One of the American -style hegemony: The beginning of the Ukraine crisis

Comic Author: Ma Hongliang (People’s Daily copyright picture, without authorization, please do not reprint.

) The current Ukraine crisis is the result of the United States as a player, using Ukraine as a former stale, and step by step on Russia on the geopolitical chessboard. Before the unification of the two Germans, the United States promised to the Soviet Union that NATO "never move eastward inch."

However, after the Cold War ended, the United States led NATO to conduct five rounds of eastward expansion, absorbing 14 Eastern European and CIS countries, and directly against the Blade of the Russian border.

Andre Macingni, academician of French Academy, pointed out that the United States bombarded Belgrade and destroyed Serbia, and launched wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

The United States launched the "Orange Revolution" and "Plaza Revolution" in Ukraine, supported the pro -American regime, and continued to add NATO’s "big cakes" to Ukraine to encourage Ukraine to act as a chess piece against Russia. Using other countries to provoke the safety and patience of a large country, the United States is the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis.

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“You,What do you do?……”One of the teenagers trembled and asked。

“Little scorpion!You asked what I did.?”
A security guard with a pair of three-pointed eyes,It’s like a hungry wolf in seeing prey.。
“Small scorpion,Your daring is very fat.,Dare to be in us,Winal luck。”
This sentence,Five teenage girls are getting pale,Don’t shake your body,The forehead and the cold sweat of the horns。
And listen to this words,Customers in the bar are also a big hairdress。
Keep reading five teenage girls with a look of idiot。I want to talk to more like-minded people《{?article_title?}》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1281Chapter Diet pills
The reason why the Longcheng Club is so special,Have all aspects of factors。
So here is not only regular,And have your own rules。
For example,The presence of pulp strips is never allowed here,More elsewhm。
No matter what identity and background,No one dares to violate the rules here。
That is the conclusion that after a piece of blood。
Not exaggerated,Dragon City will be a gold medal。
Now a few teenage girls dare to have a medicine here.……The gods of everyone are full of mercy.。
Some people noticed,These teenagers should be children with money.,Maybe there is a good family background。
Unfortunately,Any background is there without any effect here。
The security guard with a triangular eye is smiling,Keep two teenagers and three teenagers,That look is like watching a lamb to be slaughtered.。
“Me,We have no medicine……”
The initial speech is pale,Stick to Baba。
Triangle eye security with disdainful laugh,Trailing,I grabbed his hair,The other hand is in his body.。
A few seconds,I touched two transparent small bags from him.。
“Since there is no medicine,You tell me what this is?!”
Including Luo quarters,A more frightened,And that boy is even more striking,通 一 一 地 上地。
But he is still exclusive,“This is not a drug,Just diet pills……”
This sentence,When everyone suddenly came out, suddenly。
Diet pills in his mouth,Indeed to diet pills……Once!
This kind of weight loss is just coming out.,Immediately won the favor of the majority of women,The weight loss is very good。
But after a while,Side effects have also been found。
This medicine has been eaten,Just like coffee,Don’t sleep anymore,Just can’t sleep,The nerves have been in the middle of excitement。
Later, this medicine was banned.,But let some people see the way to make a fortune.,Strongly selling with drugs,And the price is extremely high。
The only benefit of this medicine,Is not addictive,Just after the efficacy,Will fall into the extremely exhausted state。

Action of warming the people, what to do in each city

The trivial matter reflected by the masses is a real thing they encountered.

After the province’s warmth action work deployment and promotion meeting was held, the localities combined with actual conditions to refine the implementation plan, actual work measures, and promote the fact that the practical lives of people’s livelihood were implemented. Good deeds to solve the "urgency and sorrow" of the masses: A few days ago, Hefei Stomatology Hospital accelerated the construction of Binhu New Hospital and Xinzhang Division of the hospital, and strived to create a "one hospital and four districts+N The medical pattern of the outpatient clinic and Binhu outpatient department) further strengthened oral health management of the whole population and the life cycle, and effectively alleviated the masses’ difficulty in watching teeth.

In terms of employment promotion, the city’s dynamic "clear zero" zero employment families, through the shortest channel through the "academic -employment -industry", serving more than 100,000 college students each year; in terms of convenient parking, the city implements "shared parking spaces", which Since last year, there were 13,2156 parking spaces in innovation measures. The free parking time along the urban roads was extended from 15 minutes to 30 minutes … Improve people’s livelihood and Hefei was willing to invest.

Last year, the expenditure of the lives of Hefei exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 100 million yuan, accounting for%of the general public budget expenditure.

Huaibei: Huaibei’s refined implementation plan, actualization work measures, grasping fiscal budgets, and promoting the practice of various people’s livelihood.

At the same time, the leading departments strengthened the communication and docking with the relevant provincial departments, paid close attention to the progress of the work of warming the people in the province, do a good job of coordination, supervision, implementation, and guidance. Essence On the morning of May 31st, the Huaibei City Health Commission, Huaibei Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments and relevant persons in charge of the city and districts in the city said in an interview with reporters that they will refine the implementation plan for the first time around the heart of the warm people. Combined with local reality, the specific solutions of targeted, closeness, and innovation are made to allow citizens to really benefit and make the masses truly benefit.

"Integrate resources to accelerate the supply of various services: Recently, Luzhou has studied the" Ten Top Ten Men’s Heart Projects "measures that meet the actual situation.

The city’s civil affairs, human society, and health and other departments have decomposed their tasks and are grasping the plan. This year, Based on the pilot elderly food aid service in Lizhou District, Bozhou City will add three new cities in the elderly community cafeteria and 19 cities community aid sites.

At the same time, social forces are introduced to support all types of market entities to operate elderly food aid facilities, carry out food delivery services, encourage social catering enterprises, enterprises and institutions to participate in elderly food aid services, and provide the elderly with richer, more diverse, and better quality Meals and services. In terms of employment promotion, the city will develop "three -kilometer" employment circle to develop the WeChat Mini Program of "Easy Employment".

At the same time, multiple measures to support the "one net" in secret employment, and strive to achieve the proportion of community ratios that have achieved the "three kilometers" of the "three kilometers" of the "three kilometers" of the community. Suzhou: When soliciting opinions on the Action Plan of the People’s Republic of China, Suzhou has planned ahead of planning, arranging relevant units in the municipal units to conduct visits and investigations, and started to launch a draft of the municipal warming people’s heart heart action plan.

The city establishes a high -standard warming heart -to -heart action to promote the leading group and promote the implementation of high levels.

At the same time, 11 work classes were established to promote the implementation.

In implementing the actions of the provincial warm people, Suzhou insisted on "three combinations".

In order to combine the request of the superior and the local facts, the 10 actions formulated by the city remained consistent with the 10 -warm people’s hearts and adhere to local conditions in specific implementation measures. Do your best to combine with the force, take the completion of the provincial target tasks as the basic starting point, and organically integrate and implement the action of employment promotion and other related action tasks that have been implemented. The combination of long -term goals and the current task, the setting of this year’s goals reflects specific feasibility and achievement, and then improve the target task year by year.

Bengbu: Bengbu City focuses on 10 warm people’s hearts, improve support policies, integrate social resources, and accelerate the supply of various services. The city vigorously implemented preschool education promotion actions, home and community pension "food aid projects", and the expansion and quality and improvement actions of elderly schools, accelerated the layout of community aid sites and infant care service facilities, and improved the elderly education service system for urban and rural communities. Establish a normalized aid mechanism for stabilizing the job, carry out special aid monthly operations, vigorously promote the construction of the "three -kilometer" employment circle, establish and improve the employment services of grid -based community, and help residents realize the employment of the house. In the first four months of this year, the city’s urban unemployed personnel re -employed 9,583 people, and%of the saving target tasks were completed. Combined with the "15 -minute fitness circle construction" this year’s people’s livelihood project, the city will coordinate the construction of 189 national fitness venue facilities to promote the formation of the national fitness facility network and meet the growing fitness needs of the masses. Promote the well -being of the people’s livelihood to improve Fuyang: Fuyang City highlights the largest people’s livelihood, and do a good job of employment assistance in key groups such as college graduates, migrant workers and other key groups. Strengthen the implementation of the policy of supporting and stabilizing the job, and continuously stabilize and expand employment. The city comprehensively uses live broadcasts, video recruitment and other methods to do a good job of employment services for college graduates; promote the secretary of the party committee and principal of colleges and universities to visit enterprises, support state -owned enterprises and high -quality private enterprises to attract employment of college graduates; actively develop grassroots positions , Encourage and guide college graduates to participate in urban and rural community services and rural revitalization; closely pay attention to the employment dynamics of migrant workers group, strengthen the docking with the land, and actively carry out the "send you to the job" activity; integrate employment assistance workshops, family farms, etc., expand entrepreneurship The number and capacity of the park. As of the end of April, more than tens of thousands of people in the town of Fuyang City, 75%of the annual target tasks were completed, and the employment situation was generally stable.

Huainan: A few days ago, the "Huainan Happy Fitness Action Plan" (discussion draft) is soliciting opinions extensively, accelerating the construction of fitness facilities, strengthening fitness training, and improving the popularity of mass fitness will become the next step.

After the province’s warmth of the people’s heart -warming action work deployment and promotion meeting, the city in accordance with the conference of the people’s heart -warming action, combined with the 20 people’s livelihood practices carried out at the beginning of the city, clarified the division of responsibilities, quickly decomposed the task, formulated implementation plans, do a good job of "linkage" articles Essence The relevant person in charge of Huainan City told reporters that 10 actions of the warm people’s hearts have reunited with the 20 people’s livelihood practices in the city, but also have a new expansion. 10 actions to warm the people’s hearts, ensure and improve people’s livelihood in development, promote common prosperity, make every effort to do a good job in the construction of the foundation, inclusiveness, and the foundation of people’s livelihood, to do a good job of people’s livelihood affairs, and do a good job of people’s feelings every day. Key trivial matter. Luzhou: In the past few days, Luzhou City has quickly acted and regarded the action of warming the people as a major event.

From June 1st, the elderly food aid subsidy policy will be triald within the city of Luzhou to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the elderly for the elderly.

"The government’s introduction of food aid service agencies has done practical things and doing good things for the elderly. Now it has sent food assistance services, which really sent warmth to our hearts.

"Sun Fuyin, a 85 -year -old living elderly in Langya District, said, said." This policy not only sent the support of real gold and silver, but also enhanced the recognition and trust of the elderly food assistance points in the whole society. Confidence of service. Wei Li, head of Anhui National Pension Industry Development Co., Ltd., said.

Luzhou City explores the diversified food aid service model, and achieves full coverage of the elderly food assistance services of the urban community before the end of the year.

At the same time, encourage and support all parties to the society to participate in the elderly food aid service market to meet the diversification and high -quality food aid needs of the elderly. (Our reporter Xu Genhong Ding Xianfei Wu Changpeng He Xuefeng Sun Yan Mei Anyao Wu Bai Song Luo Bao).

Liu Ying took the towel,Wang Youcai wiped his mouth and said:“Everyone is tired,No one seems to get up at noon,You take a break too,Just make dinner a little earlier”

“I think so too。All right,Go on。I went back to bed too”Liu Ying said,Turn around and leave。
Wang Youcai leaned forward fiercely,Pulled Liu Ying over,He lowered his voice and said:“I said I don’t want to drink this medicine,You want to irrigate me,Then you have to stay,Otherwise i can’t sleep”Wang Youcai said,He pushed Liu Ying down on the bed。
Liu Ying did not resist,The two quickly got together。
The rain didn’t stop until four o’clock in the afternoon。When Wang Youcai opened his eyes,Liu Ying’s shadow is gone。When he stood up,Heard someone talking in the yard。
Wang Youcai gets dressed,He opened the door and walked out。I saw everyone squatting in the yard chatting,Although the sky is a bit cloudy,But it doesn’t look like rain。
“Good news for everyone,Where did I fight for the boss,The people who participated in the labor last night,Reward 50 yuan in cash per person,I’ll send it to everyone in a while”Wang Youcai shouted。
Huff,Everyone stood up,There are a few young people,Yelled excitedly。Liu Changgui sneered:“Our boss treats everyone so well,Work more later,Gossip”
“That’s for sure”Everyone in unison。This makes Wang Youcai very face。
Go to the bathroom and come back,He hit the iron,Started to give bonuses to everyone。Because 50 yuan per person,And here he is full of 100 yuan bills,So one for every two people。
Tian Wa and Liu Changgui stood by and supervised,After all, afraid of messing up。Besides, there were five or six old people who did not go to work last night。
After everyone has received the bonus and left,Wang Youcai gave Liu Changgui and Tian baby,Everyone gave out a bonus of 100 yuan,Don’t mention how happy these two are。Tell the truth,The king of money has no money,These people have nothing to do with him。
“Wang Ge!Sister Ying was busy all night,Send her some too?”Tian Wa smiled slightly,Asked a bit to please Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“She must have。Without her support,How do you work,is not it?As the saying goes,Not moving,Forage first。Her contribution is not small,Everyone sees this”

Force -relieving the market’s main integrated industries to slowly pay pension insurance premiums

  The Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council hosted a executive meeting of the State Council on April 6 to decide to implement a phased pension insurance premium policy for the intensive industry, and increase the support of the unemployment insurance to support stabilization and training; develop.

  The meeting pointed out that the current economic operation of my country is generally maintained in a reasonable range, but the complexity of the environment at home and abroad has intensified and some exceeded expectations.

The world economy has slowed down, the commodity markets such as global food and energy fluctuate sharply, the domestic epidemic has recently occurred, and the difficulty of market entity has increased significantly. The economic cycle has encountered some constraints. The new downward pressure has further increased. We must attach great importance to new challenges and new challenges. It is necessary to implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, and implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the "Government Work Report" measures. Some can be implemented in advance.

Put the steady growth in a more prominent position, coordinate the stability, regulate the structure, and promote reform, and effectively hold the macroeconomic market. Maintaining economic operations in a reasonable range is mainly to achieve basically stability of employment and prices. We must focus on maintaining employment through stabilizing market players, comprehensively improving the smooth flow of logistics and stable supply chain of the industrial chain, and the safety of food protection. Each department should focus on the overall situation and take the initiative. While urging the implementation of the policies, the research policy plans should be promptly introduced in response to changes in the situation, and measures that are conducive to stability in the market expectations will be introduced in a timely manner. In various regions, we must also combine practical measures such as rents and exemption. The meeting pointed out that some market entities are seriously impacted, and some even stop production and break. They must increase their support for outstanding difficulties and employment pockets. The first is to implement the dilemma of catering, retail, tourism, civil aviation, highway water and railway transportation, and implement temporarily slowly paying pension insurance premiums in the second quarter of this year, and will be implemented in the scope of the implementation of staged unemployment and work injury insurance premiums. Retail and tourism have expanded to the above five industries to ease the pressure of these industries, especially small and medium -sized enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households. The second is to continue the phased expansion policy of the protection of unemployment insurance, and continue to issue unemployment subsidies to the unemployed persons by the unemployed to the unemployed by the unemployed to the insurance. The third is to increase the proportion of stabilizing the unemployment insurance for small and medium -sized enterprises. The regional areas that meet the conditions can be raised from 60%to a maximum of 90%; allowing localities to take out 4%of the unemployment insurance funds for vocational skills training and affect the affected affection Small and medium -sized enterprises that cannot be operated normally for the time being issued a one -time reserved training subsidy. Liu Xiangdong, Deputy Minister of Economic Research of the China International Economic Exchange Center, told the reporter of the Economic References that due to the complex and overlapping epidemic at home and abroad, the economic operation of my country’s economic operation faced new challenges, and the market entities continued to undergo pressure. Stress and difficulty. We need to continue to strengthen the force on the basis of the preliminary rescue policy, especially helping them to relieve the tension of cash flow. By implementing measures such as temporarily slowing down pension insurance premiums and increasing measures such as unemployment insurance support for stabilization and training. Help enterprises in the integrated industries cross the difficulty early, return to normal, and achieve sustainable development.

  The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to use a variety of monetary policy tools such as re -loan in a timely manner to better play the dual functions and structural dual functions, and increase support for the real economy. The first is to increase the implementation of stable monetary policy and maintain reasonable liquidity.

Increasing the small re -loan of the agricultural branch, the use of inclusive small and micro loan support tools, and the use of marketization and rule of law to promote the reasonable profit of financial institutions to the real economy, and promote the increase, expansion, and price reduction of small and medium -sized enterprises. The second is to study measures to support consumption and effective investment in financial support, improve the financial service level of new citizens, optimize affordable housing financial services, ensure the financing needs of key project construction, and promote rapid growth of medium- and long -term loans in manufacturing.

The third is to support financing of key areas and weak links, set up two special re -loans of scientific and technological innovation and inclusive pensions. The People’s Bank of China provides 60%and 100%re -loan support for the loan principal. Do a good job of using government special debt to supplement the capital of small and medium banks to enhance bank credit capabilities.

  Wang Yifeng, chief analyst of the Financial Industry Institute of Everbright Securities Research Institute, told reporters from the Economic Reference News that the country often requires a variety of monetary policy tools to better play the dual functions of total and structural structure. First, the total amount must be stable. It means that monetary policy is resolutely not engaged in large water irrigation on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is necessary to increase the adjustment of cross -cyclical adjustment. The second is to enter the structure.

To better play the traction role of structural monetary policy tools, and strengthen the effective support of finance in the real economy.

Zhang Shi Yun only feels dizziness,Breathing suffocation,Five organs are like broken,Let her breathe。

She is pale,Qi and blood,Fierce,Seeing a man Xu stepped。
People are summer。
His shape is thin,Faceful,Five official lines are cold, such as knives, cut ax,A pair of eyes deep and calm。
Zhang Shiyun trembled dramatically,It is a panic,Anger。
She bits the teeth,Just open,啵,The summer is broken in the summer.。
Next moment。
A flower,Zhang Shi Yun saw a hand。
This hand is more than her neck。
Zhang Shi Yun’s hands and feet began to struggle,Brain congestion breathing suffocation,Venus rock。
She makes the unknown to try to open the hand,However, it is not possible to shake it.。
She felt that death was slowly coming.。
This is not true!this moment,Zhang Shi Yun Dounter,Balt,Glance,Unsecured‘Bamboo’Voice。
“Rare……Forgive……”She exhausted the sound of hoarse voice spit out two words,Hand planing。
She will not suspect that each party will kill themselves.。
Summer face is,Double objects are crazy,Killing is also flashing in the disease。
Half half,Strongly killing,Xu stepped,Single hand hikes the neck of Zhang Shi Yun,All struggle,Frighten。
The legs are dragged on the ground,Like a dead dog。
Several steps,Summer fierce,Fladder,Zhang Shi Yun was awkward。
She cougars vigorously。
“Win male……”Summary。
Small yard’s door,怯 怯 小 小 小 小,Be careful。
Seeing the summer,She has grown up at once.,Then become ecstatic。
“Summer brother……”Wang Sheng men flashed in the eyes of tears,Rush out,I will put into the arms in the summer.。
Summer warm sound comfort,“Win male,Remember what I said to you before?,Whether this world,What darkness is,What is wrong,Don’t resent,Remember the heart to light。”
Speech,He bounced his right hand,Palm,Is a long life lock that retrieved,Wear on the neck of Wang Shengnan。
“Um……Win male remember。”
Wang Shengnan grabs the collar of the summer,I am afraid that he will disappear.。
“That is just a half sentence,There is still half a sentence, I don’t say it.。”
Summer said seriously,“Heart is bright,But still have to be vigilant,Issues,Not a lot of compromise and yield,Can exchange peace。”
“Summer brother,I,I don’t understand very much.,But I will remember。”
“very good。”
Summer and amiable smile,Immediately down,Faint,“stand up。”
Old, Zhang Shi, who is still coughing, stop。
She is afraid,Passing bloodless face,More is an angry。
“you……Do you know who I am?”
Her voice is sharp,“Our Zhang Jia is one of the nine family of Yunmeng Dawu.,It is also one of the biggest creditors of the Wang family.,My father is the longfront of the past.,Initial realm of God Tibet,My father’s brothers are one of the nine people of Yuncheng Dawu.,God Tibetan realm……”Summer facial lines ease,And look at Wang Shengnan,“Win male,Heard it.,This world,Many people like her exclusive people,It is a taste to bear,They will not let you go.。”
Wang Shengnan has a good eye to Zhang Shi Yun,Hurry and collect your eyes,Be careful。
Zhang Shi Yun’s voice is abundant,Angered anger。

In the first quarter of Japan, GDP decreased by 1%month -on -month to reproduce negative growth after three months

People’s Daily Online, Tokyo, May 18th (Wu Ying) According to the Asahi Shimbun, the first speed report value of the first quarter of domestic product (GDP) released by the Japanese Cabinet Mansion on the 18th showed that the impact of the change in price changes was excludedIn the first quarter, GDP decreased by%month -on -month, and the adult rate was decreased by%.Affected by the spread of the new crown Omikon’s mutant virus, Japan reappeared negative growth after a quarter.In the first quarter of this year, due to the spread of Omikon’s mutant strains, Japan has adopted "key measures such as preventing spreading" in restricting people’s travel, leading to the decline in consumption in catering and accommodation services.

Statistics show that in the first quarter, Japanese economic activities continued to be suppressed, accounting for more than one -half of the personal consumption of Japan’s GDP.

In addition, although Japan’s exports increased by%, imports increased by%, and the growth rate of imports was higher than exports, showing a downward trend as a whole.(Responsible editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Lu).

Since then,The name of the handsome killer is not awkward,Promotion Elite Center。

the other side,Liao Jie went out and didn’t have a few steps.,Big Brother rang again.。
“Jiege,You have nothing to hang up, what do you do??”
“I should ask me.,You are nothing to call me what?”
“Have something to do,Ancestor,Where are you now,We met again。”
“Too big things you are crazy,Or you are planning me to eat?”
“Please dinner。”
“Then I don’t go,You are crazy!”
hang up the phone,Liao Jie shook his head again,Vertical personality,Take the initiative to eat,Definitely nothing to do。
This meal,I can’t say anything else.。
Liao Jie’s ideas are very good,I can’t run the temple.,Just entering the house, Zhou Xingxing blocked,No place to run。
“Say,I will eat without any reason.,What is the purpose??”
“I don’t like this about it.,Take your trick,Please eat it is normal.。”
“Don’t say that I am gone。”
“Else,I said it is。”
Zhou Xingxing seized the arm of Liao Jie,Smile is extremely wretched:“You know,I am honest with my own name.,Mills do not dye beauty teenagers,Say to help you introduce the beauty,Then I will never fall.。Just a few days,Take your photo in the police station.,Numerous respond,I will pick you the most beautiful one.,Tonight。”
“You will be so good?”
“Jiege,You said this,My heart is good。”
Zhou Xing Star covered the chest,Unhappy:“I am bonded with Amin.,I can’t take it every day.,See you, alone, I am reluctant,http://www.bsfoto.cnGood heart to help you, girlfriend,But you doubt me。”
“Don’t pull,Your kindness, I accept it.,But I didn’t talk about girlfriends in the near future.,too busy,No time to。”Liao Jie directly refused。
“Time, this kind of thing is squeezed.,You said no time,Dictionary is perfunctory, I am not right,You are clearly in the perfunctory youth,Irifferent,Is not responsible for your life。”
See Liao Jie refused,I thought about Wu Luo Wei’s warning.,Zhou Xingxun suddenly sweated,Opening machine:“Jiege,I know your career,I want to get together again!But,You don’t look at the mirror,See if you have more,Girlfriend,Do you want to escape??”
“This is a bit reason。”
Liao Jie nodded,It’s very helpless.,Often sometimes can’t be left and right。
Twenty-first chapter Don alien
“Of course it makes sense,Everyone is a prostitute,This kind of bitterness is only to understand”
“Stop first!”
Liao Jie raises his hand to stop,Worder:“Ax Xing,Sincerely,Don’t deceive people all day,You don’t understand this truth。”
Zhou Xingxing took a sigh of breath,In the heart,Smile on your face。
“Jiege,Listen to me a sentence,Don’t be obsessed with it.,give up!I can tell you very responsibly.,Escape is impossible,Even if you have a wit like I,Also can’t escape women’s beach,There will always be your body by them.。”
“I said it later.!”
Zhou Xingxing said that he said,Take Liao Jie,The result is still oil salt,I have to take the killer.。
A thousand dollars!
“Jiege,Not,Your photo is taken out to show off,The result was seen by colleagues.,I have to take a bridge。I am going through the way now.,There is really no way,You pull me one,I promise,There will be no next time.。”
“Last time you said so。”
“The last time is the last time,This time is different。”

Bozhou City’s first four months of economic operating transcripts released

  The reporter learned from the Bozhou City Bureau yesterday that since this year, the city has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and has effectively coordinating the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development. The indicator runs in a reasonable range. Large -scale industries have maintained growth. From January to April, the added value of industries above designated size increased by%year-on-year. The sales rate of large -scale industrial products reached%, an increase of a percentage point from the same period last year.

The total investment in fixed assets in the city is the same as the same period last year.

The sales of the consumer goods market are reduced. From January to April, the city’s limited amount or above achieved a retail sales of 100 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of%. The fiscal revenue and expenditure increased steadily.

From January to April, the general public budget revenue achieved 100 million yuan, an increase of%, which was higher than the province’s percentage point, and the growth rate ranked 8th in the province.

The city’s fiscal expenditure was 100 million yuan, an increase of%.

Among them, people’s livelihood expenditure was 100 million yuan, accounting for%of financial expenditure. Among key expenditures, agricultural forestry and water expenditure increased by%; social security and employment expenditure increased by%; health expenditure increased by%. Financial deposits and loans run smoothly. At the end of April, the balance of various deposits of financial institutions was 100 million yuan, an increase of 100 million yuan from the beginning of the year, a year -on -year increase of%. The growth rate was higher than that of the province.

The balance of loans was 100 million yuan, an increase of 100 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of%, which was higher than the province’s percentage point, ranking 5th in the province, and No. 1 in the six cities in northern Anhui.

  The price level is basically stable. In April, the consumer price index of residents in the city rose by%year -on -year, rose by%month -on -month, and cumulatively rose%. Among them, food tobacco and alcohol rose by%year -on -year, clothing rose%, residential increases%, daily necessities and services rose%, educational culture and entertainment rose%, medical care rose%, traffic and communication rose%. (Zhang Zhen Duan Chenxu).

then,Image disappeared。

This process is really short,Less than a second。
Leo went from controlling monster violence to self-destruct,It’s so rush。
Not hurry up,In case the monster is carefully studied by the Tianlong people,Then the trouble will be big。
Fortunately, it’s just a small matter now,Just one leg,With the ability of the Tianlong people, it can definitely be repaired。
It’s just that the Tianlongren will not be able to come out for a short time.。
“Leo,you,How dare you do this!”
In excitement,Hancock suddenly felt a little fright,I can’t believe that all this is controlled by Leo。
“Why dare not?”Leo asked back。“I really think that Tianlong people are gods?”
Hancock was silent,Her feelings for the Tianlongren are really too complicated。
“Don’t always think that the Tianlongren are really scary,Actually they are just a pile of rubbish!”
“Of course I know!”Hancock suddenly said coldly。
Leo was taken aback,The woman who was a little frightened suddenly became the cold queen?
This person is changing too fast。
“Of course they are rubbish,I know very well!”Talking,Hancock twisted again。
This made Leo couldn’t help but want to complain,Your repeated changes,Are you tired?。
“but,If you do this, you won’t be afraid of Tianlong people coming to you?”Hancock asked。
“Not afraid,I said long ago don’t let monsters touch human flesh and blood,They don’t listen,Even if the Tianlong people really come to blame me, I can explain,Do they still want to do it?”
Hancock nodded:“Right,You are the navy,They shouldn’t do that!”