It’s as stupid as a pig!

I wasted my kindness!
If not to help him,Why should I put on this old face to beg?Yes,His design skills at Fernandez are very good.,But he is also recognized as the world’s top car design master,BGe is taller than Chen Geng,In the eyes of outsiders, he came to visit Chen Geng regardless of his identity,Do you really want to see Fernandez’s grasp of the car design language??
Thought of this,Giugiaro was tired。
Giugiaro is so depressed inside,I don’t even have much thought to look at the Victoria Crown designed by Chen Geng for Ford.1:1Full-size sludge model and full-size wooden cockpit model,After a hasty visit, he left immediately。
“Giugiaro doesn’t seem very happy。”Sending away Giugiaro,Rosemary is strange。
“Ok,”Chen Geng nodded:“If a liar,Come to lie to you happily,But found that it failed,You won’t be happy if it’s you。”
“You mean Giugiaro is here to lie to you?”Rosemary feels incredible,I can’t even accept it,Georgia Roco is a world-renowned master of top car design,How could he lie?
Chen Geng silently looked at Rosemary like a little girl:“If you feel unacceptable,Then think he came to me for investment with an unreliable project。”
Rosemary looked speechless:Isn’t it all the same!
But everyone is gone,It’s no use talking about it,Rosemary quickly adjusted her mood,Asked:“The Gun Association has an event on the weekend,They called to ask you,Do you want to participate??”
“Gun Association?”Chen Geng didn’t take it seriously,Casually asked:“what activity?Shooting competition or what?if so,forget about it。”
Shooting is one of Chen Geng’s favorite hobbies,Now have money,Don’t have too many worries,Chen Geng built a gun collection room in his own home,The guns in it are all active firearms in various countries,There are hundreds of firearms,natural,naturally,Chen Geng, this rich man、At the same time, firearms and shooting enthusiasts with good shooting skills have become the target of several local firearms and shooting associations in Detroit.。
“They organized a small-scale shooting competition,And invited a retired sniper from Delta,The top three in the competition can get the guidance of this sniper,bossAre you interested?”
One can get U.S. special forces“delta”Of retired snipers provide technical guidance opportunities?
Of course Chen Geng is interested,Although his shooting skills are not bad,But in the words of the ace sniper in the military district,his“Gun sense”general,Although you can become a gunner with a good shooting level after hard training,But it’s impossible to become a sniper。
Chen Geng also knows that his time is limited to exercise,Your shooting level can only be regarded as above average within the association,But there is such an opportunity to receive personal guidance from a master,Chen Geng is still very excited,but,Retired sniper of the Delta Force,It was so nice?Chen Geng expressed deep doubts。
“Delta’s retired snipers are not so good,Since these guys have invested such a large capital,Sure the picture is not small,Speak,What do they want?”
“Great!The boss is really the boss,”Rosemary thumbs up,Smiled road:“After the event,There is a fundraiser for the presidential candidate,Ok,Our Mr. Mayor will also go there。”

“Isn’t Principal Han also a foreigner?。”

Xiang Chen answered with a smile,Although I still don’t know what Han Zhili is referring to,But Xiang Chen never likes to lose。
Han Zhili looked at Xiang Chen,Then the smile on his face looked a little strange to Xiang Chen。
“Boyhood,Thirty-year-old smoke is scattered,As young and late in summer。But now,My hometown is my hometown,Uneven edges,Has lived up to the youth appearance。”
Han Zhili sighed with emotion,But it attracted Xiang Chen’s criticism。
“Principal Han,Can you say something that I don’t understand?headache!”
Xiang Chen scratched his head in pain,Talk to Han Zhili,Always need him to guess to understand。
“father!Let’s have dinner!”
Always pay attention to the changes in atmosphere between Han Zhili and Xiang Chen,A little bit wrong,Rushed out immediately,Even Xiangyang and Yuan Qing came out to help。
Xiangyang and Yuan Qing are two people,One took someone’s hand short,The softest one eats others,So there’s nothing to do with the waiter。
Didn’t use much time,The table is covered with various cuisines。
“Let’s have dinner!This is my first time cooking,If it doesn’t taste good, please bear with me。”
Korean Xiang smiled and said,Everyone present is naturally all in support。

He held the belt in his hand,I made up my mind to teach Shen Han a lesson,Let him know what he can do and don’t think about what he doesn’t want。

Huo Rongxuan’s first move is practical,When the belt is pulled down, it even brings wind,Hit Shen Hanchi`The pain on her naked ass made Shen Han slap her whole body。
Huo Rongxuan asked him condescendingly from above:“Can’t run?”
Shen Han bit her lip without speaking,Huo Rongxuan held the belt and drew it again。
Shen Han has been reluctant to beg for mercy,Huo Rongxuan finally got red eyes,For a while in the room, there were only the sound of the belt whipping the skin and Shen Han’s suppressed gasping。
When Huo Rongxuan came back to his senses, Shen Han’s ass was already red and swollen,There is even slight bleeding in some places。
Huo Rongxuan feels distressed,But he still slapped Shen Han’s red butt with his hand,Ask sternly:“Know what’s wrong?”
Shen Han kept biting his lip to endure,Heartache,I feel humiliated and sad and wronged,At this time, tears finally came out unbearably,Shouting loudly:“fake!All fake!”
Huo Rongxuan didn’t understand,“what did you say?”
He turned Shen Han’s face buried on the mattress,See the tears on his face,Scolded him with red eyes:“You bastard!Son of a bitch!”
Huo Rongxuan saw him cry like this,No matter how great the anger is,But still warned him coldly:“Remember what i said,I won’t be so tolerant next time。”
Shen Han closed his eyes and stopped looking at him,Huo Rongxuan sighed and untied the person,Then call the family doctor。
Shen Han lying in bed with eyes closed,Huo Rongxuan just took the belt and looked at him coldly, still lingering before his eyes。That night this man watched his gentle look in the light of birthday candles,Now I want to come far away like an illusion。
13 Shen Han’s brother
The next few days,Huo Rongxuan also did this with Shen Han several times。
Although Shen Han still feels uncomfortable,But the body will react every time。This body developed by Huo Rongxuan now seems to have completely adapted to this kind of thing,This makes Shen Han a little depressed,Every time Huo Rongxuan did something like that with him,The body doesn’t seem to belong to me anymore。
Shen Han’s holiday is not over yet,Huo Rongxuan had to go to the company every day。Then at noon on this day,Huo Rongxuan met Shen Ze in his company。
It’s lunch time,Huo Rongxuan took the elevator downstairs,Halfway up the elevator,It happened that Shen Han’s brother, Shen Ze, walked in。
Shen Ze is currently competing for a project under the Huo family,This is what Huo Rongxuan knew,I’m not surprised to see Shen Ze here。

In addition, the agricultural equipment for the aircraft is technologically backward、System accessories are not matched、Many failures,Seed spreading equipment does not have a device to control the seeding rate、Narrow broadcast,The spreading quality is difficult to guarantee,The pesticide pump pressure of the constant spraying equipment is low、Poor atomization……

It can be said,11Immature from the aircraft itself to the entire supporting system、imperfect,Also for these reasons,In the original historical time and space,11The transport plane has arrived1989year、In production44Officially discontinued after the shelf(This total output,Also proved from the side11Insufficiency of the transport aircraft),Hafei plant turned to full development11Improved transport aircraft:12Transport aircraft,And in this time and space,Although with the help of Chen Geng,11Increased to62frame,But within the COMAC Group and the employees of the old Hafei Factory,In fact, a consensus has long been formed:With12after that,11To be discontinued,And it won’t be too late。
But now,Chen Geng’s words,Surprised everyone:What do you mean?Chairman Chen didn’t plan to stop production11?
Especially the whole11Existing technical team,When I heard Chen Geng’s words, there was a non-stop production11After the meaning of,All eyes widened、Looking at Chen Geng excitedly and nervously:in case11continue to produce,11The project team also has the value of continuing existence,No need to be assigned to other project groups to make hands with others——When someone calls me around,How can I feel comfortable in my head??
“11Will not stop production,”In front of hundreds of eyes,Chen Geng replied affirmatively:“In my plan,11The transport aircraft will be with12Conveyor achieves high and low matching,11Piston-type power systems will be successively installed in the future,By boosting motivation、Reduce weight、A series of measures such as further reducing costs,The main entry-level low-end dual-engine fixed-wing aircraft market;
and12And a series of improved models,Will feature25Tonnage to5Ton-class international general aviation market,The two series of models complement each other,Meet a series of needs from low-end to high-end customers……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng directly named Xu Xiangdong:“Comrade Xu Xiangdong。”
Xu Xiangdong named by Chen Geng,A joke,Hurriedly stood up and responded。
“right now,11Won’t stop production,As11Person in charge of the power subsystem of the transport aircraft,The task assigned to you by the group is for you to come forward and1Factory communication、coordination,Work out a power system upgrade and improvement plan,”Chen Geng told Xu Xiangdong:“The overall goal of this program is:In five years,will11The piston above-6The maximum output power of the engine is increased to400horsepower,At the same time fuel consumption drops20、Overhaul interval increased to at least1500hour、The cost is at least lower than now0……”
Not only to increase power,But also to reduce fuel consumption、Improve quality and overall quality,Also reduce costs?!
Xu Xiangdong was stunned.,He froze for a while,Just said hurriedly:“but……Chairman,1The factory is not a subordinate unit of our COMAC,We can only coordinate with them、discuss,If they ignore us,There is nothing we can do with him……”
“I don’t care,”Chen Geng interrupted Xu Xiangdong,Unusually tough way:“I just look at the result,Regardless of process,No matter if you are with1Number of manufacturers、Coordination is good,It’s better to find the source of power by yourself,Or you can make it yourself,I only need such a power pack that meets my requirements,done,Your promotion and salary increase,The salary scale is raised by two levels,Into the sub-houseasequence,At the same time, the group rewards you2Ten thousand yuan bonus,And will be sold in the future11Transport aircraft,Both you and your small team can get it1Share of profits;
Can’t do,Not only do you have to consider a promotion and salary increase,When there will be similar R&D tasks in the future,The group will carefully consider your business capabilities……”

But Xiao Fan immediately retorted:“I already have a family,My wife doesn’t want me to contact other women,And i love my wife very much,I hope everyone can understand my kindness。”

The others looked at each other,There are very few people who are in high positions and have wealth,Can continue to clean up,Really rare。
For a while, those women looked like Xiao Fan with an appreciation,Makes Xiao Fan feel very uncomfortable,He doesn’t like others to look at him easily,Or look at him like a prey。
The boss said with a smile after reacting:“no problem, no problem,I didn’t understand clearly and made a joke for a while,Then let’s continue eating,Just eat and drink and have fun。”
Xiao Fan also smiled and nodded,After all, he can’t get angry easily,I didn’t make it clear at the beginning,Now I can blame others for being very unfriendly。
But some women will go up when she sees a good man,So when I found Xiao Fan for the first time, my eyes were shining,I can’t help but want Xiao Fan to notice her。
People like them just want to climb the flames,But Xiao Fan wouldn’t take a second look at all,But they couldn’t help but want to toast Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan directly blocked it。
Then Yiming and Chu Yao also looked at those women angrily,Scared those people so much that they dared not keep talking,Or is there any behavior beyond the rules,Eat a meal so peacefully。
But during the meal,Some people still look at Xiao Fan from time to time,But Xiao Fan ignored it,I didn’t even look at it。
After finally being able to go back to rest,Xiao Fan didn’t do anything else,After all these days are really exhausted,So many things happened,He also needs to take some relief。
Sometimes Xiao Fan seems to be invincible,Even nothing can knock him down,But in fact, sometimes some inner emotions can only be handled by yourself,Fatigue can only be eliminated by yourself。
What he hopes more is that one day he can get rid of this hectic life,Then I can calm down and really feel some daily life,I didn’t hurry up every day like now。
Then I can’t get a good improvement in my life,Xiao Fan couldn’t help sighing when he thought of this person,I hope I can grow my own family better with Yoona Lin in the future。
Return to the family,After Xiao Fan took a rest, he received a call from Lin Yuner,Tell him everything is fine at home,Then let him handle his work as soon as possible。
Able to handle their affairs after returning home,Someone from Lin Yuna hasn’t talked to Liu Chunlan for a few days.,There seems to be sulking between the two,Then I won’t say what’s in my mind。

Call?Of course Chen Geng has no objection。

He feels that this condition given by him is already favorable enough,Net profit10%,Sounds like a lot,But don’t forget that you don’t need a design fee,All design fees are reflected in the way of vehicle sales profit commission,A positioning and ChryslerfamilySimilar cars,If Honda wants to open up the situation in the North American market,It’s better than Chrysler in terms of pricefamilyAverage low10%To15%,Average selling price of all models8300Dollar calculation,The manufacturer’s bicycle net profit is approximately600Around the dollar,Take it in your own car60USD design fee,Even if it can be sold in three years30Ten thousand,But only1800Ten thousand USD design fee commission,This is barely equal to the industry design cost quotation。
Although the more I sell in the future, the more my design fee will be,But the greater the risk you take?If it’s not for promoting competition in the U.S. auto market,How could I give such a low price?
Chen Geng feels,As long as the kid compares his offer to Chrysler,They should understand that they made a big deal,They should have no reason to disagree……Unless the little devil’s brain is broken。
But the problem is,The little devil’s brain is really broken。
But little devil is little devil,Like their predecessors,They once again brought into play their national traditions:Short-sighted,I’m thinking about it with my fingers10%Means how many dollars later,Honda decisively distressed、Reluctant,They drove Chen Geng5.6%Offer——This quotation is even lower than those offered by Pininfarina’s professional industrial design companies that only charge a fixed design fee.。
“5.6%?”Heard this new offer from Honda,Chen Geng smiled,Still a little curious:This one5.6%proportion,How do they calculate?
“Yes,5.6%,”Kume Shiji’s expression is obviously a bit awkward,He also knows that compared to Chen Geng’s design ability and level,This offer is too much,Quickly explained:“Mr. Chen,Honda Technology……”
“Mr. Kume,”Chen Geng raised his hand and made a gesture:“You should be very clear about the terms of cooperation between me and Chrysler,Right?”
Although I already understand what Chen Geng wants to express,But hesitated,Is Kume Chi or nodding:“Yes,”But he immediately added:“But please don’t get me wrong,Our Honda……”
Don’t listen to him,Chen Geng said again:“Since you know,You must have calculated,My terms for you are much more favorable than those for Chrysler,right?”
Kume Shishi:“……”
that is the truth,What else can he say?Even if he has a clever tongue,I can’t avoid the fact that Chen Geng’s offer to Honda is actually much lower than the offer to Chrysler.。
“Since you all know,”Chen Geng sighed,Kind of face“I treat you so wholeheartedly,You cheated me behind?!”Depressed:“I am willing to give such a big concession,Even risking offending the biggest partner,Because I think our past cooperation is very pleasant,I also hope that more and better models will appear on the American market,For this I gave my utmost sincerity,But now it seems……”
What looks like,Chen Geng didn’t say,But his expression shows something:You little devil is really not a thing。

Jiangshan Oupai (603208) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Profit Growth Exceeds Expectations, Cash Flows Rise

Jiangshan Oupai (603208) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Profit Growth Exceeds Expectations, Cash Flows Rise

The company released the third quarter report of 19: the company achieved revenue in the first three quarters13.

35 ppm, a 55-year increase.

06%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 66.

62%, net profit after returning to mother 1.

460,000 yuan, an increase of 56 in ten years.

93%, operating cash flow1.

110,000 yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.

53%; of which single Q3 achieved income 6.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 58 in ten years.

9%, net profit attributable to mother is 98.29 million yuan, an increase of 95.

89%, net profit after returning to the mother is 74.99 million yuan, an annual increase of 69.

97%; profit growth exceeded our expectations, operating cash flow indicators improved significantly in the interim report.

Engineering channel is the core driving force for the company’s high growth performance: Following the high-income growth of the Interim Report, the revenue growth rate in the third quarter has continued to grow rapidly, which is mainly driven by the continuous expansion of engineering channel customers and the volume of core customer orders.

We estimate the growth rate of engineering channels to exceed 80%.

At present, the company has close cooperation with Evergrande, Vanke, Poly, China Shipping, Xuhui, Sunshine City and other real estate clients.

Evergrande and Vanke’s revenue contribution has maintained strong growth this year. At present, the company’s internal share in some real estate leaders has ranked first.

The company’s reputation in engineering business, product quality, supply chain stability, large-scale production, and other aspects 无锡夜网论坛 have formed obvious advantages, which are translated into the volume of core customer orders and the continuous expansion of new customers in the company’s future engineering channels to maintain greaterGrowth has become one of the core drivers of development.

The gross profit margin increased significantly, and the three fee rates remained stable: The third quarter’s increase in the company’s gross profit margin resulted in a quarter-on-quarter increase in net profit.

In the third quarter alone, the company’s gross profit margin was 35.

33%, an annual increase of 0.

84 points, an increase of 2 from the previous month.

3 points.

The gross profit margin increased significantly, and the decrease was related to the recovery of product prices. Due to the adjustment of the panel procurement structure, the price of raw materials decreased.

In the third quarter alone, the company’s sales expense ratio was 11.

6%, management expense ratio 6.

86%, financial expense ratio is 0.

68%, three rates 19.

14%, an increase of 0 every year last year.

45pct, basically stable.

The operating cash flow improved significantly in the third quarter. The merger was the result of the company’s efforts to collect and collect funds and reorganize. The company paid more cash for commercial acceptance at the payment end of the company.

Accounts receivable 3.

9.6 billion, an increase of 63 from the beginning of the period.

58%, the growth rate of accounts receivable is lower than the growth rate of engineering income, which is in line with our expectations.

Profit forecast and investment rating: We will continue to develop the company ‘s downstream customers and increase the volume of core customer orders. We believe that the company ‘s engineering business will maintain rapid growth, which will drive the company ‘s overall performance to grow. Therefore, we raised the company ‘s net profit for 19-21 years respectively.To 2.



31 ppm (original predictor).10/2.


25 ppm), the corresponding EPS is 2.

80, 3.

36, 4.

09 yuan, the current corresponding PE is expected to be 15X, 12X, 10X, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: production capacity is less than expected risk; raw material price fluctuation risk.

Opening to the outside world “fast forward

for nearly one year

Opening to the outside world “fast forward” for nearly one year

Securities Daily ■ Our reporter, Meng Ke On November 22, a reporter from “Securities Daily” combed through the relevant opening-up policy published by the CSRC website and found that in June this year, Yi Huiman, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, proposed to expand the opening-up of the capital market.As for the specific measures, 9 items are expected to be completed today and 6 items are expected to be completed. It is expected that the capital market will be opened to the outside world by pressing the “fast forward key”.

  Specifically, on November 15, the website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission released the “Guidelines for Applying for” Full Circulation “of Unlisted Shares in H-share Companies”. Qualified H-share companies and companies intending to apply for the IPO of H-shares can be regulated according to lawApply for “full circulation”.

On October 11, the Securities Regulatory Commission will cancel the time limit for removing the foreign exchange ratio of securities companies, futures companies, and fund management companies.

In July and August, the CSRC separately approved and agreed to the previous futures trading of rice, urea, No. 20 rubber, and futures trading of styrene and stainless steel.

On July 26, the CSRC issued the Measures for the Administration of Representative Offices of Overseas Securities and Futures Exchanges in China.

  In addition, since the beginning of this year, the A-share division of the FTSE Russell Global Index and the Ming Sheng Index have absorbed GEM stocks for the first time.One after another.

  Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Digital Economics Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told the Securities Daily reporter that vigorously supporting foreign capital entering the market is an important step to promote the opening up of the domestic capital market, which will help deepen capital market reforms and increase capital market risks.Preventive capabilities, enhance capital market resource 夜来香体验网 allocation capabilities, and keep the internal capital market open to the same extent as the economic opening process.

  What is certain is that under the background that the CSRC is continuously opening up to the outside world and the capital market is being increasingly opened to the outside world, foreign inflows will also be more sustained and stable.

According to data from Oriental, as of November 22, the net inflow of northbound funds in the past year was 2,729.

2.8 billion.

  Pan Helin said that from the data point of view, the sincerity of internal and external openings has changed into an influx of foreign capital. Relevant departments still need to do a good job of relevant supervision, so as to do a good job in cross-border coordination, create a good capital market environment and improveThe level of risk management has helped to form a recognized opening up of the capital market.

  Zhang Jun, chief economist of Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities, said in an interview with “Securities Daily” reporter that with the gradual implementation of the capital market’s opening up reform and the three major international indexes continue to increase the proportion of A shares, we can see that at presentIt is still in the initial stage of foreign inflows. In the early stage, the inflow of A shares was passively allocated. Later, more active funds will be allocated to A shares.

The stock selection strategy is basically looking for deterministic returns, so it favors the leading stocks in the financial, large consumer, medical and other industries.

Focusing on the majority of foreign exchange entering A-shares is mostly medium- and long-term institutional funds. Therefore, it is conducive to improving the structure and investment style of A-share investors, and promoting the transformation of A-shares into an institutionalized style and value investment.

  ”At present, the scale of domestic foreign exchange investment is relatively stable, with a slight increase. The recovery of the global economy in the future, coupled with the continuous deepening of the opening up of the domestic capital market, there is still much room for foreign capital inflows in the future.

Pan He Lin said.

Yutong Technology (002831): Net profit in the first half increased by 11.2% new customers continue to expand to help long-term growth

Yutong Technology (002831): Net profit in the first half increased by 11.2% new customers continue to expand to help long-term growth
1H19 results are in line with our 深圳桑拿网 expected 1H19 results: revenue 36.84 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.1%; net profit attributable to mother 2.96 ppm, an increase of 10 years.2%, deducting non-net profit 2.34 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.2%, in line with our expectations.Among them, Q1 / Q2 revenue increased by 10.5% / 13.6%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 10.7% / 11.8%. Development trend 1. In the first half of the year, revenue maintained a double-digit growth rate, and new customers continued to develop.In the first half of the year, under the background of the adjustment target of the consumer electronics industry, the company’s revenue reached 12.The rapid growth of 1% was mainly due to the company’s increase in the development speed of new customers in industries such as smart hardware, tobacco and alcohol, health, cosmetics and luxury goods.Customers, meanwhile, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Harman, Goer, OPPO, Guizhou Xijiu, Shuijingfang and other customer orders have grown rapidly.In terms of products, revenue from boutique boxes / cartons / instruction manuals increased by 7.3% / 3.7% / 3.6%, stickers and other products (including environmentally friendly paper and plastic) have a high growth.6% / 99.5%, providing new growth points in the future.By region, domestic / foreign revenue increased by 26 respectively.7% / 1.5%, domestic customer expansion is the main driver of revenue growth. 2. Profitability remains stable.The company’s gross profit margin increased by 3.From 4ppt to 28%, the gross profit margin of boutique boxes / instruction manuals / carton products increased by 5.1/2.1/2.2ppt, mainly due to factors such as falling raw material prices, heavy volume of new customers, and increased production capacity.7/3.9ppt improvement.The sales expense ratio was basically flat in the first half of the year, and the management and R & D expense ratio increased by 2ppt to 12.6%, the financial expense ratio increased by 0 in ten years.7ppt to 2.7%, mainly due to the increase in interest expenses and foreign exchange.Under the comprehensive influence, the company’s net interest rate of 8% was basically flat. 3. In the future, pay attention to the prosperity of the consumer electronics industry and the expansion of new customers to the company’s performance.As a leader in the fine paper packaging industry, the company has an expanded competitive advantage in the consumer electronics industry in terms of production capacity layout, customer development, and R & D promotion. The future update cycle of 5G and other consumer electronics products will gradually come to help drive the company’s performance improvement; newFrom the perspective of customer development, the company has developed packaging businesses in the cosmetics, liquor, tobacco and other industries through its endogenous extension strategy, and continues to pay attention to the implementation of other new customer orders of the company. Earnings Forecasts and Estimates We maintain the company in January 19/20.18/1.The RMB 38 profit forecast remains unchanged.Currently corresponds to 16 of 2019/2020.5 times / 14.1x price-earnings ratio.Maintain Outperform rating and 27.A target price of 00 yuan corresponds to 22.9 times 2019 P / E ratio and 19.5 times 2020 price-earnings ratio, 39 more recently included.0% upside. The prices of risky raw materials fluctuated sharply, and the development of new customers exceeded expectations.

Five strokes to adjust post- knot syndrome

Five strokes to adjust post- knot syndrome
Seven days after the National Day holiday, the majority of workers returned to work.Wang Xiangsheng, chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Spleen and Gastroenterology, Jining Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shandong Province, introduced that during the long holiday, many people will stay up late, overeating, etc., leading to sleep patterns, disrupted diet patterns, and some gastrointestinal symptoms, Sleep disturbances, mental anxiety and other symptoms of post-holiday syndrome.How to make scientific adjustments, Wang Xiangsheng made the following suggestions.Adjust your daily life during an orderly National Day holiday, visit relatives and friends, change outings, party entertainment, etc., causing the regular biological clock of office workers to be seriously disrupted, causing excessive fatigue or excessive relaxation.After returning to work, coupled with the work piled up on the holiday, and putting them in front, many people can’t lift their minds, feel dizzy, and feel tired and upset.How to eliminate fatigue?Wang Xiangsheng said that the best way is to adjust the schedule, go to bed early and get up early, develop a regular biological clock, go to bed before 11 pm, and take a proper lunch break at noon to achieve orderly living and ensure adequate sleep time.If it is difficult to fall asleep at night, you can take a hot bath, soak your feet in hot water to help you sleep; drink a cup of hot milk before bedtime, and listen to a soothing piece of music, you can rest peacefully to sleep; take a walk after dinner, and gently press your head before bedtimeRelieve discomfort.You can take a hot bath before going to work to eliminate the excretion of body metabolism, expand the capillaries, and effectively eliminate fatigue.Light diet adjustment During the gastrointestinal festival, it is inevitable to meet with friends, eat too much aunt and protein, and the stomach can’t bear the “stress” for a while, and it will cause digestive disorders such as constipation or diarrhea.Wang Xiangsheng reminded that after the holiday, pay attention to adjust the diet structure, eat regularly, drink more tea, eat more fruits, eat more “green fire” foods such as fresh green leafy vegetables, eat some digestive foods, such as hawthorn tablets, to speed up the initial metabolism of the stomachTo reduce the chronic tract burden caused by fat and thick.In terms of conditioning the 厦门夜网 stomach, massage acupuncture points, rubbing stomach health.Use your thumb to knead Zhongya Point, Liangmen Point and Zusanli Point for 3 minutes each day.Abdominal massage for 5 minutes. When supine, take a supine position, flex your knees, put your palms on the upper abdomen and apply a certain pressure, and perform circular kneading with the navel as the center. The action should be slow and uniform.Comfortable.The combination of rubbing acupuncture points and pressing acupoints can help quickly eliminate stomach symptoms and relieve gastric discomfort.Moderate exercise can not lift the spirit after the stress festival, what should I do if I have no appetite?For sedentary office workers, moderate exercise can not only relieve fatigue and tension, but also gain more new vitality.Therefore, you may wish to do your favorite sports after work, such as jogging, swimming, dancing, playing badminton, etc., to make people happy, enhance immunity, restore physical strength, promote metabolism, etc., but pay attention to rest after exercise, Exercise time should not be too close to sleep.Emotional optimism In addition to paying attention to physical adjustments such as sleep, diet, and exercise, psychological adjustment is also important.It is not advisable to arrange over-strength work within a short period of time after the holiday. It should be done step by step. Complete the necessary work first, and do not put too much pressure on yourself.In fact, you can make some psychological hints, tell yourself that the holiday is over, think about future work arrangements, and adjust your mindset to a normal working state.During work during the day, you can drink tea and coffee to refresh, and you can take slow and deep breaths during work, vomiting new and refreshing your body.Medicinal diet massage enhances physical fitness During long vacations, too many people suffer from dietary insufficiency, sleep disturbances, or exhausted journeys, which can cause gastrointestinal symptoms, waist and leg soreness, and fatigue.Wang Xiangsheng recommends the following 3 medicated diets to help normalize gastrointestinal function.Chicken inside golden white radish porridge: chicken inside golden 10 grams, white radish 50 grams, 100 grams of previous rice.Method: Fry the chicken’s internal gold to a brownish brown with low heat, grind into fine powder and set aside.Then put the previous rice into the pot and cook the porridge. When the rice is rotten, add the chicken powder and cook for 10 minutes.The chicken’s golden and flat taste is sweet, which can eliminate the accumulation of stagnation, and strengthen the spleen and stomach; white radish can eliminate the accumulation of food, and at the same time, it is very effective for the accumulation of diet.Hawthorn malt drink: 25 grams of raw hawthorn, 15 grams of fried malt.The raw hawthorn and stir-fried malt are brewed with boiling water and replaced by tea. It has the effects of strengthening the stomach and digesting food, reducing product accumulation and stagnation.Red lotus seeds and red dates stewed snow clams: 10 red dates (coreless), 40 grams of snow clams, moderate amount of rock sugar, 40 grams of red lotus seeds, 10 grams of Korean ginseng, stewed with water, can enhance resistance, strong physique, and physical strength caused by the fatigue of the boatOverdrafts, fatigue and other phenomena have better ground relief.In addition, acupressure can start to clear the meridians, promote blood circulation and relieve pain, and strengthen physical fitness.Massage the temples and Fengchi points to clear the eyes and clear the eyes and properly correct them; massage Yongquan points can adjust the physiological functions and increase the effect of physical strength and vitality; massage and tap the Zusanli points can improve muscle soreness and strengthen the physique.