Not firm,May be persuaded to buy。

The key is whether the quality is as good as the beautician promotes?
Tian Lu is determined not to come again,Even if you can enjoy a free experience。If you don’t buy skin care products,Probably will be uncomfortable during the service,I feel ashamed to think about it,Leaving the store like running away after skin care。
Integrity management is the foundation of rapid development,in this way,It is estimated that the store will not last long。
anyway,It’s all the causes and consequences of applying for the job,Before applying,Have to do enough homework。
In addition to having a beautiful image,You have to understand the basic situation of the company。
There is not much information about Shenglan International Optoelectronics on the Internet,But found and localzheng fu News report on signing of investment agreement。
Isn’t this company under construction?,Started recruiting so early,But sign up first,I have to take a break and go directly to register。
Decided,Don’t worry about online registration anymore,Back to accommodation,Dress in the mirror,The gestures changed one set after another,I finally chose a refreshing long-sleeved dress。
Open the window,Feel the scenery outside。
The fragrance of vegetables from the vegetable garden is coming from nearby,Quiet pastoral,As if at home。
The light show on the high-rise building in the distance changes and the various patterns are dazzling,The skyscrapers all over the city proclaim the prosperity of the newly opened area。Standing like a giant in the newly opened area under the night,Ambilight and panoramic view,The buildings look very close,Driving past will mostly be half an hour’s drive。
Tian Lu downstairs,Search and locate Shenglan International Optoelectronics on the mobile map,Search for a itinerary with less walking and less time,Ready,Gladly go。
Arrived at Shenglan International Optoelectronics,From the appearance,The plant has been basically completed,Under renovation。All kinds of staff in the temporary recruitment site are there。
Four or five computers、several30Many years old、40What multi-year-old people are busy sitting in front of the computer。It’s too early,There is nothing to apply for。
Tian Lu picked up the colorful recruitment brochure after passing by,Combine the scene to understand the corresponding subjects more intuitively。Since it is related to the Internet,Then it must be related to your professional expertise,Seeing that one of the administrative subjects is corporate promotion。
Ok,Report this position temporarily。Tian Lu made up his mind。
Follow the staff’s tips,Submit the basic resume,On-site photo registration photo recording system,Rigorous process,The staff is very dedicated。
Standardized enterprises generally start from the bottom、The most details can be seen。
After Tian Lu sign up,I thought even if I went to work,About two months left。Not as good as,I’ll go to other places to do part-time job first,otherwise,With the money in hand。

After the test of life and death in this war,The scientists in the city can’t sit still。

They all discussed how strong the walls and gates were,Came up with a new idea。
and also,High-end combat power against the enemy,Especially the kind of enemy that can float,Combining the characteristics of the three occupations of the gods,How to cope,Scientists from Heino Lab held a tactical seminar,Dedicated to this topic。
Before their main attack direction was dark creatures,Did not regard the gods as the enemies of mankind,Now everyone has given up this seemingly beautiful fantasy,Recognize reality。
Survival of the fittest,The weak get the strong!This universal truth,It’s the same in Shenmin Continent。
The soldiers of the Guards and Military Academy,After this tragic battle,Have realized the cruelty of race war,Their practice and training,Harder than usual,Jane is so desperate。
Usually sweat more,Bleed less in wartime!
Cultivation must race against time!
The weak have no way out,The strong should strengthen themselves!
For a time,Various slogans became popular in the city of steel,Everyone is practicing hard。
Because they saw their weakness,I also saw the strength of Lu Menglin!
Only strong,To crush everything!
Come to a foreign space,Human beings have unique qualifications for cultivation,Only lack of time,In order to gain a foothold in Shenmin Continent,Can only practice and fight desperately,No other way。
Steel city,Guards Command。
“Where did Mingzi go?Why didn’t she guard the city of steel?”Lu Menglin asked in a deep voice。
Although this battle was won,But Terran warriors also paid a heavy price,Hundreds of casualties。
The two strong alchemists in the city,Mao Yongfei and Kasuga Mingzi are not there.,So that Ding will come in,Caused such a large casualty。
Mao Yongfei was misled by intelligence,Blocked Lu Menglin,And if Kasuga Hako still stays in the city,Maybe the casualties won’t be that big。
Liu Niu’er saw Boss Lu look bad,Said quickly:“Miss Mingzi is back to the earth world。The Earth Allied Forces over there sent a letter to the Valley of Fright,Ask our leaders to go to the United States,Discuss global militarization countermeasures。”
“It seems that they have also entered the foreign world,Established an Earth Alliance base,Miss Mingzi thinks this is very important,You are not here,She just passed。”

Saw Qin Feng coming,Shangwu took the initiative to stand up and say hello。

Qin Feng took out the jade bottle from his arms,Take out two refining pills:“Xiao Liu,These two are refining blood pills,Can let ordinary people directly enter the cultivator,Can you help me join the auction。”
I heard that this turned out to be the legendary pill,And there is such a magical effect,Shang Wu’s eyes widened suddenly。
but,When you smell the unique fragrance of blood refining pills,Shangwu suddenly felt refreshed,The exhaustion of the last month is wiped out,He reacted,What Qin Feng said is true。
Took a deep breath,Shangwu smelled:“Take the liberty to ask,Mr. Qin,Are you auctioning these two pills?”
To this,Qin Feng did not hide。
“I’m not afraid of you laughing,I don’t have much money,At the price of Tianshan Snow Lotus, I’m afraid I can’t afford it,I can only sell this pill。”
Hearing Qin Feng was only to make money,Shang Wu felt happy,Immediately:“Mr. Qin,In that case,How about you sell one of them directly to me,I bid a billion。”
See Shangwu wanting,Qin Feng was a little surprised,But I’m relieved when I think about it,He nodded。
“can,But you helped me a lot during this time,I’ll give you another one。”
Talking,Qin Feng took out another one,Packed the three in two wooden boxes and took them to Shangwu。
The result of Shangwu’s excitement,Quickly put one of them in your arms like a baby,Immediately after saying hello,Ran to help Qin Feng deal with another blood refining pill。
About ten minutes passed,The auction begins,Shangwu is also back,He whispered in Qin Feng’s ear:“Mr. Qin,I’ve done it for you。”
“But in order to auction the best price,I asked the auctioneer to treat the blood refining pills as the finale,Of course if Mr. Qin doesn’t have enough money,I will provide you with first。”
“I’ll trouble you。”
Qin Feng didn’t care about it either,After nodding,Start to close my eyes and get up。
Today’s auction merchandise,Shangwu had already made a list for him in advance,Among them, except Tianshan Saussurea,He doesn’t like anything else,So for this auction,He doesn’t have much interest。

“what,Yin Yin,how about it?”Qin Feng looked at Yang Yinyin as if he had taken care of it,Hurried over and asked,Look unusually excited。

“Are you feeling better?,Is there any discomfort?That old man didn’t do anything to you, right?Have you been hurt by that bug??”
A series of questions are directly bombarded,Overwhelming。
“Nothing,You have so many questions,I can answer it there。”Yang Yinyin smiled slightly,Said。
“what,Yes。”Qin Feng touched the back of his head,Very embarrassed,I just cared too much,I didn’t notice so much。
“it is good,I want to take a rest now,I’ll go up first。”
Yang Xiaoying said lightly,she knows,Now she stays,Maybe it’s still a burden,And there is a sticky layer on the body,Very uncomfortable,Girls love to be clean and suggest their nature,So she wanted to go back to the room and sort it out。
“Yep,fair enough,Then you go up。”Qin Feng watched Yang Yinyin leave,A stone in my heart,Finally stabilized。
Here,Wu Lao heard that fat old man、Six old words,A haze flashed across my face。
This guy,Actually hurt his younger brother again!
“Old man,thank you。”
Qin Feng really thanked this old man this time,If this old man doesn’t make a move,That own beautiful boss,Maybe what will happen,Getting weaker and weaker,Even getting more and more unclear,Definitely not a good thing。

The previous warmth really tastes this set,Because she wants the care of her relatives。

But is it a relative in front of you??
“Warm,be good,Listen to mother?”
Where everyone can’t see,Wen Yunyun pinched her warm arm tightly with her nails,Very threatening。
Slammed Wen Yunyun’s arm away fiercely。
Obviously I didn’t push her hard at all,Wen Yunyun actually lay down。
A pear blossom with rain。
“Warm,Even if you don’t want mother’s care,Don’t make it difficult for your mother to do it in person。”
Pitiful look,Yu Shan’s heart hurts seeing this。
Wen Yunyun, who is busy helping her down,Yelled at the warm and warm gap:“Dead bitch!Don’t shame you!I told you you can’t go, you can’t go!”
It’s my freedom to go or not!
Ignore the clamor of the people behind,Warm and leave without looking back。
But for the person who claims to be his father,Even more disappointed。
From beginning to end,He just sits on the sidelines,I don’t want to help。
“father,do not worry,I will definitely look at sister,Not let her offend that person!”
Like in contrast,Wen Yunyun is so sweet。

Zhongyuan Securities (601375): Investment Bank Outperforms Net Profit for Half a Year + 65%

Zhongyuan Securities (601375): Investment Bank Outperforms Net Profit for Half a Year + 65%

Investment Highlights: Henan’s only legal person securities company, the A and H listing and financing capabilities have been enhanced, all lines have been comprehensively reformed, and a high dividend rate has been maintained.

Reasonable value range 5.


41 yuan, maintaining “Neutral” rating[Event]Zhongyuan Securities realized revenue of 1.3 billion US dollars in the first half of 2019, + 49% per year; net profit attributable to mothers was 200 million US dollars, more than + 65%; corresponding to EPS0.

06 yuan.

In the second quarter, the operating income was 6 ‰, ten years + 52%; the net profit attributable to mothers was 1 ‰, ten years + 32%.

Net profit has been increasing mainly due to the substantial increase in investment bank business net income and investment income, including fair value.

In the first half of 2019, brokerage / underwriting / asset management / quotation / investment income accounted for 23% / 7% / 3% / 5% / 39% of operating income, respectively.

Brokerage business services are optimized, and revenues increase every year.

Realize brokerage income of 30,000 yuan, + 36% per year.

The company follows the development trend of the industry, and continues to promote the transformation and reform of the brokerage business to wealth management from the aspects of appropriate customer service, preliminary service standardization, and service branding.

The company continuously optimizes the “Fortune Central Plains” customer classification and classification service system to increase customer satisfaction and awareness of the company’s products and service brands.

The investment banking business grew rapidly, and the scale of underwriting of stock bonds increased significantly.

Realized underwriting income of 10,000 yuan, + 182% for the whole year.

The share and debt underwriting scales are + 858% and + 442% each year, respectively.

The underwriting scale of the equity is 19 trillion; 3 refinancing companies have an underwriting scale of 19 trillion.

The main underwriting scale of bonds was 4.3 billion; the underwriting scale of corporate bonds and corporate bonds reached 3 billion and 1.3 billion, respectively.

There are 19 IPO reserve projects, ranking 30th, of which there are 3 main boards, 3 GEM boards, and 1 science and technology board.

Pioneer asset management new regulations require that the scale and proportion of collective asset management increase.

In the first half of 2019, asset management income was zero.

$ 4.1 billion, -23% a year.

The company’s strict new regulations on budget asset management required active adjustments to its business layout. As of the end of June 19, the scale of entrusted asset management was US $ 9.7 billion, of which US $ 5.9 billion was pooled asset management, + 15% from the end of the previous year; US $ 3 billion was targeted asset management, Compared to the end of last year -42%; special asset management 70,000 yuan, compared to the end of last year-23%.

The investment capacity has been improved, and the level of self-operated investment has been greatly improved.

The company achieved net investment income (including fair value) of 500 million US dollars in the first half of the year, + 211% per year.

The company’s proprietary trading business lines have been reformed through investment processes, organizational structures, and performance assessments to improve their active investment capabilities, adhere to sound operating strategies, and refine liquidity management to better achieve half-year returns, bond market returns, and income levelsSignificantly improved.

[Investment recommendation]We expect the company’s annual net profit for 2019-2021E to be 0.

10, 0.

10, 0.

10 yuan, net assets are 2 respectively.

67, 2.

71, 2.

76 yuan.

Considering that the company has always adhered to a high dividend rate, the average proportion of cash dividends in the past three years accounted for more than 58% of the net profit attributable to the parent.

The long-term and stable high dividends are conducive to increasing the enthusiasm of investors for allocation, and at the 佛山桑拿网 same time it shows the confidence of the industry in the improvement of the company’s future performance.

In addition, A + H is listed, with strong financing capabilities, and capital consumption businesses are expected to accelerate growth.

We give it slightly higher than the industry’s estimate, giving it 2 in 2019.


4 times P / B, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 5.34-6.

41 yuan, maintain “Neutral” rating.

Risk Warning: The continued downturn in the market will lead to the expansion of business scale and further strengthening of market supervision.

Goodix Technology (603160) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarter Performance Review: Fingerprint Chips Driven by Optical Screens Showed Significant Growth

Goodix Technology (603160) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarter Performance Review: Fingerprint Chips Driven by Optical Screens Showed Significant Growth

18Q4 performance began to explode, and the fingerprint recognition chip under the optical screen drove 19Q2 performance to continue high growth.

Starting from 18Q4, Huiding ‘s optical screen fingerprint recognition chips began to increase in volume, and mobile phone terminal manufacturers 深圳桑拿网 began to use a large number of optical screen fingerprint recognition chips exclusively supplied by Huiding, so the company began to enter a new round of high-speed growth.

In the fourth quarter of 2008, Genting’s revenue and profit reached 13.

56 billion, 4.

The revenue and profit reached a record high of 2.4 billion in a single quarter, with growth rates of 64% and 241%.

19Q1 continued the trend of high growth, with annual growth rates of revenue and profits of 114% and 2040%, respectively.

The rapid growth in profits has benefited from the leading position of Genting in the field of fingerprint identification chips under optical screens. Its gross profit margins reached 65% and 61% respectively in 18Q4-19Q1, which is also the highest level in history. The latest mainstream flagship models on the market such as Huawei P30The fingerprint recognition chips used by Vivo X27, OPPO Reno, and Xiaomi Mi 9 are all provided by Genting. The leading technological strength enables Genting to obtain higher profitability in the early stage of the new generation of product outbreaks, thus becoming a terminal productLarge-scale listing, it is expected that 19Q2 Huiding will still maintain rapid growth.

Continued high R & D investment to tap future growth momentum, and a new round of equity incentives to constrain talent.

In 2018, the company’s R & D expenses raised reached 8.

3.8 billion, an increase of 40 every year.

50%, R & D expenditure accounts for 23% of revenue, and the increase in R & D expenses can provide alternative driving force for the company’s continued growth in new technologies and new products.

In addition to investing in the fingerprint recognition chip technology under the optical screen, the company is actively making reserves for future development in the field of 3D face recognition and IoT.

The company launched the equity incentive plan for the first time, and plans to grant a total of 3.14 million shares. It will implement a wide range of employee distribution incentives and share the company’s long-term growth returns to attract and retain outstanding talents.

We are optimistic about the high performance elasticity brought by the rapid volume increase of the under-screen optical fingerprint identification chips, and maintain a “prudent increase in holdings”.

We raise the company’s net profit for 2019/2020 to 13.


500,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 2.


81 yuan (corresponding to the closing price of 2019/4/12) is estimated to be 37 / 28xPE. Genting has 深圳spa会所 established a leading position in the field of fingerprints under the screen. It is expected that the breakthrough will benefit from the positive posture of domestic brand manufacturers in fingerprint identification applications.Maintain the level of “prudent overweight”.

Risk Warning: Mobile Phone Sales Are Less Than Expected, Increased Competition Leads to Lower Gross Margin

Huayu Automobile (600741): Leveraging Tesla to embrace new energy

Huayu Automobile (600741): Leveraging Tesla to embrace new energy

Huayu Automobile is a leader in Chinese auto parts.

The company’s revenue in 2018 was 157.2 billion yuan, which is far larger than other domestic parts and components enterprises in terms of consolidation.

The company’s business scope covers many fields such as lights, interiors, chassis, partnerships and covers, power battery housings, automotive electronics and so on.

The company’s business originates from SAIC, but it is far more than SAIC. In the country, almost all OEMs except Japanese are widely supported.

  Tesla has been awarded domestically-made aircraft orders, leading the country in the value of bicycles.

The company’s Shanghai Secco company has obtained Tesla’s hot-formed steel parts and some stamping die business; Yanfeng Adient has obtained Tesla’s seat business, and Yanfeng Peio has obtained bumpers, etc.Exterior business.

  Tesla’s hot-formed steel parts are critical to the safety of new energy vehicles, and the doors have high performance.

  The Model 3 did not use an all-aluminum body similar to the Model S, instead of a steel-aluminum hybrid, and achieved good results in the IIHS crash test in the United States.

The battery safety of new energy vehicles in recent years has been the focus of market attention, and the added value of related parts is high.

The technology of hot-formed steel and the equipment door are very high. In the past, it was controlled by a small number of superfluous. At present, only a few domestic companies such as Baosteel, Huayu, Lingyun and Ningbo Huaxiang can master it.

We believe that hot-formed steel is a lightweight means at a moderate cost, and there is room for improvement in the future.

With the possibility of Tesla, Huayu Automobile is expected to promote the application of hot-formed steel parts.

  The domestic Tesla battery case business will significantly increase the company’s new energy supporting sector.

At present, the number of entrants to the battery case has decreased, but the advantages of the vehicle platform of Huayu’s shareholders and the diversified advantages of the technology routes and business of its subsidiaries are expected to achieve long-term development in this field.

  Earnings forecast and rating: We expect the company’s total operating income from 2019 to 2021 to be USD 1,376, USD 1,373, and USD 148.8 billion, and 苏州桑拿网 the net profit attributable to the parent will be 67.

7, 65.

9 and 79.

4 trillion, corresponding to 2 EPS.

15, 2.

09 and 2.

52 yuan.

The current anniversary corresponds to a PE value of 13 in 2019-2021.

7, 14.

1, 11.

7 times.

We are optimistic about the growth brought by the company’s new energy vehicle business. It is estimated that the compounded net profit of the mother in the next three years will be 17.


Give the company 17 of 2020.

1x PE with a target price of 35.

64 yuan, it is estimated that there is currently 21% space.

The first coverage was given a “Recommended” rating.

  Risk warning: Passenger car demand is less than expected; new energy vehicle policy is less than expected; raw material prices have risen sharply.

Ping An of China re-elected as the No. 1 heavyweight stock in the fund, was blessed by 1,243 funds

Ping An of China re-elected as the No. 1 heavyweight stock in the fund, was blessed by 1,243 funds

Source: Securities Daily, trainee reporter Wang Mingshan. Last week, the disclosure of the second quarterly report of public funds was completed, but the disclosure of the semi-annual report of listed companies has just begun. Therefore, in the second quarter of the shares held by many financial institutions, the heavy holdings of public fundsBe the first to 北京夜网 surface.

  Ping An has successively launched repurchase programs since the second quarter of this year to further increase investor confidence. Ping An has re-ranked the fund’s top heavy stock in the second quarter. Whether it is the number of fund holdings or the average value of the fund’s stock market holdings, it is more than 3,600 in Shanghai and Shenzhen.Ranked first among listed companies, followed by Guizhou Moutai, Wuliangye, Yili, and Gree Group.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter noticed that in the second quarter of this year, the overall holding style of public offering funds was biased towards large consumption and large financial concentration.

Of the 28 Shenwan Tier 1 industries, the home appliance sector was the most overweighted during the second quarter of this year, with public equity holdings from 3.

33% increased to 5.

03%. In addition, pharmaceutical and biological, banking, non-bank financial and other industries were all blessed by public funds during the second quarter.

  1,243 fund heavy positions Ping An of China and the fund’s semi-annual report revealed that the fund’s holdings are different. The fund’s second quarter report will only show the top ten heavy positions in the fund.

As a result, the fund’s second quarterly report on heavy stock holdings seems to have a better “gold content”, which more effectively highlights the concentration of fund holdings.

  As of July 21 this year, in addition to the sector funds that are in the construction period, the overall shareholding of public funds in the second quarter has been announced.

“Securities Daily” reporter noted that as of the end of the second quarter of this year, the top ten heavy stocks of public funds were Ping An of China, Maotai of Guizhou, Wuliangye, Yili, Gree Group, China Merchants Bank, Midea Group, CITIC Securities, Industrial Bank andICBC.

  With the proportion of the top ten heavy stocks of the fund at the end of the first quarter of this year, Vanke A, Changchun High-tech and Wen’s shares have dropped out of the top ten fund heavy stocks. At the same time, Midea Group, Industrial Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China replaced the three funds.Stocks, successfully “ranked” the top ten funds at the end of the second quarter, heavy stocks.

However, the number of stock holding funds is not equal to the total stock market value of the funds, and the allocation ratio of public funds to different heavy stocks is also different.

  Ping An of China once again became the No. 1 heavyweight stock in public funds, which is also the fund’s No. 1 heavyweight stock for four consecutive quarters.

At the end of the second quarter of this year, a total of 1,243 funds held the stock in heavy positions, and the total stock market value reached 749.

4.8 billion yuan.

“Securities Daily” reporter noted that compared with the end of the first quarter of this year, 429 funds have once again blessed Ping An of China, with a total shareholding of 7.

An increase of 6,594 on the basis of 8.8 billion shares.

320,000 shares, the total shareholding ratio of public funds reached 7.


  From the perspective of the heavy holdings of public funds, public consumption funds increased their holdings in 8 of these industries during the second quarter of this year, and 18All industries have reduced their holdings to varying degrees.

It is very obvious that the leading stocks in the consumer and financial industries are concentrated in public funds.

  Among them, the home appliance industry is the largest industry in the 28 industries by the fund to increase, in the second quarter, the public equity fund’s overall shareholding in the home appliance industry from 3.

33% quickly rose to 5.


It is obvious that the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, pharmaceutical and biological, banking, and non-banking financial industries were revalued and publicly held during the second quarter. The overall shareholding style of public funds has once again turned to large consumption, and leading stocks in the large financial industry are concentrated.

  This feature is most obvious from the fund concentrated heavy storage holding the highest concentration 武汉夜网论坛 of individual stocks.

“Securities Daily” noticed that 9 out of the top 10 heavy stocks of public funds in the second quarter were all overweighted by public funds. In addition, Hengrui Medicine, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Luzhou Laojiao,Leading stocks such as Longji and Ping An Bank were once again held by public funds during the second quarter.

Experts in securities law welcome all parties in the market: Amendments to the letter rule are top priority

Experts in securities law welcome all parties in the market: Amendments to the letter rule are top priority

Original title: Welcome to the securities law experts from various parties in the market believes that the revision of the Xinpi rule is a top priority Source: Securities Daily News reporter Wu Xiaolu On March 1, the new securities law will be officially implemented.

Recently, in order to welcome the arrival of the new securities law, the Securities and Futures Commission has abolished 18 securities and futures regulatory documents, and the China Association of Investors has also formulated a work plan for the implementation of the new securities law.

  A relevant person told the Securities Daily reporter that in order to bring the new securities law into effect and operability, legislative, law enforcement, regulatory and related service departments should actively prepare to accelerate the establishment of relevant laws and regulations.Revision and abolition, to achieve uniform law enforcement and fair supervision.

  For the implementation of the new securities law, relevant departments are actively preparing.

  The China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that all current effective securities and futures laws and regulations should be systematically cleaned up.

In particular, according to the amendments of the new securities law, the relevant regulations should be specifically reformed and abolished.

  ”The new securities law came into effect on March 1, which means that the relevant securities market departmental regulations and regulatory documents shall not conflict with the new securities law.

Therefore, the securities legal system should be sorted out in order to avoid affecting the effectiveness and authority of the new securities law, and to prepare for the development of the effectiveness and operability of the new securities law.

“Li Aijun, dean of the Institute of Internet Finance Law of China University of Political Science and Law, said in an interview with the Securities Daily reporter.

  The China Securities Association has recently formulated a work plan for the implementation of the new securities law. The relevant person in charge of the China Securities Association 杭州夜网论坛 said that the China Securities Association will continue to promote communication and coordination with relevant regulatory agencies on relevant issues in the implementation of the new securities law, and continue to promoteThe people’s courts communicated and coordinated on issues such as the judicial determination of joint liability for civil compensation by accounting firms.

At the same time, CICPA will improve the service function of CPIC’s professional steering committee and strengthen its member’s technical assistance working mechanism.

  ”The more important point in the new securities law is that information disclosure is regulated in a separate chapter. Of course, this is also related to investor protection.

“Yin Lin, director of the Research Center for the Rule of Law on the Business Environment of Renmin University 杭州桑拿网 of China, told the Securities Daily reporter that from the perspective of the practice of the securities market, false statements are still a top priority.

In addition to the problems caused by false statements in history, the registration system to be promoted requires the listed companies to carry out their information disclosure duties seriously.

“So, whether it is the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the China Association for the Commentary, or the Supreme Court, in fact, it is necessary to do the same thing, that is, to strengthen the control of the front-end control of the information display, and always make false statements occur.

“In the face of repeated violations of information in the securities and securities markets, some people have agreed that the revision of the letter order rule is a top priority.