Jinshan Office (A17083) In-depth Report: Autonomous and Controllable Yangfan Intelligent Cloud with Flag

Jinshan Office (A17083) In-depth Report: Autonomous and Controllable Yangfan Intelligent Cloud with Flag
Autonomy and control are imminent, and intelligent cloudification has a bright future.Kingsoft office technology, rich product and customer resource accumulation reserves, troika (authorization + subscription + advertising) synergistically drive C-side + BG-side growth, helping the company to become a domestic software independent controllable flag carrier and pioneer of cloud transformationThe board IPO is worth watching. After thirty years of hardening, Jinshan has become a core domestic brand in the field of basic software.Kingsoft Office’s core product, WPSOffice, provides organizations and individuals with office software functions such as PC + mobile collaborative text, forms, presentations, and PDF reading.After more than 30 years of development, the company has become a leader in domestic office software, and has leveraged localization and genuine Dongfeng to promote the transformation of its business model to cloud-based subscription services.In 2018, the company’s total revenue was 1.1 billion, an increase of over 50%; net profit attributable to mothers was achieved3.10 trillion, ten years + 45%. Genuine controllable trends, cloud-based intelligence becomes the future direction of the office software industry.The China office software market size was 85 in 2018.34 trillion, Ji Shi Information predicts that the market will reach 149 by 2023.04 billion, cloud collaboration, AI empowerment 南宁桑拿 has become a core trend.Global market leader in the market structure, domestic Jinshan dominate.We believe that with the strong demand for value-added office services and the coordination of national legalization and independent controllable policies, the domestic office software market is expected to achieve a new round of development, and the market size and growth of leading companies are also expected to exceed market expectations. The C-end high-quality products achieved massive customer acquisition and initial advertising monetization, and the value-added subscription service met the pain points of demand and opened up the liquidation space.WPS’s five characteristics of easy operation, high compatibility, light weight, integration, and synergy attract the company’s MAU Super 3.1 billion, as an initial realization of the advertising business is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 20%; meanwhile, C-terminal value-added services represented by WPS members and rice hull members, using practical functions, ultra-high cost performance to meet the pain points of demand, membership conversion3)%) + ARPU boost helps C-end subscriptions continue to explode. BG end genuine + domestically driven authorization growth, cloudization subscriptions are ready to go.The company has perfect high-quality functions, high cost performance and high autonomy. In party and government agencies, institutions and large and medium-sized enterprises, a high proportion (80% + in some areas) of initial customer coverage has been achieved, combining genuine and autonomous controllable policiesIt is expected that the actual market share and business scale will continue to increase, and billions of cloud-based office sites will be opened up.At the same time, the WG + cloud office on the BG side has gradually expanded to realize the transformation from an authorization model to a cloud-based subscription service, which helps to improve service quality and customer stickiness. Risk factors: IPO progress, product promotion is less than expected; evaluation rate increases slowly; total government demand. Investment suggestion: The company has abundant customer resources and promotes the penetration of value-added subscription services based on advertising and software licensing business.The company plans to land on the science and technology board and raise funds20.5 billion US dollars, leveraging the capital market to explore a wide range of intelligent cloud potential, and become a flag bearer in autonomous and controllable fields.It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 4.3.3 billion / 5.93 ppm / 7.9.7 billion (comparable companies average 2019 PE 58.85x, PS 11.63x).As the company is still in the initial public offering stage and has no target price and rating, it is recommended to actively pay attention to the progress of the initial public offering.

Jianyou Co., Ltd. (603707): The rapid growth of performance is in line with expectations, opening up the international industrial chain of injections

Jianyou Co., Ltd. (603707): The rapid growth of performance is in line with expectations, opening up the international industrial chain of injections

Event: The company achieved operating income in the first half of 2019, net profit attributable to mothers, and non-net profit attributable to mothers were 11, respectively.

7.7 billion, 2.

8.9 billion, 2.

80 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.

44%, 27.

34%, 30.

13%; Realized 青岛夜网 operating income in the second quarter of 2019, net profit attributable to mothers, and non-net profit attributable to mothers were 5, respectively.

6.7 billion, 1.

40 billion, 1.

350,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.

78%, 33.

05%, 35.

74%; the company announced that it is planned that the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Jianyou will obtain Meistereal Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an American sterile injections operating company, through capital increase in cash and intangible assets and debt-to-equity swaps.


33% equity.

Viewpoints: The company achieved operating income in the first half of 2019, net profit attributable to mothers, and non-net profit attributable to mothers were 11, respectively.

7.7 billion, 2.

8.9 billion, 2.

80 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.

44%, 27.

34%, 30.


Among them, heparin raw material revenue is expected to be about 8 million, with an annual increase of more than 20%. The domestic sales of low-molecular-weight heparin preparations are about 8 million, an increase of about 60%; the company’s injection exports and CDMO business continue to maintain rapid growth;Interest rate 50.

08%, continued to increase, the second quarter of the single-quarter growth accelerated, the overall performance in line with expectations . the logic of internationalization of injections gradually realized, starting from 2019, the export of injections entered an explosive period.

The company is an international leader in injectables. In 2019, U.S. and European exports will usher in an outbreak: Jianyou Co., Ltd., as one of the rare domestic high-end FDA-certified injectable manufacturers, has an early layout of injectable exports. At present, 11 injectable ANDA have been approved./ Announcement of more than 30 ANDA injection products, and gradually build the core product Enoxaparin / standard heparin + small molecule anti-tumor injection + other heavy injection injection high-end injection export full product chain, in the future will benefit from the high gross profit US sterile injection market,The export of injections has entered an outbreak.
Heparin raw material + preparation integration, the properties of heparin resource products are prominent, Jianyou shares benefit from strategic crude stocks, and will continue to exert strength on heparin raw materials and low-molecular heparin preparations in the future: the heparin crude / raw material supply end has reached the upper limit in Europe and the United States, China has become the largestIncremental, due to the stable production of pigs in the main heparin raw material production areas (the number of pigs in the Chinese market will decline in 2019 due to the African swine fever epidemic), the unfavorable factors of the increase in the supply of crude heparin / raw materials, and the demand for downstream heparin preparationsStill strong, the inventory level of heparin preparation enterprises, the price of heparin raw materials will further increase in the future.

In the early stage, Jianyou Co., Ltd. has an accurate and accurate judgment on the supply of crude heparin upstream and the inventory of downstream preparation manufacturers / production of heparin injection. Since 2015, it has gradually established a crude heparin inventory.

After Enoxaparin injections are successively approved in Europe and the United States, the company will enjoy the bargaining power and raw material preparation integration advantages brought by its crude heparin inventory based on the advantages of raw materials and the European and American preparation market.

Profit forecast: We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 5-20 in 2019-2021.

97, 7.

98, 10.

3.5 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 40.

7%, 33.

7%, 29.

7%, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 31x, 23x, 18x, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: The overseas approval of injectables is less than expected; the sales of heparin raw materials are less than expected; the pressure on medical insurance control costs continues to increase; the calculation may be inaccurate from the actual; the acquisition is uncertain.

Haida Group (002311): Feed Leader Enters New Milestone, Performance Continues Steady Growth

Haida Group (002311): Feed Leader Enters New Milestone, Performance Continues Steady Growth

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report.

The company’s top management realized revenue of 421.

57 trillion, +29 ten years ago.

49%; realized net profit attributable to mother 14.

37 trillion, +19 a year.


2018Q4 company revenue 113.

23 ppm, +87 a year.

0%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

660,000 yuan, +187 a year.


The feed business has grown against the trend, and the structure of aquatic feed has continued to optimize.

The company achieved a total feed sales volume of 1070 years, + 26% for the whole year.

1) The sales volume of aquatic feed is 311 tons, an increase of 23% each year. The structure of aquatic feed products has been significantly optimized. The sales volume of specialty aquatic fish feed has increased by nearly 40%, and the growth of crayfish feed has exceeded 100%.

2) The sales volume of pig feed was 232 tons, an increase of at least 53%, which was mainly due to the increase in product power and expansion of market channels. The core regions of Guangdong and Hubei had market growth rates of more than 30%.

3) The sales volume of poultry feed is 527 every year, an increase of 19% per year, the growth of traditional breeds is steady, and the growth of broiler feed is nearly 40%.

The gross profit margin of the company’s feed business is slightly 0.


Affected by the non-plague situation for a long time, the hog industry continues to be depressed, the gross profit margin of the pig feed business has dropped, and the impact on the overall feed business has broken through; due to the unsatisfactory 厦门夜网 fish prices of major aquatic products, the gross profit margin of ordinary aquatic feed has slightly decreased.

The number of pigs raised in pig farms has increased, and the upward price of pigs has contributed to the elasticity of performance in 2019.

700,000 pigs are slaughtered by the company, + 52% a year, of which 200,000 are self-bred and fattened piglets and piglets, and 500,000 are slaughtered by the company and farmers.

Due to sluggish hog prices, hog breeding operations are expected to decrease in 2018.

Since April 2019, the average national pig price has been above 15 yuan / kg, and it is expected that it will continue to rise rapidly in the second half of the year, and the company’s pig breeding sector will contribute performance gains.

It is estimated that the company will produce 1 million pigs in 2019. Assuming that the average sales price of pigs in 2019 will reach 15-16 yuan / kg, the pig breeding business is expected to contribute 2.


600 million profit.

Investment Advice.

The company has perfected research and development and product advantages, and a perfect breeding technical service system. It is expected that the market share of feed business will continue to increase, and the feed growth rate in 2019 will remain around 20%.

The pig breeding sector will contribute performance gains in 2019.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019/20/21 will be 18 respectively.



3 ten percent, an increase of 30 per year.

6% / 44.

8% / 22.

4%, corresponding EPS is 1.


72/2.10 yuan, the current market value corresponds to PE 23.



3x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: abnormal weather, the impact of breeding epidemics, fluctuations in raw material prices, less than expected pig production, and exchange rate fluctuation risks.

Zoomlion (000157): Outstanding performance of high-growth companies in the crane industry

Zoomlion (000157): Outstanding performance of high-growth companies in the crane industry

Performance summary: The company achieved operating income of 222 in the first half of 2019.

Six ten percent, an increase of 51 per year.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 25.

800 million, an increase of 198 every year.

1%; gross profit margin 30.

0%, net interest rate 11.


  The crane industry has grown rapidly and the company’s performance is outstanding.

Benefiting from the demand for downstream infrastructure, increased environmental protection, increased 杭州桑拿网 equipment renewal requirements and artificial substitution effects, the construction machinery industry has a relatively strong economy, and the sales volume of the excavator industry has increased by 14.

2%, the sales growth rate of the truck crane industry reached 53.


In the first half of 2019, the company’s main product production and sales boomed, and its core business, concrete machinery and lifting machinery, respectively achieved revenue of 74.

900 million (+31.

2%), 110.

100 million (+94.

8%), comprehensive operating income of 222 in the first half.

600 million (+51.

2%), net profit attributable to mother 25.

800 million (+198.

1%), of which Q2 achieved revenue of 134 in a single quarter.

500 million (previously +58.

4%, +46.

9%), net profit attributable to mother 15.

700 million (previously +222.

9%, +57.


  The gross profit margin of core businesses increased, and the level of profitability continued to increase.

The company focuses on segmenting the market to be stable and deep, and the internal market share of lifting machinery and concrete machinery remains at the forefront. Among them, the internal market share of truck cranes has expanded.

8 pp.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s core business of concrete machines and crane gross profit margins increased to 27.

4%, 32.

2%, ten years +5.

2pp, + 3.

8pp, the company’s gross profit margin increased to 30.

0%, ten years +4.


  Benefiting from the improvement of operating efficiency, the company’s expense management was well controlled, and the three rates total decreased3.

0pp, of which, the management expense rate decreases by 1 every year.9pp, financial expense ratio decreased by 1.

5pp, the company achieved a net interest rate of 11.

6%, +5 per year.


  Strengthen the development of potential markets and promote intelligent manufacturing.

The company actively develops other potential markets, and lays out the earthmoving machinery sales network in advance. The G series of new generation earthmoving machinery products has been launched, and it has accelerated the deployment of aerial work platform products, machine sand, and jet robots.

The company further promotes intelligent manufacturing.

The intelligent factory for tower cranes and the intelligent production line for high-altitude operation machinery will be completed with high efficiency to realize intelligent, automated, and flexible production. The planning and construction of the intelligent manufacturing industrial park for hydraulic vehicles and the industrial park for key hydraulic components will be promoted to promote industrial agglomeration and upgrading.

  Profit forecast and rating.

Considering that the industry’s sales volume has grown rapidly in the first half of the year, the company’s growth rate far exceeds that of the industry, and its profitability has continued to increase, we carefully raise our profit forecast.

It is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will be 38-20 in 2019-2021.



0 billion, the corresponding EPS is 0.



64 yuan, corresponding estimates are 11 times, 9 times, 8 times.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

  Risk warning: The downstream infrastructure growth rate is lower than expected risk, product sales may not meet expectations, overseas business operation risk, exchange rate risk.

China Torch High-tech (600872): Internal adjustments are carried out smoothly, condiment revenue promotes growth

China Torch High-tech (600872): Internal adjustments are carried out smoothly, condiment revenue promotes growth

Core point of view: Steady revenue growth and stable profitability The company released its 2019 Interim Report and 2019H1 revenue23.

92 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Condiment subsidiary Yummy Fresh 2019H1 revenue22.

62 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

26%; single second quarter income 10.

95 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

26%, in line with market expectations.

(1) In the first half of 2019, the company’s soy sauce revenue increased by 10 year-on-year.

44%, 苏州夜网论坛 mainly due to the volume of new products and channel expansion. The number of H1 company dealers in 2019 increased by 111 compared with the end of 2018, an increase of 12.


(2) 2019H1 oyster sauce, cooking wine income increased by 60 respectively.

93% / 65.


The high revenue growth of oyster sauce and cooking wine products is mainly due to the high prosperity of the industry and channel expansion.

(3) The edible oil revenue in the first half of 2019 increased by 27 year-on-year.

20%, currently covering the South China market.

The company’s 2019H1 net profit3.

66 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.


Condiment subsidiary delicious fresh 2019H1 net profit increased by 20.

05%; net profit in the second quarter alone increased by 7.

98%, lower than market expectations, mainly due to 天津夜网 cost growth, new category expansion and management staff additions and improvements.

Yummy Fresh 2019Q2 net profit 17.

53%, a decrease from the second quarter of 2018 (high base).

31pct, which remained stable throughout 2018 and Q1 2019.

2019Q2 delicious fresh gross margin of 39.

30%, a slight decrease from the second quarter of 2018, mainly due to the following two aspects: (1) the prices of raw materials and food additives increased significantly; (2) the rapid growth of categories with reduced gross profit margins, lowering the overall level.

The sales expense ratio of Yummy Fresh in the second quarter of 2019 was slightly lower than that in the second quarter of 2018. It is expected that the sales expense ratio of the company will not be significantly increased by the company’s advertising expenses, and the company has not started to invest in paving.Increased salary and incentive bonus amortization.

Internal adjustments went smoothly, and condiment revenue is expected to accelerate growth. 2019 is the company’s internal adjustment year. The key positions of delicious fresh staff are continuously adjusted and eliminated, and the sales team’s incentive level is promoted.

According to the announcement, the company revised the “Management System for Remuneration and Performance Evaluation of Core Management Staff”, revenue guidance and bonus distribution were tilted to the backbone of middle-level business such as regional managers and increased incentives.

In addition, the company actively adjusted its product and channel layout this year, and its revenue is expected to accelerate in the next five years.

(1) Actively expand the soy sauce product line and promote the steady growth of the soy sauce business.

(2) Promote the expansion of new categories.

The company regards oyster sauce and cooking wine as the second key category and enjoys the high prosperity of the industry.

(3) The company actively promotes the expansion of blank areas and catering channels, further expands the large area, and strives to achieve refined management.

Earnings forecast We expect the company’s revenue to increase by 2019-2021.

5% / 24.9% / 17.

5%; net profit grows by 14 per year.

3% / 30.

8% / 19.

6%; EPS is 0.



36 yuan / share, the current expected corresponding PE is estimated to be 45/34/29 times.

We expect the company’s condiment business revenue to increase by 15% annually from 2019-2021.

0% / 17.

3% / 19.

5%; net profit of condiment business grows by 18.

4% / 20.

9% / 21.


Excluding the 3.5 billion market value of the real estate business, the market value of condiments was 27.7 billion US dollars, corresponding to 41/34/28 times the PE estimate.

The average PE of comparable companies in 2019 is estimated to be 44 times, and the company’s profitability is second only to Haitian. We give the company’s condiment business 44 times PE estimates in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value of 42 yuan per share, and maintain a buy rating.

Risk warning: Macroeconomic growth is less than expected; channel expansion is less than expected; food safety issues

10 possibilities to watch out for everyday food

10 possibilities to watch out for everyday food

Apart from gaining weight, I rarely think that food may cause any other complications or complications.

Isn’t there only an anesthetic for medicine or medical treatment?

However, the foods we eat often affect our health.

And some of these anomalies can be serious, some can be disturbing, and some can be embarrassing to you.

  Here are 10 alternatives caused by common foods:.

hzh{display:none;}  1.Body Odor Research has found that red meat interferes with the body’s odor.


Acne (acne) hypersaturation abnormalities and trans-obesity increase slightly increase subcutaneously, which can stimulate an increase in skin ulcers.

Scientists point out that frequent drinking of milk can also cause high incidence of acne.


Allergies Allergies are the number one discomfort in food.

In theory, any food can cause allergies.

But in fact, the culprit for 90% of allergic reactions is the following 8 food types: milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts (including Brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and walnuts), fish, shellfish, soybeans and wheat.


Candidiasis (yeast yeast infection) can cause yeast infections due to the excessive reproduction of normal yeast in the human body, and food achieves this by affecting yeast levels in the body (food provides nutrients to the yeast).

Typical foods that can cause yeast infections are: sugar, vinegar, refined yeast, baking powder, and selective yeast foods.


Heartburn and acid reflux can cause heartburn many foods, and some foods can cause weakness in the lower sphincter (a muscle that allows food from the esophagus to the stomach), which in some cases can cause stomach acid to be higher than usual.

The chance of acid reflux is greatly increased over normal conditions.

The most common foods that cause heartburn are citrus fruits, fried and with a small amount of food, vinegar, tomatoes, chocolate.


High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) animal foods have a relatively high cholesterol content. Absorption of these foods will cause the cholesterol content in human blood to rise, increasing the risk of disease.

Related foods include: brains of cattle, pigs and sheep, internal organs (liver, kidney, spleen), eggs.


Kidney stones High animal protein and low fiber can cause kidney stones.

Some studies have shown that you should increase the estimated calcium and reduce the intake of salt, animal protein, and reduce foods that re-oxalate, such as spinach, cocoa, nuts, peppers, tea, etc., the oxalic acid will be combined with calcium to be absorbed by the bodyCalcium oxalate precipitates and is excreted with feces.


Cognitive Impairment and Memory Loss Studies conducted by Rush University’s Medical Center in Chicago point out that, especially for some older people, if they put too much copper in their food, they have slow learning and thinking abilities and memoryFall quickly.


Edema High-salt, high-sugar, and high-sodium foods can cause edema.

The body needs a certain concentration of salt to maintain the balance of the internal environment, but too much salt to be added overlaps the body to increase the salt concentration in the body. If the body needs to replace the high salt concentration, it will retain a lot of water and cause edema.

(Migraine) headaches can only cause migraines, including tension-type headaches-it feels like wearing a “cuff spell” and the entire head hurts.

It causes pain in the head by chemicals that affect the brain or by changing the size of blood vessels through chemical action.

Some people have headaches because of the high levels of amino acids tyramine and aniline in their foods, which cause more blood in their bodies to flow to the brain.

Common foods that can cause headaches are: mature cheese, beer, red wine, chocolate, and foods containing nitrite (such as smoked or cured meat products).

Why do working women hide marriage?

Why do working women hide marriage?

While women in the workplace are still hesitating and “unmarried people” are still hot topics for white-collar beauties, some married women have quietly concealed marriage as a secret and started “true queen and fake princess”Life and work.

In public, they deliberately concealed their marital status and showed people as “single.”

They hide their wedding rings, never make intimate calls in the office, they always go home alone, they are keen to participate in various parties, and there is no shortage of close boyfriends around them.

If you are not interested, ask a question “mighty eight”: “Are you single?

The answer from the other party is generally easy: “What do you say?”

“This is the” hidden marriage family “in the workplace.

  An online “hidden marriage survey” shows that nearly 37% of people are willing to be “hidden marriage people” because they fear that open marriage will seriously lose the trust of their bosses or customers.

Most of them are aged between 25 and 35, with the majority being women.

  The legal process for marriage has ended, but it still means being single to the outside world.

Marriage is a joyous thing, why should it be concealed and kept secret?

Recently, the author took a questionnaire survey on the subway entrance of Shenzhen’s densely populated areas of the enterprise and the Internet with the question “Are you a hidden marriage?”

The investigation involved Shenzhen people’s attitudes, perceptions and reasons for hidden marriage.

In the three-day survey, 85 questionnaires were sent, mainly white-collar workers. The survey results show that some people choose “hidden marriage” because they think the marriage is purely a personal matter, and whether or not they are married need not be made public.

The “hidden marriage” of large-scale people is due to workplace reasons, such as worrying that married status will bring inconvenience to work and affect their future in the unit, so they deny that they are married.

  ”Hidden marriage” mentality one: In order to facilitate work and entertainment, there are potential competition laws in the workplace. Once people put on the label of marriage, they often suffer great discounts, so some married people choose “hidden marriage”.

  Xiao Xie, who works for a communication company, experienced a loss to the “unmarried woman” on the same starting line.

When I went to see a client with an unmarried female colleague in the same department, the two actually competed secretly.

Xiao Xie believes that he has rich work experience and outweighs the advantages.

When they met, the client praised that they were young and beautiful. They must be college students who had just left the school. Xiao Xie had not had time to speak. The colleague immediately said that he had just graduated from college, but the children were almost at school.

  From then on, the client concerned only contacted the young female colleague about the business, but Ms. Xie’s ability to work was questioned by her boss, and she finally decided to leave the company.

  ”Eat a meal, grow a wisdom”, in the new company Ms. Xie began to become a “hidden marriage.”

She never stresses her personal life with her colleagues and does not wear wedding rings when she goes to work. She always deliberately mingles with unmarried girls at work.

When dealing with customers, you no longer have to worry about being exposed by being “married” and affecting your work. With your rich experience and smart mind, Xiao Xie has outstanding work performance, is recognized by his boss and promoted.

  Liu Yi is an individual operator and has been in the rough business since the school resigned.

With her agility, liveliness and help from friends, business is booming.

Liu Yi’s appearance inherited the advantages of her parents. She was pretty and charming.

But the two did not hold a wedding at all, and the company didn’t even send wedding candy, so almost no one knew that they were married.

Since the establishment of the company, Liu Yi’s external business has been dominated by one hand. The single status has provided Liu Yi with many conveniences.

Gender charm and advantages make her here like a fish, and her career has developed smoothly.

In the company, they seem to be the relationship between the general manager and the staff; only at home, the world of them that belongs to them, Liu Yi can put down the shelf and snuggle to her husband, enjoying the satisfaction and joy of being a wife.

  ”Hidden marriage” mentality two: Afraid of being “collapsed” by colleagues in the eyes of colleagues, married people who have a home are always tied to a bunch of housework and a bunch of responsibilities, so generally going out to play, shopping, and outings will naturally affect theseMarried persons are excluded.

  After getting married, Miss Li, 25, was left out by her colleagues.

She works in customer service for an advertising company, and most of her colleagues are single.

Before marriage, she often made friends with her friends and went home late at night.

But after marriage, every time she was having fun with her colleagues, her husband would call to persuade her to drink less or urge her to go home early.

Every time, her colleagues felt particularly disappointed.

  Over time, many entertainment or parties in the company excluded Miss Li.

This not only makes Miss Li more and more estranged from her colleagues and clients, but also directly affects the development of her work.After changing to a new company, Ms. Li joined the “Hidden Marriage” of “True Queen and Fake Princess” after her husband’s “Chapter III of the Law”.

  Nizi is 28 years old this year, farewell to being single for just one year.

The company engaged in PARTY. Nizi, who was always the queen of the prom, suddenly became “out of the gate”. Even a few hardcore buddies danced with her. There was no familiarity and casualness in the past.

Previously, when Nizi played with her temper, her buddies would surrender unconditionally, but now she will only look at her with a different look.

Everything has changed, she is not depressed, is it because she is now married?

Think about it too, the interaction between singles will be more direct and simple.

With the “painful” lesson, Nizi began to accompany the nature of single identity, which made her determined to hide her married identity.

When Nizi took a job change, she put away her wedding ring, and in the following days, straightened out her young lady’s temper, and enjoyed her second spring, sometimes she was already a “false lady” at this time.

  ”Hidden marriage” mentality three: Fear of being “discriminated” by the leader For the female employees who have no children or are newly married, the boss will be worried, because a series of issues such as pregnancy, child birth, and bringing children will affect work.
Moreover, some bosses may think that married people are prone to shut themselves off and no longer pursue progress, and they no longer act proactively at work.

Therefore, companies often arrange enthusiastic and dynamic work for single employees with relatively light burdens.

  Li Min chose “hidden marriage” out of concern about these issues.

She works as a secretary in a foreign company. At the age of 26, she has been married for two years, but the young couple live separately.

Company leaders have always believed that unmarried women have less fetters and greater desire to work than married women.

Therefore, Li Min never refused to invite colleagues, so he barred together, karaoke, outdoor sports, everything.

First of all, when someone asked about marriage, she always answered vaguely: “Why, I’m not like a single nobleman?”

Gradually, everyone was pretending she was unmarried, and there were frequent men giving flowers.

She said: “In order to protect myself from ‘discrimination’, I would prefer ‘hidden marriage’.

“Hidden marriage” mentality four: Marriage is personal privacy. If you say that many independent, autonomous, self-improving white-collar workers are forced to appear as “single”.

Then, there is another “hidden marriage” mentality that has nothing to do with the workplace, that is, that marriage is a personal possibility that does not need to be disclosed.

“I never denied the fact that I was married, I just didn’t mention it on purpose.

“This is the sentence I heard the most in the survey.

  Xiao Mei got married two years ago and has never had a banquet due to work.

Except for very close friends, people who do business or do not know anything about marriage.

She didn’t feel the need to deliberately publicize her marriage, and marriage was personal privacy.

  Experts remind: “Hidden marriage” is to better protect yourself. “Hidden marriage” has become a way of life for white-collar workers, and it is also a survival strategy.

Withdrawing the status of being married, in return is free space, fair opportunities, the favor of superiors, and more professional development.

This statement, in the eyes of sociologists, is also the social reason that causes some people in the workplace to reluctantly marry.

Hu Shoujun, a professor of sociology at Fudan University, said: “In the context of society, there is still a kind of married discrimination in the workplace, especially gender bias against female employees.

In the small environment of the company, it is required that employees within the company cannot fall in love. Married employees are often alienated by other single colleagues, and are excluded from the social circle of the office over time.

These unspoken rules in today’s workplace may trigger some people to choose a hidden marriage.

“I’m really afraid that my employer discriminates against married people and prevents them from being developed and reused. I’m also afraid of leaving the company’s social circle because they are married. Although these two reasons are different, they are both hidden marriages who realize that they are from the company.With the pressure of colleagues and self-protection behavior shown by the boots.

Shen Yongqiang, a professor of clinical psychology at Shanghai Normal University, explained the psychology of some hidden marriages.

  ”Hidden marriage is just a psychological tendency of urban people, and it is not necessarily related to their panic about marriage.

“Ms. Xu Anqi, a famous marriage expert in Shanghai, said this, but she can’t help but have some contradictions. The increasing divorce rate and fragile marriage relationships have increased the uncertainty of some people’s marriage life and will inevitably cause certain deterioration.

Therefore, experts remind that when women in the workplace need to choose “hidden marriage” due to work, they must clearly tell their husbands to coordinate with each other at the cost of not affecting family harmony.

However, since “hidden marriage” is not a normal state, women must hold a good handle when dealing with it, otherwise they will have an adverse effect on people and themselves.

  How to identify a hidden marriage?

  1. The mantra is “I’m alone .” Although he is a mature male who is close to or over 30 years old, he often behaves as a “lonely person” even though he often makes friends with the opposite sex.

  2. When the conversation is very happy, if you forget his or her self-introduction, you suddenly ask, “I heard that your lover (husband) is very beautiful (handsome)?””?
“, He or she will immediately ask:” Who did you listen to? ”

“3. It’s rare to call a nauseous intimate phone call in the office. When everyone chats about marriage issues and emotional belonging, they remain silent silently.

  4. Occasionally, you will find that there are some white marks on his or her ring finger. Ask the reason, and most of them will not smile.

  5. After work, when a group of single men and women are having fun outside, his or her phone will definitely ring after eight or nine in the evening.

  6. When you pick up the phone, you will find that he or she is tense and indifferent: “Okay, I know”, “Uh huh, bye”, “Hurry up, wait for a while”, obviously you want to get the other person earlyThe other party dropped; or at least once, went outside to pick up the phone; or the mobile phone text message kept ringing and the phone rang, but he or she pretended not to hear, you reminded, he or she said, “Missing,Leave it alone.

7. He has always been identified as a happy single aristocrat who loves madness, fun, jokes, but every holiday, his or her whereabouts become mysterious and difficult to contact.

  8, he (she) is keen to attend social parties alone, and actively get to know the opposite sex, and if the invitation requires a female companion (male companion) to participate, he (she) often does not appear.

  9. If you play a palmistry game among friends, if you joked, “Your palmistry shows that you will get married before the age of 30, or you can talk about marriage, why are you still alone?”

“He or she looked a little embarrassed, and then withdrew his hands back, can’t wait to change the subject.

  10, He (she) who has always maintained a single image suddenly appears as an uninvited opposite sex. If you do n’t know how to ask him or her to introduce, the atmosphere will become very awkward.

Six types of juice can help pregnant mothers resolve morning sickness

Six types of juice can help pregnant mothers resolve morning sickness

Apple lemon juice material: apple, lemon ratio: 10: 1 effect: lemon has the effect of strengthening the spleen and digestion, is beneficial to pregnant mothers to conceive and assist pregnancy, so lemon is known as “mother and child.”

Apples are sweet and sour and refreshing, can increase appetite, promote digestion, can recover morning sickness, supplement alkaline substances and potassium and vitamins, and can effectively prevent edema during pregnancy.

Apple-pear fiber, organic acid, can easily promote gastrointestinal motility and implant constipation.

Dragon Fruit Sydney Juice Material: Dragon Fruit, Sydney ratio: 1:12; Sydney removes annoyance and quenches thirst, clears lungs and moisturizes, and its nutritional value is similar to that of apples.

According to analysis, the sugar content in its pulp reached 9.

3%, with only 0 acid content.


Delicious medicated diet can quickly supplement Qi and health and prevent diseases

Delicious medicated diet can quickly supplement Qi and health and prevent diseases

The medicated diet selected here mainly considers three aspects.

One is the obvious effect.

Regulating qi and blood through medicated diet, improving physical fitness, and maintaining health and preventing diseases are our main goals.

The second is delicious.

Medicinal diet is first of all food rather than medicine, so it must be delicious to make people stick to it. If the medicated diet is bitter and difficult to eat, it is better to take the medication directly.

The third is the ease of the retina.

The selected materials, including food, medicines, spices, etc., are seen everyday, readily available, and inexpensive, so they are very suitable for ordinary people.

  ● Ginger sugar and Su Ye drink ingredients: 3 grams of ginger, 15 grams of brown sugar, 3 grams of perilla leaves.

  Method: Wash the ginger, cut it into filaments, put it into a porcelain cup with the leaves, add brown sugar, brew with boiling water, cover with lid and soak it for 10 minutes, and take it while hot.

  Efficacy: Wenjingjie table disperses cold.

  Review: Ginger is a condiment and a commonly used Chinese medicine.

Spicy, mildly warm, with warmth, excitement, sweating, anti-vomiting, detoxification, and stomach-strengthening effects.

Perilla leaves are also mild in nature, can relieve coldness on the surface of the muscles, and have the effect of calming the stomach.

Brown sugar is gentle in nature and is a good medicine for blood.

The combination of three flavors can warm the meridians, dispel cold, nourish blood and stomach.

It is often used to catch cold and cold after the cold and wind.

In addition, those with cough and asthma accompanied by fear of cold, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, those who have nausea and nausea after eating fish and crab, those who have a headache and fear of wind and cold, and those who suffer from cold, vomiting and diarrhea in children can all be treated with this prescription.

After extreme rain, ice, snow, cold wind, and wet invasion, replacing this soup can speed up blood circulation and dispel cold evil.

  ● Wuwei wolfberry drink raw materials: 50 grams of schisandra, 50 grams of wolfberry, 20 grams of sugar.

  Method: Schisandra is packed in a small gauze bag, chopped medlar, put into a casserole, add 1500 ml of purified water, boil with gentle heat, filter out the liquid medicine, pour into a lid cup, add 20 grams of sugar, stirUniform, fractional returns.

  Efficacy: strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing the heart and blood, refreshing and quenching thirst.

  Evaluation: Schisandra chinensis is sour and warm, has multiple effects such as replenishing qi and regenerating jin, stopping diarrhea and soothe the nerves; especially for those who are sleepy and weak in summer, taking it with decoction with astragalus and ginseng can make people’s spirits multiply.

Schisandra chinensis combined with Chinese wolfberry fruit has more nourishing liver and kidney effect.

It is suitable for the symptoms of deficiency of five internal organs, fatigue and weakness caused by lack of qi and blood, lack of blood on the face, softness of waist and knees, palpitation and insomnia.

  ● Black sesame porridge ingredients: 30 grams of rice, 20 grams of black sesame, 2 grams of salt.

  Method: Wash black sesame seeds and stir-fry; add a little salt to black sesame seeds and grind them for later use; wash the previous rice, put them into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water; cook until porridge, add sesame seeds, and serve immediately.

  Efficacy: tonic liver and kidney, Tongli small and large intestine.

  Review: Black sesame can moisten the internal organs, strengthen bones and strengthen vitality, and it also has a cosmetic effect, which can keep the skin soft, delicate and smooth; for people with habitual constipation, the toxins in the intestines can damage the skin color and cause rough skin.And sesame can treat constipation, so it has the effect of protecting liver and moisturizing.

Black sesame is repeatedly steamed and sun-dried, and black jujube meat is mixed into pills to darken white hair.

This medicated diet is especially suitable for those with constipation.

Newbie parents’ questions about infant formula

Newbie parents’ questions about infant formula

There are hundreds of infant formulas approved by the Ministry of Health, but it should be noted that this list is a mix of various categories, including general infant milk powder, crushed milk powder, lactose-free milk powder and premature infant milk powder; another large categoryThe publisher is fluorinated infant formula.

  I have questions about the baby’s pregnancy!

  What is infant formula?

  Infant formula refers to the basic composition of dairy cows or other animal milk, or other animal and plant extracts, and appropriate addition of nutrients, so that the total composition can supplement an artificial food that is needed for infant growth and development, also known as infantmilk powder.

The point is that it is considered as an alternative to breastfeeding, or used when breastfeeding is not possible, rather than a first-line option.

  What are the requirements for infant formula?

  Should comply with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, all ingredients in infant formula must be recognized as safe food ingredients (generallyrccognizedassafe-GRAS), or can be used as food additives (foodadditives) in the infant formula manufacturing process.
Before listing, the manufacturer must submit a declaration and certification of the quality and safety of each added nutrient, and health regulations must also confirm good manufacturing processes, safety management guarantees, and handling of related issues such as post-marketing use marketing.
Is the formula and use of infant formula in stages?

  Infant formula can be divided into the following three categories according to its application: Ⅰ.

Milk formula-based infant formula: suitable for general infants.


Infant formula with special formula: Some infants with special physiological conditions need to consume infant formula through special processing.

This kind of infant formula can only be consumed after being instructed by a physician or nutritionist, and it can be further broken down according to its composition characteristics:

Lactose-free infant formula: Suitable for infants who cannot tolerate lactose.

According to the source of raw materials, it can be divided into: milk-based lactose-free infant formula, and soy-based lactose-free infant formula.


Partial Plasma Milk Powder: Suitable for infants with mild diarrhea or allergies.


Completely crushed milk powder: suitable for infants with severe diarrhea, allergies or short bowel syndrome.


Elemental formula: suitable for infants with the most severe chronic diarrhea, allergies or short bowel syndrome.


Formula milk for premature infants: The main ingredients (such as lactose in place of glucose polymers and medium chain fatty acid oils in place of some long chain fatty acid oils) have been modified to be suitable for premature infants.

  What should I pay attention to when making infant formula?


Wash hands with soap and water before brewing.


Brewing bottles, pacifiers, and bottle caps should be boiled and disinfected.


The boiling water must be boiled completely. Do not use hot water from an electric thermos because it does not reach the boiling point or the boiling time is not enough.


The brewing water must be adjusted to the appropriate temperature (with 40?
60 ° C is suitable), put it in the water droplet and put it on the wrist, it feels almost the same as the body temperature.


Read the preparation instructions on the tank carefully.


The amount of milk powder and water must be brewed according to the instructions on the can. If the milk concentration is too strong or too thin, it will affect the baby’s health.

If you brew a large amount of milk at one time, you need to put the soaked milk in the refrigerator immediately and store it in one day. Never put the milk at room temperature.
  What should I pay attention to when feeding infant formula?


When your baby is full or does n’t want to eat anymore, you should respect the baby ‘s signs and do n’t force her to eat.


Do not let your baby sleep with a bottle, because the sugar in the milk will corrode the baby’s teeth and cause caries.

Growing healthy teeth from an early age3.

Incredible random additions and reductions should be fed as directed by the physician.


Develop good feeding habits at regular intervals and times.


Pay attention to the size of the pacifier opening and the force of the baby when sucking, so as not to cause excessive air inhalation.


The partial exhaust during feeding is better than the final exhaust, and the closeness of the pacifier should be noted.


How do I identify infant formula and permitted infant formula?

  Infant formulas and infant formulas approved by the Department of Health for inspection and registration shall be directly printed in accordance with Article 17, paragraph 6, of the Food Sanitation Management Law, with distinctive marks on the containers to facilitate consumer identification (The design of the identification mark is presented in a way that the breastfeeding pattern and its advocacy text appear at the same time.

The specifications are as follows: “The breastfeeding babies are the healthiest” and “The Health Department of the Executive Yuan cares about you” with a font size of at least 8.

Its size is determined by the user according to his needs, but it must not be less than 3 cm high x 3 cm wide).

  How do foreign health authorities manage infant formula?

  According to the Infant Formula Act, health authorities can require manufacturers to make milk powders in accordance with specified safety and quality requirements.

Manufacturers must analyze the nutritional content and safety of each ton of milk powder to ensure that the quality of milk powder is good and normal when it is marketed.

In addition, the batch number must be marked on the milk powder can to prepare for the inspection of health regulations and the follow-up role of reporting and management of adverse events after marketing.

  There are currently hundreds of infant formulas approved by the Ministry of Health, but it should be noted that this list is a mix of various categories, including general infant milk powder, crushed milk powder, lactose-free milk powder and premature infant milk powder;Another big category of announcers is resistance to infant formula.