50 states and regions announced the anti-monopoly investigation of Google

Original title: 50 states and regions announced that the anti-monopoly investigation of Google September 9, including the 50 states and regions, including Texas, officially announced the anti-monopoly investigation of Google.

For nearly a period of time, dozens of local governments have initiated anti-monopoly investigations including Facebook, Google, etc. Public opinion analysis believes that the new round of anti-monopoly waves not only make these Silicon Valley Technologies have stressed, but also increased concerns about these major technical companies may harm competition. Anti-monopoly set off a new wave for this anti-monopoly survey, Texas General Prosecutor, said that Google "controlled all aspects of Internet advertising and Internet search." He said that the initial focus of the investigation is online advertising. According to the data of EMARKETER in the electronic market, Google is the leader in this area, with more than $ 48 billion this year.

The speakers from Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska and Columbia proposed a series of issues worthy of concern, including Google Treatment and Sorting Search Results and User Personal Information Protection Problems. General Utah True Prosecutor Xiao En Rays said, "As long as it is a fair doing things, it has nothing wrong with the leader."

He said that although there is "innocence assumption" in the investigation, the complaints of Google "are everywhere."

Parkston also said that it is only a survey now, not prosecution.

For this survey, Google has not been collected.

Shortly on September 6th, the 8 states and the Columbia Sector launched an anti-monopoly investigation on the Facebook.

The states participating in this survey include New York, Colorado, Florida, Eaohua, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee.

The leader of this survey, the True Prosecutor General, New York, said in a statement, "We will use all surveys to investigate whether the action of the Facebook is endangering consumer data, damaging the interests of consumers or increases Advertising price ". The Facebook responded in a statement that "constructively" cooperates with this survey.

Will Castebury, Vice President of Facebook Responsible for Prefecture and Local Policy, "We welcome the dialogue with decision makers". " According to reports, the US government has been actively promoting the review of large-scale technology companies, Tennessee, Nebraska and Louisiana are rushing in front. Tennessee General Herbert Srestley has said early in June, and the "structural change of the government" is very necessary "early in June. True Procuratorate General of Louisiana also criticized Google to control online advertising, saying that it has the ability to publish advertisers less easily using other platforms, and reduce their efficiency.

He said: "Google is choosing who will lose, because this system is beneficial to them." The survey of the state governments strengthened the policy of decision makers to hurt the competition for Silicon Valley. According to reports, some state governments have oppressed the anti-monopoly of the US Department of Justice, and discuss the monopoly problem of large-scale technology companies. Dellahim said in August that they are coordinated with the state government. Silicon Valley Enterprise Pressure is increased, and the new wave of anti-monopoly investigations in the US state government has increased the increasing review pressure of Silicon Valley Technology.

Previously, the US Congress and the Ministry of Justice successively launched a survey and assessment of the monopoly of large-scale technology companies. In June, the US Congress House Judicial Committee launched a comprehensive anti-monopoly survey of "from top to bottom", involving major technical companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

In July, the US Department of Justice also launched an anti-monopoly assessment of large-scale technology companies.

On September 6th, Google confirmed that the document received from the Ministry of Justice requested related records.

On September 3, the Senate Judicial Committee Anti-monopoly Subcommittee announced that he will hold a hearing on the monopoly of technical enterprises, focusing on enterprise mergers and acquisitions such as Facebook and Google.

The chairman of the committee, the Republican Senator Mike Li said in a statement that technology companies usually use the acquisition of improvement competition, but this "also has the risk of challenging its leading position in the future."

Public opinion believes that with the development of the survey, other technologies will also be pulled in soon, whether as the objectives of other surveys or as witnesses. According to sources, cases based on multiple defendants based on different (damage) demands will double. Prior to this, the Facebook had encountered a series of impact.

In July, the US Federal Trade Board fined $ 5 billion in his face. After the declaration of $ 5 billion, the US Federal Trade Commission also announced a separate anti-monopoly survey of Facebook. Facebook is also depressed in other series of lawsuits that have nothing to do with anti-monopoly, including Washington, DC Prosecutor’s investigation of "Cambridge Analysis" scandal, Illinois’s face identification data collection case and California trial of 30 million in 2018 User account data is leaked, etc.

Now, Facebook has also been submitted to the various parties in the 2020 currency "Libra".

On September 4, Google and Youku agreed to pay for the US dollars to solve a lawsuit caused by illegal tracking video viewers. The lawsuit says that Google and Youku pass the information of the video viewer to send "directional advertising" to them. The White House is also in pressure to the large technology company, and threats will investigate their objection to the prejudice of the conservative, including Facebook and Twitter. On July 11, many of the most controversial conservative authorities gathered in the White House and discussed social media suppressed conservative speech.

Since 2016, the review of social media has always been the topic of people’s intense debate. At that time, the conservatives began to accuse the social media platform to limit their views in unfair way.

After the election is over, this argument has not stopped.

Trump also continues to increase the criticism of these social media. He said that these companies review the conservative sounds and hold a prejudice.

He also pushed before July 11, "Today, the White House will hold a grand and very important social media summit" "" Without social media, I will become a US president (maybe)! "Google, Facebooks and twitched repeatedly denied the allegations of political reviews.

However, some public opinion believe that these companies have the final issue of their respective platforms, which undoubtedly opens a door to the review institution.

The prospects of the investigation have to be observed, and the views of all parties are different from those of these surveys. Some public opinion believes that all kinds of surveys are being carried out, which may make these Silicon Valley Technologies face the legal situation that Microsoft caught in Microsoft 20 years, and even leads to the company’s split.

Many 2020 Democratic presidential election also issued a similar appeal. Studies have shown that basic business models of these large technology companies are being threatened.

CEO of the CEO of the new company Ethyca, a new company, said that these companies are considered leading sheep in various industries, and the compliance is not optional, better data behavior and operation to business growth. And safety operations are increasingly important. However, Daniel Avis, an analyst at Verde Bush Securities at Los Angeles, believes that the possibility of finalizing these companies is not large. He said that the possible results is "there is no damage to the rules". Of course, there will be some fine punishment in some worst cases.

Avis said that it is necessary to "very difficult" against these major technology companies. According to the relevant data of EMARKETER of the electronic market, the US advertising overhead of this year reached 129.3 billion US dollars, Google is expected to occupy 37%, and his face accounts for about 22%, while Amazon’s accounting will increase from 7% in 2018 to 9%.

Avis said that it is difficult for these companies "too much and must be split". He said that splitting company is because they are "very big", if they do not modify existing antitrust, they will fail.

However, the current anti-monopoly law does not involve the situation of the company’s business, if so, the Wal-Mart Supermarket has been split as early as decades ago.

However, for managers, this is not just a problem of market share. James said in a statement, "Even the largest social media platform in the world must comply with laws and respect consumers." (Editor: Song Xin Rui, Zhao Guangxia) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Crack the key difficulties to solve the problem of the "River Lake Long + Prosecutor" collaboration mechanism in Hubei

Hubei Daily News (Reporter Ai Hongxia, correspondent Liu Yang, Liu Chao) Provincial People’s Procuratorate, Provincial River Lake Chief Office recently issued the "Guidance Opinions on the Establishment of" River Lake Long + Prosecutor "(hereinafter referred to as" Guidance "), decided to establish the" River Lake Leak + Procurator-General "collaborative mechanism in the province, and give full play to the important role of public welfare litigation procuratorate in the construction of water ecological civilization, and further strengthen the head system of the river lake, and jointly promote the Yangtze River protection. Accelerate the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development in our province.

It is reported that since the head of the river lake, Hubei Province, the city, counties, townships and villages have had more than 10,000 people in the river, the rivers and lakes and contact units are inspected, and a large number of rivers have been solved. The environmental problem of the lake, the surface of the rivers and lakes is significantly improved, and the water quality continues to be good, but there are still some historical renewal problems urgently need to solve.

"Guidance Opinions" surround water protection, water pollution prevention, water environment improvement, water ecological repair, etc. Conference Mechanism, Information Sharing Mechanism, Handling Cooperation Mechanism, Joint Supervision Mechanism, River Lake Ecological Environment Damage Compensation Connection Mechanism.

According to the collaboration mechanism, the media is highly concerned, the major cases of the Henan environmental resources protection, the rivers and lakes, and the prosecutors can jointly conduct guidance related responsible units.

The problem of destroying the environmental resources of the rivers and lakes in the province, there is a major social impact of the environmental resources protection, the people’s procuratorate and the rivers and lake long-term office will convene relevant responsible units to jointly carry out joint special action, for major The problem is listed and supervised.

At the same time, the relevant responsible units violated the authority or not, causing national interests or social public interests, the people’s procuratorate will be handled as an administrative public welfare lawsuit, and urge it to perform according to law.

For the behavior of damage to the social public interest in the corruption of the river lake, the procuratorate will file civil public welfare lawsuits according to law and urge violations to repair or compensate according to law. It is reported that after this opinion is implemented, the provincial, municipal and county three levels will establish the "River Lake Leach + Procurator-General" collaborative organization system, and the procuratorates of all levels jointly promote the management of rivers and lakes, the province The people’s procuratorate and the rivers and lake long-term office and related responsible units can achieve legal supervision and administrative supervision effective connection, and severely crack down on various critical resources of environmental resources in the river, and urge the administrative organ to perform their duties according to law, and urge relevant responsible people according to law. The river lake environmental resources will be repaired or compensated, which will provide system guarantee for the sustainable utilization of the river lake.

Chengde, Hebei: Strengthening "Two Rivers and Treatment" Baolu

Many bumbles, both sides of the mountains and green. A few days ago, from the air overlooking the Panjiakou Reservoir, I saw a pool of water slowly flowing down from the reservoir dam, and the source of pure city was continuously supplied to Tianjin.

However, as the Panjiakou Reservoir of the "Advancement" main project, it has caused a sharp deterioration in the water quality due to the densely raised fish net box.

In order to ensure the safety of the water quality, in 2017, Chengde implemented an important tributary of Juanhe, the water pollution control and basin of Panjiakou Reservoir area, and the water quality has been continuously improved. The monitoring data of the ecological environmental department shows that the water quality of the Huihe outbound Panjiakou Reservoir and the oil quality of the Qihe Outbound will reach the II standard.

"It is necessary to maintain a long time, water, shore green, and must strongly promote the river, the river ‘two rivers.

Luo Chi people said, in this regard, Chengde has established a leading group of the Municipal Ecological Environment Protection Committee and the mayor of the Municipal Ecological Environment Protection Committee and the mayor of the Mayor, and planned to promote water pollution control. At the same time, Establish "Drainage Length" and "River Lake Song" system, will be implemented in person by one by one, and the implementation of water pollution prevention and treatment work assessment and reward and punishment accountability system strengthening responsibility.

In response to the problem of weak pollution, Chengde implemented "three-year-old key pollution project", total investment of 4.1 billion yuan, construction of 107 project projects, urban sewage treatment rate reached%, and county sewage treatment rate reached%.

In response to the problem of "two rivers" soil loss, Chengde promoted the "800 Luanhe Water Quality Protection Project" and "200 Dichao River Corridge Engineering", comprehensively carrying the construction of river ecological shields and river buffers, eroding grooves, shore Engineering and river ecological repair and other projects, gradually solve the problem of sedimentation of sedimentation. At this stage, 48 projects were implemented, with a total investment of 100 million yuan, and 17 were completed, and 16 were built.

In addition, Chengde promotes industrial enterprises and sewage-exhibiting mouth rectification. 23 have completed standardized construction in the river sewage port. It is performing approval procedures; complete 275 rural domestic sewage harmless treatment facilities cover tasks; The construction rate of the stain treatment facility reached 100%; 60-8 million mu of afforestation per year, governing the water and soil loss area of ??500-600 square kilometers.

(Multimedia) Resumen China Gana Cuatro Medaleas de Oro en Segundo Día de Juegos Paralímpicos de Invierno de Beijing Spaans.xinhuaet.com

. Yanqing, Beijing, 6mar (Xinhua) – ChinaganóhoydomingocuatromedallasdeoroenlasegundajornadadelosactualesJuegosParalímpicosdeInviernodeBeijing, tomandounaventajadominanteenelmedallerocon16medallasentotal, incluidasseisdeoro, eoroenelCentroNacionaldeEsquíóuntiempoganadordeunminutoy13,54segundosenlacarreradepiesupergigante (Super-G) femeninaparaganarlaprimeramedalladeorodeChinaenlascompetenciasdeesquíalpinodelosJuegosParalímpicosdeInvierno, mientrasqueLiangtriunfóenSúper-Gmasculinosentadoscon1: 09,11 "Estoyencantadayemocionadadeganareloroencasa", dijoZhang "Superómisexpectativas, nuncapenséenganarunamedalladeoro", dijoLiang "Simplementesupusequeseríabuenosimedesempeabaenunnivelnormal .." .ZhuDaqingyZhangWenjingagregaronelbronceenlascompetenciasfemeninasSúperGparapersonasconproblemasdevisiónysentadasaunequipochinodeesquíparaalpinoqueestáíalpinoeldomingo, AlexandraRexovadeEslovaquia (SúperGfemeninoconproblemasdevisión), MomokaMuraokadeJapón (SúperGsentadofemenino), NeilSimpsondeReinoUnido (SúperGmasculinoconproblem asdevisión) yJesperPedersendeNoruega (SúperGsentadomasculino), losesquiadoresparalímpicoschinosdefondoZhengPengyMaoZhongwu, YangHongqiong, logróeloroenlargadistanciafemeninosentado, 32,1segundospordelantedelaestrellaestadounidenseOksanaMasters, yLiPanpanterminóenterceraposición. "Hablandoconfranqueza, esperabaunamedallaperonounoro, sabíaquelasrivaleseranmuycompetitivas", dijoYang. "Sólomeconcentréenmíélacarrera, teníaganasdehacerlatareaenlaescuela" .Enlaspreliminaresdehockeysobrehieloparalímpico, ChinavencióalaRepúblicaCheca5-2eItaliasuperóóalaRepú, ChinavencióaEstonia9-3despuéáliderólassesionesdetodoscontratodoscontresvictoriasenlamismacantidaddejuegosdespuésdevenceraLetonia10-3 ..

Shaanxi 15 large ruins included in the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning of the National Cultural Relics Bureau will continue to build Xi’an Squad Site Protection and Use of Shaanxi Svents – Rolling News

[Abstract] It is understood that in 145 listings in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, Shaanxi accounted for 15 points, accounting for one tenth of total. On November 18, Huashang reporter learned from Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau that there were 15 major sites in Shaanxi, were included in the National Cultural Relics Bureau’s "14th Five-Year Plan". In addition, in the Great Wall, Qin Diaway, Dao Daozhi Site, Shaanxi, is also included in Shaanxi.

  The big site is the core cultural relics resources of the Human Human History, 10,000 Years of Cultural History, History of History of History in China. According to the 14th five-year planning of the National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and the "Favorites Objective Outline" and "" 14th Five-Year Plan " "14th Five-Year Plan".

  It is understood that there are 145 people in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, and there are lists of protection and utilization, and there are 15 in Shaanxi, about one tenth of total. They are: Yang Guanzhai Site, Shizhen Site, Zhou Yuan Site, Fengyi Site, Qin Yongcheng Site, Suyang City Site, Qin Xianyang City Site, Afang Palace Site, Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, Han Chang’an City Site, Western Han Dynasty (including Thin Taoming), Sui Dynasty Tang Chang’an City Site (including Daming Palace Site), Tang Dynasty Emperor Mausoleum (including Shun Ling), Dai Wancheng Site, Huangbao Town Yaozhou Kiln Site. In addition, in the Great Wall, Grand Canal, Qin Diaway, Shu Dao, Ming and Qinghai Dead, and Ming and Qinghai Dead, and Shaanxi, in Shaanxi, to be included in the Great Wall, Qin Dynasty, and Many.

Specifically, the Great Wall (the first batch of national-level Great Walls in the province), Qin Dao (Qin Diaway Starting Site, Qin Zhidao Yan’an Section), 道 (道 道 南 驿, 傥 傥 道 周 段, 斜 道Dam section). Based on this special plan, the main pattern is fundamentally formed by 2025 sites.

The cultural relics and surrounding environments have made important results in archaeological research, protection management, display utilization, education and leisure, inheritance innovation, communication exchange, etc., form a batch of replicated, promotional demonstration cases, Chinese characteristic site protection Using the theoretical system system is more sound, inheriting national cultural soft power, inheriting China’s outstanding traditional culture, promoting high quality development of economic and social, and constructing an important role in building human fate communies.

  The special planned main tasks include: Strengthening the archaeological work of the large site, perfecting the spatial use control measures of the big site, deepening the theoretical system research and technology applications, implementing the comprehensive protection project of the main site, enhancing the level of the exhibition, promoting the National Archaeological Site Park High quality development, building a new era of large site protection and utilization, innovation of large sites protection utilization system mechanism.

  Among them, in terms of improving the level of the large site, a number of empirical civilization origins will be promoted to highlight cultural inheritance, witnessing national integration, confirming the civilized mutual replacement, including continuously promoting the stone ruins to declare the World Heritage. In the construction of the new era, the new era of the new era, the Silk Road, Qin Dao, Yu Dao, Wanli Tea Department, South Yue Gujing Road, Xiang Gui Gu Road, Hexi Corridor, etc., continue to build Xi’an, Luoyang, Zhengzhou , Qufu, Jingzhou, Chengdu Site Protection uses the film area, outline civilization latitude and latitude, and continues the Chinese culture.

  Hua Shang reporter Ma Ti Zhen Source: Hua Shang.com – China Business News.

Promote smart city construction Qing Xu taxi installed "monitor"

"In the future, I didn’t just the taxi driver, I also became a part-time air quality supervisor." On July 30th, the Qingxu County Taxi Driver Wang Master Wang looked at the newly installed mobile monitoring equipment, half-jokes and half seriously said . Like the master of the same king, all taxi in Qingxu County have recently been equipped with mobile monitoring equipment, which can monitor the air quality of various urban roads in real time.

If there is pollution, the video AI module in the car can be automatically delivered, and the real-time return data to the smart Qing Xu platform, the platform will depend on the vehicle position, and the air quality data formation trajectory of the vehicle transmission, the platform staff forms the corresponding analysis according to the vehicle feedback trajectory .

The car environmental protection application is only an application scenario in the construction of the city of Xu Zhihui.

Qingxu County uses new generation information technology such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc. Including wisdom housing construction, smart city management, wisdom, smart environmental protection, etc. In terms of smart urban management, the urban area implements grid management, collecting grids every day and promptly affects the incidents of illegal outdoor advertisements, chaos materials, etc.

Through the AI ??sharing analysis platform, intelligent analysis of the incident such as fire, smoke, and inverted garbage, timely and effectively, and improve the happiness of residents. It is understood that from December 2019, it is now, the wisdom Qingxu operatory platform reaches% to various events.

The platform also integrates video resources in the county, and has been accessed in various public video materials.

Next, Qing Xu will gradually go online, smart parking, wisdom, WIL, smart community, smart park, etc., form a public information service support platform that is highly fused with information resources. (Wu Xiaomin) (Editor: Li Meng Wen, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shandong: In 2020, the province’s ocean production is 131.87 billion yuan, accounting for 16.48% of the total national ocean product.

People’s Network Jinan November 2nd (Zhu Tong Zhen) On November 2nd, the Shandong Provincial People’s Government held a press conference to interpret the "2020 Shandong Ocean Economic Statistics Publication".

According to Zhang Jiandong, Director Shandong Provincial Bureau, 2020, the province’s ocean production is 1318.7 billion yuan, and it returns to the% of the previous year, accounting for% GDP, accounting for% of the national ocean product.

The growth specific gravity of the 2020 years is%,%,%, first industries, and the second industry has increased over the previous year, and the proportion of the tertiary industry has declined.

The main maritime industries in the province increased by 507.3 billion yuan, recovered to the% of the previous year.

In addition to the coastal tourism, marine oil and gas, marine saline, and other marine industries achieve gentle growth. In the face of the serious impact of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the provincial party committee, the provincial government adheres to the people’s first, life first, and insists on steady and advances the overall tone, adheres to the overseement of epidemic prevention and economic and social development, the province’s marine economy has steadily recovered, structure Continuous optimization. The relevant departments and the coastal city have introduced a series of policy measures that postpone the use of gold, improve water supply subsidies, and electricity discount, and increase fiscal rewards to help the marine industries rebounded.

Strengthen planning and leading role, formulating the "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sea Water Dilution and Comprehensive Utilization Industries" "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Ocean Biomedical Industry" . The industries such as marine engineering construction industry, marine electricity, and seawater utilization industry have achieved steady development, with a year-on-year increase of%,%, and%.

The marine biomedical industry achieved an added value of 12.7 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. Shandong ports accelerate the world-class marine port as the total goal, speed up from the loading and unloading port to the hub, trade port, financial port. In 2020, 35 new container routes were added, including 18 foreign trade routes, number of routes and densities in the first place in North China.

Independent innovation breaks industry technology barriers, 10 techniques worldwide first, 7 times breaks world records, master core key technologies. In Qingdao Port, take the lead in achieving automation of unloading machines, the world’s first container intelligent air rail set of transport system is completed; in Rizhao Port, the world’s first shore open fully automated container terminal; in Dongying Port, the world’s first automation door Enabled.

In 2020, the marine transportation industry achieved an added value of 114 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate, and the industrial scale ranks first in the country.

The province’s coastal port throughput completes billion tons, a year-on-year growth rate; in which container throughput has completed 31.91 million tanks, a year-on-year growth rate; foreign trade throughput accumulated billion tons, year-on-year growth%.

The key technologies of the marine industry have continued to achieve new breakthroughs, and science and technology can promote the transformation and upgrading of marine economy.

Shandong New Old Dynamic Energy Conversion Ocean Biomedical Industry Investment Fund Phase I $ 100 million, providing strong support for marine drug research, in-depth implementation of China’s "Blue Pharmacco" development plan, national immune anti-tumor marine new drug BG136 is about to enter clinical trials stage.

Start the pilot demonstration project of sea wind power integration development. Formation of Shandong Sea Water Dilution and Comprehensive Utilization Industry Research Institute, to create a seawater desalination R & D chain and industrial chain, reverse osmosis seawater and high pressure pump technology research won the first prize of Shandong Ocean Science and Technology Innovation Award.

The world’s first 100,000-ton smart fisheries large breeding boat "Guoxin No. 1" started construction.

Yantai Wanhua Million Tons Ethylene, Dongying Wenlian Chemical 2 million tons of PX Project Phase I High quality development in the chemical industry. The 2020 marine science education management service industry increased year-on-year.

The ocean clean energy industry has developed rapidly and helped to achieve "double carbon" goals. In 2020, the province’s ocean wind power generated by 100 million kilowatts, a year-on-year increase.

39 seawater desalination projects, Nissan can reach 10,000 tons.

Qingdao has been approved in the country’s only country deep sea green farming test area, and builds a industrial chain that integrates deep-sea farming, breeding, processing, equipment manufacturing, and Weihai vigorously promotes the construction of marine pasture ecological complex. Ecological breeding area layout. Accelerate the resilience of marine ecology, and 29 implementation of the Bohai to attack the ocean ecological restoration project, which has been rectified by 4,675 hectares of coastal wetlands, shoreline kilometers,%,%, respectively,%,%, respectively.

(Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Tianjin: 39,600 cases of consolidation rate of 3.96 million substitutions in the masses reached 97.5%

Original title: The problem of solving the problem of the problem of the masses reaches% yesterday, the Tianjin Municipal Political Team Education and Cutting Leading Group Office jointly held a press conference to report the second batch of political and legal team education to the masses. From the first part of the Party Central Committee, the "assembly number" of the political and legacy of the Party Central Committee, the municipal law system from the District Party Committee and the Regional Political and Legal Unit, and the city’s prisons, drug rehabilitation, to the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Law The unit, from the bottom-up and batch of education, this is a self-revolutionary self-revolution, turbidity, "Yan’an,", the soul of the soul, this is a firm ideal belief Let the initial heart to make the spiritual baptism and party sex.

"According to the party’s central government, from mid-August to mid-November, the country has carried out three months of the second batch of political and legal team education for rectification, we focus on the soul of loyalty, put learning education throughout; focus on the horses, Seven can’t cut the ‘seven no’ problem; focus political ecological construction, comprehensive completeness of the influence of the fluid; focus on stubborn diseases, promote the establishment of constitutional constitution, long-term performance … "Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Primary Secretary, Deputy Secretary, City Zhang Liang, deputy director of the Political and Legal Team Education, Reorganization, said that education rectification achieved the expected results.

Loyalty to build political loyalty is the primary task of the political and legal team education.

How to build a loyal root base? During the second batch of education and rectification, the Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee and municipal law units will organically integrate political education, warning education, and English educational. Putting the study and implementing the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law and General Secretary Xi Jinping as a major political task; choosing trendy and representation of English model, advanced typical 261, holding 120 English-modified deduction reports; close attention to key issues, thoroughly People and "things", investigated a group of violations of laws and law police police, highlighting the distinctive attitude of resolutely implementing party central decision-making deployment and comprehensiveness of strict control of party police.

Acting as a leader of action. "We used education to rectify the university’s entrepreneurial god.

"Zhang Liang said that the Municipal Party Committee Political and Legal Committee, the municipal law all units strengthen the production of the standard, actively carry out the information of the letter and visits to clean up and concentrate on governance, continue to deepen complex cases to attack and resolve, implement leadership cases, listing supervision, etc., comprehensive investigation 2018 has not 11147 pieces involved in the case involvement involved in the case, concentrated strength to attack 10,866 pieces, resolve the rate of resolution; Kidnapping case, 100% of the explosion case, the case of telecommunications network fraud, and the capture rate is double enhancement.

For the people "people-oriented" is all the starting point and the foothold of all work. The education and rectification, the municipal law organs put "trial gold" for private practices as a test of political and legal team education, law enforcement justice is the people’s speed temperature.

"As of now, the municipal law organs a total of 10,000 people to solve the masses.

Zhang Liang said that we organized the party members’ police "a day of the netbook" into the round value, carry out the "Law Consultation of the Old Legal Obligation" and "Civil Code" lectures and "Civil Code" into the military camp ". In-depth units, communities, schools preach drug hazards and drug rehabilitation cases, enhance the safety awareness and legal awareness; free for the first time for the first time for the old man over 80 years old, free for the first time for the first time for the age of 60 years old, Receiving a pension, relief, labor insurance, etc. to develop a non-evimation fee reduction, and to make the disabled or low-income people who meet the conditions of legal aid, and effectively pass the party’s warmth to the people.

"At present, the second batch of education and rectification in our city has entered the sprint stage. We will take the firmness, high quality and high standards of" strict relief party governance forever on the road "." Absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable Jinmen Political Army. "Zhang Liang said. Inviting the masses to review the requirements for further implementation of the political and legal team education to rectify the requirements of the people to participate, let the masses supervise, by the masses of the evaluation, the municipal law team education rectification leading group office is "I have practical practice" from the whole municipal law. " The activity example conducts a network selection, inviting the public to be "referees", let practical things really align the people "appetite". Carry out a big visit to a large-scale investigation, turning the "question list" reflected by the masses into the "Duty List"; forming a volunteer service small pilot, turning "waiting for the masses" into "send service to the door"; optimization process, improve efficiency … 100 "I do practical things for the masses", panorama shows the square of the municipal law for the people’s practical practical practical things, which case let you impressive? Which case is there so that you feel warm? From now until November 7, you can vote from 10 typical examples from 100 cases by paying attention to the "Tianjin Political Law" WeChat public account.

(Reporter Han Wen) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.

“Mayor Xia!I will tell you the situation,We withdrew。It’s this time,Comrades didn’t even eat dinner“Wu Qiang smiled and said to Xia Jian who had just entered the office。

Xia Jian smiled awkwardly and said:“I forgot my belly in a hurry,I didn’t even know about eating。How about this!We go all the way,Go to Pingyang Town to eat Lao Yang’s fried noodles,I promise to make you happy“
“OK!I have long heard that Mayor Xia is an invisible rich man,Then you have this meal tonight?“Wu Qiang and Xia Jian are joking,The atmosphere in the house suddenly eased。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“The rich dare not say,But this meal is still affordable。your people,Plus Director Lei,Me please“
Which policemen in the yard heard that Xia Jian asked them to eat fried noodles,Started booing,It means Xia Jian is too stingy。
Xia Jian winked at Tong Jie and said:“Go out and close the door,By the way, call Lao Yang,Let him carry and reconcile what we people say,He will be in a hurry“
Tong Jie understood Xia Jian’s meaning,Just about to close,Zhao Delin squeezed。He smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Mayor Xia!Anyway, I am also the deputy mayor of Hejiaping Village,You must let me know the results of this survey!“
“Zhao Delin,You may be mistaken。You are the deputy mayor,But you are just an empty title in Pingyang Town, don’t you know?Moreover,The cadre in Hejiaping Village is Xiong Sanqiang,You are just assisting his work“Xia Jianyi is angry,So he called Zhao Delin’s name,This person makes him so angry。
Being scolded by Xia Jian in front of so many people,Who changed,Everyone has a temper。I saw Zhao Delin stood up fiercely,He patted the table and said:“Xia Jian,You are too much。Pingyang Town is not yours,You still want to cover the sky with one hand?This is endless,You wait“
Zhao Delin was furious,I slammed the door very loudly before leaving。
“What are you doing with such a bad temper?,My door didn’t mess with him,If you break it, you have to pay“He Yonggui is joking,Go over and close the door tightly。
Wu Qiang lowered his voice and said:“It really has nothing to do with this kid,Obviously someone framed him,And this bag of potatoes was put in his pigpen after we entered the village this afternoon。Director Lei was also there when I asked He Daniu just now,He and I agree on this matter“
“In this case,He Daniu should be put back?”Xia Jian quietly consulted Wu Qiang and Lei Yu。
Wu Qiang smiled and said:“This kind of case was originally in charge of Director Lei,We just came here to help,Director Lei should arrange this!”
“Release people first,Then we go back to eat and study”Thunderstorm said,Glanced outside。
First1605chapter Reasoning case
Xia Jian counts,I really invited the police officer who handled the case to a meal of fried noodles,Of course, adding a few dishes is indispensable。In principle,This is a violation of the rules and regulations。
But the police are also human,It’s people who have to eat,And the case is up to this point,Eating a meal is normal。Of course Xia Jian left early after paying the money,He is good for everyone,Avoid others gossiping。
Once he returned to the office in Pingyang Town,,Secretary Wang rushed in,He asked angrily:“What exactly is going on?Zhao Delin drove to town on a motorcycle before you,Say you cover the sky with one hand,Insult him in public,He also said he was going to the city to sue you”

“what’s up?”

“I……I think……”
Huang Zhiming is also the fourth master of Qingfeng Village anyway,Asking people to do things naturally understands the principle of giving first and asking for later,Hurry up:“I want to invite you two to have a meal!”
“eat?Not interested in。”
Chen Xiu keeps going,Even pretending to say casually with the torture head on the side:“Brother Xing,This is my first time in Qingfeng Town,Is there a place for evening entertainment?”
1191 Flower wine
The torturer hasn’t spoken yet,Huang Zhiming catches up again,Said with a smile:“Expert,I know that there are some new girls in Meiyuan recently。give me a chance,Let me call you two。”
“It doesn’t matter whether it is new,Anyway, be the groom every night。Mainly this girl is not pretty,”
“Yes……Yes……Guarantee is……What fish……What geese……”
Huang Zhiming has limited education,After stuttering for a long time, I only came up with the adjectives of a fish and a goose,On the side of the torturer’s head, he couldn’t help but say:“Shen Yuluoyan!”
“Correct……Correct,Shen Yuluoyan!”
Chen Xiu rubs his hands together,Said in a hurry:“What are you waiting for,hurry up,Walk up the plum garden!”
“go,this way please!”
Huang Zhiming led Chen Xiu over,Thought in mind:“I’m not afraid that you are good for moneyicolor,Hello to you,Can learn your gambling skills,I’ll pay back how much I spend!”