In the car,I hide under the car”Aduna’s vicissitudes of singing,Sing so heartbreaking,Sing so that people can’t help but want to cry。

Eight fingers twitched his nose sharply,Looked sadly outside the car window。
The front is the university campus,So beautiful!Especially those female college students who go together,And let Bazhige feel the long-lost youthful breath。
“Is your cousin not here yet?It’s been fucking half an hour!”Brother Eight Fingers frowned,I patted the back of the chair in front of me uncomfortably。
Sitting in the driving seat is a very energetic young man,Very lean,Wearing a red leather jacket,A black cobra tattooed on the back of the neck。
“Eight Fingers,Here comes,Here comes!How about I call again。”Cobra quickly turned his head and said。
“Faster!Otherwise, I’m going to be crazy!Neither come!Is Lao Tzu free??”My Eight Fingers flicked his fingers,Arrogant。
Just when Cobra took out his phone,When I plan to make another call,A student with long hair emerged from the green belt in front,With a cigarette in his mouth,Patted the dust on the body,Swaggering towards the car。
Cobra sees people arrive,Open the door and get off,Beckoned to the long-haired student。
“Faster!Brother Bazhi has been waiting for you for a long time!”Cobra stared。
Long-haired students run to the front in three steps and two steps,Bent over and laughed:“Eight Fingers,Snake brother,Hello!”
Eight fingers beckoned,Motion this kid to get into the car。
“It’s this kid named Lu Menglin,You called him here。”Eight fingers took out a photo,Point to the person above and say。
Long-haired student took a look,Seems a bit embarrassed,Smiled:“Eight Fingers,I do not know him,He doesn’t know me either,I guess it’s hard to call!”
“Then you find a way!Does it make me think?”Eight fingers are anxious,I want to do it when I stare,But think about it, still hold back。
“So?or,I write a love letter,Invite him here?”Long-haired students have a brainstorm,Smiled。
Eight fingers froze,I thought there was such an operation?But it sounds good,Only students understand student affairs,Maybe this method is reliable。
“Row,Then you go do it!”Eight commanded and waved,That he knows well。
“May take a while,Or Bazhi brother, you go ahead,I made an appointment until four o’clock in the afternoon,How about you coming back?”Long-haired students look very considerate,Said carefully。

,You can escape。

“I。”Qin Feng is speechless,This is my own money,I was compensated by others, okay。
It is estimated that this aunt saw Liu Shiwen in the car from a distance,Then I happened to see myself picking up the money,So take it for granted。
“You go first,Don’t get involved in this matter。”
“Big brother,Ok,Ok……”The man in black ran away when he heard it,But when I left, I helped Fang Cheng,Said:“Young master,Let’s go。”
Fang Cheng was a little angry at this guy,But seeing this guy actually came to help himself,The anger disappeared immediately,I also saw that he gave Qin Feng tens of thousands of dollars just now。
So he said:“do not worry,Those are treated as public expenses,I go home,Will give you。”
“what,”Pockmark,Can’t laugh or cry,Betray the employer,Are going to run,I just passed by,Could not bear,So I came to help Young Master,But this little action is to make yourself……
(End of this chapter)
Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Is a decoration
He really doesn’t want to give up Fang’s job,There is basically no danger,You can get 10,000 yuan,How comfortable!
If go to other places,Although the price may be higher than this,But it’s life-threatening at any time。
“Humph。”Liu Manli took a look at the pockmark,Too lazy to care if he leaves,She thought she was scared away by herself。
“It seems that I still have a little majesty,otherwise,How come with a few words,Just let this trafficker run away。”
She just believes,Mazi is a trafficker who wants to buy her niece。
“Kid,Now it’s our turn,You actually want to abduct my niece!”

Qin Fengzhen sweats Jiang Yan,Usually a scrambled egg with tomatoes,All turned upside down by her,You don’t need to help yourself if you want to save face,Qin Feng wants to see,How will she close this scene later。

Think of tomato scrambled eggs,Qin Feng still felt that his throat was smoking,That time for Jiang Yan not to be compared to others,I almost died of salt,This time Qin Feng secretly swears in his heart,If you have tomato scrambled eggs again this time,I won’t eat anymore。
“dinner’s ready!”After Jiang Yan came back.Less than half an hour into the kitchen,Just shouted for dinner。
Without waiting for Qin Feng to react,Jiang Yan has opened the kitchen door,Five dishes on the table,No matter from the color and fragrance, it is impeccable。
This made Qin Feng wonder,Jiang Yan can cook?Why don’t you know,Did she make the rice like that on purpose last time??This idea just surfaced,Was dismissed by Qin Feng。
Jiang Yan is a face-loving person,Last time a few women fought for dominance in the kitchen,If she cooks so well,She will never hide。
“Wow!This looks delicious,I must try first。”Said the grasshopper picked up the chopsticks and took a bite,Put in the mouth。
Seeing such a big chopstick dish,Qin Feng really sweated the grasshopper。
But Qin Feng didn’t sympathize with him,Looks like waiting for a good show。
“I go,Boss, why is your life so good,Sister-in-law is good,And generous and gentle,The dishes are also good,You are so blessed,Have such delicious meals every day。”The grasshopper is full of praise while eating。
Does this grasshopper have no sense of taste?,Is it so delicious??
“Uh uh,good to eat,Delicious。”The eagle sees the grasshopper eating so delicious,I wanted to wait for Qin Feng and Jiang Yan,But couldn’t hold back,Also tasted,Really don’t know,Startled,Even he didn’t expect Jiang Yan to cook so delicious。
“Time is too hasty,I just burned a few,Don’t dislike it。”Jiang Yan glanced triumphantly,Qin Feng who hasn’t moved his chopsticks,And said with a smile。
“sister in law,Stop making trouble,Let’s eat together!”The grasshopper said while eating。
“You eat first,I have another dish to make,Ready soon。”Speaking of Jiang Yan, he went to the kitchen and got busy again。
“Boss,I really didn’t expect,Sister-in-law’s cooking can be so delicious。”The grasshopper almost took a bite of praise
Beautiful sentence。

The two are very surprised,Because of Master Huang,Two people were delayed outside for a long time,So when I came back it was very late,So two people thought Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan must have fallen asleep。

But the light in front of you told Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan,Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are still up,Because two people don’t have the habit of sleeping on the light in the living room。
Is it possible that something happened at home?
Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan spontaneously speeded up their steps into the house,really,The moment the door opened,Lin Yuner noticed Lin Feng, whose face was already ugly.。
Walk into the house and close the door,Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan were startled by the strange atmosphere in the living room。
There are a lot of people sitting in the living room,But his face is more ugly than the other,May be the reason Lin Feng just recovered from his serious illness,His face is particularly ugly。
And no one speaks。
Take a closer look,The other people in the room turned out to be uncles whom I had never met since I was young,As soon as I saw them,Lin Yoona can guess why her father’s face is so ugly。
“Yoona and Xiao Fan are back!Worked a day,are you tired,Hurry in and rest!”Lin Feng saw his daughter and son-in-law come in,Qiang cheered up and said。
Lin Yoona ignored those uncles,Came directly to Lin Feng,Gently follow Lin Feng’s back,Worried:“dad,What the hell happened?How do they come back?”
“Nothing,you do not need to worry,Hurry in and rest!”Lin Feng doesn’t want his daughter to worry,I just wanted to let them go back to the house!
But I haven’t waited for Lin Yoona to speak,I heard a man say yin and yang weirdly:“Don’t say hello to elders,This is the daughter you taught Lin Feng?I’m afraid that the Lin family’s face will be lost by you!”
When Lin Feng heard this,,I was so angry that I didn’t come up again,Lin Yooner gave it a few passes before Lin Feng slowly returned to normal。
Lin Yuner saw Lin Feng want to talk,Just gently pressed his arm,Lin Feng looked up at Lin Yoona,Seeing Lin Yuner shook her head gently at him,Although Lin Feng doesn’t know what his daughter is going to do,But still obedient and silent。
“Seeing elders do not say hello,That naturally depends on whether the elders look like elders,If one doesn’t know how to be someone’s elder,Why ask others to treat him like an elder?Right?Big——Uncle——”Lin Yuner is angry right now,Speak without mercy。
“you……How dare you talk to me like this,Is that what your parents taught you?”Lin Yuner’s uncle Lin Hai listened to Lin Yuner’s words,Yelled immediately。
After training Lin Yoona,,Pointing at Lin Feng and cursing over there:“An illegitimate child is an illegitimate child,I don’t have education,Even the daughters who are born have so little education!”
“you……you……”Lin Feng didn’t expect Lin Hai would say this to his precious daughter,I’m so angry I can’t speak。
Lin Yoona still wants to talk back,I saw Liu Chunlan tugging at her clothes,Beckon her not to say anything。

Never thought of Tianguang,Qin Feng would say something like this,Then he said with a smile on his face:“Tell him about this,Otherwise he will blame me。”

Actually,Jiang Tianguang really rarely sees people like Qin Feng,Just don’t treat money as the same thing。
Although Qin Feng doesn’t have much money,,But Qin Feng’s approach has always been appreciated by Tian Guang and Huang Junjie。
A person who really shows the money,This is the sensible person。
“it is good。”Qin Feng waved his hand to express understanding。
When Qin Feng came out,Many people applaud,They don’t know why they applaud。
Maybe it’s because of Qin Feng’s beauty,Or because of Qin Feng’s uprightness。
There are not many places to shop on the street,But the two of them are still happy to go home。
When two people go to the hotel,It’s already a few hours。
Qin Feng also had to admire Jiang Yan’s endurance。
I’m not tired after walking for so many hours,Really an iron girl。
When Qin Feng and Jiang Yan were still in the room,at the same time,There was a loud crash from below。
Jiang Yan rushed to the balcony with anxious expression,Because she remembered that place was where Qin Feng stopped。
really,Two cars collided,Jiang Yan quickly turned around and rushed out。
Even though she knows that Qin Feng is unlikely to suffer,But the instinct of being a woman made her go there。
Qin Feng’s car just parked in the parking space,A car slammed over,This made Qin Feng a little speechless。
“Big brother,In the middle of the night,There are also several locations here, right?What are you trying to do?”Qin Feng can be sure,That was deliberate。

“Then start——Everybody,Please don’t blink,Because you will have a deep understanding,Risk of betting!Furthermore,The next performance will only be once。”Chen Wenjin picked two songs from memory,A sense of rhythm can achieve a good connection,It won’t be impossible to keep up with the rhythm。

Xiao Xiao sees Chen Wenjin being serious,Can’t help but be a little surprised,But saw the smile in his eyes,Obviously so that she doesn’t have to worry,Just watch。
So Xiao Xiao just watched intently,She doesn’t care about winning or losing in the end,I think Chen Wenjin thinks it’s okay to be happy,It’s not a matter of principle anyway。
The dance begins,Chen Wenjin didn’t have a smile on his face either,Attentively watching the directions flashing on the screens on both sides,Move back and forth with coordinated body shape and footsteps,In the eyes of the crowd,None of the arrow keys on the screen missed,Not one step on the wrong!
More human eyes,I gradually stopped looking at the screen,Just watching that figure move away and whirl,Occasionally splitting and stepping on both sides,Step on the hand,And whirled and leaped in idle time,Then continue to face a faster and more urgent rhythm。
The crowd was silent,Just watching,Waiting for him to be wrong from the beginning,Later, I was shocked and didn’t believe he would be wrong,In the end, I hope not to step on it wrong。
Chen Wenjin’s head and face are sweaty,But he didn’t care about it,Just watching Xiao Xiao,Say:“Just jump this time,For your beloved,I hope you like this little surprise。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Two Chikusa
Cheers、When the excitement shouts,Chen Wenjin walked to Xiao Xiao,Hold her,Whisper:“Wanted to kiss you,But I thought that the memorable moment shouldn’t happen at this time、here。”
“Ok……I like it very much。”Xiao Xiao involuntarily answered,She felt her heartbeat was about to jump out,Held by him at this moment,Can’t wait forever not to be apart,Even the sweat on his neck and face,She can’t smell it anymore,Only the sweetness and joy left in my mind。
“nice! You love it。”Chen Wenjin’s childhood memories,Skip this once,For another woman,Is between love and not love;This time,He wants to give it to Xiao Xiao,When in love。

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Zhejiang Meida maintains steady growth

Zhejiang Meida (002677): Zhejiang Meida maintains steady growth

Event: The company released a semi-annual report with revenue of 700 million US dollars and net profit1.

800 million yuan, an increase of 25%.

Promote high-end product positioning and expand product series The company has developed a variety of cutting-edge high-end, humanized and intelligent integrated stoves, strengthened the high-end of product positioning with product innovation, and promoted coordinated sales 淡水桑拿网 with other kitchen accessory products.

This development strategy is worthy of recognition in the context of the industry’s overall intensified competition. It can pinpoint the company’s position, achieve dislocated competition, and no longer directly compete with new entrants in the low-end volume.

Promote channel diversification, expand distribution network companies. Promote channel sinking and terminal outlet expansion. In the first half of the year, we added 70 first-tier dealers and 300 terminal stores. We opened up to 100 stores in KA channels such as Red Star Macalline.Business team to increase the construction of flagship stores on e-commerce platforms.

These measures lay the foundation for future marketing efforts. The next step is to look forward to the company’s layout in e-commerce channels and KA channels.

苏州夜网论坛 Strengthening brand building in intensified industry competition According to the data from Aowei Cloud, offline hood sales in July fell by 10%.

5%, large-scale manufacturers enter the field of integrated stoves, Martians, YUKIDA, Haier, Senge and other brands have made efforts, the industry competition has intensified, in order to maintain the advantages of the industry, the company continued to CCTV and high-speed rail, new media, large professional exhibitions, etc.Increase investment in brand promotion and advertising to ensure the choice of leading brands in the industry.

The increase in sales expenses is obvious, and the R & D investment is obvious. In the first half of the project, the company ‘s sales expenses increased by 81% and the R & D expenses increased by 58%, which are higher than usual. This reflects the company ‘s huge investment in advertising and product R & D this year;1.1 million sets of kitchen electric production bases are about to be put into production, which will also lay the foundation for future growth.

Based on the company’s operating conditions in the first half of the year, we predict that the company’s annual revenue will increase by 25%, profit will increase by 20%, and EPS0.

7 yuan, 18 times the dynamic estimate, initially recommended rating.

Risks prompt real estate real estate dragging down industry competition

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s terminal sales in August continue to be popular

Changan Automobile (000625): Changan Ford’s terminal sales in August continue to be popular
Event: Changan Ford announced August terminal sales data. August sales of the entire series reached 2.10,000 units, an increase of 30% from the previous month. August took the lead in a strong recovery, and dealer channels improved significantly.In August, the overall recovery of the entire industry was still tepid, but Changan Ford took the lead in rebounding strongly and the off-season was not off, reflecting the company’s internal management adjustment effect 成都桑拿网 in the past.Previously, our Changan Ford dealer conference call also noticed the company’s changes, and several dealer managers who participated in the meeting all responded to Changfu NDSD distribution and organized Changan Ford’s marketing to look completely new. The old model has a new vitality, and the Fox has improved significantly from the previous quarter.The main sales model in August is still the old model that has not been modified for several years, so it is even more commendable to obtain such sales results. Fox has increased by more than 60% from the previous month, and has once again become the focus of Changan Ford. The new car cycle is worth looking forward to.Beginning in September, new cars began to truly reflect sales. Changan Ford’s staged strong product cycle began. Ford Focus event was launched to expand 深圳桑拿网 Fox customer coverage and continue to drive Fox up. After that, Lincoln, which is also a wing tiger, is worth looking forward to.Relative to the first half of the sales twists and turns is difficult to reproduce, Changan Ford in the next three quarters of the marginal improvement in sales efforts. Investment suggestion: The bottom of the company’s sales volume and profit has basically improved. A number of new cars have helped the overlapping industries recover huge elasticity. Although Ford has been under pressure for a short time, the century-old brand heritage still exists, and it will be transformed into dealer reform and interest relations.improve.We expect revenue in 2019/2020 to be 659.4.7 billion / 683.87. Net profit attributable to mothers is 2.06 ppm / 40.25 ppm. After the recovery of the industry, the elasticity is huge. The PB is less than 1. The allocation value is prominent. Maintain the “Buy” rating. Risk warning: industry recovery is not up to expectations, Changan Ford’s new car sales are less than expected

Qibin Group (601636) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Single Quarter Profit Rising Rapidly and Performance Improved

Qibin Group (601636) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Single Quarter Profit Rising Rapidly, Performance Improved Significantly

Q3 grew rapidly in the single quarter, and the performance improved significantly. The first three quarters of 2019 achieved operating income of 65.

32 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

76%, net profit attributable to mother is 9.

2.7 billion, a decrease of 3 per year.

33%, net profit after deduction to return to mother 8.

5.2 billion, a decrease of 1 every year.

94% of which, in the third quarter, achieved operating income of 24 in a single quarter.

66 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

09 billion, a previous sharp increase of 34.

The rapid growth of 6% in Q3 is mainly due to the continuous rebound of glass prices and the increase in sales.

Profitability rebounded rapidly, and cash flow maintained a healthy level. According to our tracking data, the company’s Q3 revenue for a single quarter in the full caliber was about 79 yuan, an increase of at least 4 per year.

1 yuan, an increase of 3 from Q2.

3 yuan, mainly benefited from the concentrated cold repair of the glass industry at the end of the second quarter, factors such as environmental protection in Shahe area and the completion of the warming of the land pushed the glass prices to continue to rise, and the price increase was smooth in the peak season; the container cost reached 54.

5 yuan, lower than the chain.

03 yuan, the cost side remained basically stable; in terms of profitability, Q3 single quarter gross profit and net profit of the box reached 24.

6 yuan and 13.

1 yuan, up by 3 from the previous month.

4 yuan and 2.

6 yuan, an increase of 3 yuan and 2 yuan each year.

The company achieved operating net cash flow in the first three quarters10.

2.3 billion, a decrease of 26 previously.

4%, mainly due to the growth of energy-saving glass business and the increase in working capital requirements of the Luzhou Super White Project, the overall cash flow remains at a healthy level.

The glass industry’s supply is tightly controlled, and demand is picking up. Heat is affected by strict environmental protection. The industry’s supply side shrank in the third quarter. Recently, the Shahe area has further strengthened the prevention and control of air pollution.At present, there are two production suspensions, which are expected to shrink further in the future. On the demand side, the actual completion in the third 淡水桑拿网 quarter showed a warming trend, and the area completed from January to September declined 8.

6%, up 4 from the end of the second quarter.

1 average, the growth rate of completion in a single month from July to September achieved -0.

6% / 2.

8% / 3.

4%, forming a certain support for glass demand.

As a leading glass company in the mid-to-high end, maintaining the “Buy” rating. As a leading company in the glass industry, the company is gradually committed to becoming bigger and stronger, and subsequently released the “Outline of Medium- and Long-Term Development Strategic Planning,” a shareholding plan by business partners, and employeesHeavy documents such as share plans demonstrate confidence in the company’s future long-term development and highlight employees’ understanding.

In addition to the expansion of 深圳桑拿网 float glass in the future, the company will further expand the development of the deep processing field. In the future, the scale of profit is expected to increase, and the transformation will gradually change. At present, the company has high returns, low returns and strong safety.Is 0.



60 yuan / share, corresponding to PE of 8.



6x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Real estate sales are less than expected; raw material prices rise more than expected; supply is tightly controlled lower than expected;

Bull Group (603195): Stealth Champion Civilian Electrician Leads Towards Giant

Bull Group (603195): Stealth Champion Civilian Electrician Leads Towards Giant

Bull Group: a stealth champion of civilian electricians with excellent financial indicators.

The company has been deeply cultivating the field of civil electrics, and is solid on the leader of the converter industry (the overall city’s share is close to half, and Tmall ‘s market share was 66% in 2018); since 2007, it has begun to expand wall opening, LED lighting, digital accessories and other businesses.

In 2018, the company’s revenue and net profit reached 90.

6, 16.

8 ppm, gross margin and net profit are 36.

6%, 18.

5%, ROE (diluted) is as high as 51.


Core competitiveness: a virtuous circle of products, brands and channels to build a high moat, fast-moving consumer goods management model + leading supply chain.

In terms of products, the company has set industry benchmarks with outstanding quality in accordance with consumer demand, while SKU is complete and continues to expand new categories, and its product strength is second to none.

In terms of brand, the company’s brand reputation is well received.

The first-class home appliance leading experience, brand power is reflected in the enterprise can achieve product prices and market share double rise, typical representatives such as Gree air-conditioning and Haier in ice washing.

Faced with the impact of new entrant Xiaomi, the bull adjusted its product line and price strategy in a timely manner, successfully raised prices after quickly adapting to the market, gradually reduced the quagmire of low-price competition, and fully demonstrated the leading brand bargaining power; in terms of channels, the bull has a millionThe physical outlets rebuild the offline “Taobao” within easy reach, coupled with the store recruitment to bring excellent advertising effects, while online channels occupy absolute market share.

In terms of management, the company’s products have the attributes of durable consumer goods, but they also have Coca-Cola FMCG management models. They use distribution, sales, and store recruitment methods to effectively boost channel and brand power.

In addition, in terms of supply chain, the company cooperates with core suppliers on the raw material side to control costs and ensure delivery time. The production side is supplemented by OEM to increase sales scale to seize market share.

The bull has created a strong core competitive advantage through brand power, channel power, and management power.

Growth momentum: The converter faucet is solid, the wall is open, LED lighting, and digital accessories provide new growth momentum in the future.

In our budget converter, the scale of the wall-opening industry exceeds 100 and 200 trillion respectively. The market share of bull converters has steadily increased, and the wall-opening market share is 13.

There is room for growth of 7%; LED lighting and digital accessories industries are all over 100 billion in size and the concentration is reduced. The bull is expected to replicate its core competitiveness in the 武汉夜网论坛 converter market and continue to increase its market share in other areas of civilian electricians.

And after the company’s successful listing, it is expected that capital leverage will be accelerated towards the civilian electric giant.

Investment suggestion: We are optimistic about the channels, brands, and product moats that the bull has in the converter industry, and the competitive advantage extends to the wall opening, LED lighting, and digital accessories fields. The company promotes the transition from a leader in the field of civil electricians to a giant.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 23 respectively.

79, 28.

48, 34.

51 ppm, EPS (diluted) is 3 respectively.

97, 4.

75, 5.

75 yuan.

With reference to an estimate of 23 times that of comparable companies, and that the profit growth rate in 20 years and 21 years is expected to be in the 20% -25% range, the company will be given a 20-25 times valuation.

Covered for the first time and given a “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: New business expansion is less than expected, raw material prices fluctuate, competition in the industry is intensifying, and the real estate industry’s prosperity is declining.