Building Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, high-level talent highland

  The wind is from the South China Sea, and the Yangtong Pearl River.

Promoting the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau District, is a major national strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping based on the global and long-term, personally planned, personally deployed, personally promoted, and is also a major decision to maintain long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong and Macau.

At the nearby Central Talent Work Conference, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "accelerate the construction of the world’s important talent centers and innovation, need to carry out strategic layout.

Comprehensive consideration, you can build a high-level talent highland in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dashang District.

In the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macau Dawan District, the high-level talent highland, further enhanced international competitiveness in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, realizing the development of transformation, innovation and development system, and building a significant significance and profound impact on international first-class bay areas and world-class urban agglomeration . Jiji Domestic, is a big industry; the way of innovation, only in people. Today, there is no big change in the past 100 years to accelerate evolution, scientific and technological innovation and high level talents become the main battlefield for international strategic games.

The high-level talents in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, coincidentally. On the one hand, my country’s basic research and application basic research achieve significant breakthroughs, and the strategic high-tech research for national major needs has achieved important results. The application research leads the industry to move toward high-end and high-level talents in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau. condition.

On the other hand, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cooperation continues to expand, the regional location is obvious, the economic strength is strong, the innovation element gathering, the internationalization level leads, with the broad prospects of the world’s first-class bay district and the good foundation for the high-level talent highland. The high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, is to make full use of the advantages of the Bay area, comprehensive collection of talents, and accelerate the establishment of talent resource competition advantages, in order to provide important talent guarantee and technology innovation support for the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District. We speed up the construction of scientific and technological powers, and achieve high-level technology self-supporting power. Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan is a good place to show your talents. Hong Kong, Macao actively integrates the national development overall situation, and the links between cities in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, capital, technology, talents, information, etc. are accelerating.

Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Dawan Province fully exerts its own technology and industry advantages, look at the world "lead", uncharged "use talent", build platform "education", use heart to "stay", ushered in new talent gathered peak , Comprehensive competitiveness, international influence is sharply jumped.

Guangdong Hong Kong, Macau, the development of cross-border e-commerce industry has developed rapidly. The number of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test districts in Guangdong Province ranks first in the country; Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, China launches youth entrepreneurial funding plan, for nearly 200 young beginners and about 4,000 Funding in Hong Kong youth; as the first internationalized youth entrepreneurial community in China, the Qianhai Shenzhen Youth DreamWork has attracted more than 1,500 Hong Kong and Macao, international projects to exchange 446 incubation entrepreneurs … Three land integration trends Give Guangdong Hong Kong and Macau The development of Daxan District brings vitality and innovation. In September this year, the "2021 Global Innovation Index (GII) Report" released by the World Intellectual Property Organization, China Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Guangzhou as a urban area, ranked second in the global "best technology cluster" rankings . Plant the phoenix tree, attracting the Jinfeng Phoenix.

Building a high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, to persist in the world, to build a high-rise and innovative highland of the global outstanding talents.

Centralized national high-quality resources focused on building a group of national laboratories and new R & D institutions, launched an international scientific plan, providing talents to provide international first-class innovative platforms, accelerating the formation of strategic fulcrums and geese pattern. Further explore policy initiatives facilitating talents, capital, information, technology, etc. Cross-border flow and regional fusion, and build Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macao Bay District Big Data Center and international innovation platforms.

Vigorously cultivate the use of strategic scientists, build a large number of first-class science and technology leaders and innovation teams, and create a large number of young scientific and technological talents, cultivate a large number of outstanding engineers.

Continuously strengthen the cooperation between innovation resources in the Daxous area, promote the harmonious development of talents, the production chain value chain is moving steadily, and the innovation and entrepreneurship is flourishing, regional development and talent development mutual support, mutual achievement.

  Step on the new journey, spread new Huazhang. time does not wait! Opportunities don’t wait! In front of the major opportunities of the high-level talent highland in Guangdong, Macau, there must be more and more high levels of talents enthusiastically involved in the development of fertile soil, innovative hot soil, people’s music, and realize their ideals.

On the high-quality hot soil in Guangdong, Macau, the party’s strategic painting is transforming the strategic advantage of high quality development, "a country, two systems" is glowing more powerful vitality.

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Chongqing 18th ladder won the "2021 Annual Production City Fusion Innovation Case"

  People’s Network Chongqing May 24, May 21, by the Ministry of Commerce Investment Promotion Affairs Bureau, the total real estate Chamber of Commerce Characteristics Town Branch, the 12th China Expo 2021 Production City, the Shanxi Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, China Mayor Forum Hold in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, Chongqing 18th Ladiapers won "promoting urban upgrading – Innovation cases in the 20021 production city integration (specialty town)". Chongqing 18th ladder project. Hangzhou Xintiandi is awarded the "Promotion of City Upgrade – 2021 Annual Production City Integration (Specifically Town) Innovation Case", adjacent to Chongqing Jiefangbei, the original place reproduces the mother of Mountain, Chongqing After cultural and project completion, it will show the world’s characteristics of Chongqing life in the form of traditional cultural tourism groups and headquarters economic services groups. It is worth mentioning that as the construction of Chongqing 18th ladder project, Hangzhou Xintiandi Group also brought the characteristics of the production of production, the three integration of cultivation, the third, the merchandise, and the tournament "promoted the city upgrade – 2021 Yigheng China benchmark enterprise ".

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Chen Min Tang Liangzhi and Liu Wei, a party secretary of the Party Committee Secretary of the People’s University of China

  On July 11, Chen Min, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Mayor Tang Liangzhi and the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Renmin University of China, the president Liu Wei held a talked. Zhu Xinkai, Hu Baijing, Municipal Leader, Vice President of Renmin University of China, Zhu Xiang, Li Mingqing, and Xiong Xue.

  Chen Min, Tang Liangzhi, on behalf of the municipal party committee, the municipal government welcomed the Secretary of the Nino, and Liu Wei’s principal, expressed his gratitude to the Renmin University of China to the development of Chongqing.

Chen Min said that since the 19th National Congress The construction of the double city economic circle, accelerate the construction of inland open highlands, the beautiful land of the mountains and water, and focus on promoting high quality development and creates high quality life. Education is the big plan of the country, and the party is planned. We use the important support of technology, education and talents as the economic and social development, and cultivate the first productivity of development science and technology, cultivate the first resources of talents, and enhance the first motivation of innovation and better combine, in-depth technology innovation led by big data intelligence , Focus on implementing science and education, prosperous and talent, strong market operations plan, creating near Yueyuan’s good environment, continuously collecting resources such as universities, research institutes and innovation teams, and vigorously sing the innovation of the main rotation and continuously enhance the development of new movements. The Renmin University of China is the first new formal university, talents and scientific research strength, and has high strategic fitness and solid cooperation with Chongqing.

I hope to do a good job in the implementation of established cooperation and continuously expand new cooperation, and promote the cooperation of municipal schools to higher levels.

  Qi Noo, Liu Wei thanked Chongqing to support the concern of the Renmin University of China. Ji Noi said that the strategic status of Chongqing is important, and the advantages of science and education are obvious. In recent years, the economic and social development is good, the urban and rural appearance changes very much, ecological civilization construction, big data intelligent innovation, etc. is impressive. The Renmin University of China attaches great importance to the strategic cooperation in Chongqing, and the cooperation between the two parties is smooth, and the results are obvious. We will further deepen pragmatic cooperation in the development of cultural industries, scientific and technological innovation, talent training exchanges, basic education, etc., and actively contribute to Chongqing high-quality development.

  On the same day, Renmin University of China has signed a cooperation project agreement with Yongchuan District, Nan’an District and Chongqing. According to the agreement, Renmin University of China will focus on the development of digital content industries in Yongchuan District, and cooperate with the cultural science and technology park of China;

  The person in charge of the People’s University of China, relevant districts and relevant departments of the city.

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2 cases of new sects of native diagnosis in Beijing 12

The new local confirmed cases are now resounding the Nikiyuan Community in Haidian District, which is a close contact person in the diagnosed case in November 11.

A fever symptoms occurred on November 11. On November 12, nucleic acid test results were positive, transferred to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment, comprehensive epidemic history, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc., the day diagnosis is diagnosed, clinical Type is a common type. The diagnosis of the diagnosis of the overseas input is Chinese, starting from Serbia, from Serbia, on October 25, arrived at Beijing Capital Airport on October 26, and the Customs was screened and conducted nucleic acid detection.

On November 12th, the results of nucleic acid detection were positive, transferred to fixed-point hospitals, comprehensive epidemic history, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination, etc. The relevant departments have carried out epidemiological investigations on the above diagnosed cases and implement control measures as required. The Beijing Municipal Health Committee reminded that the general public friends must strictly perform personal prevention and control responsibilities, and the trajectory of trajectory, please take the initiative to report to communities, units, hotels, etc., cooperate with various prevention and control measures. Do not go to the high-risk area for business trips, travel, recent non-need for Beijing, do not gather, no dinner, scientific wearing mask, stick to hard work, normal ventilation, one-meter wire and other good hygiene habits, reduce the risk of winter respiratory infectious diseases.

Changzhou legal aid benefits and more difficult people

Changzhou legal aid benefits and more difficult people release time: 2021-08-1616: 50 Monday Source: Jiangsu Rule of Law News (Reporter Zheng Yong correspondent Xin Jianfeng) "Thanks to Wujin Legal Aid Center and the selfless help of lawyers, arrears for so long The salary finally came out! "Recently, in the Changzhou Wujin District Legal Aid Center, Zhang and other business employees have been praised for the district, efficient and intimate legal aid work. At the end of July, Changzhou Electric Technology Co., Ltd. suddenly stopped working, and the employee received the notice of all at home, and the salary did not fall, and social insurance was also paid.

On August 3, when the Wujin District Legal Assistance Center accepted the case, although Zhang and other 41 employees were mostly urban accounts, they were based on the province’s "Law’s Live Livelihood and Development Project" activities related to recovery labor. Matters will be exempt from the scope of the economic situation to expand from migrant workers to all difficult people. " "Legal aid for people’s livelihood, to help the people’s worries."

Chen Xiaoji, Director of the Legal Aid Management Office of Changzhou Judicial Bureau, told reporters that this year, the bureau has integrated "I have practical things for the people" practice activities, and push the "Law-Hui Minsheng · Expansion Project", and asked the Municipal Government Office. Notice on Adjusting the Current Economic and Difficult Review Standards of the Municipal Legal Aid Objects, clearly relaxing the national legal aid economic difficult standards from "minimum living security" to "local minimum wages", and recovering labor remuneration matters, will Free from the scope of economic situation, is expanded from "migrant workers" to "all difficult people".

As of the end of July, Changzhou has accepted 5075 legal aid cases, an increase of 56% year-on-year, exceeding twice the year-on-year growth rate, and complete the% more than aid indicator. It is reported that the next step will also promote the legal aid of administrative cases, legal aid negative list, implementing the "Listance Accept" "Inform Commitment" and other series of convenience services, increase the investment in legal aid infrastructure, actively build "15 minutes Legal Service Circle, let more difficult people enjoy convenient and efficient legal aid services.

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The same enjoyment technology landing in Beijiao, Suzhou, Wujiang, Shopping, Listed Enterprise

On the morning of November 15th, the first batch of businesses in the Beijing Stock Exchange (Suzhou) and the Beijing Stock Exchange Jiangsu service base unveiling ceremony were held.

Located in Wujiang Development Zone (Suzhou) Electronic Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has become the first batch of national, Wujiang first, listed in the North Exchange, the securities code "839167".

Wu Qingwen, deputy secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee, Wu Qingwen, member of Suzhou Municipal Committee, Tang Xiaodong, and Suzhou Municipal Government Secretary-General Chen Zhi attended the ceremony in Suzhou.

Li Ming, Secretary of the Wujiang District Committee, deputy secretary of the district committee, and the district commander Wang Guorong participated in the listing related activities or attended the ceremony. The same enjoyment is the "Wujiang Photoelectric and Technical Enterprise]. In September 2016, we will be listed in the new three boards; The first batch of listed companies.

Li Ming said, this fully reflects the recognition of the strength, innovation ability and development potential of the capital market, fully highlighting the enterprise culture of the same technology "dare to innovate, dare to struggle" and pursue excellent entrepreneurial spirit.

He hopes to enjoy the Dongfeng of the North Exchange, continue to strengthen the ability of technological innovation, enhance the management level of enterprise, and develop the national strategy in the Yangtze River Delta integrated development country strategy to go out of the sea, ride the wind and waves.

Li Ming emphasized that the Wujiang District Committee and District Government will always adhere to the "most comfortable" service concept, as always provide the most strong support for the development of technology development, and hope that major financial institutions will continue to pay attention to Wujiang, holding hands, Wujiang, investing in Wujiang. Wu Jiang District Commission Standing Committee, Wang Yushu, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of Wujiang Development Zone, said that the Wujiang Development Zone is in the development of the company to build the company, and the company has been in the jurisdiction.

Following the same as the North Exchange, the Jiangtian Packaging in the jurisdiction has been reported to the Jiangsu Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau counseling, Joan Pretty, near-shore protein, Grano environment has completed the share reform, the development zone is positive Focus on the promotion of Mingyang Science and Technology, Xianglong Jiaye, Tianhao Automobile to declare North Exchange.

Up to now, Wujiang Development Zone has 7 main board listed enterprises, 50 reserve listed enterprises, and "145" period strive to add 20 new companies. The Beijing Stock Exchange was registered on September 3, 2021 and was established by the State Council, which was approved by the State Council. As a "Beijing Securities Exchange, Jiangsu Provincial Limited Financial Supervision, Beijing Stock Exchange, Jiangsu Provincial Local Financial Supervision Administration, Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, China," National Stock System Beijing The Securities Exchange Jiangsu Service Base is unveiled.

The base will surround the innovative SMEs in Jiangsu Province, especially "special" enterprises listing and listed in the national stock system, focus on listed counseling, training services, business road performances, investment financing, market Cultivate work. (Xue Wei pays safely) (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

Russian Anti-Length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the black sea

Original title: Russian anti-length: Russian army is monitoring the US warship in the Black Sea Trend, the Russian Ministry of Defense, Sherk Gezi, said on the 7th, the Russian military is closely monitoring the trend of the US warship into the Black Sea, and the Russian party will never allow them. provocative.

In an interview with Russia’s first channel TV, Saui is called that when equipped with a long-range high-precision weapon, the warships of the region have entered the Black Sea. "It is of course not to travel for a walk, we will monitor it all the way, we will clearly provocation It will happen at any time, as soon as the British warship is "," We will not allow such things. " In June this year, the British Navy "Defenseer" destroyer crossed the Russian border, the Russian warship fire warner, and the Russian warboard was thrown into the British ship sailing. The British ship will follow the relevant sea area.

According to Russian media reports, the "Whitney Mountain" commander of the US Navy’s sixth fleet, "Porter" missile destroyer has entered the Black Sea area, plans to hold a joint exercise in Georgia, Ukraine. Saui is pointed out that this is another attempt to try to test the preparation of the Russian side in the Black Sea and even the southern part of the Russian region, and the US military activities on the Russian side have a lot.

The United States and NATO have recently strengthened military activities in the Black Sea.

The United States often dispatches up military machines in the Black Sea to near Russian border reconnaissance.

From June 28th to July 10th this year, the United States and Ukraine were led by the Black Sea in the Black Sea.

Russian media said that this is the largest number once in the year. In this regard, the Russian military patch is relatively strengthened with military drills.

At the beginning of November, the official website of the Russian Defense Department released the news that the Black Sea Fleet Base Surva Missile Artillery Formation held a exercise, and the simulation should enter the black sea waters in the air. In October, the Russian military held military exercises in the Black Sea area, participated in some military units and black sea fleets in the southern part of the Russian military, and the drill project included in the Dihai Fleet, including anti-destruction defense, landing, etc. At the beginning of November, Russian President Putin pointed out when attending the Russian Ministry of National Defense and the National Defense Industry Complex Enterprise Conference, NATO’s flight near the Russian border is getting more and more frequent, in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea has appeared NATO Missile Ship.

The US warship enters the Black Sea, which also has a plan for deploying a mid-range missile in Europe, which also has a great threat to Russia. He stressed that in order to address external threats, Russia will continue to strengthen the construction of aerial defense and the modernization of naval equipment.

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Picking the gold time, challenge the loyalty to the museum

Original title: At the moment, the golden moment, champion, loyalty to the museum, boiling (Figure) yesterday afternoon, when Tianjin weightlifting, Lu Xiaolun won the To Xiaoyan champion, the weightlifting training hall of Tianjin Group Board Sports Center boiled, cheers, applause, this start, Gift flowers. This 37-year-old, will reward the gold medal of the Olympic Games, inspiring Tianjin sports people to boast, and create brilliant.

  For the reunion of the Olympic gold medal, it makes up for the Rio Olympic Games regretted Lu Xiaolun, the scene and the Tianjin Weightlifting Wrestling Judo Boxing Taekwondo Sports Management Center’s various sports teams, coaches, cadres and workers watched the relevant person in charge of the TV live broadcast. Expressed: "Lu Xiaolu, who participated in the Olympic Games, won a valuable gold medal, giving honor for the country and Tianjin, showing the very good spirit of Tianjin athletes. He is the father of two children, in the epidemic leads to the game In the case, it may be an opportunity to young people, but it is definitely a very difficult challenge to him.

If it is 2020 contest, his state will be better, but it will be delayed for a year, it can be said that he pays more than everyone, we want to thank him for the contribution of Tianjin Sports.

"He then frankly said that this gold medal made himself exciting and gratifying." After the Lv Xiaolu won this gold medal, Tianjin has also achieved the best results in the Olympic Games in the Olympic Games this year. This champion brings extremes to Tianjin competitive sports. Big encounter. "Tianjin weightlifting wrestling judo boxing Taekwondo sports management center Director Yan Wen said:" The results of Lu Xiaolun are also the result of all parties worked hard, we want to urgently athletes, they fight in the field, whether it is his family or Everything in life, we must do our best to do a good job, let them do their best to play on the field, this is what we have to do. "(Reporter Liang Bin Photography Cui Yue Yong) (Editor: Cui Xinyao, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.

Through the tunnel is the Hokkaido, the left hand ticket right hand ticket, who do you choose?

Hokkaido New Dryer Data Line Trend: The main body of the high-speed railway line management main body of Qian City, Northeast Northeast China, Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Hokkaido: Hokkaido Traveler Railway (JR Hokkaido) Time: May 22, 2005, start construction The road section between the station station with the North Seaway, the opening time: approximately 2031 Spring Intervals Time: Qian Sen County "Xin Yousen Station" and Hokkaido "New Hall Beidou Station" March 26, 2016: 260km / h Time-speed 140km / h with both cable shared intervals) Time (the fastest train): Tokyo to Xinhuo Hotel Beidou Station takes 4 hours 2 points, Sendai to New House Beidou Station takes 2 hours and 30 points, Xintansen to new Hakodate Beidou Station takes 1 hour 1 point of North Haijing new trunk line New technology Hokkaido new trunk shuttles in the winter, the northern seafater, must be used to manage the line with a special method. First, in order to prevent the routine of the line from being frozen, the North Seaway trunk line first uses the "Airjet" device that uses compressed air to blow away the ice snow.

Again, in order to improve the snow in addition to snow, it is also specially developed to develop a special truck specialties in Hokkaido.

Third, on the elevated bridge of 3% of the line, in order to prevent snow, the internet is used between the track and the track, and the snow is directly dropped below. Fourth, like other new trunk lines, it also imports "Early Seismic Detection System".

Fifth, "anti-line Guide" is set up using the full car group of the vehicle H5, and "track tip prevention devices" is set, and the vehicle movement can be reduced when the train is disengaged, and the minimum damage is minimized.

“Also in this kind of thing!?”

Liao Jie’s eyes,I looked disdainful in the cage.,Immediate cold:“Lu captain,Let everyone ask,Which neighbor is rigorous today?,Please come to the security room。”
“I rely on,So much!”
I can’t lie in Lyon.,Continuous tape climbing a dog cage,Point at Liao Jie Road:“Ager,I will wait for you to stay.,Today, I am very enemies.。Say,Is it 妒 I have to be more than you??”
“no kidding,Has been 11 o’clock,Mr. Li said to come,What countermeasures do you have?,Hurry and tell everyone。”
“What kind of countermeasure is to grasp the ghost?,Random strain is not good,What do you turn around??”
Lyon dialect,See Liao Jie throws the ghost props in the suitcase.,Suddenly dissatisfied。
“These threats to people,Far greater than the threat to the ghost”
Liao Jie said,Looking up at Lyon,Unhappy:“Hand your pistol in your arms,Then can’t kill the ghost,Killing is a sign。”
“Who said to kill a ghost?,You find a ghost and try it.,I guarantee that a shot of the dead head。”
“Do not be silly,In case someone is attached,Do you really plan to shoot??”
Liao Jie shook his head,Ask the rule:“Security room with safe,if nothing else,Which merchants in the community have,Hurry and move。”
“have,There is a security room in the security room.。”
Lu captain pushed the wallside cabinet,Spaceted wall center,A safe placed。
The type of password and the key are turned on simultaneously。
Liao Jie is lazy to ask why the security room will have such a safe,Waiting for the captain to open,Chaste、Chopper、Dangerous items such as pistols are full of brains。
Think about it,He also stuffed the sharp items in the security room.。
Lyon’s suitcase instantly clears half,Left fresh film、chocolate、slingshot,And some inbreak of people who can hurt people can’t hurt people。
For example, a wooden ax,Brush layer black lacquey attempts to fake true,Take no killing power in your hand,But it is possible to take the ghost to break the blood.。
Absolute overcast。
When the ruler closed the safe,Liao Jie pushed him open,It’s a foot.,Directly disconnect the safe key,Lock core blocks,Elief the possibility of opening it again。
“Ager,What are you doing??”
“just in case,Even if you have a ghost,Don’t want to open safe。”
“Safe safe,I have to pay”
“All right,Everyone comes,I still have a few words to say.。”
Replace,Security room people handybreakfast props,Liao Jie,Holding a chocolate beans in the mouth,Ignore Lu captain chatter,Straightforward:“Half hour away from 12 o’clock,I said a long time.,Speaking of me to see the experience of ghosts for many years。If you encounter the following,I don’t know if I don’t know.,White lost a small life。”
“No bar,Look at the experience of ghost pieces,Be unreliable?”
“There is always good。”
Liao Jie said:“First stop of the ghost film:Don’t waves more people,No matter what happens, you have to get together.,Never two groups,Or one person else。”
“Step 2:If you have a cold weapon or a weapon near you,Especially the chainsaw、ax、Dining knife,Must be destroyed in time,I can’t destroy and throw it into the safe,Because they will only hurt their own people,Can’t hurt ghosts。”
“Third article:Be chased by ghosts,Unless there is no way,Otherwise it is absolutely not to flee from the heights.,Don’t lock yourself in the room、car,Or other narrow space。”
“Snuff,It sounds a bit。”