Zhejiang Meida (002677): Zhejiang Meida maintains steady growth

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Zhejiang Meida maintains steady growth

Event: The company released a semi-annual report with revenue of 700 million US dollars and net profit1.

800 million yuan, an increase of 25%.

Promote high-end product positioning and expand product series The company has developed a variety of cutting-edge high-end, humanized and intelligent integrated stoves, strengthened the high-end of product positioning with product innovation, and promoted coordinated sales 淡水桑拿网 with other kitchen accessory products.

This development strategy is worthy of recognition in the context of the industry’s overall intensified competition. It can pinpoint the company’s position, achieve dislocated competition, and no longer directly compete with new entrants in the low-end volume.

Promote channel diversification, expand distribution network companies. Promote channel sinking and terminal outlet expansion. In the first half of the year, we added 70 first-tier dealers and 300 terminal stores. We opened up to 100 stores in KA channels such as Red Star Macalline.Business team to increase the construction of flagship stores on e-commerce platforms.

These measures lay the foundation for future marketing efforts. The next step is to look forward to the company’s layout in e-commerce channels and KA channels.

苏州夜网论坛 Strengthening brand building in intensified industry competition According to the data from Aowei Cloud, offline hood sales in July fell by 10%.

5%, large-scale manufacturers enter the field of integrated stoves, Martians, YUKIDA, Haier, Senge and other brands have made efforts, the industry competition has intensified, in order to maintain the advantages of the industry, the company continued to CCTV and high-speed rail, new media, large professional exhibitions, etc.Increase investment in brand promotion and advertising to ensure the choice of leading brands in the industry.

The increase in sales expenses is obvious, and the R & D investment is obvious. In the first half of the project, the company ‘s sales expenses increased by 81% and the R & D expenses increased by 58%, which are higher than usual. This reflects the company ‘s huge investment in advertising and product R & D this year;1.1 million sets of kitchen electric production bases are about to be put into production, which will also lay the foundation for future growth.

Based on the company’s operating conditions in the first half of the year, we predict that the company’s annual revenue will increase by 25%, profit will increase by 20%, and EPS0.

7 yuan, 18 times the dynamic estimate, initially recommended rating.

Risks prompt real estate real estate dragging down industry competition

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s terminal sales in August continue to be popular

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s terminal sales in August continue to be popular
Event: Changan Ford announced August terminal sales data. August sales of the entire series reached 2.10,000 units, an increase of 30% from the previous month. August took the lead in a strong recovery, and dealer channels improved significantly.In August, the overall recovery of the entire industry was still tepid, but Changan Ford took the lead in rebounding strongly and the off-season was not off, reflecting the company’s internal management adjustment effect 成都桑拿网 in the past.Previously, our Changan Ford dealer conference call also noticed the company’s changes, and several dealer managers who participated in the meeting all responded to Changfu NDSD distribution and organized Changan Ford’s marketing to look completely new. The old model has a new vitality, and the Fox has improved significantly from the previous quarter.The main sales model in August is still the old model that has not been modified for several years, so it is even more commendable to obtain such sales results. Fox has increased by more than 60% from the previous month, and has once again become the focus of Changan Ford. The new car cycle is worth looking forward to.Beginning in September, new cars began to truly reflect sales. Changan Ford’s staged strong product cycle began. Ford Focus event was launched to expand 深圳桑拿网 Fox customer coverage and continue to drive Fox up. After that, Lincoln, which is also a wing tiger, is worth looking forward to.Relative to the first half of the sales twists and turns is difficult to reproduce, Changan Ford in the next three quarters of the marginal improvement in sales efforts. Investment suggestion: The bottom of the company’s sales volume and profit has basically improved. A number of new cars have helped the overlapping industries recover huge elasticity. Although Ford has been under pressure for a short time, the century-old brand heritage still exists, and it will be transformed into dealer reform and interest relations.improve.We expect revenue in 2019/2020 to be 659.4.7 billion / 683.87. Net profit attributable to mothers is 2.06 ppm / 40.25 ppm. After the recovery of the industry, the elasticity is huge. The PB is less than 1. The allocation value is prominent. Maintain the “Buy” rating. Risk warning: industry recovery is not up to expectations, Changan Ford’s new car sales are less than expected

Qibin Group (601636) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Single Quarter Profit Rising Rapidly and Performance Improved

Qibin Group (601636) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Single Quarter Profit Rising Rapidly, Performance Improved Significantly

Q3 grew rapidly in the single quarter, and the performance improved significantly. The first three quarters of 2019 achieved operating income of 65.

32 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

76%, net profit attributable to mother is 9.

2.7 billion, a decrease of 3 per year.

33%, net profit after deduction to return to mother 8.

5.2 billion, a decrease of 1 every year.

94% of which, in the third quarter, achieved operating income of 24 in a single quarter.

66 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

09 billion, a previous sharp increase of 34.

The rapid growth of 6% in Q3 is mainly due to the continuous rebound of glass prices and the increase in sales.

Profitability rebounded rapidly, and cash flow maintained a healthy level. According to our tracking data, the company’s Q3 revenue for a single quarter in the full caliber was about 79 yuan, an increase of at least 4 per year.

1 yuan, an increase of 3 from Q2.

3 yuan, mainly benefited from the concentrated cold repair of the glass industry at the end of the second quarter, factors such as environmental protection in Shahe area and the completion of the warming of the land pushed the glass prices to continue to rise, and the price increase was smooth in the peak season; the container cost reached 54.

5 yuan, lower than the chain.

03 yuan, the cost side remained basically stable; in terms of profitability, Q3 single quarter gross profit and net profit of the box reached 24.

6 yuan and 13.

1 yuan, up by 3 from the previous month.

4 yuan and 2.

6 yuan, an increase of 3 yuan and 2 yuan each year.

The company achieved operating net cash flow in the first three quarters10.

2.3 billion, a decrease of 26 previously.

4%, mainly due to the growth of energy-saving glass business and the increase in working capital requirements of the Luzhou Super White Project, the overall cash flow remains at a healthy level.

The glass industry’s supply is tightly controlled, and demand is picking up. Heat is affected by strict environmental protection. The industry’s supply side shrank in the third quarter. Recently, the Shahe area has further strengthened the prevention and control of air pollution.At present, there are two production suspensions, which are expected to shrink further in the future. On the demand side, the actual completion in the third 淡水桑拿网 quarter showed a warming trend, and the area completed from January to September declined 8.

6%, up 4 from the end of the second quarter.

1 average, the growth rate of completion in a single month from July to September achieved -0.

6% / 2.

8% / 3.

4%, forming a certain support for glass demand.

As a leading glass company in the mid-to-high end, maintaining the “Buy” rating. As a leading company in the glass industry, the company is gradually committed to becoming bigger and stronger, and subsequently released the “Outline of Medium- and Long-Term Development Strategic Planning,” a shareholding plan by business partners, and employeesHeavy documents such as share plans demonstrate confidence in the company’s future long-term development and highlight employees’ understanding.

In addition to the expansion of 深圳桑拿网 float glass in the future, the company will further expand the development of the deep processing field. In the future, the scale of profit is expected to increase, and the transformation will gradually change. At present, the company has high returns, low returns and strong safety.Is 0.



60 yuan / share, corresponding to PE of 8.



6x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Real estate sales are less than expected; raw material prices rise more than expected; supply is tightly controlled lower than expected;

Bull Group (603195): Stealth Champion Civilian Electrician Leads Towards Giant

Bull Group (603195): Stealth Champion Civilian Electrician Leads Towards Giant

Bull Group: a stealth champion of civilian electricians with excellent financial indicators.

The company has been deeply cultivating the field of civil electrics, and is solid on the leader of the converter industry (the overall city’s share is close to half, and Tmall ‘s market share was 66% in 2018); since 2007, it has begun to expand wall opening, LED lighting, digital accessories and other businesses.

In 2018, the company’s revenue and net profit reached 90.

6, 16.

8 ppm, gross margin and net profit are 36.

6%, 18.

5%, ROE (diluted) is as high as 51.


Core competitiveness: a virtuous circle of products, brands and channels to build a high moat, fast-moving consumer goods management model + leading supply chain.

In terms of products, the company has set industry benchmarks with outstanding quality in accordance with consumer demand, while SKU is complete and continues to expand new categories, and its product strength is second to none.

In terms of brand, the company’s brand reputation is well received.

The first-class home appliance leading experience, brand power is reflected in the enterprise can achieve product prices and market share double rise, typical representatives such as Gree air-conditioning and Haier in ice washing.

Faced with the impact of new entrant Xiaomi, the bull adjusted its product line and price strategy in a timely manner, successfully raised prices after quickly adapting to the market, gradually reduced the quagmire of low-price competition, and fully demonstrated the leading brand bargaining power; in terms of channels, the bull has a millionThe physical outlets rebuild the offline “Taobao” within easy reach, coupled with the store recruitment to bring excellent advertising effects, while online channels occupy absolute market share.

In terms of management, the company’s products have the attributes of durable consumer goods, but they also have Coca-Cola FMCG management models. They use distribution, sales, and store recruitment methods to effectively boost channel and brand power.

In addition, in terms of supply chain, the company cooperates with core suppliers on the raw material side to control costs and ensure delivery time. The production side is supplemented by OEM to increase sales scale to seize market share.

The bull has created a strong core competitive advantage through brand power, channel power, and management power.

Growth momentum: The converter faucet is solid, the wall is open, LED lighting, and digital accessories provide new growth momentum in the future.

In our budget converter, the scale of the wall-opening industry exceeds 100 and 200 trillion respectively. The market share of bull converters has steadily increased, and the wall-opening market share is 13.

There is room for growth of 7%; LED lighting and digital accessories industries are all over 100 billion in size and the concentration is reduced. The bull is expected to replicate its core competitiveness in the 武汉夜网论坛 converter market and continue to increase its market share in other areas of civilian electricians.

And after the company’s successful listing, it is expected that capital leverage will be accelerated towards the civilian electric giant.

Investment suggestion: We are optimistic about the channels, brands, and product moats that the bull has in the converter industry, and the competitive advantage extends to the wall opening, LED lighting, and digital accessories fields. The company promotes the transition from a leader in the field of civil electricians to a giant.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 23 respectively.

79, 28.

48, 34.

51 ppm, EPS (diluted) is 3 respectively.

97, 4.

75, 5.

75 yuan.

With reference to an estimate of 23 times that of comparable companies, and that the profit growth rate in 20 years and 21 years is expected to be in the 20% -25% range, the company will be given a 20-25 times valuation.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: New business expansion is less than expected, raw material prices fluctuate, competition in the industry is intensifying, and the real estate industry’s prosperity is declining.

UFIDA Network (600588): Rapid growth of cloud business actively controls financial business scale

UFIDA Network (600588): Rapid growth of cloud business actively controls financial business scale

The company released the 2019 first quarter report and achieved operating income12.

52 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

6%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

82 trillion, compared with the same period last year1.

08 thousand yuan.

Cloud business has grown rapidly and proactively controlled financial business.

The expected business in the first quarter of 2019 is as follows: Revenue from cloud business1.

250,000 yuan, an increase of 95 in ten years.

0%, the number of 合肥夜网 enterprise customers in the cloud service business is 4.77 million, of which the number of so-called enterprise customers is 37.

980,000; software business realized income 8.

460,000 yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.

6%; payment business realized income of 0.

74 ppm, an increase of 230 in ten years.

1%; Internet investment and financing business realized income1.

97 ppm, a decrease of 29 per year.


The operation remained stable and the promotion of cloud products was accelerated.

The company’s gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2019 was 62.

48%, a decrease of 1 from the same period last year.

62 units; selling expenses 19.

49%, a decrease of 3.

50 units; the sum of management expenses and R & D expense ratio is 48.

84%, which is basically the same as last year, shows the positive impact of personnel control on performance without affecting R & D intervention.

The company focuses on accelerating product research and development and thickness in large areas, strengthening NC Cloud and U8 Cloud product transformation research and development and operation promotion.

The global wave of cloud computing is unstoppable.

Recently, the average business value of cloud computing companies in overseas markets has shown a good development trend: Amazon AWS’s latest quarterly financial report achieved operating income of $ 7.7 billion, an increase of 41%; Microsoft’s smart cloud business’s latest quarterly financial report increased 22%, and Azure’s 73%; SAP’sThe latest quarterly financial report of the cloud business cloud services grew by 45% annually.

Both Microsoft and SAP have sustained record highs, and global cloud computing has maintained a good development trend.

Investment suggestion: It is expected that the 青岛夜网 company’s EPS for 2019-2020 will be 0.

42 yuan, 0.

53 yuan, maintaining buy-A level, 6-month target price of 40 yuan.

Risk warning: Cloud-based execution is weaker than expected, and financial sector growth exceeds expectations.

Super Simple DIY Nasal Farewell Strawberry Nose


Super Simple DIY Nasal Farewell Strawberry Nose

Many MMs are hurt by blackheads. Although strawberry nose is a bit cute, if you repeat this, you will definitely not like it!

The secretion of oil around our noses is strong, and blackheads can easily climb up when we encounter pollution in the air. Here are a few DIY ways to make nasal membranes, which are economical, easy to operate, and most importantly, super effective.Let you say goodbye to strawberry nose!

  Method 1: Homemade brown sugar honey nasal membrane material: brown sugar (one spoon), honey (half spoon) Steps: Step1: Put brown sugar and honey in a small container and stir well until they are completely mixed; Step2: Lighten the prepared materialsApply lightly on the nose and nasal wing and other places with long black heads; 用 Step3: Gently massage on the nose with the index finger of both hands for 1 to 2 minutes, and finally wash it with water.

  Editing experience: Is it very simple?


Everyone pays attention to be gentle when massaging, too much brown sugar will damage the skin. Twice a week, persistence can eliminate blackheads!

  Method 2: Homemade white vinegar salt nasal membrane material: coarse salt (1 spoon), white vinegar (half spoon), boiled water (half cup) Steps: Step1: Put the crude salt and white vinegar into the boiled water, stir until all the coarse saltDissolve; Step2: Use a cotton swab dipped in salt and vinegar water to rub the black part of the head, wash until the water becomes cold, once a day.

  Editor’s comment: Vinegar has a cosmetic effect. The production of this nasal mask is super simple. It is best to do a little less each time, that is, use it immediately. It can effectively remove the blackheads and dead skin on the nose, and make the skin smooth and moist.

  Method 3: Homemade baking soda pure water nasal membrane material: baking soda powder (half spoon), warm pure water (3 spoons), cotton pad (1 piece) Step: Step1: take half a spoon of baking soda powder and put in wide mouthAdd 3 scoops of warm pure water to the glass and stir until the baking soda powder is dissolved; Step2: Soak the cotton pads in it and screw them to the dry parts such as the nose, chin, and forehead, and remove them after 15 minutes.

  Step3: Press and hold a piece of soft tissue paper, rub it back and forth on the nose, and you will find black and dirty things on the tissue paper, because the blackheads and grease particles are wiped out!

  Editor’s note: If you don’t want to buy expensive blackhead increase liquid in the store, DIY to make baking soda blackhead generation liquid is the best choice. Try it out and you will get unexpected results!

  Method 4: Homemade protein nasal membrane material: protein (one), cotton pad (one sheet) Steps: Step1: Put the protein in a clean small glass container, and then put the cotton pad into it; Step2: wait for the cotton pad a littleAfter draining, put it on the nose, and then carefully remove it after 10-15 minutes.

  Editing experience: This method is suitable for MMs with black heads that are too prominent. Remember to tear off the cotton pads, and the thinner the better!

Egg white can go to blackheads Everyone knows, once every two weeks, fight the strawberry nose to the end.

  Method 5: Homemade hot rice ball cleansing nasal membrane material: hot rice (one spoon) Steps: Step1: Take out the hot rice from the rice cooker and push the rice ball in the middle of the nose with a slow circular motion; Step2: Wait for theAfter all the sticky rice balls are pushed out, wash your nose with clean water and finally apply a lotion.

  Editor’s note: Take a spoonful of rice to make a nasal membrane every day when the rice is warm. It can’t be easier.

Although the rice is ugly on the nose, it works.

Fresh rice balls not only have strong adhesion, but also soft to the touch, and are inexpensive skin cleansers.

  Method 6: Homemade pearl powder nasal membrane material: pearl powder (1 spoon), water (appropriate amount) Steps: Step 1: Put an appropriate amount of pearl powder into a small container, add water, and make the pearl powder into a paste; Step2: putApply the creamy pearl powder on the nose and massage gently until the pearl powder dries, wash with water, twice a week.

  Editor’s experience: This method is suitable for MMs with black noses and lush heads. Remember that pearl powder should be selected from quality assurance. You can choose superior pearl powder for internal use in drug stores.

  Method 7: Homemade milk nasal membrane material: milk (five drops), salt (appropriate amount) Steps: Step1: Put the salt in a small container, drip the milk, and stir to dissolve the salt; Step 2: Gently massage the nose for half a minuteAfter washing with water, once a week.

  Editing experience: This method is suitable for MMs with dense black heads. In order to let the skin regain clean oil protection, do not apply anything on the nose after washing!

  Method 8: Homemade egg shell nasal membrane material: Egg shell Step: Step 1: Gently remove the inner shell of the egg shell and wash it with water; Step 2: Put the egg shell membrane on the nose and remove it after ten minutes.Obviously, the time can be appropriately extended twice a week.

  Editing experience: The egg shell membrane can effectively remove the blackheads on the nose, remove the dirt and impurities in the pores, and continue to replace the blackheads. Persistent blackheads will soon disappear.

White-collar mouse is most injured on the desktop

White-collar mouse is most injured on the desktop

Guide: The mouse’s position rises, the size of the injury to the wrist; the farther the mouse is from the body, the size of the injury to the shoulder.

Therefore, the mouse should be placed at a slightly lower position, which is equivalent to the height of the elbow when the upper arm is perpendicular to the ground in a sitting position.

  The distance between the mouse and the body is also widened because the mouse is placed on the table. The force in this area is borne by the shoulder and elbow for a long time. This is also one of the causes of neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist syndrome.

When the angle between the upper arm and the front body is kept below 45 degrees, the distance between the body and the mouse is more appropriate.

If it is too far, the forearm will lean forward with the upper arm and shoulder together, which will cause the joints and muscles to continue to strain.

  What are the ways to prevent mouse hands?

  Not sharp, the mouse hand is indeed a potential killer of the modern urban office workers, especially the wrong mouse, the harm coefficient, then, how to prevent the occurrence of the mouse hand?

What is so particular about buying a mouse?

  The most direct way to suppress the mouse hand is to buy a mouse with an ergonomic design that suits your hand type. Do not map the brand name. Buy a few titles of mouse. In the end, the hand type is not suitable, but it is disadvantageous.This is very important, myself.

  To protect your hands, in addition to picking a mouse that suits you, pay attention to posture adjustments and other common sense.

It is difficult to adjust the mouse position. You can place the keyboard and mouse on the table, and then raise the swivel chair.

The lower the table, the shorter the distance between the body and the table.

  Try to avoid the long-term fixed, mechanical and alternating activities of the upper limbs. When using the mouse or typing, you must get up and move your limbs every hour when you work, doing some fists, pinching and other fingers to relax.

When using the mouse, do not suspend the arm to relieve the pressure on the wrist. When moving the mouse, do not use the wrist force and try to rely on the arm force to reduce the wrist force.

When using the mouse, use the “Mouse Wrist Pad” on the wrist.

  Using a scientific method to place the mouse and doing finger exercises from a medical perspective will greatly reduce the incidence of “mouse hands” and allow each office worker who often sits in front of a computer to do his work easily and happily.

Top 10 Tips for Acne_1

Top 10 Tips for Acne

Tip one, wash your face properly.

hzh {display: none; }  许多人害怕脸洗多了会把宝贵的皮脂膜洗掉。In fact, cholesterol is secreted constantly, so you don’t have to worry about washing it away.

If you wash your face properly, you can remove excess oil and keep your skin smooth and clean.

  My recommended washing method is: touch the nose, and you can wash it when it comes out of oil. It doesn’t matter if you wash it ten to dozens of times a day.

But it should be simply washed, and then rinsed with cold water to make the skin moist, rub the face wash or soap on the palms, form a foam, and then gently wipe it to the place where acne or acne is likely to form.Rinse off cold water.

Remember not to massage your face excessively or wash your face with warm water. The choice of soap or facial cleanser is neutral and mild.

If you have peeled a little, you can reduce the number of times you wash your face.

  This way you can always stay fresh and comfortable.

Of course, sometimes it is not only on the body, but the chest, back, and back may come out. At this time, you can wash the bathtub twice a day. The use of soap will definitely improve, but remember that the water temperature should not be too high because the temperature will stimulate the secretion of oil.

  Tip two, do n’t squeeze acne to squeeze out the pus or white grease particles in acne. It seems that acne will disappear faster, but this will cause a series of injuries, including pits, dark spots, and easyBlushing, blood vessels dilated to form blood strings, and acne always appeared in the same place.

In fact, as long as you wait for two or three weeks for the pellets to dry, compact, and fall out naturally during cleaning, you don’t have to worry about when it is best to squeeze, and it will not leave scars.

  Tip three, don’t steam your face. Young girls are easy to blush. That makes the whole face blush because of tension, sultry, and irritability.

Steaming the face and warming will make this situation more obvious and accelerate the secretion of oil, which is more likely to form acne.

  Tip # 4. Proper skin care products and cosmetics are usually dry around the eye sockets, so you do n’t even need to use cleansers when washing your face, just rinse with cold water.

After washing your face, apply some maintenance lotion near your eyelids.

But in those places with long acne, you should not even rub the lotion and try to keep it dry.

Therefore, the maintenance of the face is not the same everywhere, regardless of the need.

  Tip # 5. Don’t expose yourself to acne when it grows too severe. Pigmentation spots will remain even if you get better.

After exposure to the sun, the ultraviolet light will add traces of dark pigment spots. As a result, the entire face will look red or black, and the color will alternate.

With the increase of age, the probability of dark spots also greatly increases, and it is necessary to prevent sun. The sun protection method is still suitable with umbrellas, hats and various covers.

This is because sunscreen lotions and creams may promote acne.

  Tip # 6: Feel relaxed and nervous, irritated and reduce the increase of oil secretion, so unhappy mood is like falling into the rock, and acne will grow more.

  Tip # 7: Get enough sleep. If you do n’t sleep well, oil will be secreted more, so acne will grow more, and your face will be gray.

So don’t stay up all night, sleep is absolutely enough.

  Tip # 8. Eat a balanced diet. There is no proof that chocolate and peanuts will make you more pimples. Why not enjoy delicious food?

To make your skin bright, clean, and healthy, you need a variety of nutrients to help you. It is indispensable, and you don’t need to pay particular attention to a certain thing.

However, eating a diet that causes your face to become hot and red, such as hot peppers and hot soups, should still be avoided.

  Tip # 9: Use medicines to help respond to the needs of patients. At present, there are many external medicines available on the market to treat acne, most of which are safe and effective.

However, it is impossible to achieve immediate results, and it usually takes two to three months when used correctly.

When external medicine is used, it will become more serious in the early stage, and even the skin will become red and peeling due to the adaptive relationship, such as a topical ointment of vitamin A acid.Symptoms have also improved, and some topical medications work well, but they may be allergic, so if it becomes red and itchy after use, you should stop taking the medication first and consult a doctor while holding the medication.

  Tip ten, ask the doctor if you did all the above suggestions, but still can’t improve it, or you don’t know much about it here, or you dare not buy medicine to rub, or you want someone to follow your skinGive you the right advice, then you should see a dermatologist.

Yoga orthopedic posture

Yoga orthopedic posture

After getting up early, before going to bed, or watching TV, pick one or two of your favorite moves and do it a few more times, and slowly you will find the bones on your body surprise you.

  Twisted pelvis and visceral droop caused by wrong posture. Whenever I see some friends who want to lose weight ask me about the slimming effect of yoga, I will tell her firmly: “According to my weight loss experience, yoga is the smallest and most effective and rapid healthy weight loss.method.

“Unlike other aerobic exercises, yoga’s understanding of weight loss does not start from reducing calorie intake or consuming a small amount, but from a perspective similar to traditional Chinese medicine, looking for the cause from the inside of the body.

  As far as the reasons for the accumulation of adults in the abdomen are concerned, yoga believes that if the pelvis is distorted, the internal organs will sag, the weight of the organs in the pelvis will suddenly increase, the metabolism will deteriorate, and the blood circulation will not be smooth, and the organ temperature will be lower than normal.

In order to increase the temperature of the internal organs, the body instinctively hoards a small amount to resist the cold, resulting in an excessive accumulation of small amounts in the body, causing annoying complication of the body.

  If you want to determine if your pelvis is distorted, there are a few simple ways: 1. Close your eyes and do a leg lift in place.

When the eyes are opened, the feet leave the original position, the pelvic center of gravity changes in the moving position, the deviation decreases, and the pelvic distortion increases.

  2. After wearing a skirt, the midline position will be available soon.

  3. Close your eyes on one leg limbs, it is difficult to grasp the balance.

  4, the side bra straps easily slip off.

  What’s the result of any diagnosis? The following exercises will allow you to develop a correct posture and unknowingly dry your stomach, and the yoga movements are gentle, so you don’t have to worry about spraining your pelvis.

  First, butterfly style 1, sitting on the floor, knees bent, feet facing each other, holding both toes with both hands.

  2. The back is straight, and both knees vibrate rhythmically to the floor on both sides, aiming and advancing outside the thigh near the ground.

  Second, open and close the V-shape 1, sitting on the floor, legs V-shaped open.

  2. Hold the feet on the same side with your hands on the same side, use both hands to force up, lift your feet up, and keep your back straight.

  3. Keep breathing deeply.

  Third, lotus style 1, slender, feet slightly open, but do not exceed the width of the front, hands folded on the chest.

  2. While inhaling, slowly squat your body, be sure to lean to the side, the back side, the heel tries to close to the perineum, and the upper body stays relaxed.

Is corn more nutritious initially?

Is corn more nutritious initially?

In the corn harvest season, walking on the street often smells the smell of boiled corn at the corner.

Waxy corn, sweet corn, old corn; white, purple, yellow; is corn more nutritious?

How to eat the best?

  Nutritionists agree that in the staple food, the nutritional value and health function of corn are very prominent.

  The vitamin content in corn is very high, several times that of rice and flour.

In addition to glucose, protein, trace, and carotene, corn also contains a variety of nutrients such as minerals, vitamin E, riboflavin.

  Corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, especially the content of linoleic acid is as high as 60% or more. It works in synergy with vitamin E in corn germ to reduce the cholesterol concentration in the blood and prevent it from depositing on the walls of blood vessels.

These substances are great for preventing diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  Corn also contains a longevity factor, glutathione, which, with the participation of selenium, produces glutathione oxidase, which has the function of delaying aging.

  Different colors of corn have slightly different health effects. Corns of the same color have slightly different health effects, mainly because they contain different pigment diversity.

  Compared with white corn, anthocyanins are added to purple corn, so it has antioxidant and anti-aging effects.

  Yellow corn contains carotene and zeaxanthin, which is good for maintaining vision health.

  Different tastes of corn have different nutritional values. Sweet corn is sweet and delicious, and is popular. Even a “fruit-type sweet corn” can be eaten raw like fruit.

  This kind of sweet corn has 1-2 times higher protein, trace and vitamin content than ordinary corn, and selenium content is 8-10 times higher. Among the 17 amino acids it contains, there are more than 13 ordinary corn.

But sweet corn has high sugar content, most of which are sucrose and glucose, which easily cause blood sugar to rise.

  Waxy corn has a high protein content, supplemented with vitamin A, vitamin B1, etc., among which amylopectin content is very high, not suitable for people with diabetes.

  The old corn has a high content of crude fiber and a low content of soluble sugar, which is a very good choice for people who lose weight.

  How to eat corn is the most nutritious?

  First of all, eat fresh, fresh corn, moisture, actives, vitamins and other nutrients are much higher than the mature corn.

Although corn will lose some vitamin C after treatment, it can release more nutrients, especially a phenolic compound, lysine, which has a certain effect on cancer and other diseases.

  When many people cook corn, they like to clean the corn whiskers and corn leaves, which is really a pity.

Corn must be able to choke, diuretic, lower blood sugar, and corn stems can also prevent sweat.

  Summer is the season when urinary tract infections are high, and boiled corn water has the effect of preventing infection.

It is best to eat the white germ part of the corn.

Corn germ is the essence of corn, it is very good for protecting the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and anti-aging.

  In addition, adding corn flour with soybean flour and mixing it at a ratio of 3: 1 is still a method recommended by the World Health Organization to eat coarse grains and improve nutritional value.