“That one……”Qilin still wants to refute。

“That what,You are not capable now,Can only add chaos,do you know!”Qiangwei is now distracted,I want to call the armor to Xin Zhao soon,But seeing this Qilin,She is very angry。
If you have the strength to help,She must be welcome,But there is no strength to come up,That’s not pure chaos。
“Liu Chuang,Take them two away,You are a meat shield,Strong body resistance,Must protect them!”Qiangwei finished speaking,Rushed towards Xin Zhao’s position。
And Xin Zhao is also a little helpless at this time,The crocodile and the two remaining aliens,And him,Directly formed a short balance。
“Xin Zhao,Prepare to dress!”
Hear Qiangwei’s shout,Xin Zhao is really excited at the moment。
When he was not wearing black armor,That’s really not resistant,Let alone the crocodile of his physical strength,Even the alien armor can’t keep up。
After putting on a set of black armor directly,Xin Zhao feels that he has directly advanced to become Zhao(The mighty general)letter。
Black armor’s defense is stronger than his own body,Xin Zhao looked at the two shape aircraft,Directly opened the burst mode of Chidori。
The harsh bird calls directly shattered the surrounding glass,And hear this sound,Those two aliens were also a little dazed。
Xin Zhao Direct Electro-optical Body,Plus hand-held chidori,There was a direct raid on an alien。
“rose,That alien wants to retreat,You knock it down for me!”
“Roger that,Rest assured!”
The rose directly runs the wormhole,Under the blessing in the calculation of Deno 3,She appeared directly in front of the alien,Then kicked out,The alien fell directly to the ground。
‘Chidori Blade!’
Blue and white electric flashes,Xin Zhao seems to flash,Appeared directly in front of the alien,Then Chidori came again with a pair。