular, there was a concentrated period of heavy precipitation during the rainstorm period. Strong precipitation caused the possibility of geological disasters such as landslides and mudslides.

Affected by the flood of last year, the high water level of the Three Gorges Reservoir and the Danjiangkou Reservoir will enter the water level of the reservoir from May to June, which is prone to landslides. Due to economic and social development, human activities have increased on geological disasters. Statistics show that 91%of the disasters last year occurred near the front house and near the high -steep slope along the highway. It is necessary to pay close attention to geological disasters caused by building roads and roads, reservoirs, and mining.

In general, the situation of local disasters in the province this year is severe, and geological disasters such as prevention of landslides and mudslides need to be strengthened. The disaster -prone areas such as western Hubei and northern Hubei Gangzi should be preparations for monitoring, early warning and risk aversion transfer. The ears are clearly explained that "where is the hidden danger and when will it happen" and the disaster prevention should be clever, knowing where the disaster may and when it will happen.

Last year, the province successfully predicted 27 geological disasters, avoiding 211 casualties and 12.38 million yuan in economic losses. "This year, the province will build a new professional monitoring point of 2,000 to further solve the problem of ‘hidden dangers and when will happen’.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, in recent years, the province has continued to promote technological disaster prevention, realize the combination of human prevention and prevention, and continuously carry out a general survey of geological disaster risks, and carry out 21 county, town land disaster survey and Qingjiang dry flow along the coast of geological disasters. Detailed surveys, a total of 3507 professional monitoring points have been completed, and the construction of new professional monitoring points this year will also be completed before the flood season. The highway, the Three Gorges Reservoir area, and the Danjiangkou Reservoir have always been the focus and difficult point of geological disaster prevention.

The transportation department has conducted risk hidden dangers to investigate high -speed highway bridges, tunnels, high slopes, high -filled squares, toll stations and service areas, and build a hidden danger to investigate the intelligent system in time, and discover the dangerous situation in time.

"The 527 high -cut and Danjiangkou reservoir area of ??the Three Gorges Reservoir area implemented a fixed, fixed -point, and regular monitoring of 31 high -cut slopes.

"Yuan Junguang, chief engineer of the Provincial Department of Water Resources, introduced that last year, the Three Gorges Reservoir area immigration resettlement point high -cut slopes generated 6 early warnings. The person -not transferred persons were transferred.

Earth disaster prevention should also strengthen the source control and eliminate hidden dangers from the source. According to the director of the deputy department of the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department, Shao Cheng introduced that in recent years, it has paid close attention to key areas such as the construction and approval of rural homesteads and the agricultural -related projects. Production and facility agriculture construction. In 2021, the province applied for 50935 residence sites, excluding the construction of houses at the hidden danger of geological disasters, etc., and approved 34,669 homesteads to ensure the elimination of hidden geological disasters from the source.

Half,His face is emerging,Go out。

Just arrived outside the door,The badge is postponed。
Not there is any challenge,It comes from manipulation。
Qian Mu god,Hurry and immerse,“Manager”“Money Mu,If you come to challenge you in the summer,Don’t leave your hand,Use your most powerful mysterious,Directly。”
Badges are born in the midst of manner,“A lesson of the kid,It is best to humiliate,So,Will definitely disappointe,I will not call him in the future.。”
Qian Mu smiled,“Rest assured, please,My skill reaches45Draft,Make use of Xuan Guangxi outbreak48Dragings,The kid is no longer might as my opponent.。”
“So much the better。”
Toned,Also,“I have paid with the Eight-pole Holy King.,He doesn’t seem to be fine,He means,Your task is the most possible,Forcing all the top cards in the summer”Qian Mu brows crumpled,“The Holy King is not optimistic?”
Gastrointestinal,“The Holy King is not a wholeism.,I am optimistic about you.,remember,Never pay close up,Even if you kill him too,I will give you。”
Guardian in Xuanjing、All peaks are waiting and look forward to。
Semi-column,Everyone’s badges lit up the thornhood。
“Ha ha,Sure enough, I have to take the top three.。”
“”The people who watch the war are all excited.。
Forty-nine peaks,Today’s third spiritual house,The same name is also famous in the caregiver.。
Han Yu and Han Yu, who is in the fourth,But the skills and combatization of the two are not a level.。
Han Wei is only twenty-eight to 30 degrees of skill,Han Dao is at least in the 45th derived scale。
Strong people in the 神,Don’t say the power of more than a dozen derivative scale,It is a difference of a derived scale,Battle has essential gap。
also,Han Yu has an important identity,He is also one of the thirty strong people.。
Luo Water Road will inevitably go deep into the height and madness,As early as many years ago, I started to choose and cultivate strong.。
Before the summer is not entering the imaginary,Thirty three people have been selected。
After this selection,Eight pole king、Xue Dongwei、Summer three,Also fill it in。
Not exaggerated,However, people who have been valued by Luo Water Road,They are all cultivated。
Just like Han Yu,I have given a powerful martial law by Luo Water Road.,Western。
Summer is also one of the thirty people。
this moment,They will be in the opposition,Naturally trigger more attention and expectation。
People in the picture of people,I have seen that the summer is standing in front of the three Linghe.,Money standing opposite。
“Boy,I have long seen you.。”
Qian Mu’s look becomes wild,The light in the scorpion is getting more and more prosperous,Summer staring in summer,“What do you count?,Disrespect against the Holy King,Perspective of the management of the management,But it’s been a dog.。”
Summer doesn’t speak,The whole person’s breath varies,It seems that it is several times a moment,Give a weird feeling。
Just as a giant appears there,Integrate with the world,Bring more powerful oppression。
No matter how to say,No need to say more。

Chinas teen zheng eliminated by top seed swiatek, Medvedev and Tsitsipas Out

ChinasZhengQinweninactionduringherfourthroundmatchagainstPolandsIgaSwiatekattheFrenchOpen,RolandGarros,Paris,France,May30,2022.[Photo/Xinhua]SwiatekwillnextplayJessicaPegula,whomadeittotheFrenchOpenquarterfinalsforthefirsttimebybeatingIrina-CameliaBegu4-6,6-2,,whocelebratesher21stbirthdayonTuesday,woneightgamesinarowafterlosingthe82-minutefirstset,,playingherfirstclaymajor,savedfivesetpointsinthefirstsetandcamefrom5-2downtoclawbackandearnthechanceinthetiebreak."Iwassurprisedwithsomeofhershots,hertopspinwasamazing,"saidSwiatek ,sfirstlosingsetsinceApril23,,evenrequiringamedicaltimeoutat3-0downandreturningtocourtwithbandagesonherleg."Actually,itwasjustgirlthings,"Zhengsaidatthepressconference,referringtomenstrualpainwhichaffectedherperformance."Thefirstdayisalwayssotough,"sheadded."InthefirstsetIwasabletoreallygetthereandtosaycomeon,butlater,thematchwenton,tshowmytennisinthesecondandthird."Zheng,,committed46unforcederrorsduringthematch,buttheChinesesaidshewashappytohaveremainedinthetourna MentuntilitsSeCondweekonherdeButttheclayGrandslam.

“That’s not,It may be more difficult。At the same time, analyze the prosecutor’s perspective。”Luo Weimin says,“Let’s go back to the office quickly,I have other business at noon。”

Luo Weimin is very efficient,Talking with Xiao Yadong at noon,Confirmed two things,One,If the police officially file a case,Then he will become Li Tianchou’s defense lawyer,Completely free,In this way, relevant case files can be accessed in a legal way;two,Is to immediately submit an application for Li Tianchou’s release on bail。
When breaking up,Luo Weimin hesitated,Said:“Team Xiao,I have an idea,Not very mature,But you can refer to。Li Tianchou’s incident is better not to file a criminal case,Not to go to the level of public prosecution,That’s not a good result。”“The problem is that we cannot control the development of things。”Xiao Yadong smiled bitterly。
“There is still a breakthrough,It mainly depends on the starting point of detaining Li Tianchou。I think,More likely to be due to public safety considerations。But jurisprudence,Somewhat far-fetched。Even at the level of prosecution,Will face a lot of arguments。
“And the pressure of public opinion is also an important issue that cannot be ignored,What society needs to advocate?What to deny?and so,If you can find the right way,Maximum control or elimination of public safety hazards,I think your police will consider it carefully。Administrative detention,Education is the best。”Luo Weimin is very straightforward。
“Well,Makes sense,I have considered these。But this breakthrough point is not easy to find。”Xiao Yadong nodded。
“I feel I can rely on other administrative law enforcement,Transfer Li Tianchou’s personal data to the special department for filing。Just for the record,This has little effect on Li Tianchou himself,Can also take into account public safety,This approach is not to save trouble,Use the terminology within your system called centralized management。”Say here,Luo Weimin’s sly smile。
I looked at Xiao Yadong in silence,Luo Weimin continued:“As for what special department,You know better than me,Local national security、Secret service。After all, the size of the country,There are many people with special skills hidden in the folk,You can’t arrest all these people for suspicion?The police are exhausted,And it will mess up the society。Say again,You may not get it if you want,Li Tianchou is just less lucky,Lu Fu。”Luo Weimin’s words are meaningful。
Xiao Yadong’s eyes lit up,Yes indeed,Why didn’t you expect such a layer,Luo Weimin has a set。Ok,Go back to Liu Tiejun,I have to drag this old fox into the water。Thought of here,Xiao Yadong is in a good mood,After bidding farewell to Luo Weimin,He walked toward Liu Tiejun’s office happily。
Rowling in the office becomes more uncomfortable the more I think about it,After returning from the police station,She has been fighting injustice for Li Tianchou。Young people’s sense of justice is easily emotionalized,She simply picked up the phone and dialed《Metropolis Evening News》College classmates who are journalists,“Lin Lin,busy person,Why did you remember calling me?”The microphone heard the hearty voice of classmate Ren Peiyi。
“cut,You are busy。“Rowling replied,Hesitate for a moment:”Ai,Say something。Is there any follow-up report on the deeds of the security guards fighting the criminals of the Phoenix Property Company published in your newspaper a few days ago??”
“Yes,Received a police report in the morning,‘1.14’The fugitive suspect in the case has been captured。You care about this?Is there anything to report to me?”Ren Peiyi is a workaholic,Never let go of any news clues。
“Hehe,Really good news。What happened,Do you want?You have to explain clearly how to thank me。”Rowling sold it off,Actually, I’m still a bit tangled inside,It’s inappropriate。
“Pull it down,It’s too much,Just your little information channel,Don’t fool me。”Ren Peiyi doesn’t take the bait easily。
“Do not listen,But I can tell you a little bit,It’s about the security guard Li Tianchou。”Rowling couldn’t be irritated。
“Li Tianchou?Damn,Say it,Say it。”Ren Peiyi has no intention of joking。
“First say how to thank me。”Rowling won’t budge。

Russia’s new dried dock is put into use of the "General Kuznetsov Navy" aircraft carrier is about to restart mid -term repair

The "General Kuznetsov Navy" of the trunk dock of the Shipyard Repair Factory was the aircraft carrier.

On May 21, the Russian "General Kuznetsov Navy" aircraft carrier was put into the large dry dock for nearly 3 years and restarted mid -term maintenance. In October 2018, due to the accidental sinking of the floating dock equipped with the aircraft carrier, the maintenance work was almost interrupted. Since then, Russia has built a large dry dock in the past three years, which can ensure large -scale ship repair work including aircraft carriers. Russia’s floating dock and dock refers to the dock -type buildings for repair/shipbuilding. After irrigation, the ship can accommodate the ship in and out. After drainage, it can start repairing or building a ship from the bottom.

According to legend, the dock was invented by Zhang Ping of the Song Dynasty. When he monitored the ship by the Weihe River, he ordered the people to dig a pits on the shore. After the ship was built, the water was diverted into the pit, the boat drifted and drove into the river.

This is the earliest dock.

Modern docks are divided into dry docks and floating docks, including the most widely used in dry docks. This kind of dock is faced with water on three sides of the dock. When the ship enters the maintenance, first irrigate in the dock, then open the dock, so that the ship will enter slowly, and then remove the water in the dock for maintenance.

When the ship is out of the dock, first irrigate in the dock. When the water level is flat in the inside and outside, the dock can be opened, and the ship can go out of the dock.

Western countries generally use dry docks to build large surface ships. For example, there are two dry docks in the New Bobochist Shipyard. A length of 350 meters and 43 meters wide, mainly used for aircraft carrier maintenance. Another long and wide rice can be equipped with super carrier. In contrast, the dry docks of many countries are smaller and cannot build large aircraft carriers. For example, the dry dock of Indian Kachin Shipyard seemed to be cramped when the Victor was built, and the ship was even extended out of the dock. Unlike these countries, Russia uses a ship to build a large surface ship, and the interim repair uses a floating dock.

The floating dock is a special water platform that can be carried on the water on the water.

The Russian Pacific Fleet’s PD-41 floating dock and the northern fleet’s PD-50 floating dock is the world’s largest floating dock and an important ship repair equipment in Russia. In September 2017 after PD-50, the Russian Navy’s only aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov Navy" began to perform mid-term maintenance. It was originally planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020.

However, doom came quietly a year later. On October 30, 2018, a major accident occurred in the shipyard of Murmansk City No. 82. The shipyard’s PD-50 floating dock sank due to power outages.

To make matters worse, the floating dock was equipped with the "General Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier. The sinking of the floating dock made the "General Kuznetsov" fall into the water, and the tower was hit by the falling tower. Subsequently, it was transferred to the 35th shipyard. Although the aircraft carrier could be repaired in small -scale maintenance, it lacked large dry docks and could not replace large parts such as power systems. In the meantime, Russian experts gave multiple solutions.

One is to drag to the Pacific Fleet and use PD-41 floating docks to provide maintenance protection for aircraft carriers.

The second is to use large dry docks of shipyards in other countries for maintenance, but it also faces uncertainty caused by voyage.

The third is to rebuild a large dry dock, but it will take several years.

In the end, Russia decided to expand a dry dock at the 35th shipyard. The factory has two parallel -arranged small dried docks. The Russians combined them into them together to meet the needs of aircraft carriers to repair their docks. In fact, this plan was fully demonstrated as early as 2016. The urgency of aircraft carrier maintenance made it a reality.

A dried dock guarantees a fleet of the Russian agency quoting sources as saying that with the newly expanded dry dock, the "General Kuznetsov Navy" aircraft carrier has been put on hold for many years. Expand.

Before that, a series of preparations need to be carried out. "General Kuznetsov" was the last and most powerful aircraft carrier built during the Soviet period. The full -load displacement is about 60,000 tons, and the maximum speed is 29 knots.

The aircraft carrier is equipped with 12 SS-N-1-19 heavy supersonic anti-ship missiles, 192 SA-N-9 "dagger" short-range ship short missiles and 8 sets of "Kashtan" bomb-in system, which can implement remote anti-anti- Ship and short -range air defense combat. The expansion of the trunk dock of the 35th shipyard shows Russia’s determination to retain the "General Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier.

The newly expanded dry dock can not only support the maintenance of aircraft carrier, but also bring convenience to the maintenance of other large surface ships in the northern fleet, and can even be used to build amphibious attack ships to make up for the shortcomings of the Russian ship manufacturing industry.

Editor -in -chief: Yu Ocean.

Lu Haozheng shook his head,Darkness is very heavy:“Not found,Other side,The surrounding monitoring is destroyed,No signs can be found in any one angle。”

Think of Lin Ye,Lu Haicheng still asked:“Blue,Are you familiar with you around you?,Special good person。”Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,The little face flashes,Careful thinking about it,She really has such a person around her.:“People I know you basically know,It is said that people who are familiar with me don’t have to have computer technology.,His people have such a person
Can also help him。”
Lu Hao Cheng also thought of this possibility,But I can’t find suspicious people.。
The two after eating over a lunch,Doctor comes over to Blue Xin,It’s okay.,Can go home more。
Lu Hao is afraid of Blue Xin repeatedly,Opened some medicine,Only with Blue Xin to the Bay Villa。
Location,Blue Xin looks at the glass villa in front of the eyes,Stunned,“Ah Cheng,We have to move it again.?”
Lu Hao nodded,“You are afraid of snakes,Going back, you will make you scared,It has been packed here.。”
This move,In addition to Lin Ye and the Journey,Qing Dynasty,He didn’t tell other people。
Lan Xin thinks too,Close your eyes, you dare not want the scene.。
Lu Haocheng looked at her,Unlock the seat belt,Pull open the door on the co-pilot site,Solve the seat belt on her body,Holding her get off。
When I think this nightmare can be released from her heart?
The blue blue is scared by the snake,He is with her side,On the weekend cycling with her to the city, picking strawberries,That strawberry in the farmland,Suddenly smashed a snake,She was also in the scene at the time.。
“Ah Cheng,You put me down.,I can walk yourself。”
“Need not,I quickly arrived at the door. ,The door lock password is my birthday。”
“it is good,I see。”Blue Xin smiled and got on his face.。
At the door,Lu Haozheng hugged her,She lost password,Go in,Excellent light,the weather is nice today,The vision is in every corner of the room。
Full white decoration,Murals on the wall and the surrounding environment。
She likes the style。
“Ah Cheng,Put me on the sofa,I sunbathe。”Blue Xin is excited to have a few times on Lu Hao’s face.。
Lu Hao is full of http://www.ljrfkz.cnsatisfying her on the sofa,She low:“Don’t eat too long,You still have a disease.?”Lan Xin looked at him:“What do you want to do??”
NS1786chapter:I’m wrong
Lu Hao Cheng lost her forehead.,“I will go to deal with the business,Do you want to go with me?”
Blue Xin moves quickly,A face refusing ,“I am still here.。”
Lu Haozheng knows that she doesn’t like,Take him with him too boring,Let her get the sun here。
He burned hot water,Hot washed a new cup,Give her a cup of hot water on the coffee table.,Only to deal with official work,Acquired Li’s Group,He is really busy。
Today, the morning,Li Tingyuan has begun to make trouble。
Blue Xin lying on the sofa,Take this villa,More modern than before,The murals on the wall are very beautiful,At first, it is from the hands of the master.。
White leather sofa is also very soft, Curtains are also pearl white,The jacquards on the upper surface are difficult to see in the sun.。
There is a glass house outside the villa,Plant some green plants inside,Is there a red tea flower or bloom,She knows this kind of tea,A long time,But there is no scent,What is the name, she is forgotten?。
A separate small courtyard periphery,Purple leaves bloom,Rare。
Such a house,Her family likes her favorite。
Side on the balcony in the home can draw the outside beauty。
Blue Xinyu is warm and warm,As long as she is there,Lu Hao will be placed as she likes.。
what,There is also a swing,Blue Xin excited a small,Think about rest for a while, swing, swing。
Lying in a while,Really bored,She took out the mobile phone to Le Zhen WeChat。
[Gather,what are you doing?]
at this time,Le Yu and Song Niki drink coffee in a high-end cafe。
Today is Song Ni, take the initiative to take the initiative.。
Le Yu looks at Song Ni,Wearing pearl white hollow lace skirt,The makeup on the face is light,Be too quiet,She is distressed to sit in the opposite of Le Yu。

Let the nucleic acid sample speed up! This Dr. Tsinghua is on fire

  Huang Zhongliang is the selection of the Guangzhou Discipline Inspection Commission. He is now exercising in Yonghe Street, Huangpu District. He graduated from Tsinghua University.

Since April of this year, he has actively invited the prevention work in Guangzhou Baiyun District twice. In the star village of people and town, he has used the thinking system of the engineering system to optimize the on -door nucleic acid detection process, which has reduced the time required from 9 hours to the hour, which greatly improved the required time, which greatly improved the required time, which greatly improved the required time, which greatly improved the time. efficiency.

  There are 11 economic agencies in the Star Village. More than 700 home isolation personnel in the management and control areas need to be tested on the door. Huang Zhongliang’s specialty is safety science and engineering, mainly for mathematical statistics and modeling analysis. By sorting out the blocking points, pain points, and difficulties, he put forward targeted suggestions.

  First, the grid is reasonably divided by the economic agency and home isolation places, and the volunteers who led the team to the door to ensure familiarity. 2. Update and maintain the bottom volume of the list of home isolation personnel in a timely manner to facilitate overall scheduling.

Third, the code scanning session is the front, collect the QR code of the Cantonese nucleus, and scan the code in advance to ensure that the medical staff only needs to sample the pharynx swab when they come to the door.

Fourth, optimize volunteers to lead the door to the door.

Through these improvements, the on -door nucleic acid detection time has been successfully reduced. Reporter: Li Jiale, Zhang Yiteng Editor: Produced by Tang Guhan Xinhua News Agency.

Summer is more wolf。

It is directly forced to fly in half air.。
But he didn’t have a trace of death.。
His eyes become bright。
When I was blocked for the first time,He found a vulnerability。
When he fleszed out half of the air,All backup and imprisonment,Will have a short disappearance。
Maybe not a vulnerability。
But the rule of space。
Use this extremely short-lived moment,He quickly smashed a knife。
After a knife,Injoi is incomparably, the snake knife is removed within the respected space.。
There is no adjustment of your center of gravity,Hands continue to dance,Continuous printing。
NS2492chapter Strong battle consciousness
Summer is not a good gambling person。
But sometimes,Have to take the gambling。
He is not willing to become another piece of chess,Be placed。
Sometimes I can’t help but。
He will not send his life to miracles and accidentally。
sometimes,Reality is this……Reality。
He doesn’t know the plan of the pearl,I don’t know what to steal.。
Can only faint speculation,Over the darkness of the pearl,I am afraid that the old man is also coming.。
And he is the bait to attract all the attention。
This time,He is willing to be this bait。
Just they don’t know how the pearl has no hand.。
But one is very clear。
The four weeks are definitely the eyewell left。
Now,He can only send it to each other.。
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