At present, the overall situation is controllable

Original title: At present, the overall situation of the epidemic can be controlled to report Beijing August 5 (Reporter Wang Meihua) At the Press Conference held on the 5th of the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism, the National Health Department spokesperson, deputy director of the Ministry of Publicity Introduction, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism has sent 20 working groups to supervise the key port cities to investigate loopholes, strengthen external defense inputs and sudden epidemic disposal.

  "From the current situation, the overall situation of the epidemic is controllable.

Due to the large fluctuations in the fluctuations, the people ‘s face is wide, and the various different sources of input cases have increased the arduous and complexity of the entire epidemic prevention and control.

However, as long as the various prevention and control measures are strictly implemented, the epidemic can be basically controlled within two to three incubation.

He Qinghua, the first-class inspector of the National Health and Control Bureau, He Qinghua, said that in terms of the national level, there may be a new epidemic in other regions. All localities should strengthen monitoring, continue to adhere to the "external prevention input, internal defense rebound" prevention and control strategy And normalized prevention and control measures. "Delta variability in different scientific research and epidemic prevention and control shows that Delta variabrant has no subversion, infectious sources, transmission pathways, existing epidemic Control measures are still valid for Delta variants.

"He Qinghua said that existing vaccines still have good prevention and protection, can reduce the risk of viruses in the population, reduce the communication power of infected people, effectively reduce the incidence of severe incidence and mortality after infection.

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De National Women’s Federation of Women’s Office lanceerde het thema van "Jeugdgedachten"

Oorspronkelijke titel: de nationale damesfederaties lanceerden de "jeugdgedachten" thema-leeractiviteiten onlangs, om de belangrijke toespraak van generaal Secretary Xi Jinping in Tsinghua University te bestuderen in de universiteit van Tsinghua, promoot Party History Education and Education and Education en de federale organisatie van de nationale vrouwen Jeugd Namens de Chinese bevrijdingsleger 66429 troepen, lanceerde de "Strong Party History, Strong Geloof, met de Party" Theme Group en Youth Theory Study Group 2021 "Youth Thoughts" thema-leeractiviteiten.

De jeugdvertegenwoordiger heeft collectief de belangrijke toespraak van General Secretary Xi Jinping geleerd in de universiteit van Tsinghua.

Iedereen is consequent van mening dat de belangrijke toespraak van generaal Secretary Xi Jinping inspireert, mensen, herinneringen inspireert, volledig weerspiegelt de aandacht, zorg en vurige verwachtingen van het Partij Centraal Comité van kameraad XI Jinping als de kern aan de jeugd, de zorg en de vurige verwachtingen van jongeren Mensen, uitgebreide ontwikkeling aangegeven aan de richting, verschaffen gevolgd.

Iedereen heeft gezegd dat we als een jonge man in het National Women’s Office, we moeten leren van de belangrijkste Secretaresse-secretaresse Xi Jinping’s belangrijke toespraak, rekening houdend met de secretaris-secretaresse, en ga om het eerste deel van "twee onderhoud" te oefenen, wanneer een goed Vrouwenysteem Radi.

Ten eerste moeten we onwankelbaar luisteren naar het feestje Chinees, ga met het feest en dringen erop om te leren om het socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken in het nieuwe tijdperk van stage te begrijpen. De tweede is het implementeren van de actie van de centrale besluitvorming en implementatie van de partij, aan de grond van de positie, de taak is verantwoordelijk voor de constructie van vrouwen en kinderen en familielocenten en worstelen.

De derde is om in gedachten te houden van de eerste missie, vecht voor het model van de handdoek en zal niet jong zijn, de rode genen en uitstekende tradities met praktische acties erven. In het harde werk van het feest en de mensen is het leven bereikt. Na collectief leren bezochten de jeugdcomades de 66429 troepen geschiedeniszaal om de geschiedenis van de stalen helm te begrijpen, de geschiedenis van revolutie, de geschiedenis van de constructie, en de scène om de militaire en soldaten van het leger te bekijken. Leven. Aan het einde van het evenement hield iedereen een revisieceremonie in de herdenking van de Kamer van kameraad Zhang.

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China decided to recall the ambassador to Lithuania: urge the cube immediately correct the error decision

People’s Network Beijing August 10th according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This will openly violate the spirit of the establishment of diplomatic commission on the two countries, seriously damage the integrity of China’s sovereignty and territory. The Chinese government said resolutely opposed it and decided to recall the ambassador of China in Lithuania, and asked the government to recall the Ambassador to China. China is in place, only one in the world, the Government of the People’s Republic of China is the only legitimate government representing all China. A Chinese principle is a recognized international relations criteria and the general consensus of the international community, which is a political foundation for China’s bilateral relations with other countries.

The Chinese government and people achieve the determination of the unified motherland, safeguarding the national sovereignty and the full red line of the territorial integrity. We urge the cubes immediately correct the wrong decision, take practical measures, eliminate bad influence, do not get more far from the wrong road. We are also telling the Taiwan authorities, "Taiwan independence" is a dead road, and it is absolutely not succeeded in the international intervals.

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Dajiangdong ︱35.8 square kilometers "Water Town Living Room", how to "demonstrate" the whole long triangle

The ancient town of Zhujiajiao is ancient town. It is the sake of Jiangnan culture, its prosperity and lively, in which it is inseparable from the water network.

Some experts say, water network, equivalent to the ancient "Internet", four-way eight up, convenient travel, becoming an important relying on the early commodity economic buds. Mr. Fei Xiaotong’s "Jiang Village Economy" is also focused on water transportation to rural and urban economy. Jiangnan culture, not only "small bridge flowing water", more people "come to come often", "the goods are smooth". This cultural base color and the demand of the disorder of the factor are inserted.

"We focus on simultaneous vitality, and strive to stimulate a variety of market subjectivity, introduce a series of innovative, integrated documents." Tao Yonghua, deputy director of the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, said, in the demonstration area unified enterprise registration standard process, set "long triangle Integrated Demonstration Zone Service Distance ", realizing the across domain accession, exploring the establishment of a new model of" Yipu "" One Photo Multiple Access "registration management. In some fields in some low-risk foods, inspection and testing, it is impressed that the approval of the provision of the provision of the two districts, the provincial market supervision bureau exercises from drug wholesale, cosmetics production, special equipment licenses and other qualifications. Enterprises can directly handle business directly in Qingpu District, Wujiang District, Jiashan County.

"Integrated development is to sew the edge, become a whole, no longer conduct homogeneous, disorderly competition", Duan Jin said, for a certain period of time, the competition in the ancient town is very intense, what do you have? What else should I have. "What is the real integration development? For example, 10 ancient towns, there are different events at different times, and they have a characteristic and joint attracting tourists. Xu Huang, deputy director of the Zhejiang Wenke House, the construction of Wenxiong in the demonstration area, the key entrance is the construction of ancient town, trying to build the administrative affiliation, break the administrative border, integrated into the demonstration area Wenbao integration development new path, building Jiangnan Water Township The ancient town ecological culture tourism circle, "" gather resources together to promote development. "

"In the demonstration zone, the issue of the world, looking forward to the two years of the establishment of the long triangle ecological green integrated development demonstration zone, the water town living room is just a multi-exploration in the 2413 square kilometers of land.

In the past year, on the basis of obtaining 32 institutional results in the first year, Qingpu, Wujiang, and Jiashan, the "two districts, one county" focused on integration, and launched 41 new institutional innovation results.

In an integrated system innovation, focus planning management, ecological environmental protection, project management, elements flow, fiscal tax sharing, land management, public service, etc. Set of standard tube quality; set up an exemplary area investment project online examination and approval supervision platform, and unify the investment project of the demonstration zone, implement the inter-provincial-domain project, easy approval and efficiency supervision; introduction to the exemplary area cross-domain fiscal and tax sharing implementation plan, in development and construction , Cross-regional collaborative investment, cross-regional enterprise migration, etc. In response to issues such as the three-way service matters and standards, the second batch of public service projects for 13 standards and interoperability sharing, covering health, medical security, government service, etc., improve the sense of people.

In addition, 32 institutional results formed in the first year of the demonstration area further landed. On the basis of the "three unity" system of the ecological environmental protection, 8 unified standards, establish seven unified monitoring mechanisms, and form a comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of cross-provincial ecological environmental protection; "Medical insurance card card version" The category, the insured personnel can be enjoyed, as of the end of September, 16106 people, the inter-provincial bus has opened 6 lines, and the cumulative sends 97991 shifts, passengers. This test field, more and more results, the famous head is getting bigger and bigger, in addition to seeing investigation in the country, there have been an international figure in the focus.

At the end of September, the North German Economic Delegation visited the Yangtze River Triangulation Demonstration Zone and learned about the synergy development of this area through the video.

The international concern is also a worldwide in the field of demonstration zone and "demonstration district".

Tongji University Long Triangle Sustainable Development Research Institute is located in the demonstration zone, on the wall, the "Yangtze River Sustainable Development University Alliance" established by Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University, China University of Technology, 8 high-level universities Experience, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable development is the future of this alliance.

De nationale absorptie buitenlandse kapitaal steeg met 17,8% in het land, het belangrijkste leger

[] Op de 15e, heeft het ministerie van Handel Gegevens uitgegeven dat januari-oktober, het land daadwerkelijk buitenlandse kapitaal van miljard yuan, jaar-op-jaar verhoogd% (met uitzondering van banken, effecten, verzekeringsvelden en onder). Vanuit het perspectief van de industrie is het daadwerkelijke gebruik van buitenlands kapitaal 100 miljoen yuan, een jaar-op-jaargroei.

Het daadwerkelijke gebruik van high-tech industrie?n is het jaar op jaarbasis toegenomen, waaronder high-tech diensten met 10% zijn toegenomen. "10 maanden vóór dit jaar, de service-industrie opgenomen buitenlands kapitaal goed voor bijna 80% van de nationale absorptie buitenlandse investeringen en is een echte hoofdkracht.

"Zheng Wei, Deputy Researcher, China Service Outsourcing Research Center, zei dat het" Economisch rapport "verslaggever zei dat de huidige wereldeconomie het tijdperk van de economische economie van de dienst heeft binnengegaan en de waarde van de dienstverlening van het bbp, dat is geworden De hoofdmacht om de groei van de wereldeconomie te bevorderen. Omdat de economische ontwikkeling van China continu wordt verbeterd, neemt de behoeften van diensten, met name high-end service-industrie toe.

Internationale service-industrie is om enorme potenti?le en ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden in de Chinese markt te zien, begon te haasten om in China te investeren en de kans te grijpen. Het is vermeldenswaard dat de serviceindustrie van mijn land ook gunstiger zal zijn. Chang Changqing, directeur van het ministerie van Koophandel, zei, de volgende stap, China zal de negatieve lijst van buitenlandse opnames verder verminderen en de openheid van telecommunicatie en medische diensten uitbreiden en de "aanmoedigende buitenlandse investeringsindustriecatalogus" te herzien, handel. Negatieve lijst van grensoverschrijdende diensthandel in het testgebied. Zheng Wei zei dat de afgelopen jaren de opening van China steeds meer is geweest en constant de speciale managementmaatregelen voor buitenlandse investeringstoegang negatieve lijsten compresseert, waardoor de drempel voor service-industrie buitenlandse markt, buitenlandse investeringen in de dienstindustrie wordt verminderd om een ??te maken goede kans. Tegelijkertijd staat China open voor het hoogland in het zelfhandelsgebied, de haven van Hainan, enz. Ontwikkelingsdividend. In de eerste 10 maanden heeft de absorptie van buitenlandse investeringen van mijn land meer hoogtepunten. Volgens de gegevens steeg de feitelijke investering van "een riem helemaal" en de ASEAN-investeringen door de nationale en de ASEAN (inclusief beleggingsgegevens via vrije haven); vanuit het perspectief van regionale distributie, het werkelijke gebruik van buitenlandse investeringen In het oostelijke deel van mijn land groeit het jaar op jaar.%,% en 9%. Zong Changqing zei dat dit jaar het start van de "14e vijfjaren" is.

Volgens het Centraal Comité Partij stabileert de Staatsraad de fundamentele discussie en "zesstabiele" "zes BAO" -besluitvorming-implementaties, het ministerie van Handel zal het werk van alle regio’s promoten en opmerkelijke resultaten behaald.

Het daadwerkelijke gebruik van buitenlandse investeringen in het land heeft een nieuw hoog bereikt en de introductiestructuur is verder geoptimaliseerd en de kwaliteit van het aantrekken wordt continu verbeterd. Vervolgens zal mijn land de kwaliteit van buitenlandse hoofdstad verder verbeteren.

Meng huating, plaatsvervangend directeur van de buitenlandse handelsverdeling van het ministerie van Handel, zei bij het beantwoorden van het "Economisch rapport" -verslaggever, in het "14e vijfjarenplan" -periode, een belangrijke richting in het gebruik van het gebruik van buitenlandse investeringswerkzaamheden van het land Doorgaan met het optimaliseren met behulp van buitenlandse investeringsstructuur, verbetert continu de kwaliteit en het niveau van buitenlandse kapitaal, service bedrijfsontwikkeling en ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit en economische hoogwaardige ontwikkeling.

Alle teksten, afbeeldingen, audio- en video-manuscripten en elektronische tijdschriften zoals "Economisch Referentie Nieuws" of "Economisch Referentienetwerk" zijn auteursrechtelijk beschermd door het economische referentie-nieuws. Elke vorm publiceren en spelen.

The highest test release "People’s Procuratorate Delivery Measures"

Original title: The highest inspection release "People’s Procuratorate Demonstration Measures" This newspaper Beijing November 11th (full media reporter Schizhao) In order to deepen the practice of Xi Jinping’s rule of law, deepen the implementation of "less capture cautiously" criminal justice policy, according to law Carry out the procuratorate detainement review, recently, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued the "People’s Procuratorate" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures"). According to the Criminal Procedure Law, the "People’s Procuratorate Criminal Procedure Rules" and the "People’s Procuratorate Review Case Hearing Work Regulations", combined with the practice of case practice, clarifying the procuratorate to review the arrest according to law, review the period of prolonged investigation and detention, the necessary sexual review When three types of cases, the opinions can be heard through the organization to hold a hearing, standardize the development of hearing review activities, and accurately make the review decision to apply for mandatory measures in accordance with the law. The "Measures" stipulate that there is necessary to listen to the opinions of the parties in order to accurately make a review of the above three types of cases determined according to law, for example, if you need to verify the assessment of criminal suspects, whether the defendant has social hazardous cases, there is a major social impact Cases, involving public interests, and the hearing examination is conducive to the implementation of cases of the case-handed effect. The "Measures" have a total of 18 cases and scope of the prisoner’s hearing, and the participants of the detention of the hearing shall be strictly limited according to the practice of investigation, and it is clear that the basic principles of the undisclosed hearing shall be clear. The specific procedures for review have been refined.

The person in charge of the highest prosecutor said that the delegation compulsory measures as a litigation guarantee measures for the basic rights of the citizens – the application of personal freedom restrictions, and their applicable must be cautious. Next, the highest test will be based on the party history education, the political and legal team education and rectification and "procuratorates for private practical practices" practice activities, combined with the special activities currently carrying out the necessary sexual review, and guide the promotion of the procuratorate to actively carry out detention, And here, the opportunity continuously improved the relevant system of delegation, and better realizes punishment crimes and guarantee human rights organic unity, and creates a good rule of law for economic and social high quality development. ("Measures" full text See the three editions) (Editor: Wu Nan, Ma Chang) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Strengthening responsibility awareness, active discovery, continuous improvement of risk prevention and control work

  From November 15th to 16th, the Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, and the governor Feng Fei participated in the seventh plenary session of the provincial party committee to review discussions. He pointed out that in-depth study and implementation of the Party’s 19th National Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important discussion on preventing significant risks, in accordance with the provincial party committee deployment requirements, strengthening responsibility awareness, active discovery, and continuously improve risk prevention and control work level.

  All participants conducted in-depth discussions around the topics of the plenary, fully affirmed the achievements of Hainan’s economic and social development in the past year, and suggested comments around the risk prevention, tax reform, investment promotion. Feng Fei listened carefully and discussed with you.

He pointed out that the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee reported objective and pragmatic, enhanced confidence, and urged people. In the past year, under the joint efforts of the province, Hainan’s trade-out has frequent highlights and economic and social development expressway. To keep a clear understanding of the current situation, enhance your sense of mission, urgency, and maintain a good situation in the economic development.

Be courageous, dare to innovate, and to promote the development of the region in this area in the high quality construction of the trade port. It is necessary to adhere to the "king" and continue to increase the investment of investment promotion and build industrial clusters.

It is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the government, focus on the annual work goals, and actively plan to work next year. Feng Fei demanded that risk prevention and control work is a systematic project, and it is necessary to take the whole process of trade-off, and do the initiative to discover problems.

To supervise the service, combined with the construction of the grassroots social governance system, improve precision prevention and control.

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These allergies give to children these allergy knowledge can’t be

[] After the 1 year old baby licks the rice size of the milk, immediately the whole body is itchy, and the red sputum, and the swollen and swollen will continue to provoke.

Such milk is seriously allergic to such milk, so that the child is thrilling.

Medical experts reminded that milk is seriously allergic to endanger the child’s life, and it cannot be underestimated.

  "Milk allergies are the most common allergic diseases of children, especially infants, may occur in infants in various feeding methods, including pure breastfeeding, formula feeding and mixed feeding.

Li Hong, deputy chief physician, deputy director of Beijing Union Hospital, said that most of the milk allergies have gradually improved age growth, about 50% of milk allergies are tolerated at 5 to 6 years old, but milk allergies Severe people are not prone to tolerance, and a few people’s milk is seriously allergic and even continued to the adult stage.

  Li Hong introduced that children’s milk allergic symptoms are diverse, such as sudden or delayed skin itching, skin mucosa redness, oozing, plaque, severe people may be irritated after contacting or eating milk products, Dramatic vomiting, pale, tired, diarrhea water or blood, mucus, cough, sore throat, wheezing, meat ear, breathing, no province, unpaid personnel, blood pressure drop, shock Wait. Li Hong said that milk allergy has repeatability.

In most cases, the symptoms can be completely relieved after 2 to 4 weeks of milk foods, and then eating milk will then have allergic reactions.

Since the occurrence of severe allergic reactions in milk cannot be presented, the milk allergic patient should go to the specialist clinic as soon as possible, intervene in time; severe allergies should prepare the first aid drug, and the allergic reaction is timely medical treatment. "The medical history of the patient’s detailed observation record tend to contain valuable diagnosis and treatment clues.

"Li Hong said that milk allergies have been diagnosed, and patients should follow the doctor’s advice. According to the seriousness of the disease, they should guarantee nutrients that meet the normal growth and development needs of children, regularly review, and judgre as soon as possible Tolerated occurrence, restore normal diet in time.

  Experts remind that the main ingredients of milk allergies are proteins in milk, including casein, beta-lactobulin, alpha-whey protein, bovine serum protein and lactoferrin, milk allergic patients should strictly avoid edible milk proteins. In addition, there is a wide range of milk foods, such as some hot pot substrates, chewing gum, and even some skin care products, cosmetics, and drugs also contain milk. Therefore, children’s caregivers, educators should learn more about milk allergies as much as possible to better care for healthy growth of milk allergies.

Targeting the vision planning focusing on the foundation

  Drawing: Liang Chen (Xinhua News Agency) The core reading of the National Sports General Administration issued "14th" Sports Development Plan ", proposing the new goals of eight aspects of sports in sports in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the development of future sports Coordinate planning. A few days ago, the State Sports General Administration issued the "Sports Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"), "Planning" is aimed at the visionary target of sports strong country in 2035, and the development of future sports is planned, and through the project landing. Local implementation and project implementation, enhanced operability, task and responsibility more clear, more guidance on sports sectors, institutions, and project associations at all levels.

  For the construction of sports strong country, I found out October 30th, 2021 China (Chengdu) International Sports Trade and Equipment Expo came to an end, this brand exhibition founded in the "14th Five-Year Plan", gathered many sports consumption and sports services enterprise. This also emphasizes the target of "Plan": Targets in the "14th Five-Year Plan", the goal of sports industry is 5 trillion yuan, and the added value accounts for 2% of the gross domestic product, and the total scale of residents’ sports consumption. More than 10 million yuan, the employees exceed 8 million. In response to problems in the current effective supply of sports products and services in the sports industry, sports consumption has not yet released, and Director of the Political Science and Law of the State Sports General Administration said that although my country’s Sports has achieved a series of development achievements, the development is imbalance Insufficient problems are still standing, key areas and key link reform tasks are arduous, and innovative ability is not suitable for high quality development needs.

National Public Health Service can not effectively meet the needs of the people for a better life. Sports institutional mechanisms and economic and social development are incompatible, sports uneven development and other issues remain. These need to be better addressed in "Fourteen" period.

  "Planning" aimed at sports power in 2035 to achieve the vision.

Based on the concept, "planning" focuses on building the framework, solid foundation, then you need to focus, full forward, until a balance is sufficient to achieve a leap. In this regard, the Executive President of the Institute of Chinese sports policy BAO Ming – xiao Beijing Sports University, said: "" plan, "according to the new timetable, a clear three-step strategy, that is to build a sports power ‘or fifteen’ period ‘ four-beam eight columns’, further consolidate the foundation of sports power.

Establish Tenth Five-Year Five-Year "period of institutional mechanisms to support high-quality sound development, strong government leadership, social dynamic, standardized and orderly market, the active participation of the people, the basic realization of socialist modernization sports and adapt to the development of a new pattern. ‘Sixteen five’ period into a modern socialist sports power.

3 step chain, Dieshi into a tower.

"In order to make the foundation more solid," plan "put forward" new target eight aspects of sports development or fifteen "period.

Namely: national fitness level reached new heights, competitive sports strengths to a new level, youth sports development has entered a new stage of development of the sports industry to form new achievements, new progress and cultural construction of sports has made, and make new contributions to sports foreign exchanges, sports science and education work to achieve new levels and levels of sport to enhance the rule of law and the new. To enhance the "three ball" level of aggregation force foot, basket, row "three ball" in the development of much concern to the masses.

In the "plan" to enhance the level of collective ball games and deepen the reform of professional sports is one of the tasks of development of competitive sports.

  As a professional strong, and carry out more popular foot, basketball, volleyball project on campus for professional and vocational join forces, the full integration of sports and education become the focus of the expansion of sports population, improve strength. Yang Guoqing, president of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education, said: should adhere to the nationwide system through a combination of market mechanisms and to build a new sports development mode.

Future, to strengthen the "three ball" law of development of research and support the event, explore the "three ball" sports integration of professional training and career development of new models to improve the "three ball" market-oriented professional events.

  In the "planning", it will open up the direction and integration as reform. Among them, the body Religions is important to mention, sports departments will strengthen cooperation with the Education Sector, send coaches to wait until the school organization of professional training, in accordance with the "one school, one product" "a multi-school goods" mode, accelerate the construction of the traditional characteristics of the school sports, also education departments will jointly integrate school game, U series tournament and other sporting events at all levels.

Yang Guoqing believes that the integration of the national team and Education building the same great benefit, "by taking a combination of centralized and dispersed way, make full use of universities, associations and other social resources, the formation of the National Team, and thus improve the multi-level national system of age." in addition, in the "sports level grading project", to break the boundaries of "amateur and professional" is a highlight. In the current technical level athlete assessment framework based on open between amateur and professional boundaries, in accordance with the principles of scientific and rational, benefit the public, establish and improve a unified specification for the national sports level grading system. To provide better conditions for the wisdom of the masses fitness is a significant sign of high-quality development of the national fitness. Director of Development and Planning Competition in Rural Towns Shanghai University of Sport, said: "In the future, the National Fitness wisdom will be the precision of achieving universal health service, convenient, cultivate new form of national health, promote universal health resource integration, an important way of sharing ‘XIV. Five-year ‘period, around will grasp the new trend of digital transformation, the key issue of data collection, model algorithm, application scenarios, etc. around, greatly enhance the intelligence level of the sports facilities, and scientific management of the fitness scene, security monitoring, timely maintenance, automatic data acquisition and analysis masses fitness, fitness scene to enhance the attractiveness of the masses of fitness. "" quality development "as the theme of economic and social development" fourteen five-Year "period, but also the construction of sports power requirements must be followed.

In response, Chu Bo said, to insist on promoting the balanced development of all areas of sports, fully developed, constructed around a higher level of national fitness public service system, build a new sports development mode, strengthen integration and Education, to promote the development of high-quality sports industry, and promote healthy and prosperous development of sports culture, to achieve leapfrog development of winter sports and sports development support special type of area, etc., problem-oriented, focused padded short board, to achieve high-quality development. Local universities will develop high-quality and radiation competitive sports: Supports 10 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to achieve a breakthrough in the development of sports in the construction of sports province; support the formation of a high level of college sports teams; create a number of collection "training, science and technology, health care, education, service, "in one of the world-class training base.

Yang Guoqing, said: "to promote better development, create equitable distribution, balanced and coordinated development of a new pattern of development is an important indicator of quality.

"Plan" to enhance the overall efficiency based on competitive sports, different sports on the promotion of inter-regional cooperation and stressed advantage of resources around the building personnel training and exchanges, the coordinated development of event organization, scientific training, base construction of a new pattern of competitive sports. "(Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Xia Jian never thought,Curator Niu will be so bold。Which male journalist was embarrassed,I didn’t say a word again。

Xia Jian’s hands are going to ring,Xia Jianyi,The call was from Zhang Yong。He said very anxiously on the phone:“President Xia!Ali hasn’t shown up until now,Will something happen?”
“Calm,She is smart,There shouldn’t be any problems。Can’t you call her,Ask where she is now?”Xia Jian lowered his voice,To Zhang Yong。
Zhang Yongyi listen,Stammered:“I just called her,But the phone is turned off”
What Zhang Yong said,Xia Jian’s face couldn’t help but change。Curator Niu can’t sit still,He asked very anxiously:“Mr. Xia!Couldn’t something happen to this baby halfway?!If it doesn’t work, call the police,Maybe if you do this, there is still room for return”
Curator Niu’s voice is not loud,But which reporters at the door heard all,They swarmed up。Start each camera,Then a female reporter asked:“Mr. Xia!May I ask the baby you donated,Was it taken away by someone?”
“stop!Stop taking pictures。If you do this again,When I have a press conference later,I will let Mr. Xia reject your questions”Curator Niu rushed over,In front of Xia Jian。
Even so,But someone asked:“Mr. Xia!You such a valuable baby,Why give it to others,Instead of bringing it yourself?”
“Guilt。Because someone is very interested in this baby,We do,I also want the baby to return to the museum safely。In addition,I believe in my own vision”Xia Jian avoids the most important,Making a simple answer。But his heart is extremely anxious at this time。
Infer from time,Even if Ali is running back and forth,This time should be enough。and also,Why she shut down?Is it really like everyone suspects,Ali will run away with this baby?
If this is the case,He Xia Jianke made an unforgivable mistake。
Just when Xia Jianzheng was answering questions from reporters who slightly criticized him,The door of the reception room was violently pushed open from outside。
I saw Zhang Yong and Ali ran in together。The reporters in the entire reception room were suddenly silent,Because what everyone has felt。
Xia Jian’s little heart is about to jump out right now。He stood up nervously,Look straight at Ali running towards him。
“Sorry Mr. Xia!Something went wrong on the road,The phone is dead,Sorry for the waitting”Ali said,Which red cloth baby did I take out of my pocket。
Xia Jian can’t be polite,He quickly took it from Ali’s hand,Did not see,Directly to the curator Niu。Curator Niu is also a little excited,He took it with trembling hands,Then opened layer by layer。A small copper lion was shown in front of everyone。
At this moment,The spotlight flashes non-stop。Curator Niu beckoned while watching,Immediately a few staff with tools came over。Xia Jian tasting,Whispered。
Xia Jian can see from the faces of these staff,He gave this little copper lion to the right place。