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  Chengdu is a city with a glorious revolutionary tradition and a deep battle history. It has been blessed by Yinghao blood, loyal to the heart, leaving a lot of brilliant performance.

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. In order to celebrate the party’s 100th birthday, promote party history education into the mind, see the effect, ensure that the history of history, the history of history, learning history, the history of the History, the Church of the Communist Party Committee, the selection section of the United Front Department has been awarded or Named patriotic education base, unified front of China’s characteristic socialist education base, studying in the country education base, planning "Yunyun 丨 成 统 战 战 红 红 印 印", " Red education, leading the majority of United Front members and people from all walks of life to touch the cultural pulse of Chengdu, firmly, and inherit the red gene. In this issue, we will enter the dining together to understand the anti-Japanese national united front publicity position, open a "red conversation" across time and space, scan or identify the two-dimensional code under the lower QR code, start your "cloud tour" tour. Identify QR code, and try to eat.

China Anti-Japanese Military Political University Memorial Hall

The Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military Political University is a school (referred to as "anti-big" in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission and Mao Zedong, etc.

During the War of Resistance Day, it was the highest military academic government under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Anti-large predecessor was founded in 1931, China Red Army School, which was found in Ruijin, Jiangxi, expanded to the Red Army University, 1934 with the Central Red Army Long Squiration, renamed "Cadre".

After the Red Army reached Northern Shaanxi, the red resumption was founded in the merger of the Red Army Cada and the Red Army School of Hongjun, the Red Army School of Northern Shaanxi Province, and formed a "China Workers and Agricultural Red Army School". In May 1936, in order to meet the upcoming anti-Japanese war, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish a Chinese people’s anti-Japanese Red Army University.

On June 1, 1936, the "Northwest Anti-Japanese Red Army University" (the school site is the security county) held the opening ceremony, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Zhang Wentian attended the speech. On January 20, 1937, the Red Large as the Central Committee of the Communist Party moved to Yan’an, renamed the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military Political University. In the past 10 years, I adhered to the education policy of "firmly correct political direction, hard and simple work style, flexible and mobile strategic tactics", with "unity, nervousness, serious, lively" as the school style, implement "less" The "Theoretical Contact Real" The principle of teaching principles such as "combining education and production labor" has created a variety of forms of teaching methods. The success of anti-big education practices, not only for the China Communist Party and its leadership, the New Fourth Army cultivated and created a large number of the anti-Japanese military cadres in the eumed Delica, but also for the development of the people’s army, in order to capture the War and the National War and the whole country The victory of the Liberation of War made a significant contribution. After the founding of New China, the cadres became the material of our party, the country and the army.

Anti-Memorial Exhibition Hall area is 1200 square meters, divided into 2 exhibitions, 6 units, exhibition exhibited more than 400 photos and more than 100 precious historical artifacts, the entire exhibition is half-view, scene recovery and other series of art The technique shows us a combat process and brilliant performance of anti-big songs.

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2019 China Social Responsibility Public Welfare Festival and the 12th China Enterprise Social Responsibility Summit is held in Beijing

  Xinhuanet Beijing December 26 (Zhang Shixiang) On December 26th, the 2019 China Social Responsibility Public Welfare Festival and the 12th Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Summit were held in Beijing.

This summit uses the theme of "responsibility cohesive strength, the achievement of action to achieve the future", to discuss the new actions of corporate social responsibility, interpret the new trend of innovation and development of corporate social responsibility. Xinhuanet Director, Vice President, Standing Committee of the Party Committee The person in charge of the Group Co., Ltd., Qualcomm Company and other relevant enterprises gathered together to seek social responsibility of Chinese enterprises. Consensus: Better more fulfilling social responsibility companies is social cells, and society is a parent that is growing into enterprises. While developing economic benefits, companies must fulfill the social responsibility of corporate citizens, and give Stakeholders bring value.

  It is gratifying that companies do not blindly pursue a single economic value in the development process, and take the initiative to achieve economic, social, environmental value to achieve the goal, realize the unity of enterprise profit and sociality. Promote sustainable development of the entire society.

  Currently, from all kinds of companies from the party and the government to all levels, they will pay more attention to corporate social responsibility.

Chinese companies, better, more fulfilled social responsibility, is becoming a warm spring breeze and a powerful consensus. From another angle, this shows that the concept of corporate social responsibility has been deeply rooted, arrived in the depths of the industry’s soul, and has been further promoted. Director, executive vice president, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee said in the speech that in recent years, in the government’s promotion, enterprises participate, the efforts of all walks of life, and the social responsibility of Chinese companies has achieved good development. He also pointed out that strengthening responsibility awareness, improving responsibility, enhancing responsibility value, which is not only a manifestation of Chinese companies to participate in global economic competitiveness, but also a strong power of social responsibility and promoting economic transformation and upgrading. The current China’s economy is focusing on the structural reform of supply side. Today, China’s economy has become the world’s second largest economy, and Chinese companies have a wider range of companies, and they participate in global cooperation, which has put forward updated and higher requirements for enterprises to fulfill social responsibility. Sheng Tianjun, Director of the Social Porgetarian Social Poverty Pickle, said that helping to take off the poverty is the biggest social responsibility of the company, and is the realm and responsibility of every entrepreneur.

China’s poverty reduction has achieved success in theory and practice.

After solving the absolute poverty, it is necessary to stabilize the poverty reduction and establish a stable depletion mechanism. The green development philosophy has become a social responsibility "Standard" after the green development concept, more Chinese companies also incorporate them into the social responsibility system.

  "In the focus on ecological environmental protection, the Green development is promoted, and Chery has spared for many years.

"Deputy General Manager of Chery Auto Co., Ltd., Jia Jiasi, general manager of the marketing company, said in a speech.

  According to Jia Yaquan, since 2008, Chery accumulated millions of million in the Gansu Minqi Gobi Desert, built more than a thousand acres of Chery Safe Public Welfare Forest; 2019, Chery went into the first-level nature reserve of Dunhuang West Lake, Gansu Province, Pu Waha Horse and Shuangfeng Wild Camel Public Welfare Council; also jointly launched the "smile of retaining porpoise" to protect endangered animals, hoping to call public endangered animals; in product emissions Aspect, the third-generation engine fuel efficiency of Chery has exceeded%, comparable to joint venture level, and the exhaust gas emissions of all products have reached Six standards, fuel consumption and emissions. Chery vigorously develops new energy vehicles to further reduce the overall emissions of Chery. As one of China’s four old-fashioned names, Shaanxi Xifeng Group has long, paying attention to social responsibility, and has long highly regarded social responsibility. Liu Zhouhu, a deputy secretary of the party committee of Shaanxi Xifeng Winery Group Co., Ltd., said that in the environmental protection level, in 2014, Xifeng has all been removed from the coal-fired boiler, and the sewage treatment plant that radiates the entire wine city park is built, which not only solves its own sewage. Emissions, also helped many companies in the park solved the problem of wastewater treatment.

At the same time, recycling of cyclic utilization is achieved, bringing practical benefits to local farmers.

  Today, more and more companies have already taken the "Bishui Blue Sky" as a company’s own responsibility, on the road to the market, and quality business cards, equipment business cards, technical business cards, green development philosophy has become the development of promoting enterprises, win The sword of the market competition. Public welfare charity and poverty alleviation increase social responsibility temperature to participate in poverty alleviation, participate in public welfare and charity, is an important measure in Chinese companies in fulfilling social responsibility.

  Poverty alleviation. Children in the poverty-stricken areas are well educated, and it is an important task for poverty alleviation and development. It is also an important way to block the intergenerational transmission of poverty. A series of measures have been adopted to promote accelerated development in poverty-stricken areas, and the quality capacity of teachers is constantly improving, so that every child in poverty-stricken areas can accept good education, realize the comprehensive development of morality, and become a society. . Education and poverty alleviation are not only the responsibility of the majority of teachers, but also inseparable from the warmth of enterprises.

Jia Yaquan said that in many years, Chery has always adhered to the education and donation, and the poverty, vulnerable group help and other public welfare charity.

  In terms of educational donation, Chery established the "Children’s Scholarship in the 21st Century", and Unicate Indians donated the "New Qijun Hope Primary School" and established a college student student fund through Anhui University Education Foundation. Up to now, Chery provides assistance to nearly 3,000 poor college students.

  Under the new business civilization, the value of corporate social responsibility is also increasingly valued. At the same time, in the process of practicing social responsibility, more and more companies understand that poverty alleviation and public welfare are not simple to give money, to find a painful point, short-term "teaching fish", long-term "to teach people to fish".

  "Chery actively responds to the national precision poverty alleviation, accurate poverty reduction, in the revolutionary old area, national key poor county Anhui Jinzhai County, cooperating with the local technicians, focusing on the practical needs of poor workers, development special skills training, enhance the poverty Skills. "Jiasi said. At this summit, China’s poverty alleviation story is warmly launched.

  China’s poverty alleviation story is warmed by the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Social Poverty Pickle, and, Shenjiang Ying, "Happiness, Xiaoyang" tells people on behalf of the public welfare action, Xing Nie Yuan, and the public welfare promotion Star flooding and so on.

  China’s poverty alleviation story is committed to promoting the development of public welfare undertakings, expanding the scope of public welfare communication, and continuously brings together the joint efforts of the public welfare communication, increasing the public interest, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission of the whole society. . Nie Yuan believes that it is the responsibility of the public welfare positive energy to pass public welfare is the responsibility of the public.

Nie Yuan said that there are many people around you in public welfare, and they also tell their stories to the people around them. Let more people know what they are in the end, affecting more people in the public welfare road, this is The mission of the public figure.

  Hong Yu said that as artists, public figures, we must first do a good look, physical strength involved in public welfare, and then drive people around people, fans, etc. in their own influence.

  2019 China Social Responsibility Public Welfare Festival and the 12th China Enterprise Social Responsibility Summit is hosted by Xinhuanet, the Queui Motor Association Office. The event has been continuously held, and has become a new concept of social responsibility, combing the new achievements of social responsibility, and promotes new development of social responsibility. The high-end exchange platform.

Chengdu Huaizhou Airport officially invited

According to reports, Chengdu Huaizhou Airport is currently the highest in national construction standards (according to the 4C airport standard plan), the most beautiful ecological environment (back to Longquan Mountain, close to Lijiang River, integrating into the park city), the best location conditions (rely on large Chengdu, driveOnly 30 minutes, radiation wide south), the most equipped facilities (supporting the Aviation Exhibition Center, Navigation Business Center, Air Operation Base, Navigation House, etc.), the most complete aviation function (water and land amphibious, can expand to 2400 × 45 meters)Main runway, 800 × 25 m low-altitude travel runway and 1600 × 90-meter water runway total 3 runway a total of 3 runways) A1-class open universal airport.In the industrial function positioning, in addition to ensuring the development of normal navigation industry, the airport will focus on the establishment of a low-air low-end travel, exhibition sales, drone applications, aviation emergency rescue, science training, three-dimensional transportation, aviation movement, etc..

No weapons number, no official name! Russian secret research and development invisible missile "product 506" (2)

Bolkinkov said to the "News": Previously, the missile bombers of the Russian remote aviation soldiers were mainly used to carry and launch nuclear weapons.

Until the Nuclear Cruise Missile Listing Forces after the Soviet Union, there was only the opportunity to use remote aviation forces in regular conflicts. This expert concluded that modern remote missiles can be used to destroy enemy’s command, air defense radar, important bridges and factory and other key goals.

The more this missile carried by each bomber, the greater the danger of the enemy. According to reports, currently, only Figure -160 and Figure -95ms bomber are equipped with modern remote cruise missiles, including KH-55 missiles developed in the Soviet period.

The X-101/102 series of cruise missiles that appear later in the evening adopt invisible technology. Bolkinkov believes that although the promotion of product 506 project is in synchronization with improved graph -160m, we can still expect this missile to appear on other models of strategic bomber.

Most likely to be equipped with this missile Figure -95ms or its improved version. It can use all non-nuclear dismissions suitable for white swans for Figure-160.

The possibility of this small missile can not be excluded -22m3m.

The outside world is unclear whether the product 506 can be equipped with a nuclear warhead. The development of this nuclear warhead has never appeared in public information.

20 mensen worden gekozen "de mooiste troepen in de provincie Jilin"

  Op 18 november werd de release-ceremonie van "de mooiste militaire kaders in Jilin Province" gehouden in Changchun, en 20 militaire kaders van over de hele provincie ontving deze eer.In de loop der jaren zal de werkafdeling van het gepensioneerde militaire personeel op alle niveaus van de provincie Jilin de organisatie leiden, platformconstructie, typisch rijden, enz. In principe is het leiderschap van het leger actief betrokken bij de activiteiten van het publieke welzijn en vrijwilligerswerkactiviteiten en een groot aantal daden zijn gemarkeerd.

De belangrijkste persoon die de leiding heeft over de provinciale gepensioneerde Militar Affairs Office, zei dat de activiteit is om de overgrote meerderheid van militaire kaders te motiveren om de glorieuze traditie te be?rven en de aard van het leger te houden.

Ik hoop dat de meerderheid van de gepensioneerde soldaten van winnaars zal leren, rekening houdend met het doel van het bedienen van de mensen van harte, en de fijne tradities van het leger voort te zetten en nieuwe bijdragen te leveren aan het opbouwen van socialistische modernisering.(Reporter Zhao Mengzhuo) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Lang) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Urgent expensive outside the mud car pollution road Dongguan Zhangmutou Town: severely hit

Dongguan Zhangmutou Town reply to the netizen picture.In this regard, Dongguan Zhangmutou Town responded to netizens on October 18 that the mud hocker in Yifeng Community is located in the junction of Zhangmutou Town and Xiegang Town, the terrain is complicated, and the transportation is convenient.The phenomenon, for this situation, the Tumet Town has always attached great importance to it, and strengthens the regional inspection, and investigated the behavior of the mud car illegal disposal of the outer market in this area.According to the "Safety Production of the City Management Safety" of Dongguan City "Action Plan" work requirements, Zhangmutou Town has recently filed the transportation vehicles and venues of Dongwei Regeneration Resources Co., Ltd. in the Village of Zhutou Village.Investigate and punish, the company is currently in the control stop.

Next, Zhangmutou Town will strengthen the area inspections, severely crack down on illegal acts such as pushed riders, and illegal dump.

TATIC attention: PLA Department of Panufacture

On October 12, according to Taiwan United News Network reported on October 10, a synthetic tour of the PLA’s 73rd Group Army recently conducted a practical drill in a sea area in Minnan, exploring the operational model of light boat far distance.

The drill uses unmanned equipment and laser battles, all-round hammering forces to take the landing capabilities.Reported to CCTV report said that the drill, the speed of charge is faster and can be equipped with more people.The drill also fuses the multi-type unmanned equipment, using a unmanned boat, drone investment explosives, and effectively breaks a variety of obstacles.In addition, the trip will be booted by different professionals such as boat, assault, and blasting hands, and rush to a multi-wave, perform different stage combat missions.

Thailand held the International Forum on International Chinese Education

People’s Network Bangkok August 16th (Reporter Sun Guangyong) The "International Chinese Education Standard Expert Forum" jointly organized by Thailand, Juraong University, Kongzi University Successfully ended on August 15.

This forum invited a well-known expert professor and discipline in China’s international Chinese education community, and organized a wonderful academic lecture for Thailand’s local Chinese teachers and Chinese learners.

The Forum is held in the way online meeting. Director, Confucius Institute (Classroom) Dean and Primary and Secondary School Chinese Teacher and Confucius Institute (Classroom) Zhongtai Chinese Teacher. Zhu Da Confucius Institute, senior adviser and the Chinese agent, Fu Zeng, first introduced the guests and experts participating in this forum; the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Feng Junying gave speeches, and expounded "International Chinese" Education Chinese Level Level "(Recent" "Level Standard" ") The importance of Thailand Chinese Education; President of Juolaong University, Vice President, President Barika, delivered speeches and announces the opening of the forum. In the lectures, many experts have published a wonderful speech and patiently answered questions from participants. Wu Yongyi, director of the Academic Committee of East China Normal University, revealed the characteristics of the four local words standards by comparing the four types of word standards between China, Malaysia, Singapore and Europe, revealing the characteristics of the four-way word standard, also give The Chinese teacher has brought reflection and revelation; Jiang Liping, deputy dean of the Chinese International Education Research Institute, interpreted and analyzed the program of international Chinese teachers, on this basis, refers to the US, EU and other teacher standards, literacy frames, Further clarifies the expertise, capacity composition and overall quality of international Chinese teachers.

Other experts also speech around the theme of the forum.

After three hours of expert speech and question, "International Chinese Education Standard Expert Forum" ended successfully.

Through this forum, teachers and students have an in-depth understanding of "new standards", which also laid a better basis for the development of Chinese education in Thailand and indicates the forward goals.

(Editor: Zhang Xinfeng, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

The first digital finance summit forum held Tianjin Dongjiang to create a "one center" "one base"

People’s Network Tianjin May 21st, as the 5th World Intelligent Conference Parallel Forum, May 20, the first China (Tianjin) Digital Financial Summit was held in Jin.

More than 300 leaders, experts scholars and industry in the country around the "Practice Pu Wei Supported Entity – Double Cycling Pattern" Theme of Financial Science and Technology Regulations Development Road " Exploring the direction of digital financial development. In recent years, financial technology companies have continued to gather in Dongjiang.

On the one hand, Dongjiang’s innovative environment and specialty industries provide strong foundation and vast business scenes for financial technology companies.

On the other hand, Dongjiang is the leading area of ??reform and innovation, and the unique "Dongjiang Model" provides a good environment for financial technology enterprise business model development.

In this forum, the Director of the Party Committee of Dongjiang, Shen Lizu, Director of the Management Committee, revealed that Dongjiang is building the "Supply Chain Financial Service Center" and "Financial Science and Technology Incubation Base". It is understood that the "Supply Chain Financial Service Center" is aimed at the application scenarios of Dongjiang enterprises, from three aspects of customers, financing, wind control, will fully improve the company’s business docking efficiency, asset flow capacity, risk control level; "Financial Technology The initial corporate incubation base will provide a series of policy support such as financial technology to provide industrial setup, government affairs services, scene applications, and help enterprises grow.

At the same time, Dongjiang will build the supervision method of "The Establishment + Flexible Supervision", realizing the precision balance of supervision and innovation development, escorting financial innovation.

The promotion ceremony of Dongjiang Financial Innovation Supervision, "2020 Digital Finance" is held in the forum.

Dongjiang financial innovation supervision pilot, to create a domestic leading financial science and technology innovation base, will accelerate the process of promoting digital financial development, accelerating the high quality of driving regional economy.

Dongjiang will take this forum as an opportunity to give full play to financial science and technology to deepen digital financial reform and innovation, service entity economics explore and reproduce, promote the development model and path of the financial industry to promote high quality development of the financial industry. (Editor: Tao Jian, Cui Xinyao).